Australian troops of the United States Marine Corps, “It’s a declaration of war to China” dawn of a new Cold War era – US media

November 18, 2011, and published an article entitled “new Cold War with China”, Huffington Post of the United States news site, but a declaration of war to China from “the United States for Australia authentic stationing of the United States Marine Corps.Argued intended to spend a huge amount of defense expenditure, to isolate the military in China, it is excluded from the Free Trade Zone is “there.Ring and ball Times told 21 date.The following overview.

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Recently, President Obama announced in military strategic point of Darwin in northern Australia, and to be stationed US Marines from next year.What US military going to do exactly.United States became a superpower of the world’s only apparently, seems to have decided to China partner “Cold War” in the next.And put pressure on China by narrowing the military siege, it will wait for a civil war going occurrence in China.

President Obama says “The US’s part of the Pacific Ocean nation,” but does not seem to intend to reduce the military power in Asia.But what’s going to China If you get to the tough measures if.Chinese military Once dispatched aircraft carriers and submarines to the California coast, do you know what happens.

Why the United States will not use the employment issues improve budget.Why would not correspond with “soft power” in China.Also discussed cost calculation also while not, the American people he is forced to rush to the new Cold War.(Translation and editing / AA)

From mastermind Shoko Asahara, still executioner – parrot trial end

Trial of Aum Shinrikyo incident that spent the years of ’16 was finally terminated in (November 2011) the 21st.Kasai Shinsuke Ana subway sarin at the time of the incident, was broadcast live from the scene has been taken up, but the story Egawa 紹子 who was raw appeared in studio (journalist) is impressive.

Trial at the end of the parrot incident, appeal hearing of Seiichi Endo defendant was guilty of murder, such as involved in the sarin production.The death penalty has been determined and rejected the appeal of Endo Supreme Court.

It was to be just waiting for the executioner condemned 13 people Shoko Asahara that Matsumoto SatoshiTsu husband condemned (56) et al. This.Devotion to the guru continues still today going through ’16, enforcement of among the 13 people could become a “martyr” is difficult.

“Do not be a disciple before the guru” executioner wonder what will be the ringleader of Matsumoto that first still Egawa 紹子.For “executioner, I want you to not confuse the order also Egawa.That “it shall not be possible disciples such as executive before guru.

Was changing the organization name, such as “Aleph”, but the movement of believers “Asahara regression” that has spread rather.I visited Seiichi Takeuchi (83) of former Aum Shinrikyo Cult committee in the old Kamikuishiki Fuji foot was the base of the parrot program staff.This spring, Takeuchi came across the sight surprised.Wagon of two is not parked on the roadside, young people of about 15 people were taking pictures to see Mount Fuji.When you hear the phrase “Do you know what it is here where” and “do not know”.Hiroshi Araki of executives Aleph came out there, and it said, “has brought young people in to want to see dancing”.

Currently, there are 32 locations in 15 prefectures facilities parrot successor organization.24 places “Aleph”, 8 locations “Hikarinowa”, more than 1,200 believers also together, that there is also a 400 million yen assets.

In the era of “blind faith cult” now easy born Rather, the followers of the current, whether there is no risk, such as the murder of former cult.According to the Egawa, “equal to no danger physically, such as making the sarin, but has come in ’16 and is still trailing psychological risk that can not be judged on their own for what I was told from above” and.The Public Security Intelligence Agency also points out, “If you were thought to be still thinking much rather than” Asahara Regression “is good,” said.

The Egawa, When I asked former members whether there is a charm to anywhere in that guru take refuge in the Buddha, that had plenty of people that “spits out the answer immediately what you also heard among you are concerned about that hazy”.

Egawa be pointed out, such as the following to the end.

