“Topic it was from Shinsuke” late Okuyama Yoshimoto executives disappearance coverage of the reporter is ……

It becomes missing from immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, search but is followed by Eiji Mr. Okuyama of the original wide show reporter had the corpse is found, alive, and have appealed strongly to the “I want to put the work” against belongs Yoshimoto Kogyo the thing is I found.

Okuyama-san that had been found in the state in which hanged himself in this year around April, Tokyo Chofu park.Clear suicide reason is not known, but he Okuyama-san and had parties friendship “temporary that was on TV on a daily basis, here two or three years was suffering without work.If you have been loved in a certain musician, and had asked to arrange such as recitation of work, the musician is sudden death.Okuyama’s I think as went increasingly to fall “and align the mouth immediately after.

Free of the reporter but Hana is among the hottest, and change the recession and television organization policy, there is a Mamanaranaku become case also tomorrow of life as soon.Okuyama-san “ANYTHING in affiliation Yoshimoto Kogyo.Let me put the work! It’s so had complained, “but nothing has been spilled unchanged” complaining “that (insider).

Also let me know of “Okuyama’s disappearance” was flow around September.Just retired same Yoshimoto belongs Shinsuke Shimada, entertainment media has been to expand the Shinsuke uproar as every day.

“Yoshimoto had frowned on every day of Shinsuke news.News is Mr. Okuyama had jumped among such.Some of Yoshimoto executives, also had a person who was willing that the topic has been moved to temporarily from Shinsuke Okuyama-san “(TV officials)

Yet the same Yoshimoto affiliation, Shinsuke retired entertainment industry is Kabai, Okuyama, who had complained that “there is no work” is ignored …….How would think to hear this story Okuyama’s bereaved family -.

※ The image is from Yoshimoto Kogyo official site

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[Enta is ♪ vitamin] Fuku-kun find that that she thinks “not human” to Matsuko Deluxe.

“Childlike”, “Charming”, “smile is cute” and popular child actor, Suzuki Fuku-kun (7).The contents and gestures of charm story of Fu-kun, he is healed by Hohoemashiku have appeared childishness of age appropriate.But in a hard worker with respect to acting, seems to be equipped with a spirit of strength that it is not discouraged even out the many times NG.

The Fu-kun also entertainers of many fans, talent of Becky is “really cute” Becky ♪ ♯ official blog “of the December 10 date.I love.”And in madly in love, this day it is revealed that it was present him to the muffler.Then discovered the figure that wrapped the muffler when the Fu-kun is back, and thrilled to have Becky’s so hugged him involuntarily.

I like because Matsuko Deluxe transvestites talent also does not have “Fu kun hate” child actor odor “.I speak with “.In the “depth good story 2 hours 10 minutes super enlarged version SP of life changing one minute” of the December 19 broadcast, Matsuko told the memories of when you first played with Fu-kun.Fu-kun visited to greet backstage of Matsuko.Matsuko you showed up to open the door is too huge, it probably was surprised.I hear mom fortune-kun you drew back involuntarily, issued before by pressing the back.

In television drama that marks the final episode this week the 24th “Humanoid Monster Bem” (NTV), Fuku-kun plays Vero role.In ordinary everyday the painted fictional setting of monsters rather than a drama, sad while the fate knapsack betrayed by humans also continue to have the innocent mind Vero.Operation of saying the words also, should often no pattern of that you have ever experienced.Therefore Fu-kun had that even 11 times had issued a NG.Strict also request from the staff.”(From lines) more and more, have been lost feeling.And “, how many times is the dissed has been washed away by VTR.Still without also Fute rot without even cried, the figure that continues to challenge without being discouraged still there in the professional actor.When praised it, when “small is also when you cry.I smiled as Fu-kun he was only 7 years old was embarrassed and “.

If you see from the “Fu-kun, I look anyway” specter “,” human “?”Matsuko heard in a serious face.Then while tilted her neck “Which also.”The answer Fuku-kun.It seems not think that apparently perfect human.Really might have been thought to be a monster – and when Matsuko mutters, “But (percentage) is there are more human.Fuku-kun to speak while “the laughing smile was still cute.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Ya)

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Inoki Kim Jong Il died in comments “I knew before about breaking subtitles 10 minutes”.

Antonio Inoki is December 19, announced the comments in response to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il death.

IGF street “of Antonio Inoki comments upon the death of Kim Jong Il” is the following, which is posted on the official website of (Inoki Genome Federation).

