[EU departure! Breaking News] cause fights?Children under 4 years is strangled.Criminal 10-year-old boy just met.(Sweden)

That the incident in the city Yungubi of southern Sweden, children 4 years old that are strangled in a 10-year-old boy has occurred has been revealed.

After the body of a child is found in the October 16 this year in a residential area of ​​Yungubi, police officers of the 35 people is turned on for criminal search, is Kikikomi by children of about 65 people from 5 to 15 years were conducted.As a result, that it was committed by a boy of 10 years old there was found, he was detained.

Reason for the killing is not clear yet, but it has been estimated that a fight occurs between two people when it is playing in the park, that it might be was led to murder a child boy is cut off by it.

But instead of was friends from the original, it was a relationship that was just met in the park was playing probably is testimony to this two people.

Since the law of Sweden, there is no possibility that criminal punishment for the crime under the age of 15 is made, custody of the boy has become a thing to be repatriated to the probation office.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Shiina Satoshifuka)

• The arrest the murderer that killed 10 people, was discarded in the minced meat grinder in.(China)
· … South African women, be executed in China or shortage of government.
· Assailant murder of city.Passersby gather even just bystanders.(China)
• The killing man undocumented, a lover, to escape hidden in a freezer bodies also arrested.(France)
· Most of the school teachers, are killed in front of students.(South Africa)
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World is the hottest of 12-13 year-old girls “heavy metal Idol” and “Sakura Gakuin BABYMETAL”

As if against the flow that not only AKB Speaking of Idol, from Japan “heavy metal” Idol unit has attracted attention abroad.Video and is played several hundreds of thousand times, record companies are also surprised by the response than expected.

All the fuss is, threesome derived unit idol group “Sakura Gakuin”, “BABYMETAL”.Units on the theme of fusion of idle and heavy metal, MV of the song called “de-Thursday, Saturday Christ ☆ Morning” (music video) has been published on YouTube in October 2011.

Bass guitar drum “I me I’m did I look at what” “It’s a song that does not believe” in increments Tsubasu is an intense rhythm, have been subjected to down tuning is ringing.It’s modern sound much in heavy metal.

If you are dressed in Gothic black and red, three, et al. (13 gifts tin incense’s) SU-METAL members also,’s the atmosphere generally dark, but in reversal to become a rust, “Rin~tsu Wake up with “Good morning Rinrrin~tsu!, bright catchy melody seems to idle.For connection here is nature, and has finished in the strange music that cute but a heavy.The reason is that it will have singing girl of 12 to 13-year-old shaking his head violently also it’s quite unique.

Initially the MV was released, idle some fans in Japan was only paying attention, but in a few about a month, it becomes a hot topic in the foreign site, comments were received in large quantities.

It is a song that I can not believe it “.Please explain someone, whether you like this song why is me. ”
“I me I’m did I look at what” I can not understand it at all “.But I like ”
“Phosphorus ~Tsu phosphorus ~Tsu phosphorus ~Tsu! Aaa Aaaaa! Phosphorus ~Tsu phosphorus ~Tsu phosphorus ~Tsu!”
With those “This is probably demo of new album Slipknot (US metal band)” and, Yet MV idle Japan, most English and has become a strange state of the comments about 1300.There were also comments that surprised that young age too of members.

It seems to have been viewed well in Russia and North America, Sweden, Finland outside Japan have been playing about 38 million times 16 days currently viewing December Russia and North America, Sweden and Finland, according to statistics.Northern Europe is known as a thriving community of black metal and death metal, but I wonder what can be described as accepted even metal fans of authentic.

In addition, “But Metal Related Videos Top15 has become a hot topic in 2011”, BABYMETAL was Ranked # 9 was published the 8th metal information site of the United States to “Metal Injection”.”People in Japan is so crazy,” said I had to introduce this MV in late October in the same site.

According to Toys Factory of publishers, in addition to became a hot topic this time of “Doki ☆ Moni”, there is a song “bullying, bad, absolute” and the BABYMETAL, up-tempo here “Melodic Speed ​​Metal” that’s.New song will be announced in the January 9, 2012.

And I think that does not matter border in “Metal, etc. make the page to Facebook, I was PR to the world from the beginning, but the person in charge has been surprised by the response of the remainder.You are talking to, “If it is possible to focus on the movement of the next year.