Era of “Now, a lot of anxiety era in which nuclear disaster and economic conditions, frequently.Things parrot basis is likely to spread.Parts unknown often Asahara person who instructs is not spoken’s important that the consciousness of their own about that also might be a party perhaps, to go the lessons “such as motive for murder.There was a lot that it was found “on the other hand is Egawa.Each believer, not amusing people can have next to us.The process of it is changing the personality, deprived of their ability to think, was followed as Iidakudaku the instructions in the murder, some of us as “property”, do not unless we stored as important things “

“Canteen of Tanita” bestseller I can eat! Opened at the request of readers

Among the publishing recession, has become a best seller 420 million copies “Taishiboukeitanitanoshainshokudou”.I summarizes the recipe of the canteen, but it was supposed to open the cafeteria to try to provide the meal itself not just the recipe now.

According to the Yata Chisato president health equipment manufacturers, of Tanita that (November 2011) the 21st yesterday, was a press conference, demanded “I want to eat in the canteen in fact” and that “I want you to open to the public” are received many, that’s what you answer to these requests.I will be opened in January next year in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

Originally solved by spicy and sour complaints “have a little taste” of, this canteen is something that was built about 10 years ago and think of employee health management “metabolic syndrome employees do not need the body fat meter manufacturers,” said.However, too much to pursue a low-calorie, dissatisfaction after another “have a little taste,” said immediately after the start.So, that was piled devised so as to finish delicious to compensate well taste like sour and pungent salt is low.

Kuromiya Chikako of the reporter is to analyze the secret of the popularity of this recipe.

Was introduced instead of (1) single item in the “table d’hote style”.
(2) 500 calories per meal before and after.3 grams before and after salt.
Take a lot of (3) Vegetables (150-200 g).”Tama-chan ‘s I bought (the recipe book)” Hatori Shinichi moderator

This guy, or why not even noticed by now rude to call Nante “Tama-chan” the pores of the colleagues before the audience.Anyway, “Yes, Akae Tamao of caster was made about two times it.Speak that it or add the raisins and Mondo, and “You should be able to feel the sense of volume to see how a little bit – there is a twist to seasoning, A and orange juice.

“I heard made Miyata’s also bought” features Hatori also health free consultation with a registered dietitian

Kayoko Miyata (Josai International University Part-time Lecturer) of the commentators, but only “once.Hey after all, effort, and Na I take in order to lose weight.It does not lean to just bought a book ”

It was talks that can not afford to do so handy.From the standpoint of a sick person and athlete, and ask to “nutritionist, Mr. Hiroyasu Shimizu of speed skating gold medalist’s tend to become what taste is not enough in the low-salt.Speak it’s also true in the nursing field and hospital, meals and “fun and hopefully spread in a way that went way.

As long as you have your assistance, 11:00 to 15:00 and (excluding holidays) Monday to Friday from January next year.Place Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku.800 yen daily lunch special, the menu I hear that 900 yen weekly meal.In addition, it is that respond to health counseling from a registered dietitian.

Following [BBS] Korea Kimchi, it seems Macquarie’s also Japanese food?

Bulletin board site of South Korea in the “ETORRENT”, I introduced the article for “makgeolli Kyo” the author, was released in Japan.The article was pointed out Japanese manufacturers embarked on manufacturing also makgeolli Following the kimchi, and trying to Obiyakaso the rice wine of Korea.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, was translated into Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ().


● main thread: barefaced impudence

In this attitude of Japan, I’m without any mention of the word.Makgeolli is, would mislead, such as if it were a Japanese food around the world as kimchi in this state.


● Japan story is I have the patent rights to the yeast of mango Uncle Makgeolli?Each time you make rice wine in Japan, are you must give the money to the Japanese?

● In fact, is not it U~okinto~uru?’m Something strange.

● Do I have to pay royalties to Japan to make the rice wine Tonondedo~u?Thing patent rights even in the presence much, rice wine liquor in Japan.The funny even think common sense.It will be a new technology.

● Maybe Reripi, interpretation of everyone is wrong.And “Pocheon makgeolli” and “Pocheon Ichihigashi makgeolli”, several trademarks have been registered in the Patent Office of Japan, but it is diffused through the Internet, it is transmitted by mistake.

