“I set fire to the Yasukuni Shrine”, Chinese phone in Korea news agency = South Korea

The 26th in the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, there was arson.After the incident occurred, call the news media a Chinese man with South Korea that “I have set fire to the Yasukuni Shrine,” he claimed to have revealed.South Korea media reported on the 29th.

30 Daitomi is this Chinese “grandmother Pacific War at the time, but it was the Japanese military comfort women, the Japanese government is arson was because it does not apologize,” said the reason the.And that also was also detailed such as location and the process of wearing fire.After the crime, immediately move to South Korea, although staying in a hotel, now It is said that the report does not take.

Yasukuni Shrine arson incidents before, there is a writing such as “I’ll set fire to Yasukuni Shrine” of a user complaining of “Koreans of complaints” on the net, in Japan was reported is a possibility that there is an arson notice.In this regard, South Korea media had reported that “Japan Korean involvement is suspected.”.(Editors: Takeshi Nagai)

If Kodaware to No. 4 of the new force Murata giant can not win?

For reasons of “I want to have championship”, Yokohama from DeNA to giant FA Transfers were Shuichi Murata infielder (31).Giant is that it was a free contract Alex Ramirez outfielder, is expected as suddenly cleanup hitter in Murata under consideration.
This season, but it is mainly Ramirez was hit No. 4 of giants, had hit the other to No. 4 fielder Ouchi road Ogasawara, Nagano Hisayoshi per outfielder of batting.Although Ogasawara was sluggish partly influence that can not be associated to a unified sphere and failure, already 38 years old, throughout the season, and it’s a cruel determine the function of the fourth.In addition, Nagano is not a fourth type in the middle distance batter.Sonaruto, ever Murata, which has served as the fourth of Hama is still leading candidate.

However, there is also the orientation to remember anxiety that you put the Murata to No. 4.The lay “certainly the Murata to No. 4, it would be natural flow for giant.However, you might miss the championship and stick to fourth weak Murata of a chance.From a weak is comfortably and hit with that number in Yokohama, in pressure-consuming giant, really it is it questionable whether leave is how grades.The past few years of downturn will also be concerned about “(certain sports newspaper reporter)

In fact this season, scoring position batting average of Murata, who served as the fourth in all 144 games he’s slight .196.This is the lowest among the 24 people batter of Central League that has reached the provisions bat.Speaking more, worst among both league 51 people.Murata of this season batting average but was .253, and there are runners in scoring position, he also fall at once 5 minutes or more is rate.If you look at the scoring position batting average of the major other cleanup hitter of Central League, Kazuhiro outfielder Wada (Chunichi) .252, Hatakeyama Kazuhiro infielder (Yakult) .253, Ramirez (giant = next season Yokohama DeNA ) .302, with Takahiro Arai infielder (Hanshin) .305, Kenta Kurihara infielder (Hiroshima) .333, and how Murata was weak to chance obvious.And hit the whole game No. 4, RBI 70 because lonely as long as.Although nice to say it, “I want to win fight”, one of the by far the lowest of the ringleader of Yokohama, he is none other than a Murata.

In addition, of 36 in ’07, and hit 46 this in ’08, is but Murata you won the home run king for the second consecutive year, the last few years downturn.’09 That was only played in 93 games in failure (25 home runs) aside, last season, it’s also anxiety element of ends in a row this season and two years twenty stand home runs, in 20% 5 minutes stand batting average.

This season, in It marked the high scoring position batting average giants, Hayato Sakamoto infielder .361 (league first place) and Nagano .344 (league 2nd).Sakamoto than total batting average (.262), showed a scoring position batting average is also high game strength about 10%.Unfortunately, it is not two people both fourth type, if useless in Murata, even to try to appoint to the fourth, it might be one of the hand.The result is good If the ball lands, but if you do not leave, if so stick to the original Tatsunori director “fourth Murata”, giant of victory will become farther away.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

12 fiscal budget of Japan, “Unusual situation” in dependence on government bonds 49% = China

The Japanese government morning the 24th, to open an extraordinary cabinet meeting, to determine the budget in fiscal 2012.General accounting spending 90 trillion 330 billion yen, decreased 2.2% from fiscal 2011, decreased in year-on-year for the first time in six years.However, this is borne by 2 trillion 600 billion yen of the reconstruction cost 3 trillion 780 billion yen and basic pension of the Great East Japan Earthquake country is not included.If you make both cost, budget will be a record high in 96 trillion 697.5 billion yen.China network Japanese version (China net) is the 29th, reported that “what 49 percent of Japan’s fiscal 2012 budget was dependent on the issue government bonds”.The following is from the same article.