NHK erotic line again in viewer ratings Catching

I cup Gravure Teshima Yu (27), appeared in apron figure chest wide open NHK · E with embarrassment, (education) cooking show segment to “Raku rice” last month.At a later date, Kaneda New broadcasting Director-General of the agency has apologized “We regret the Na exceeds the degree a little” at a regular press conference.

Talent, such as Cooking expert appeared as a guest in the weekly, the show is presented in 5 minutes how to make a dish by one article the 1st.Teshima also have a qualified nutritionist showed off such as “sweet potato pudding,” the theme of “love recipe” Pururun “full” the.
Taste of cooking “Pururun” is Teshima of tits “Pururun” “.Video of bikini her also flows through the program at the beginning, was the production, such as the late-night show commercial “(evening newspaper reporter)

Even so, NHK recent Masshigura Erotic route for some reason.
Udo Yumiko Ana moderator challenge themselves “vagina training” by the sex-less feature of “” morning position “.Maki Yoko has been a barrage functional scene “He, husband, boyfriend” in drama.It is a situation that Yamagishi MaiAya of caster (24), such as appeared in the ultra-mini skirt, is not considered in NHK stiff tail once in the sports program of the weekend. “(Same)

Intention of viewing rate up is likely there is on its back.
“NHK will cut the price 120 yen per month up to a subscription fee from October next year, but I do not want to cut the price any more.Affect the income of the clerk called the ¥ 10 million average annual income to be lower than this.Raise the number for that, and “has been watched only this”, I want to appeal to the National Assembly to deliberate on budget every year NHK “(entertainment critic)

While it is said to television recession, NHK continue to surplus management.Of that should produce a program of good quality without having to worry about the viewer ratings would be rightly, but do not want to quit even erotic routes as real intention of the male audience!?

Odds announcement of successful forecasts and Darvish Derby! No. 1 popular Toronto

MLB mechanism has already announced that there is more than one team Darvish bid team, but the rice paper (SI.com) has cited seven teams in the Darvish bid team expected.The titled “are full of conspiracy Darvish Derby”, cited the Toronto Blue Jays of 2.5 times the odds to 1 fastest.That there is no problem at all financially but is also the reason that, GM was go to the bother Japan this summer.Also I have told GM is also talk about Darvish 23 days in the rice paper other.

Below, the odds of 3.3 times Rangers is high, has continued Nationals, Yankees, and Red Sox followed.The Yankees had been said to be one fastest initially, rice paper says and are reluctant from the failure Katsuhiro Maeda, Hideki Irabu, Kei Igawa in the past.5 This team’s baseball team there was a rumor of a bid from doubles.

Two teams rice paper is of cites as large hole.First Mariners.It is to mean Darvish from that told GM wants brought pitcher proven than the young at the beginning of this month and that, Darvish wants to play in the West Coast?I have reportedly.

Large hole of Another’s Angels.There is a power of the Darvish bid revenue side, it is a team on the West Coast still is cited as the reason here.

It looks good to say you are stated Cubs also also participated in the bidding in the Chicago Tribune, and has been the center topic of rice baseball now that the winter meeting is over, where Darvish is whether to go.(Editors: Kazuhiko Tamura)

Some cases there is a difference of 20 million yen annual income and working physician shortage of hospital practitioner

Kamata Minoru bestseller “Do not work hard,” the author is also the honorary director of Suwachuobyoin Nagano Prefecture.It is Mr. been working on volunteer of the earthquake and Chernobyl, we explain the problems of the working physician shortage in Japan Medical.

* *
Sorting of the Government Revitalization meeting was held in the schedule of 4 days.Problem of shortage of doctors was also taken up.Physicians who work in hospitals is insufficient, and he was also mentioned harsh realities of the labor work doctor.Doctor is extremely small Japan in countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) 34 OECD.2.2 people per 1,000 population.It is the sixth from the bottom.

In fact, the number of physicians has increased about 20% over 17 years ago.Anesthesiology 51%, psychiatric 42%, dermatology 27%, 24%, ophthalmology, is increasing both.But about 10 percent has decreased surgical and obstetrics and gynecology.