“Thing of death I knew before about 10 minutes which flows breaking subtitles of TV.Once, since we are before also heard that also became a critical condition, because it can happen that you say to anyone, of course, you can not say as the North of the country, I think preparation it was a.Although it is diplomacy surface with Japan, Toka prioritize the abduction issue by this death, I think the Toka prioritize the peace problem persists North Korea itself “(※ sic)

Inoki is often visited North Korea ever.In 1995, a central role is Inoki, held a professional wrestling entertainment “Collision in Korea (festival of peace)” in Pyongyang, to mobilize 38 million people in two days, North Korea domestic television viewership It is said that was more than 90%.Celebration is Masahiro Chono, the late Shinya Hashimoto-san, Kensuke Sasaki, Hokuto, fought the Bull Nakano et al., Inoki was play against Ric Flair.

Intel Nagatomo, within the team “tampered officers” Do fan “not a bully?”

Italian sports newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” is the 16th, published an article about Intel of DF Yuto Nagatomo.Nagatomo as “tampered role” in the locker room has become a popular person, has been charged a large amount of Parmesan cheese on napkin during a meal, you have to introduce the episode that became a cheese covered as soon as you open.

But the contents of this “messing”, and whether it is “messing around not a bully instead, from Internet users?”And the topic.Reaction such as “w which Thats you doing bullied,” “pick up cheese in silence while face down When I was done,” “I wonder really painful and I have return it merrily laughing Na” “In the end I wonder I like to have a person of the heart” is has been written.

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“God photograph” public Shinoda Mariko followers 800,000 beyond joy

Twitter followers of AKB48 Shinoda Mariko (25) is the 16th, had topped 80 million people.Shinoda along with the tweet that “follower will ask what !!! 800,000 people topped big apple … the future best regards”, up the image that was peeled pewter.”Koeee!” From followers who saw it and people that the tweet that the “www who came God photos” “nice photo ww”, this has also been a large number Retweet.

The 19th 13:30 currently, Shinoda of followers has exceeded 808,000 people, the number of followers is Softbank President Masayoshi Son in Japan, Gachapin, but fourth place to second only to comedian-Ariyoshi Hiroyuki.

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Successor Kim Jong-un Mr. funeral committee ranking first place

From 20 minutes at around 12 December 19, 2011 in the Korean Central Television, was read aloud the roster of national funeral committee of Kim Jong Il.And having first been read aloud to Mr. 3 Otoko-kin Seion, was the second is the Presidium (Kim Young-nam) – Korean Supreme People’s Committee Chairman.On Mr. positive favor, but vulnerability of power base as a successor has been pointed out, in the North Korean regime “ranking # 1” has been confirmed, it has been confirmed as his successor.

“Shirato house” CM director, grief clause grumpy Eriko Hatsune in the first feature film

Of the 27th Warsaw International Film Festival Yamauchi Kenji director was nominated for Competition of “Mitsuko sense” is celebrated the premiere on December 17, starring with Yamauchi director Eriko Hatsune, Ishibashi Kei, Kanji Furutachi is in Tokyo I did a stage greeting at the theater.

Softbank CM “Shirato House” series deals with the like, the feature debut of Yamauchi director of CM creators this work.Emi and Mitsuko of sisters and the surrounding people living in the city, such as the cul-de-sac in the Tokyo suburbs, I portray something that was a little shifted daily to humorous.

Was Hatsune that played the hero and Mitsuko, fully open the surreal charm intact air feeling of the movie.”In painful it is to attend to the shooting, followed remains unpleasant, it was refreshing when I finished” Hyou Hyou to confess and, the laughter of venue.Look back and “I’ve gone to the scene to have the indescribable emotion, the extraordinary is familiar in will become a routine you thought that was the same feeling as Mitsuko”.

Although rehearsal was carried out ranging to 2 weeks before shooting, was also able to use the Kumin Center that.Ishibashi, who played Emi sister of Mitsuko is, during “Although I also Kumin center called” theater ban “, where Big Fight There was also that it was kicked out doing the rehearsal of a scene (laughs).When I was at a loss, Yamauchi director would go to “karaoke! And “.After all, I revealed and I was “doing a rehearsal of the very important scene in the karaoke box.