Jun Azumi Minister of Finance in the conference after the cabinet meeting, and said, “depends largely on the budget in government bonds is reaching the limit”, called for understanding of the consumption tax hike to the public.The breakdown of the budget, tax revenue is 42 trillion 300 billion yen, and the new government bonds issued by a 44 trillion 240 billion yen, government bond issuance is followed by an unusual situation that exceeds the tax revenue outlook for the third consecutive year.2012 of government bonds dependent is higher than the 48 percent of 49 percent and in 2010, became the all-time high.

Treasury amounted to about 937 trillion yen, an increase of about 34 trillion yen compared to the country and long-term debt is 11 year-end local 12 year-end, has announced the prospect of to update maximize the past.European debt crisis has worsened, to consumers was ballooned to twice the GDP debt, shows a strong concern.

In addition, Japan’s rating agency, Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R & I) is the 21st, the rating of Japanese government bonds announced that it has downgraded from “AAA” top-level to “AA +”, concern is further strengthened.The first time that rating agencies of Japan to downgrade Japan government bonds, as the reason for the R & I is downgraded, “that increase the burden of social security reform has been postponed”, “that the financial situation is getting worse”, “Japan’s economy prospect of recovery I mentioned, etc. are that no “standing.(Editors: Yuko Yonehara)

The voice of support to the “lie beauty getting tired in three days” Morikawa Waseda Professor theory

Beauty get bored in three days -.This kind of myth that is both urban legend, Tomonori Morikawa Waseda professor, known for love research is denying that it is a lie, it has attracted a response on the net.

Tomonori Morikawa professor for feeding their own love theory, is often noted that remarks on the net.Two months ago, in an interview with business magazine “Women of attractiveness as organisms, 19-20-year-old peak” was called a stir by saying such a.

Lie became this topic “made people not beauty” is, but interviews of Weekly Playboy.According to the site article of December 19, 2011, for the beauty the 3rd theory, Morikawa professor denied this from sperm.

That basis, “Perhaps this would be a lie people have made not a beauty”, Morikawa professor, as the “good of the apparent body odor of goodness, goodness of character, are linked to the goodness of the egg”, the men chasing it I defended that it naturally.

For myth of “ugly get used in three days” also, is that it is similar lie, he said over time as “never both of attractiveness is reversed.”.However, Morikawa Professor, is likened to the law of diminishing marginal utility of economics, for fade gradually satisfaction and also have seen every day with a beautiful woman, but “requires more than apparent” To perpetuate the relationship I pointed out that.

For these claims, in a two-channel, “sometimes become blind date immediately dismissed level is surprisingly to Ali When you are near even the 3rd,” “eventually, you’ll goodness of character,” some such and also questioned.However, the writing of approval “If beauty is bored in three days, Buss’ll get bored at a glance” many, the “I’m” and “Do’s delightful” are one after another voice like.

Beauty is about what was personality may be, there was the voice of the “cute will there is of me hard now to Na and perverse personality because everyone in contact with the Cheerful from when you were born to daughter”.On the other hand, since the request to the beauty many, has come out pointed out such as “Conclusion No. 1 personality is a good person with a beautiful woman” is also.

Whether that “more emphasis on such personality and health”, “lie beauty getting tired in three days” is, probably there is some data specific support.

In marriage information service company “Ornette”, was carried out awareness survey on the net to unmarried men about 900 people of 20 to 40 generations in September 2011.According to it, as that is emphasized in choosing a marriage partner, men who cited “appearance” of women with multiple answers allowed is up to 74.8%.On the other hand, was cited “personality” of the women was the most, 97.1%.Then continues, “love”, “Child Care and housework ability”, “health”, appearance has become the fifth.

