70% of households “fairly happy”, the condition is family health and neighbor relations – China

December 26, 2011, in countries such as China Academy of Social Sciences has announced recently a joint “Research Report on the feeling of happiness in China home”, I found that approximately 70% of households are feeling a “fairly happy”.Conditions of happiness and health of the family of mind and body, that is in a good relationship with neighbors.Coverage of the Beijing 晨報.

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Tend to feel a “health to both families mind and body”, “parents and good terms,” ​​”neighbors and have established a good relationship” with the answer was home feeling happier was seen in the study.Interestingly, that the result of not necessarily the increase in revenue is directly linked to the feeling of happiness came out.Households with more of the middle class feels the happiness than the wealthy were many.

Increasing the exchange time is long enough happiness the longer of the parents, the better was Chikashiku than not have the neighbors and involved at all, is obtained happiness that sense of security.Most age groups that feel the happiness in the home is 30 to 34 years of age, were many more women than men.

On the contrary, “misfortune of the cause” of people who are feeling that it is not a happy, result of “discord of the father-in-law mother”, “communication failure between the husband and wife”, “pressure of work” came out.(Translation and editing / love ball)

Leading manufacturer 2.4 times from the milk standards of “Mengniu” of carcinogenic mycotoxin – China

December 24, 2011, from milk cartons that have been manufactured in Sichuan factory of the leading dairy manufacturer in China, “Mengniu Milk Industry” (Inner Mongolia), of mycotoxins “aflatoxin M1” is the reference value with the carcinogenic 2.4 twice as I found that it had been detected.New Kyo report was transmitted in date 26.

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18 manufacturers nationwide China National Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine General Administration (Shitsuken Directorate) was conducted in October, announced the results of the quality inspection for 200 kinds of products, it was revealed.Inspection items protein, lead, inorganic arsenic, total mercury, chromium, aflatoxin M1, Staphylococcus aureus, melamine, etc. 18 items.

Among them, were manufactured in the factory in October 18 in Sichuan Meishan of Mengniu milk industry “pure milk” brand of paper pack (250ml) 2.4 times of the reference value from the milk country “aflatoxin M1” But it is detected.Aflatoxin M1 is mycotoxin with strong carcinogenic.In addition, same aflatoxin M1 also from Fujian dairy manufacturers “Chang Fu dairy product” made of “pure milk” is detected.

In response to this, “Mengniu milk industry” is the 25th, posted the apology statement that “we will heartfelt apology to consumers across the country” to the official website.Product in question is intended prior to shipment, and that had not been around on the market.(Translation and editing / NN)

Kim’s death: it is removed in 10 minutes Seoul college students to set up the funeral and “for the North-South peace!”

In prestigious school Seoul National University of South Korea, uproar that students and school side is collision has occurred On the death of Kim Jong Il North Korea’s Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il).

Inception, we propose Park who enrolled in Seoul National University Agricultural Life Sciences (22-year-old woman) two male students was produced, it intends to establish a funeral to mourn Kim to school and poster.”To the North-South reconciliation and funeral establishment that hearted of the Korean Peninsula peace, everyone please gather” it was written and.

Poster will immediately become the uproar, the school’s students to the Internet bulletin board to use, opinion to oppose the installation of the funeral has been written to the mass.But, the press-cutting such a opinion, Park and his friends on the 26th at noon, the funeral to notice street installation.Place the table multiplied by the black cloth before the Student Union first floor of the dining room, and decorate the photos that Kim Jong Il and Kim Dae-jung former president is holding hands in the inter-Korean summit, was Tamuke the chrysanthemum flower.

However, this school was not silent.Students in the hall first floor awaits the headquarters staff of the school from the previous installation, and waged a war of words over the Park’s and 10 minutes.Removal and Park Mr. Leaving, the school security police immediately funeral.Funeral made to mourn Kim, disappeared from the spot in just less than 10 minutes.School side, the reason for the removal, he said because it was in violation of the use provisions of the campus.

Park-san, when the funeral is removed “school as it is show to have a constitution of government and media” was criticized with the corresponding school side.

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(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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To Nonsuta Ishida Akira facial injury to the “eye such as beaten.”

Comedy duo Non style of Akira Ishida (31) were injured in the face, you are publishing a photo that is in, such as beaten eye on the blog.Blog of the 24th, collide unaware glass door, Ishida that it has been reported that it has injured the face.

Ishida, said the staff of the relationship in sight from the “entrance had.I rushed over and they all ran by waving a hand. Gan~tsu! I have described the situation of severe pain runs “and its time to face.and “the eye, such as beaten.And up facial photos of injured and Oh pathetic “, it is lamented.

