Toshihiko Tahara has castigated the “curry home” Kawasaki Mayo

Toshihiko Tahara (50) that was returned to the moderator of the Golden program for the first time in 15 years.Teamed start this autumn, the tag and laughter problem “爆報! THE Friday” in (TBS), the question that had been Hosa from the entertainment industry,

“It has become more crisp”

In the story and, such as the self-deprecating story, “Big I” remarks the former, it’s a sign of re-break.

 In the program, & ldquo long; active duty & rdquo; it’s assembling a location, which celebrated its guest regards rehabilitation of Tahara, which has been moving away from, but Tahara Pororiporori a misunderstanding spoke at the Saki-saki.

To welcome the roller familiar Tame opening talk, did you “recently H is time?Shake fastball under story and suddenly “, but immediately from the roller,

“The kind of’m useless, NG!”

And, I devour a full dissed.In talk with Oki Naoki One of character education critic, and suddenly do you get tired of talking,

Hold the crotch with “! Daze Bing me anymore”, further,

“It’s also Bing mom”

Grab the microphone of Oki mom and.Sashimono laughter problem was also amazed face.

However, jet lag remarks Tahara escalated still.In the corner to introduce home eateries entertainers Next, introduce a coffee shop biological mother of Kawasaki Mayo falls on senior Johnny era run.Kawasaki Mayo of this is to bring to the studio sign menu of vegetables plenty of “Mayo curry”, Tahara Ya is to real food immediately, word.

“Yeah, bad!”

Now and give out, I pushed forcibly into the mouth of laughter Ota next.


The settlement that is covered in Warunori, and “You’re loss you get together to really”, Ota also state of chestnut face Kawasaki.

So far seemingly directing that common in a variety show, but it is not calm this the next day, because Kawasaki was Gekishiro “We apologize remarks junior Johnny Age” blog.It’s revealed that there was a phone call from a tearful mother to the program after the broadcast.

When you hit the coffee shop in Osaka Hirakata,

“The owner Orimashi sick today.”

And the staff was answering instead.It has been introduced the store’s management also crisis in the program but, ‥‥ No way.

Production of television seems I was shocked at first, “certainly, but it is separate from it because it was sick from the previous.Towards the shop’ll also open normally “(coffee shop staff)

Although I place called peace of mind for the time being,

Tahara is like being on TV thanks to the laughter problem that has “number.Through the eyes from above as ever on the show, personable not very good performer also other.And a feeling that crazy float overall in program, has become a rumor to be “deprived of any chance to appear on television them also” among staff “(TBS officials)

That person now & rdquo;; & ldquo earlier showbiz fast cycle, than re-break I wish as long as it does not but ‥‥.

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New Year’s card sent manners instructor commentary notes and NG matters by e-mail

It was a time when it becomes Shiwasu, to start preparing for New Year’s cards soon, but those who send mail New Year’s, which is also referred to as “Akeome mail” also often in recent.However, it’s been thinking for a moment such as “… or do not come into contact with the rude” is also a feature of New Year’s e-mail.

So, I’ve heard about the manners of the New Year’s e-mail to Mizuki Akiko there is a book “simple habits of people who ride in first class,” and (Shodensha published) in human resource development trainer.

People send greeting cards by e-mail has increased the “recently.It is OK in the fellow in order to send feel free but, postcard greeting cards handwritten basic “(Mizuki-san, hereinafter referred to as” “in the same)

“Postcard” It seems that the Common Practice of adult Internet and mobile phones even trying to spread much.And, Mizuki’s mention something you need to pay attention to further.

If you send by e-mail absolutely “, let’s send e-mail on a PC rather than a mobile phone to work, such as destination.What is often forgotten, (with a subscription type of mobile phone) that the communication charges related to the transmission and reception of the mobile e-mail.With as lightly as possible attachments such as photos, and be careful not to apply any inconvenience to the recipient.In addition, the broadcast is NG.It is strictly prohibited CC because it will publish the address of the other people in particular ”

According to Mizuki-san, up to people that are exchanged by e-mail usually intimate, good opponent, seems basic still is postcard relatives, such as boss send a New Year’s email.

And it about date and time is sent, since the communication is concentrated, may limit communication takes “New Year’s Eve.advise avoid the New Year’s Eve that the server congestion, and “to reach the evening of New Year’s Day from noon.