For this survey, spokesman, showed a negative view as “getting tired If you look at the 3rd, I will difference Speaking as different from that”, Tomoyoshi Professor Similarly Morikawa in beauty the 3rd theory.That basis, it was said, “but is not that it has come clean, I think it has been an emphasis on such personality and health more than that.”.

Even looking at the other net research, seems similar results often.In sites that employment information company “Mynavi” operated “escala cafe”, as a result I’ve heard young men about 300 people were around the 20’s in October, the “look” to think that it is important for women 27.1 percent, “personality” is accounted for 72.9%.In the site, it is analyzed that “it but emphasizes the personality and say either, seems to have also men who believe that it is important also to some extent is the appearance of their liking.”.

After all, although likely not hit the beauty the 3rd theory, I necessarily like nor that must be the beauty.

[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “no program basis Regards”.Conversation Kuroyanagi and in Tamori is “Tetsuko’s Room” is argued that it is “not intended to hear.”

December 28 to Tetsuko Kuroyanagi of crown program “Tetsuko’s Room”, Tamori of comedian became the annual year-end has appeared.To explain the theory of recent Tamori is elaborate “integer harmonics”, Kuroyanagi also showed sympathy.However, two of the conversation according to it’s a layers “does not have to hear” for the viewer.

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Tamori relationship is long.Although the Tamori to this “Tetsuko’s Room” starring becomes the 35th, Kuroyanagi “It is but was found recently, when you out first I did was amateur” was back with.When Tamori is showed for the first time tricks amateur era in television, happens to be that she has seen “this person is interesting” were asked to cast a.

Such two people is but annual is to dine at Tamori house at the end of the year, than is dining date was realized invited Tamori to Kuroyanagi favorite restaurant this year.That’s when Tamori touched on is, Nakamura AkiraKazuuji It was one book of “harmonic” that wrote.

Mr. Nakamura is learning the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Chemistry in college.He noticed the charm of overtones to hear the sound of the shakuhachi, he was apprenticed to a shakuhachi player with name.I is a person who has studied the “harmonic” based on these various experiences.

On this day, Tamori again the outline of theory to expand its Nakamura is “harmonic” in the program, as described in Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

It was something like this:.is issued is “harmonic” with its sound when the sound comes out.Is an integer multiple of the fundamental tone “integer harmonics” is used in many Western music for example, noise and say “non-integer harmonics” is roughly when Hisuru to it contains a lot in oriental music, also becomes one of the shakuhachi.

As a feature of the time you have heard, and integer harmonics is “to scintillate charisma, feel the majesty” Yes However, singer in the Misora ​​Hibari, such as Ayumi Hamasaki emits a lot of the sound.And he Tamori and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi corresponds to it in the speech.

There is a non-integer harmonics is “friendly” nature In contrast, Shinichi Mori a singer, like Utada Hikaru is emitting a lot of the sound.I say Sakai Masaaki and Beat Takeshi hit it in the speech.

According to this, the voice of Tamori and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is an integer harmonics of the properties “glistening”, it means that it is not suitable for voice in person friendly good TV.Tamori “It sounds I and when Kuroyanagi Mr. speak ill very sarcastic but, Beat Takeshi no matter how even vomited invective Leaning familiarity” likened and its difference.

Even while having such integer harmonics, Tamori By making conversation friends with young talent in such as “even good”, and he created a style to overcome its shortcomings.Also, is you’re up for its shortcomings by listening firmly story of Kuroyanagi also guest.

In But “Tetsuko’s Room”, I will be two of the integer harmonics causes bounce the conversation.When Tamori to analyze the “speak equipped with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Tamori is not intended to be heard by glistening”, you’ve concluded that the “It seems not so good as the program”.

In fact, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is the fact that it has been introduced in the owner and book voices of the same “integer harmonics”, he was pleased that there is a common point between the Tamori.However, it was quite regretfully are detailed its contents from Tamori.

