Was flooded with complaints from viewers After “Mito Komon” rut break

“Mondokoro this! Will refrain grated or unexpected turning a blind eye”

I will not listen to that quotable line that familiar to the ears of Japanese.December 19, long journey “Mito Komon” of (TBS system), which lasted 42 years I greet the closure finally.

Why, Jiangmen customers wonder was loved long as this.”Rut great” reveals it’s a trick Nakao Yukio, who is the chief producer from Part 27 of the 1998.

Scene Inro crest of Aoi reveal the identity program end, of Jiangmen customers appeared, the villain grovel is government promise of this drama, and “uninteresting ‘s just it”, Mr. Nakao inaugural initially, come up Inro dare There was also I made no times.

“The result is terrible, it does not emit Inro” Why “to be” is not it? Lonely “, has received a complaint from a lot of viewers” (Mr. Nakao)

Show a commitment of his unique Unchiku a favorite “The lord! Hayasa not a beard,” said Koji Ishizaka who played Jiangmen customers from 29 parts in 2001, appeared in Higenashi figure.

But here also from the audience, claims flooded “Jiangmen customers with no beard! Not Mito Komon”, and I was wearing a Ishizaka Mohige from the next series.

It turns out that there are from these “experience, even in a rut” things that should not be changed “at first glance.Rakugo and kabuki was also waiting for “! Itself come there is that classic “.Therefore there is a “type”, I is supported and is loved by the people “(Mr. Nakao)

※ 22 days issue December 2011 Seven women