Careful but OK, and not too casual when “the other party is also used in the mail everyday for the propriety of sending a greeting card and Deco.In particular, since the timing of the transmission and reception shifts, also be in the middle of the night and reach an unexpected, annoying is applied to the recipients New Year that the server congestion.That greeting card with music, and with the “bear in only a very close companion.

※ 15 days issue December Seven women

Frothy naked former AKB48! Narita Risa is enthusiastically popular AV actress! Autobiography of Morishita walnut movie!

That it plays in the body per AV actress “all starting to from” become “naked” at Narita Risa original AKB48, has a movie the same name autobiography original novel AV actress Morishita Kurumi revealed.It is a work depicting the Ikizama of one woman and moved to Tokyo from Akita, became a popular AV actress.

The original story, autobiography novel by AV actress Morishita walnut legendary.That it soon will be published in 2007, it is spelled openly the upbringing of their own and how the harsh AV shooting has become a hot topic.Are paperback as early as 2008 well the opportunity this work, Morishita are also expanding into literary pursuits.

That this time, such a blockbuster is, be made into a movie in Narita Risa starring the original AKB48 decision.Narita and is chosen as the opening members of AKB48, had been active as a member of the old team A is 20 years old now.It was working mainly on gravure after you have graduated from AKB48 in November 2008, but it is revealed that announced his retirement prior to publication of this work, and to challenge the actress industry future.It has appeared in the movie “infectious song” in the past, but the present work is the first movie starring.The main visual that has been lifted this time, where Narita is in frothy without a stitch of clothing and have been captured, a body acting per glowing exactly.

In this work, Morishita of authorship participated as screenplay supervision.There was a movie the autobiographical novel of Mihiro is “nude” In recent years, The film Watanabe Naoko has served as a starring became a big topic, but the work was the theme of AV actress real is inferior to it also this work There is no doubt that cause a stir unexpected.The serves as the director of this film, Naka-fence “- love of ADULT~24-year-old”.Are camellia Takayuki “Masked Rider Blade (Blade)” of, and Suruga Taro “Arakawa Under the Bridge” The performers of other.(Editorial Fukuda Rei)

Published sequentially nationwide at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa other than February 11, 2012 and the “beginning and from” become “bare all”

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[Entertainment] vitamin ♪ sexy & Beauty increasingly calendar 2012 beauty Bancho silk!

Bewitching photo has become a hot topic in the sexy talent of Yoshimoto, silk is to create a calendar every year.2012 version was published on her blog, but it’s finished you do not disappoint this time.

It is also called “Beauty Bancho of Naniwa” silk, but it is due to the fact that she has kept the good looks in the beauty regimen of their own.I suspect age’s private but estimated age is 50 years old and about.

Its silk sister’s have created a calendar at his own expense production for many years, but I had been distributed to stakeholders such as staff initially.But it is attracting attention from fellow comedians, the calendar fascinating photographs rests he became popular enough to be featured on TV program soon.You have to like to sell predominantly in the events such as her subsequent.

Where she has published blog “Beppin diary”, “This year’s theme, Wild AND Mild!” has been taken with the image of the 2012 Silk Calendar, wild hen those across a super bikini Harley Davidson It has become a.Mild hen thing “Flower nurses living in Kyoto, in Takaya-san, I received your cooperation” and in his adorned hair gorgeous flower arrangement.

It is a wonder it’s silk calendar every year, you are creating, but because even feel you are rejuvenated every year.Is the story of the age “lover died in the Russo-Japanese War”, eg, “seems younger than Ryoma Sakamoto” from fellow comedians of Yoshimoto, but is perfect for women age unknown word certainly.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

· NONSTYLE Ishida also surprised.Yoshimoto calendar specified in the R!
-How old silk hell!? Verification from the encounter episode with Paul McCartney.
-Beautiful skin of entertainer woman Yoshimoto “Ano” was required SATC Sarah Jessica Parker.
– “Not in the head only beauty” encounter of shock silk sister, and 26-year-old man.
– Accidental or?Or fate? The secret of the bust-up of Yoko Kumada and silk is very similar.
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Blog of beauty Bancho silk Yoshimoto “Beppin Diary”

“We’re taking care of people is more than double the number that have been complaining” Masato Uchishiba

Uchishiba Masato (33) of judo who was forced out of job in the sexual harassment.The 30th, I got fired the “University.And, I was out on a journey.The Uchishiba you have spelled the blog “, December 2,” Journey, came to an end.I have updated the blog with “.