● The thing from being deprived of Chodehokage patent is not good, but the original does not mean perish.It is not only possible to obtain a large benefit commercially, there are periods.It does not matter period is finished.In order to monopolize the secrets, do not apply for a patent dare, Coca-Cola has defended its taste. (Process and also are exposed to other companies to take a patent, because there only 20 years from the date of filing patent expiration date, Coca-Cola is the total does not take a patent)

● Have you ever heard the story that do not know to learn from a new Japanese art of making rice wine to Kuchuputo~un Sun Emperor era, makgeolli now even whether the suzerain Japan Maybe.Efficiency is poor making the system of old-fashioned rice wine, and Maybe you are destroyers to process the Japanese brought.Tradition sake of our country, be just shochu and possibly?       ● (main thread) rice wine liquor that people drank barefaced impudence.more for rice wine making is carried out very actively, the people drown in liquor, the king ordered the temperance.Shochu because it was difficult luxury liquor also make as distilled spirits, people to drink It was very.And kind is often.Only shochu is not a tradition of our country liquor.  (Makgeolli using sweet potato and corn so is there)

● tradition of liquor q112 Korea, the order of rice wine> sake> shochu.

● It’s not do different raspbery?Shochu Korean derived from salmon was handed down from Mongolia to the Goryeo era of “Araki”.

● notation lsj1324 makgeolli, the Japanese expression is maddening.  (In Korean labeled “Makgeolli” notation “Makkori” is a Japanese-style, concern makgeolli that of being misunderstood as those of Japan or you are in Korea)

● rather than wheat construction of traditional method, more than 99% of rice wine trader of Japan, seems to have made the rice wine in the United States construction of Japanese production actually Hyun Bin at the entrance.In order for the rice wine to penetrate into the world as wine, rice wine companies in Korea traditional methods, which should make the correct rice wine.

● never favorably to be referred to as a country of wine, sake was born in each region U~okinto~uru Japan.However, it is not possible to come inherited the Meimyaku.

● The Maroni old, is called to create a wine unique to each family, and equipped to ancestors.However, it disappears almost Nichitei era, only a small number of Soke has maintained its Meimyaku eventually.

(Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)

Noise From The Edge Of The Universe Vol.6 “regional regeneration” necessary?

Hello everyone of the cutting feeling to Uza-i remarks, atmosphere and values ​​of the parent, brother, relatives and local communities of republic1963.Jewels a place where in my case, this is was not a day, you want to declare in a loud voice even at the beginning of 2011 the claim that, a trap going crazy on twitter Sorya Well, thank you again this year.

Well, I’m not living in that hell Gifu, and local citizens do not accustomed to rich why the trap of “regional revitalization HisaShigeru Tetsuyuki Kai discussed regional play this time?I think I would like to talk about regional revitalization to pick up the (Chikuma Shinsho) “, as seen from the local residents.

And local citizens do not accustomed to rich why the trap of regional revitalization? (Chikuma Shinsho)
Author: HisaShigeru Tetsuyukikai

And local citizens do not accustomed to rich why the trap of “regional revitalization?Gifu City to appear you have already abolished tram to aim for the “compact city” as a strange way ever lived “play example” and in (abbreviated as trap “and” regional revitalization or less) “.In other words, the city struck measures to outlook … based strange, the future extremely around the station aggregation but was (= compact city) the function of the city, that was abolished his feet (= tram), it is Gifu is our.that this policy is telling, (there is a bus in Gifu City, but ease of use is very bad like other people) it is that “use the car when you come in front of the station,” it.Pointed out that most sharp in the “trap of regional revitalization” is intended “town to the main car moving means to always decline” and, that’s correct Mattakumotte also realize as human living.As soon as the car was moving means to the city, the problem of means of return and the parking lot’s emerge Whatever you do to.(By the way, that measures tram exclusion in Gifu City, car priority began to now and not to renew the I think that Gifu City to beat these measures until it was abolished the leg all the way that, looks great very local government absent.Gifu City Council but) is made to pass a tram abolition resolution already in 1967, is terrible, I’m that it did not know the circumstances of these Gifu City, until I read the “trap of regional revitalization”.In Gifu Prefecture, but there is a newspaper called Gifu newspaper serving as opinion leaders, but can not be reported at all these facts, in which.It’s a wind “is doing things looks good softening the time being” is also for re-development plan of Gifu Station.