Kuroyanagi the second half of the program served as a role antiquary, Tamori is Russian setting of foreign tourists, Italian, Chinese, were heaped by showing off Hanamogera language of specialty, etc. Swahili.Resulting in two of the talent that would be in deep program of contents seems to subvert even the action of the “harmonic”.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

· “Mature On’nagoroshi!”.Talk pass in the piece’s first Tetsuko’s Room, struggled with laughter.
• In Tetsuko’s Room “chewed” is pointed out that Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is to cringing.
The new theory, the “Tamori type bathing Law”.Tamori that was sympathetic to bathing method of Igarashi Shunji.
· “My house is still analog broadcasting is reflected”.And advocates a large number Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.
• The both domestic cats of Shimizu Michiko to have Tetsuko Kuroyanagi conversation.
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[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “the growing Marekoromo played by consciousness”.Child actor of “housekeeper Mita”, not a odd “actress soul”.

Drama was recorded high audience rating of 40.0% in the last times “housekeeper Mita” in (NTV), it was good acting the second daughter-Marekoromo role of Taya Azu, Miyu Honda chan (7).Nozomiyui-chan is a member of the Suzuki Fuku (7) kun the same troupe of child actor that was a big break this year, also a may likely Naka in the same 2004 born and age.

Of December 28 broadcast “exhilarating information variety clean !!” (NTV) to cast the Miyu Honda-chan.Also hairstyle and clothes were bundled into two appeared in “Marekoromo” style, it was to drunk to Tetsuya Mr. program commentator Miyazaki that was a big fan of “housekeeper Mita”.

In the last round of “housekeeper Mita”, protagonist of Mita lamps and Azu Taya everyone there was a talk scene at the table last night.each rather than the words that writers decided in the words that thought yourself, it was decided to give the words of the mind and farewell thank Mita.

From director before the shooting of this drama begins, “” While Marekoromo chan crybaby drama progresses in spoiled, will continue to grow “Please be aware that.That had been said to be “, Nozomiyui chan.What Based on the intention from this director, is dialogue presented to Mita you have thought yourself “Marekoromo, become stronger! To protect everyone, become strong child.I hear was “.The contents of the words that girl of tender age of 7 thought, rises surprise voice from the studio of adult actors.

Nozomiyui chan in the program, this year’s summer of image of figure skating has been shed that was started to learn from 4 years.This is not a level of about hobbies, is owner of skating also beautiful considerable ability.She belongs to the Kyoto prestigious figure skating club you live, but so are hard while compatible with the entertainment activities.Skating is to practice the jump and spin, speak of will be able to be fun.Since the state to continue to improve the technology can be clearly realized, it will become encouraging.

Be careful when you play is, a particle of “is in the words” Teniwoha “, that you do not make a mistake.Nozomiyui chan that says “.The contents that are too too firmly, in the studio resulting in stunned.Is the parent reporter, is a think that head down to your parents of Nozomiyui chan.The Narawase the figure skating, lessons and work as a child actor and moved to Tokyo from the countryside.And housework, of course, are also brother of Nozomiyui chan home.Money also effort also takes considerably, especially mother is very.Nozomiyui chan mother also, it’s what I want to do my best next year’s health in first.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

· “100 yen a single drama”.At the time of pocket money circumstances of the original genius child actor who.
-Fuku-kun find that you believe “not human” to Matsuko Deluxe.
Aina chan-Fuku-kun, appeared in the live broadcast from the morning to the time of holidays.Growing voice of concern is.
And former national child actor, of Kozue Saito sublime life.”It was really lonely.”
· Refreshing → even say → Hirunandesu.To “ladder” to live and Mana Ashida.
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[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “great! 100-point scale.”.Notes No.1 Becky of blinder that entertainer also marveled.

Popular personality of Becky has challenged the scream machine in the planning of the television program.And she’s a fear of heights actually, but he drew rave reviews take the unexpected behavior when the equipment trouble has occurred.

Becky chaired a regular TV “to the ends of the world Itte Q! In “, it is often a challenge to planning that unusual.In special of December 25 it was decided to ride to Uchimura Mitsuyoshi and two people screaming machine for “Itte Q members take turns planning! Annual, large screaming tour in America.”.