While you were out on a journey, that of the “I came over areas where feelings” Nagano, Kyushu, Tokyo.Judo guys are not worried about a ginger worry if you are rejected even hated “Dondake.There is only it in my head, but probably the worst situation of my now.Na’m only really “now, I am a” chat is are you endure because “the students who are rooting for me to judo at the university in the future, I have confessed of the breast.

Local judo officials like this.

“Our Shiba also good looks to young leaders were also polite.I was also rumored to have endeared the women’s staff, that has become an intimate relationship with some.It is not funny can have female students leaving complained of sexual harassment also other ”

Wife engaged in Osteopathic Academy at home in the inner bush also seems to upset.Officials familiar with the family, said “close to humans, wife of Uchishiba’s I seem to consult the move from Kumamoto,” said.

Sexual harassment furor spark is still smoldering – inside Shiba question is says in this magazine hit.

Is not got a thing that can be more if you strung up around the “I.Or rather contribute (in judo), we have been taking care of people is more than double the number that is said now complain.

And won twice at the Olympics, you live in a house of this Used.This is because not taking money even doing judo classroom.This Pre-Owned house, little bitty Osteopathic Council, sales of the month is not squid 100,000 a month.You think that it is found If you find a bad story, but (to refer to this magazine reporter) in better shape I wanted to encounter ”

※ 16 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post

College = executive candidates is not an illusion.

quote blog “UNIQLO to adopt from the first year university” as the other day, had been introduced in this VOICE, I was also Haidoku.Ensure the store manager training = executive candidates = true meaning of Yanai President, that of an eye to the management reserve army of the future probably.Its premise is a translation made “manager”, but executive training does not go so easily.Because there is a bitter experience in Yanai president once.

The company has rapidly expanded the business performance by large break of fleece in 1998, but in the obsolescence of product mix and boom end by rival entrants, growth deceleration.Yanai president gave the title to Mr. Genichi Tamatsuka you change jobs from IBM Japan in 2002, but turning around the performance in one period only blind, was unceremoniously sacked.Takashi Sawada, Mr. Masatoshi Morita became an officer at the same time as the ball mound Mr. native of ITOCHU Corporation.Masa Matsushita, who introduced entrusted executive officer system, the operating subsidiaries in the system then, I changed jobs from the vice president lawyer, of GE Japan.

That Uniqlo this time tried to align the elite executives leading universities, of leading companies from in order to strengthen the management structure anyway.However, it is not necessarily the field is the move by management to think.Department staff can only work in the manual as a part-time job center.Able to work to think in my head, such as is was the impossible.After all, the divergence of the part-time job that can not be elite and executives of top-heavy, only that it has been said that big, nor should the grooves are filled in short-term.It is showed up also results clearly.The advocates “to grow to 1 trillion yen corporate sales in ’10” in 2003, Yanai president after returning was also performed, such as the launch of new business M & A and corporate brand.

Under these circumstances, “management will not be brought up in ’05.Founder Wanted “.I was published in a national newspaper job ads of this slogan.It can be said that Hagayu that does not answer the aggressive management executives and other mounds Mr. Ball, and drove to these management recruiting Yanai President.Just because, nor should successor of charismatic managers such as he is easy to find.It is above all evidence of its own is of has served as president positions still.It seems therefore, management and future executive candidates and was forced attention not only one fishing, also that foster from the field.

However, speaking to it first year university and for compliance, and I doubt exceedingly.Even got a job offer, you might change their mind while you perform and club activities Campus Life.The belly of Yanai president, loss worth much it would be factored ending, but, it is unknown how much of the human or joining four years later.When it comes to college students, human nature and personality hardens, it will become skillful in interpersonal relationships.What chain stores such as Uniqlo, if considered as a store manager and store manager, knowledge who were piled experience in the field from among the younger is required, criteria, values ​​should stick to only.

It seems that college students than by turning knead the theory strangely, line the Masui cant excuse, better absorption of high school early obedient to so that all high eligibility as a store manager.Then if you make the targeted executives, the management further, UNIQLO headquarters is should I can career education and top management training (such as an MBA) Now.

Speaking why elite executives, such as the previous case with or did not achievements, because there is little experience in the field.Was there in the shop even to Mr. Morita even to Mr. Sawada in about six months only, and are recalled to headquarters.So there is no should realities of sales floor staff can understand.Much less is there is no reason to be trusted by the audience.It would be earlier than that “there is for customers to shop, flourished along with the clerk, and perish along with the shopkeeper,” said Yanai president to seek aspirations as a manager in the store manager, it to understand the principles of business purely.How do I by selling shirts 3000 yen, to earn ¥ 1,500.Pain of the staff precisely because known, it is possible to move the staff.If you have learned in the field from among younger is good that such a simple, and it should lead to sophistication as a manager.