Problem setting itself the “Regional Revitalization” It’s a kind of vested rights.And media from local governments to trying to protect the vested rights cleared the in the “regional”.
It is a claim that Save the shopping district and the media officials to carry out whenever we talk about the “Regional Revitalization”.But, shopping street do you really need.People called “Save the shopping street” would be a liar, or has never been to the mall.And store in the mall is,

1: assortment is poor, 2: (father) is unkind, and 3 clerk: are full of aura is hard to enter,

Rate has been determined and.No one would complain that when they are culled from the market as soon as possible, as much as half a year stores like the same, and be able to suburbs.Yet it is the “thing that must be played” to simply say you have something near the station the same shop.I is a funny story.All become a “thing that must be saved” anyway not be Reflecting on even thing of course that there is a bad shop and shop also a good shop in the shopping district at the moment the magic word of “regional revitalization” is attached somehow funny Would not talking.In the case of Gifu, it is regardless to go by car, also do I have to use the paid parking.
In the community and “regional revitalization”, you can have pull the budget, justification of the measures of their own, or be used for the appeal that “I have been doing for the time being”.In other words, I do not have to play Nante regional short.It’s in trouble because no longer come to pull the budget and if I play really rather.

Well, let me write about consequences with the results of the compact city of Gifu City in the last.As mentioned earlier, (the abolition of the foot of the car other than) the abolition of the tram and (consolidation of to the station around the city function) compact city has been carried out at the same time in Gifu.I wonder not 2 differentiation in Gifu results.I mean, I is separated from the “Nagoya-shi, Gifu-ku”, “(in the narrow sense) Gifu” to.To begin with, there is the aspect of betting town of Nagoya in Gifu.Might be some people you know, but a little less than 20 minutes by express, to Nagoya Station from JR Gifu Station’s a completely within commuting distance.Distance that can be moved (or bicycle) walk from Gifu Station falls on this “Nagoya, Gifu District”.On the other hand, the moving means is the car of the other “(in the narrow sense) Gifu City” in.”As a tourist” who live in “Nagoya-shi, Gifu-ku” visited Gifu City, dispense with Nagoya shopping most.People who live “(in the narrow sense) Gifu City” to not go at all even in Nagoya, I dispense with shop range of suburban living in the car all of the life on the one hand.Future, both do not come clearly separated by measures of Gifu.And, “regional regeneration” must continue to be promoted as the most important measure of Gifu forever without nothing to do with such a status quo.I is a wonderful city Nantomohaya.


Voice to import company establishment of Hara and eldest son of “but I have to serious injury”

The family of Giant Hara, is a famous “baseball family”.Hara Mitsugu father plays the Koshien won twice as a director, with the title of Tokai University School series baseball adviser “Don of amateur baseball” now.Pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano four years Tokai that stole the topic in the draft of this fall nephew of the original director.

Now, voice unexpected is rising from the Roppongi neighborhood to such original family.The main topic is the eldest son of Mr. A.

Mr. A, go to university in the escalator from private kindergarten son children of celebrities attend.The biting a little, and that had quit immediately baseball uncommon in the original family.Writing the inside information of the original family “has a habit of passing the several tens of thousand yen every time you meet friends of my father” or “falling-down drunk is to drink wine to his father” to the community site on the net in high school sometimes it became commotion that is been reported in a weekly magazine.Friends from school days says.