Location, known as amusement park rice California scream machine aligned “Six Flags”.Incident than is happened when you challenge to state-of-the-art roller coaster “X2” of screaming degree No.1 among them.

This “X2” in the major feature of proceeding to the back direction, the body is rotated 360 degrees while freely to fly Bukkake fast in that state.Will likely run out of it is and sense of direction riding.And that fire from the side of the rail comes erupted, it is the perfect scream machine.

Was climbed to the top of the height 58m “X2” has to dive at once to start.Then is than Becky of expression is no longer sight of.CCD camera extending from helmet for photographing a facial expression, he had a very distorted impact.

TV camera for capturing the appearance that Becky and Uchimura is screaming had captured the Becky of movement of that time.Becky even while Hikitsura the face with fear outstretched hand in shock to dive, is by rebuilding the CCD camera was continued holding as reflected their own face.

Tetsuro Degawa co-star who was confirmed its appearance in the studio was acclaimed as “great is the 100-point scale! It is not anything anymore to teach to Becky!”.Obsession with Becky cameras as “guts that does not lose to entertainer”, he was pressed a hallmark from Degawa, also referred to as notes entertainer NO.1.

Other co-star, such as Uchimura Mitsuyoshi also “just an entertainer soul”, but was lifted as “Becky sister’m funny!”, Becky did not rejoice in the obedient and “No Dah! I do not need fun”.Thing I want commitment is reflected in the camera and try to to Becky, but will want to avoid from being all over the planning as well notes.

Ever challenge planning to activity of the same program, in women team has been contracted is being Morisan and Ayako Imoto.There should trout attention to when it comes to Becky enters,’s high likely it is possible that planning increases not sorry for Becky.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

• The “likes to Zakiyama and Takeyama”.entertainer Becky to attention in “Variety”.
· “Dirty woman I”.The co-star was Becky and Matsuko Deluxe is exposed to cats and dogs.
– “I have a pow at home.”.Best friend Aya Ueto reveals, surprising real face of Becky.
· Degawa Tetsuro, an increase of 20kg in 15 years.Fans “is good Degawa you fat after all!?”
· “On Tiananmen” I reveal that Takuya Kimura was to commemorate taken with SMAP members.
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Expert explains Jong Il father assassination theory gold to be recalled by Kim Jong Il assassination theory

Japanese government to know the information of Kim Jong-il died on national broadcast of North Korea, but was exposed to blunder that Yoshihiko Noda prime minister was also out on the campaign trail, the death was a sudden so.Has also emerged assassination theory hence.

I is the death of 1994 of President Kim Il Sung to be recalled.Although observers viewed as a natural death is large, there is also deep-rooted theory that it was assassination to have now.Liao Mr. Hagiwara detailed journalists in North Korea problem, but one that recite the “father assassination theory by Kim Jong Il.”.

There is a close relationship to the Great Famine, which began from assassination and 1995 of “Kim Il Sung.Although is said to have issued a three million people starved to death’s in large famine, this was a mass murder in order to annihilate the hostile hierarchy of Hamgyong North-South road Kim Jong-il has been a hotbed of people revolt.The Il Sung gold had become the biggest obstacle in order to carry out the plan, and I was removed by Kim Jong-il “(Mr. Hagiwara hereinafter referred to as” “in the same)

And rebuilding the agriculture, say Il Sung and Kim claiming regime maintained in the stabilization of the food supply, between Kim Jong Il to claim threatened diplomacy by nuclear development, there was a violent political conflict.

“Kim Il Sung has died with a heart attack at the villa, according to the documentation that defectors’ organizations of Seoul was obtained, when Kim Il Sung has seizures, had been waiting for novice otolaryngology Just family doctor, was not the physician of heart disease.And does not have only Kim Jong Il’s can be in such a state.In addition, Kim Jong Il is a phone call to the villa of Kim Il Sung in the middle of the night, and spitting rant excruciating, are seen to have to cause a heart attack by giving a strong shock to Kim Il Sung ”

I in the dark truth now that Kim Jong Il has entered the passed away, but Kim Jong Il himself, which is suspected of being a father killing also, during his lifetime has been exposed to the crisis of the assassination many times.That’s, after the death of Kim Il Sung, until Kim Jong Il regime enters the stable period, was repeated as almost every year.