Even though the store manager with management how much, is the kind of muddy odor Nuguenai to store business.I think the smart business by launching a venture company, you can obtain the founder profit publicly traded, such as to obtain a commission income of expensive gimmick and M & A corporate revitalization, and should not be seen in the same dimension.

釼 hero | after graduating from university, through apartment apparel, retail, a design company work, I deal with pressing business, and advertising production company in the fashion PR Hirosuwado.Activities as a creative director in Fukuoka now.The writing fashion, also in trade journals of distribution-related.

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] more than 30 years history fans gather! “Continued to support the Toshi-chan is our”, and limited fan-hot spring tour?

Women of the middle-aged of 130 people gathered in the hot springs, and cheered on the chatter and song of idle Tahara Toshihiko youth of their own became 50 years old, fit in the photo with him in the smile of Manmen.It thinks the opinions of Internet users from will be the same age, my grandmother would those cold Sazo or mother of my own fun “seems.The envy if there is one that can be “enthusiasm”.Etc. “, those favorable ‘s were many surprisingly.

Broadcast December 2 “爆報! Accompany (fan club only) was held in November this year THE Friday “in (TBS), Toshihiko Tahara” DOUBLE T CLUB “hot spring tour Kirishima Onsen Kagoshima Hen.There was something uniquely meaningful to the figure of Tahara to strive to not betray the state of fans continued to support Tahara long while it disappeared from the limelight is also unchanged, and expectations thanks to the fan.

According to Tahara Toshihiko official web site, this Kirishima hot spring tour is 45,800 yen for one night two meals.Hot spring tour that’s 16th at this time.The Information of the current site, the guide of Christmas dinner show is listed as Zurari.I have heard rumors, but fans from Johnny’s era, had continued to support up to now him it seems certain.

Well participants of hot spring tour was interviewed in the program is, only women repeater “Tahara Toshihiko fan-winning ’32” and.It is believed that roughly is it the age of about 40 to 50 generations, but those who are over 70 years old Some of them had also participated.Before dinner, commemorative photograph with participants and Tahara is performed When I arrived to the hotel.Are divided into groups of about 12 people, I take a group photo over a period of 30 minutes.And we seated multi-course cuisine of 7000 yen worth fan has been prepared on the table first, followed by “Tahara Toshihiko Show” is begin dinner.Taste the fans can enjoy there singing, of course, also quizzes are Korasa.Such as checking sound and lighting and configuration of the show, but so do the people Tawaramoto.

As a special project of this time, and all rooms visit each room Tawaramoto people have stayed a fan show is over.In a room that is arranged in bed record posters and Tahara of Johnny’s age, (face photograph entering Tahara) concert tickets, Naa nostalgic “.Tahara you Miiru and “.I wonder had carefully kept no matter how.And though it is old equivalent, it’s not damaged almost.There was nothing the room is a room like this.

Certainly, there is also opinion that cold against women from the fan and Tahara on the net.But smile of women from who participated is a really joyful.And I remember the “youth.Voice has bounced with “.The called “life worth living” of whether they would be exaggerated.

Expression of the comedian who was watching this VTR in the studio, was not very complicated.’10, 20 years later, I wonder if there is someone to cheer on “their.Is considered as “, it might have ended up feeling the gloomy.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

Tosi-chan as “bad” signature curry.Mother of Kawasaki Mayo cried in shock.
· “I’m strong” So I did not lose to misfortune.Toshihiko Tahara, the tumble life.
And that Ota light is “glad it ‘s not live.Runaway Tahara Toshihiko.
· I did not forgive it has cried “.Truth of Otake Makoto vs Mami Yamase Incident “.
• “gag” and “beat”.”Brute force” method to silence the 爆問 Ota.
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· Tahara Toshihiko official web site

Women like like a miracle! The acclaimed = China beauty witch of Japan

“Beauty contest witch” has been held since 2010 in Japan, and has been elected a beauty that can not be determined from the age very appearance at 35 years of age or older.In the second tournament, which was held recently, Yamada Keiko’s 45-year-old was awarded the Grand Prix.訊網 Tengchong Chinese media has reported on the 2nd.

Praise, “I do not think 45-year-old from the very appearance, women like like a miracle,” said the article Yamada.Yamada, who was standing on the vertex from among the beauty witch candidate more than 2000 people, height is 163 cm, weight 48 kg, three sizes are B83, W58, H82, has been married, but has not children.It has been the president of modeling agency, article introduces the “people which can be a model that has combined two of good looks and business”.