· Facial injury (NON STYLE いしだあきらのオカヤドカリなブログ)
The evaluation of “look-alike”, “cute”, to the non-style Ishida Akira of mother
The voice of “sexy”, Nonsuta to legs shaved Ishida shin hair
Non-style Akira Ishida announce the launch of comedy Popolo final issue

Set the 60% legal exceed childcare leave period of large companies

According to the fiscal 2011 survey of “the latest reality of childcare and nursing care support system” of Sanro Research Institute, big difference is the longest period by firm size of childcare leave is, 60% of large companies have set a period that exceeds the legal it was found to have.

Childcare leave period of statutory, in principle, but a child has become until it reaches the one year old, actually where you heard the longest period of childcare leave period which companies are established, companies and legal street about 80% It has become a (77.3%).

By type of company size, but nearly 90% has become a legal street in the small and medium-sized enterprises, in a large company with over 1000 employees, set the parental leave period that about 60% (59.0%) is above the legal to have.

In 5.6% for businesses that have paid the monthly wages during maternity leave period (large companies 16.7%), not paid in most companies.

In the method of determining the childcare shorter working hours system, companies 55.4% of only 6 hours is the principle of legal, companies also have other work shift has become a 44.6%.

Survey, to subject the same Institute member companies, was conducted in July-August, received responses from 251 companies.

Certification number is greater than 1000 companies of “child-rearing support companies”, 201 companies increased from previous year
The reduction in childcare leave rates for both men and women
women most past, employment in the medical and welfare increase work

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= Porsche is building wall collapse accident trapped under debris in super prime locations – Beijing

December 23, 2011, in Beijing building under demolition work, there was an accident that suddenly the wall to collapse.Fallen debris I just bumped into passenger car four that was running under.KyoHana Times told.

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The accident happened around 23:00 Tuesday morning 11.Super-prime CBD location, Chaoyang District, Beijing.Hits in the immediate vicinity of the China Central Television (CCTV) building new premises.It had been originally used as Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts.Of the passenger car 4 cars were damaged, have received the greatest damage Porsche of one.Debris was wrecked through the roof, but was not injured fortunately personnel.

Around the building has been mounted the plate to prevent debris collapse but had miserably screws curved.That currently, dismantling work contractors and Porsche driver began negotiations Tour of the compensation.(Translation and editing / KT)

Contact cold behind-the-scenes of the field in the “spokesman only one person” is havoc “THE MANZAI 2011”

In the field of “THE MANZAI 2011” which was broadcast live on the 17th, and that the press corresponding visited the coverage of Fuji TV was stunned.

TV magazine reporter who visited the actual interview, “What this day, Fuji spokeswoman I had only one.Because it is positioned as the successor program of which was held until last year, “M-1 Grand Prix” (TV Asahi), it should still be found to gather a lot of press, you’ll do not understand what this botched public relations system in a no “and is Akirekae~tsu was.

“THE MANZAI” was started this year in the form of successor to the “M-1 Grand Prix” that lasted 10 years until last year.”M-1″ has been nationally broadcast on TV Asahi system, production of Asahi Osaka rather than TV Asahi Production (ABC).Just finals every year, had been held in Tokyo of TV Asahi.

Almost every year comedy magazine reporter that was going to interview the “M-1” business trip to Tokyo in droves from ABC staff “day is Osaka.Striking correspondence of press publicity staff more than 10 people had always come.Say just looking as the “M-1 event that was betting the future of the company” was what has been handed down enthusiasm that “.

For reporters who have seen the enthusiasm of ABC employees until last year, public relations staff of “THE MANZAI” there is only one person, there can be no situation that story.

“The staff and I were few in press room that has been prepared.Chores, such as distribution of documentation, staff of Yoshimoto Kogyo was doing instead.Although might be a day off because it is Saturday’m a world of difference is the ABC of attitude “(same)

There is no going to go well the partition of coverage in just one person, Maybe you there Also you laugh not the situation in the field.

“After the end of the program, there was a punk grunt of the conference of the winner, and the press is up the stairs to go to the conference field, performers from the top is made to wait in stopped on the stairs about 5 minutes because that has everyone down is Tan.Nante performer to bump into the press, I though spokesperson I dont be avoided absolutely “(same)

At the end narrowly to runner is in it, even Knights of appearance of drooping appearance.Go down the stairs by a terribly chagrined face Nobuyuki Hanawa was also seen pat to the press.In addition was also seen Aya Takashima of appearance of Assistant.