Have a finger in every pie you are playing well prosperous Roppongi, in Nishi-Azabu neighborhood from the time of “college student.Have been to together luxury cabaret club in Roppongi, but I got Ogo~tsu to say that the “pay with a credit card that has been passed to the father”, payments to thousands of dollars went up.People who appear to be dyed the color flashy hair festival of shopping street of Azabu, I knew the son of the original director for the first time at that time had surprised ”

The end of December last year, that Mr. A has launched the business at the tender of 22-year-old.A company that imports fine wines, champagne from Europe, I have been headquartered in Nishi-Azabu.

Company management’s deep friendship says.

Youth of “the same generation becomes president, A Mr. went to Vice President.However, tens of people in the business that you can enter anyone with capital, and to succeed one person.Can I have to serious injury, but …… ”

The utter anxiety, there is this background that this management.When it comes to entering the business to unload the luxury liquor, fetters specific there are many in the Roppongi neighborhood.As came to light in Ebizo assaults, eateries Gurentai guys or I run substantially, or have to hangout than a few.

With that son of celebrity good “money around, no good guys approaching eyeing him from school days there were many.To come closer to those of the business because I like playing loudly, I’m worried or not get caught in a strange scandal “(friend of the supra)

※ 2 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post

“” Tetsukonoheya “be broken!” In goji Hiroji appearances, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi of romp

November 15, Hiroji Murofushi gold medalist hammer throw of the Athens Olympic Games and 2011 World Championships in Athletics came “Tetsukonoheya” in the (TV Asahi).16 years and know from his presence for the first time, and continuously fed the courtship of appearance, your appearance of the wish that I had finally come true.

Macho, handsome, tall.And I feel in the middle Although etc. to taste and performance ability of top-notch, of Tetsuko’s,

“We have seen from the time you become your first time out, I thought first I handsome”

And, in the tension increased from ride to, Pong knees while Murofushi said, after all! Goji is it is “Pong” Speaking and answering Smile of Manmen.

Now talk of the bottom line is, talk about the hammer throw of course.Whether the Weight How much, do you throw How many rotate in, hammer Murofushi secret of screaming the moment of throwing, to training methods, question of Tetsuko’s unique novice fly, will answer each one carefully.When you get to have a hammer, doing Gongon on the floor this,

“” Tetsukonoheya “I will break!”

And, the joyful and the innocent feel.Also for the body that have been trained, solid Bomeda as “muscle, such as the sculpture”.

However, when the VTR at the moment of throwing has been washed away by super slow.Tetsuko, who was watching this,

How I was supposed to throw your “Now?”


“…… By ~ Oh, you did not see”

Indeed, where, even though it earnestly impressed like “Oh ~” or “goody”, you have not seen at the bottom line Tetsuko’s.How would I was not fascinated to look or muscle beauty.Still Dari-depth, without or Goofy, goji is smiling and stop smiling.This is Hiroji Smile seemed pleased also,

“The person doing a such a cute smile, I Nasaru be amazing so much”

And, smile pointed out many times that cute, I was sure.

It’s a talk that dig, such as training and day-to-day rigors of the hammer competition, the face of the athlete as much basically, where the story of the gold medal came up, abruptly,

“The story Though it is rough on behalf of the sudden”

And, I’ve been cut.Speaking with what or “array”,

Become to decide this your shape I look good on your best “After all?”

It has become a story of beard Murofushi.Surely, much, there is no difference in was not that ginger beard is worried about from before meeting.

“It will be to your sled every day?”
“And I’ve gotten a sooo suits well”

Higetoku bouncing for a while.Without hesitation and also this attack, you have us to carefully Hiroji Smile, the Yara Yara Good interval of care.A gentleman.

However, when it is shaken to talk about marriage,

“If there is a timing ……”

And, it had become of feeling different from the smiling until now, smile a little embarrassed, to shy Hiroji.

The ending “♪ Rururu” begins to flow soon, Tetsuko’s to regretfully very time-out.That you want to hear a 16-year period, it seems there was a lot.
(Ota Satoru)

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