Such as family or there is litigation risk, emergency patients often he has been shunned.However, in the problem of large cities, was never a problem of the local hospital is touched at any Revitalization This.What doctor shortage of rural though it is a serious problem.

In a small country town’s hospital in Yamagata Prefecture, one of the doctors who had five people, no longer have full-time doctors surgery and obstetrics and gynecology.Go Turn the watch five people will become three It is also very.If you no longer rotate once, doctors become vicious circle is both physically and mentally.

Also Yamato Municipal Soyo Hospital in Kumamoto Prefecture, and might be one less person from four of the current, the townspeople had been worried.Than one less person to that one less person in the hospital there are 40 doctors, hospitals 4 people, it is a big difference.

There are several reasons for doctor shortage of local.Become resident when you graduated from the School of Medicine of the University, but now, people to be training at University Hospital 47%.Since most remained in the University Hospital Previously, I was able to send a doctor to the local hospital, but it can no longer be.When turned to the local hospital, or just be busy, it can no longer be absorbed in their own research, more than half want the training of clinical training in hospitals in big cities.

Even if you do throw themselves into community medicine with appointed to local hospital once, family issues, such as education of children of their own occurs, and that’s going away and asked permission to hospital work in urban areas.There is also a difference between the annual income.The average annual income of the practitioner while 27.55 million yen, work physician from 7 million to 17 million yen.

Hospital side does not mean waiting afford to stand still, it’s desperate doctors ensure.According to a survey of the Japan Society hospital, and one hospital per year average, for he has paid as commission to recruiters skilled ¥ 7,670,000.Hospital was paying 10 million yen or more of donations to universities that went up to 15 hospital.Desperately, doctor’s want.

※ 23 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post

Smartphone or became a machine for voyeur? All-you-can-you want to do in the app to turn off the shutter sound

Crime that uses the camera of the smartphone, to the voyeur in the skirts of women is increasing rapidly.Large shutter sound is original smartphone that is sold in Japan, but that extends over the Acts to get the app to turn off the shutter sound.

It is also possible that app available free of charge, to hide instantly shooting photos using a high-performance smartphone.It is also said to be difficult to recognize suspicious behavior compared to mobile phones, experts have warned that “damage will increase further unless drastic measures,” said smartphone.

Voyeur incident using the shooting smartphone to put smartphone to skirt in teenage women are one after another.The December 14, 2011, as were taken (18) female students of high school three years, which has been riding the train in the Sagami line, and the Kanagawa prefectural police Kohoku station (22) had rode male college students of Nihon University was arrested by the officers.

The Metropolitan Police Department has announced the disciplinary action of the 1-month suspension (23) Men constable on November 11.Male constable has been arrested and pledged to voyeur the smartphone within the skirt of teenage women in the JR Nambu Line Bubaigawara Station Yard.Criminal, had been used to get the app to turn off the shutter sound of the camera also incidents of any.

When I heard the story DoCoMo, KDDI, Softbank Mobile, you are forbidden in principle that they become the specifications shutter sound of the smartphone and mobile phone rings in the self-regulation of both companies, to turn off the sound in Japan.The reason, in order to be able to recognize that the side to be photographed is photographed, it is also aimed to prevent the peeping.According to DoCoMo public relations, and that it does not put the app to turn off the sound on items to sell smartphones portal site NTT DoCoMo “d menu”.

But can not regulate the app to turn off the shutter sound, app to turn off the sound has been selling a large number if you search on the net, there is also a thing called free or 100 yen, one.Turn off the sound it’s not a principle prohibited, there is a case where the intended use is not necessarily a voyeur, or a photo shoot in a quiet place, and you can erase the animal so as not to be surprised.

DoCoMo public relations has said, “There are a variety of needs to the customer, is the status quo, even though you use the app to turn off the sound, is not provided with such penalties,” said.

According to Fukuda Kazuhiro’s freelance writer, on the shutter sound, has become the specifications can not be off that’s regulations unique to Japan.Voyeur incident that using mobile phones had happened originally, but warn it that it has become in the era of the smartphone, and exploit, or not than further increase.Folding most mobile phone.When you take a picture, it is necessary to open the lid once, spread.In the case of smartphone, suspicious behavior is unnecessary because confusing such operations contrast.