Furudate is, the shooting and the same period of this work to participate in the filming of “My Back Pages”, and the case was back and forth the Tokyo Kansai, “not exactly the memory” for shooting.To do this, Yamauchi director “Become a schedule of Furudate’s alignment shooting is interrupted, very’m was annoying!” Grin and.”To Hatsune’s was much displeased, you can complain that it is hard to no longer know what to take to have the Ishibashi’s where the scene is in, … it was unpopular site” further was a clause grief and.

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Water leak nuclear fuel pool cooling pause in “cold shutdown” the next day

TEPCO announced December 17, 2011, there is a water leak from the cooling system of the spent fuel pool of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Unit 1, the cooling of the pool has been paused.

Occurrence of trouble in the morning on the 17th.The thing the next day that is declared reactor has reached a “cold shutdown”.Then that there is sufficient margin in the cooling capacity of the pool, Junichi Matsumoto, nuclear power, location Headquarters Deputy, describes “things like that too hurry the decision is not” and also about declaring.

The valve of the drainage line was not fully closed is automatic stop circulation of the cooling device, due to water of about 100 liters had leaked.Water leaks stop when you close the valve, circulation was resumed after about 3 hours.I have The leaked water is flowing through the pipe does not touch the fuel, radioactive material is not included.

Billionaire also worshipers rush in winning pray at the shrine of Shin-Okubo in lottery

Tokyo, Shin-Okubo to boil the Korean boom, there is a surprising popular spot.To write a certain city, a 1-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station, everyone in it a “hit everyone” “everyone in (sea) Inari Shrine”.Now jumbo lottery is on sale at the end, it is a big bustle “hits” as a power spot.

Shinjuku Hyakunincho that same shrine, where there was a mansion of “hundreds Corps gun assembly” of the Edo shogunate, which was founded in 1602.Yoriki of gun Corps at that time, was suffering shooting is without progress is, that had a dream the indicated Leif from Inari Daimyojin.Hyappatsuhyakuchu where there the next day, we pray to Inari shrine, this is Yoriki, tried shooting.Since then, are called “(hits everyone) Inari all in”, I hear is that there is a divine favor of Shoun up.

Shinichi Nakamura-san, who is a priest in the same shrine, says.

Derived after the “gun Corps, it came to be said to be” hit “, and pass the test and pray lottery winning, a lot of people come through the year now.Who come to Shin-Okubo under the influence of the Hallyu boom’s are also increasing and there, but the number of worshipers, too has increased ”

Average day 100 to 150 people on weekdays visited the shrine, the shrine is further increased year-end and New Year holidays and weekends.Worshipers of many I have visited so also after November 24, which is called the season of the big lottery, prayer is to focus, year-end jumbo lottery this year became the launch.

So, I wonder if there are people that had divine favor ever really?

It does not say that a “concrete everyone, but there are many reports that” There has been a good thing “.And those that hit 1 million yen in the lottery, person hundreds of millions Irasshaimasu Among.I There are reports of something few people, that hits a day “(Mr. Nakamura supra)

Jumbo lottery lottery end of the year December 31.Billionaire be born from the worshipers of this shrine.

Serious China = or structural problems in the Japanese fighter X F35,13 locations

The Japanese government has decided to adopt as (FX) fighter X of the Air Self-Defense Force stealth fighter F35 that international joint development in the United States-led.According British Jane Defense Weekly latest issue to (JDW), pointed out that there is a number of problems in the F35 fighter latest technical report of the Pentagon, procurement of F35 for the Pentagon does not have confidence in the reliability of the design of the F35 solution is to consider anew the problem of mass production and.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

The report, which was completed in November 29 is, what technology, measurement and evaluation department of the Pentagon to create a joint, was submitted to the procurement staff of the Pentagon.JDW magazine got the copy.

According to the report, there are 13 locations is a structural problem serious or potentially already discovered the F35, risk fatigue life and shorter than expected is present in some.Also, in addition there is a problem image is interrupted, the resolution is such as to decrease in nighttime mode, fuel tank safety system of spray that is discharged from the fuel tank that fails frequently JHMCS.

Currently, Lockheed Martin’s F35 during manufacture three types of C-type B-type A as a normal take-off and landing aircraft, short field takeoff vertical landing machine (STOVL machine), the carrier-based aircraft.Structure requirements for high impact landings is large during the C-type inter alia, structural problems are the most serious.8 both times did not succeed in landings restraint tests conducted in New Jersey Lakehurst Naval Air Station.

Equipment was not in the originally planned under the influence of the retrofit contains many, there is a possibility that the problem can be found further in the test flight of the future F35.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)