Yamada described it “I think there is a charm of each age of each, natural beauty is best for women”.

Article said, “She told me that she does not care to beauty by collection in private life, but that exude style is accentuated further youth of her,” said.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)

Really parking ban crackdown on motorcycles I have been relaxed???

The on-street parking the bike before walking the parking attendant.I have observed the trends.
Bike in Tokyo helicopter Mekkiri crackdown since been strengthened in 2006, bike industry was also hit hard.After that, though there is no “Bicycle, unreasonable policing what about?Due voices from all quarters of “Circular virtually, could be a mitigation and crackdown against the two-wheeled vehicles in 2010 has been issued.But, it is a notification only, this is neither Wake law was amended, reality was still unclear.
So! Intro planning scooter Champ 2012 on sale December 24th in the “super Yabatesuto”, in order to grasp the reality of no parking crackdown, we conducted experiments using the bike actually.
When Moshiageru from the results, this day, this warden, has passed through the bike placed here.However, it is not that illegal bike parking is free from the crackdown, please understand that it is not just an example.Also, If you would like to see further details, you GO to the bookstore to December 24.

Wow, I was really fall through!
Text: thousand-wheel Takeshi
& Nbsp;

Expensive lottery winner, “was bearers Gen” is stored in the “desk drawer” is one in 70% of 4 people

Sales of jumbo end began.70% of the people who played a high prize in the past has been the bearers Gen, seems to have a commitment How to Buy, also storage method.

Sales jumbo lottery end of (the first 614 Annual autonomy lottery), but began nationwide from November 24.Released plans amounted to 198 billion yen, scheduled for December 31 lottery Date.

Features of the year-end jumbo lottery of this time, that the winning probability of 200 million yen 1 mag was doubled than last year.You have increased last year the number of winners of the 1 or the like by eliminating the special award.There is 132 lines by 200 million yen prize of 1, etc., before and after the award is 50 million yen each.66 lines with 100 million yen, prize money of 2, etc. so that the billionaire is born even 198 people Together.

To people who played a high prize in the past, I wonder if there are things in common what.And conducted a questionnaire survey to 1337 people winner of 10 million yen or more, Japan Lottery Association, has been the introduction of fiscal year 2010 in the “lottery millionaire white paper” that trend.

According to the survey results, the person who when buying a lottery was elected, were the bearers Gen some had reached 73.7%.The most common is in the 10.8% is “to buy when there is a good thing”, below, “with a specific color,” “go to pray” 7.7%, 6.9%, “Cleaning the room and toilet,” and 6.0% I was followed by.

In addition, when asked about commitment at the time of purchase, people who “bought and stuck on the percentage of serial number-rose” was the highest at 15.4%.Below, and “the day to buy”, “atmosphere of the sales floor,” “high priced department elected occurs” 14.4%, 9.0%, 7.9%, “people of the sales floor,” and 6.2% was followed by.

When asked about the storage location until the lottery and purchase from, “desk drawer” 25.5% the most, “altar, altar,” 21.5 percent, “bag handbag” 10.6%, “closet” 9.1%, “wallet” 8.0 % I and lasted.Is in, the person who answered the refrigerator was also unraveled 1.2%.

The “lottery millionaire White Paper”, model image of the lottery millionaire has also been published.According to it, at 60 years of age or older “age, company employee of Leo to be more than 10 years I started buying lottery tickets, initials TK for men.Purchase number of sheets 30 sheets.At 60 years of age or older “age, housewife of Aquarius that is more than 10 years I started buying lottery tickets, initials MK in the case of women.Purchase number that was 10 sheets “.

Is it going to increasingly immobilized by the trend of winners of this year, or whether there is a change in the lottery millionaire model methods and bearers Gen.Of course whether or not winning the lottery, survey results also I’m looking forward to.

· “TK” who easily hit the lottery, the most common in humans expensive winner difficult per “Aquarius”
And human mystery of popular though it is gambling that does not fit the split most Why keep buying lottery
· ¥ 4,000,000,000 British lottery, “I just want to grow a carrot” surprising uses for prize money
· Meals and accommodation of the world of gambling real wealthy only, also known dangerous play of super-VIP us free
And understanding speculation it means that young people get a free ride legally the essence of gambling in Las Vegas

Isamu Saito, Hideyuki Kato [Author]

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