You are, must be considered drastic measures in order to be “even banned the app to turn off the sound, etc. to cut the speaker, loophole to turn off the sound There are many,” said, to promote crime prevention.

Carried away electrical appliances dumpsite is come, first served OK legally

Legal consultation corner of Takeshita Masami lawyer.Questions such as the following were received and “We are troubled discarded trash in a vacant lot next to” this time.

In a vacant lot next to my house, I’m in trouble can have people going litter recently.There are also electrical products such as refrigerators and TV broken in trash.Because it is not a garbage dump that has been decided, garbage trucks of the city will not come, and it was refused even asking for recovery.Electrical products that can be used if repair, or would I use to bring on their own.

To the garbage dump of virtually, if there is an old electrical products, it is not considered a lost item and left behind.It is a good idea to say things that were discarded.As things are discarded, the ownership is abandoned, it will be a state where there is no owner.

Article 239 of the Civil Code, has defined “by occupying concluded intention to own, personal property without the owner obtains the ownership,” said.You will be granted if it can be “occupying concluded intention to own”, for example, be used to bring back home, outer shape you are acting as the owner when viewed from buckwheat, to take ownership of the personal property.Is referred to as “the principle of res nullius preoccupy” first come, first served is I have been recognized (it is another real estate) that do not have an owner.

However, electrical products, which has been picked up can not complain even defective, then you do not want to get rid.If an electrical product that so-called Home Appliance Recycling Law, such as the refrigerator is applied, the waste should not have not been processed in accordance with the law.Consumers, has become a mechanism to get taken off for a fee to a retail store you bought the consumer electronics.

By the way, is that that you throw away the trash in the land of others originally not allowed.In Article 16 of the Waste Disposal Act, and stipulates “No person shall discard waste without good reason,” you will be punished as constituting.

It is assumed in the vicious illegal dumping of waste, but the trash to the neighboring land of electrical products, “vain” (without permission, without reason) will be discarded, is a splendid crime.As part of the management of land, so as to prevent such waste dumping, adjacent land owner should or make a fence originally.

There is also a municipality that has established these obligations littering ordinance.It is recommended that you explain the current situation to the adjacent land owner, you can offer to implement measures to correct as soon as possible, to consult as a problem of disposal of waste in public office.

※ 23 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post

Sister of Yaguchi Mari!? Centerpiece of Tsunku cafe or orchestrated during the route and sell sister set

Former Morning Musume.I found that sister Mari Yaguchi has been the entertainment world into.The married and sunny this year, and now graduates unit “Dream Morning Musume.It is active in Yaguchi in “concert, the presence of surprising sister or would further run-up.

Talent Yaguchi Miki 23 years old that belong to Shochiku entertainment from 2009.He graduated from the training school of the company, and that became one of the affiliation talent and sunny.It’s seems to have been there that was known among core fans of Yaguchi, but has not been published and is openly.

Her presence is there being closed up, and that because he appeared broadcast the 9th “Tsuntsube ♂” in (TOKYO MX).Same program Tsunku ♂ is the foster parent of Yaguchi is the main performers, Miki had appeared even more it was a cast audition planning “AKIHABARA Bakkusute ← → di pass”.

December 23, “Tsunku ♂ will open cafe” Bakkusute ← → di pass “in Akihabara in opposition to AKB48.It is billed as “cafe training Idol” same store, talent candidates will do well as customer service and their own stage.The name of the Yaguchi Miki even had not been introduced to in the program, but active haloprogin members also because it is unlikely to appear in the stage of the store, sister co-star of the dream, too might be possible in the future “(entertainment writer)

However, it does not seem to want how to sale such as “sister of Yaguchi” as Miki principal office and.It seems to not want to hide absolutely “, but Miki had been leaked to be” sorry to the people of “ambient Seen in the eyes of” I’m a sister of Yaguchi Mari “also audition time.You’ve got the impression had a conversation without prejudice also co-star and staff, and that they tried hard forward “(program officials)

However, as an up-front or side Yaguchi, would that not a few think of “delicious story”.