The most famous of the incident that came to the table, but the train bombing of April 2004.dedicated train Kim Jong Il was riding it exploded after 30 minutes that have passed through the Ryongchon Station of North Pyongan, Jong Il 161 people but was successfully gold death, it became a catastrophe that injured more than 1350 people.Is a leading view of the internal terrorism.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 11, the 18th issue

Movie version of “Beautiful World” Yasuda Narumi appearance was “unexpected benefit” of the downfall Shinsuke?

Since the retirement declaration on August 23, Shimada disappeared completely from the TV Shinsuke.That in recent years it has been treated as “things that were not” in Variety industry, there are actress was bestowed an unexpected benefit at retirement of Shinsuke.

“Or rather surprising effect, in that Shinsuke Shimada’s retirement, is that so are increasingly Yasuda Narumi’s work.Currently, but I have done the shooting of the public next year movie “Beautiful World”, which is also, is so appearance was decided to Fuji TV is offered as “by all means want out to Yasuda-san” “(Fuji TV officials)

In ’09 is broadcast on Fuji TV series, and the average viewing rate of 15%, of respectable hit that became Kusanagi Tsuyoshi starring drama “Beautiful World”.Although this movie has not been announced officially, seems no doubt that is published within the next year, according to officials.

“I Yasuda-san had originally out many to Fuji of drama, but this time of appearance, you can either say the intention of Kinashi’s husband worked quite strongly, it seems Mr. Kinashi was pretty open for Fuji.Even as Fuji, Shinsuke uproar later, not a Bettari Yoshimoto, like with other offices continue dating a well-balanced.Also there was a feeling that I want to sell on to the Tunnels.It ‘is that the Kinashi’s offer was greeted by Rei of Sanko “(entertainment office parties)

Drama return itself of Yasuda, but has played in five years ago, with much appeared on NHK Asadora “iron plate” of last year, it is not yet led to the appearance of a big hit.in the downfall of unexpected big game, Yasuda grabbed a major role.Either make the most this chance!?

※ The image than Yasuda Narumi Official Site

Shimada Shinsuke and signs of re-emergence to the “non-Yoshimoto” urging Bokyabura generation blown back the breath in retirement!
· Tunnels took the world by Rampage unlimited “Emperor science students Nori and dressing room punch line”
· “Large advertising of Kai without” SMAP era demise or new single defeat in AKB48

“Hong Kong north of the people,” the targeted … without waiting cause announcement of the derailment, opening a new high-speed rail – Guangdong

December 26, 2011, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou-Shenzhen section of high-speed rail and wide deep harbor high iron connecting the Hong Kong China has opened.This route forms a part of the Beijing-Hong Kong route that becomes the north-south direction of the main shaft in the domestic high-speed rail network.Multiple of China media such as People’s Daily told.

[Other photos of]

Recently opened the Guangzhou-route between Shenzhen, maximum speed of 300 kilometers an interval of 102 kg, are connected by 35 minutes in the time, to navigate a day 36 flights.Fee is 1 and the like 100 yuan (about 1240 yen), 2 such as 75 yuan (about 930 yen).Naturally, it is a had planned the opening of August, in response to the large-scale high-speed rail derailment that issued the 40 deaths in Zhejiang Wenzhou in July, it has been postponed.It should be noted, has not been announced yet formal investigation results regarding this accident.

Same route plans to extend to Hong Kong in 2015.Once this is open, I will be in Beijing and Hong Kong are connected by approximately 10 hours.Hong Kong and major cities in Guangdong such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta is already one day moving area, but in the future, Changsha (Hunan Province) and Wuhan (Hubei Province) and many of the inland city with a few hours it becomes close, traffic becomes active.

It is the expansion of consumption and investment by where they being expected to “Hong Kong people of the north”.In addition to tourism and cultural industries, particularly high expectations of the real estate market.Guangdong province of trackside property, not to mention the even property of inland cities such as described above, that are starting to visit the tour from Hong Kong.(Translation and editing / love ball)