Starting with “up-front parties, Miki-san knew to be a sister of Mr. Yaguchi himself Tsunku ♂’s.And yet, than there is speculation If you look at the place where it had been the program progress face down it dare, called Take Miki to highlight cast of cafe open “(parties supra)

You can telling the memories of Oguri Shun was a former dating partner, and such as clarification on a TV show about himself shaping allegations in recent years, Yaguchi strong in unapologetic topic.It’s where the voice of irony is also asked “picture to variety performers sister also next year would come floating” and (entertainment writer of another) from the industry, but I hope Schwann Yaguchi take off human skin in order to break the sister.

※ The image than Shochiku entertainment official site

-Eye talk explodes from above “Itchokami” woman-Yaguchi truth, in the “Studio Park”
• This devotee is Kinakusai? Couple Scene of celebrities that look the power of the office to show through
Morning Musume.Up-front pressure on OG! Members of the vision of CM non-appearance
· Year-end adjustment of the entertainment world! Blitz engagement Nakazawa Yuko, the back stage of divorce hitomi
Mo daughter.OG, his faction want to stand out from active duty members after all?

The align early-grandson Kim Eun Kyung’s the parents of Megumi Yokota

North Korea, which is said to migrate to the 2012 pension system Seion.What interest The biggest change is either abduction issue by the new regime for Japan.For abduction issue currently, not progress at all, CheNaru Ryu Korean abductees Family Association representative to speak.

* *
It is that it is very disappointing, but I do not have what one of the new information can talk here about Megumi Yokota.

Just thing now, Eun Kyung Kim of daughter (Kyoung) Mr. and belong to those Futari-tomo, that KimuTadashi mentor team gold and Hideo is a husband of Megumi.Army is associative to say now that division, but more details about the organization itself is not able to grasp.However, without exception even they that belong to such things, and it became the subject of forced migration.

I want to appeal to everyone dare of Japan.Would like to see the abduction issue from the line of sight of the family of the victim by all means.

For example, there may be an ideal that even if that of Megumi Yokota, the person comes back soon.But you from my point of view, to Eun Kyung Kim’s is a grandchild, I want you to let them meet soon as possible your parents of Megumi.

It happens, Megumi about what has happened right now, you might Daseru heard it’s possibly.No, North Korea government because entering the Aida, I should elicitable if it even until death there is difficult, Megumi that what had sent what life.It is the want to know, including also such a place, it is something that parents and families.

※ 28 days issue December SAPIO2011 years

Ikuno Anna begging your cute Hakata valve and to “buy! That Sonsuru absolute if you do not come!”?

“Taste of the Festival, the hometown of Furusato Festival Tokyo 2012 – Japan -” press release is performed in Tokyo December 14, Tomoaki Ogura, Fuji TV announcer Ikuno Yoko Special producer appeared.

[Photo] during the event, Ikuno Ana smile spilling Suites

The slogan is “Japan! Ganbarou” to “Tohoku! Ganbarou” This event, 9 days (days) (Sat) 15 days January 7 ’12 year, festival food and of Japan, which is performed at the Tokyo Dome events on the theme of.To exhibit Count the third “National Gotochi bowl championship”, “” can not even “Stock your Suites Street”, also about 300 booths and gourmet masterpiece such as “Recommended gem Street” will be held.The festival across the country beginning with the Northeast three major festivals such as the Aomori Nebuta Festival also gathered.

“Furusato Matsuri and healthy, but delicious Ogura which appeared to an event point.’12 Years catchphrase “The Japan! Ganbarou” “of” Northeast! Ganbarou comes in addition to it.Comments attractions by the “I want you to enjoy booth in the Northeast, because the rich festival.”Aomori Nebuta Festival, Hirosaki Neputa Festival comes further.Imagine the force of the festival “I think Tokyo Dome and feel narrow this, excitedly.

I was eating all through the Tokyo Dome 5 days “’11 was also very popular last time for” National Gotochi bowl championship “.It is hard to throw away any! I reveal held of ’12 years and I’m looking forward to the “.In addition, it can come or “eight, and fellow of many tips to enjoy a bowl of more.So, I bought about four cups each with split up, that you eat a variety of taste! I showed off a “.

Ogura I think I think to become a big event than ever to “’11! This is, and will be put on a lively Japan last.Thank you! “Commented.The “Hometown Festival, Ikuno Ana also Na gold to play! N only there full of delicious words of their own home, in Hakata valve.It had concluded the interview with a smile buy ‘you Sonsuru absolute if you do not come.