“Ayapan is a hate being interviewed, in front of the media with the exception of public events are not out rarely.And yet, I’ll had been stuffy is walk in the Inarabu the photographer with a big camera of a single-lens reflex “(same)

Eventually average viewer rating of “THE MANZAI” is sluggish and 15.6% (Kanto district, Video Research survey).Tournament but is unsatisfactory compared to the “M-1” you mark more than six times onward always 18% that was established, may of course also this number if you look at the lack of motivation of Fuji TV.

※ The image = “THE MANZAI 2011” official HP


· Shifuku 9 years “Chinpoji” punk grunt of preparedness that won the duel with laughter rice
· “Hoshiwotsugumono” Furukusa of the strongest of the new generation Knights Asakusa that changed the weapon
· Ran through the slim club last M-1 “revolution that super slow tempo”

Korean documentary program, to protest rush to the video of the Rising Sun Flag = Korea

A documentary program that MBC Korean TV station has broadcast on the 23rd as a memorial of So-sha 50 anniversary “Antarctica of Tears”, in that the Rising Sun flag of Japan appeared, the criticism in Korea have been flooded.Korea of ​​multiple media has reported.

A series of natural environment documentary that boasts a high viewing rate in Korea “Earth of Tears,” “Antarctica of Tears”, the Song Joong-ki of the popular actor has served the narration, had attracted attention from before broadcasting.And production team of the program is through the taking over one year, I have to introduce in detail the Antarctic ecosystem.

In the broadcast of the 23rd, and Japan’s Showa base to perform the observations in the Antarctic region, when you introduce the wintering Corps, “militarism to symbolize the” observation ships and Japanese members of the Rising Sun flag was raised that figure to behave the Rising Sun Flag I took up such.Further “Japan is in the blow of defeat, was advanced to the first to the South Pole in Asia is looking for a new Hope” received criticism commentary that.

According to the South Korean media, whether viewers et al saw the same broadcasting is “Rising Sun flag that was to waste a hard time of 300 days.” “This program is Japanese were produced, the pain of defeat?And that shows the reaction such as amazed “.

On the other hand, viewers of the program of the production team on the 24th to protest, emphasized through the MBC of the website’s “program documentary to record the fact”, that it has sent a “warship that Japan is the Rising Sun flag was raised in Antarctica I was interpreted as is also true that historically the overt also “.(Editors: Takeshi Nagai)

Question of the voice to the NHK program such as “Morning Market”

In 2011, it would be fair to say that the year that spurred the “commercial” of NHK.

Led such as making innovative program cuts from the morning to the sexual problem is the information program “morning market” that had become a hot topic, NHK of the program dealing with the extreme theme was up many times to talk with often around the net bulletin board.

Was broadcast on September 7 “morning market” is, in reality of runaway girls and dating, but was seriously in the forthcoming content, and jargon used in dating, I was introduced to the modus operandi.To the VTR that experience of underage dating talks about a stark testimony, came also the voice of criticism in net bulletin board as “not a program that can flow in the morning.”.

The October 19, also I chose to re-theme the sexless feature that has become a hot topic in 2010.To Udo announcer of appearance to blast the “sexless”, people that astounded even the net bulletin board after another.Appearance of eat announcer without hesitation the “sex” is, it can be said that broke completely the image of “conservative NHK”.

In November, the gravure idol Yu Teshima is, it appeared on the program “easy rice” cuisine of E Tele with emphasize clothes chest, caused a stir around the net bulletin board.That it “had come a time” in this uproar, at a regular press conference of November 24, it became a situation where new and broadcasting Director-General of NHK Kaneda is the apology “It was inappropriate production”.

In December has become a hot topic in the net bulletin board content is to be “too severe” of “Tameshite Gatten!”.The doctor will tell the people of irritable bowel syndrome without palpation-interview, to be “seen in that kiss mannequin”, let the kiss mannequin on the subject, and Film at length the pattern that kiss to the mannequin in the program This is because it was.The net bulletin board “I funny NHK” and “audience licking heaven?Criticism such as “was flooded.

“Civil Code” of NHK criticism of the routes, which extends to major newspapers.In “Spring and Autumn” Nihon Keizai Shimbun of December 14, content that lament the change of was conservative NHK has been published.

On the other hand “compensated dating”, “sexless” such as, but serious, the topic is hard to death talk between the family, the program making to try to blue seriously orientation case, some critics to evaluate mainly the net bulletin board.

NHK of commercial of the 2011 is, it’s the place where in 2012 it is worrisome or pierce as it is the route.

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Chinese military as early as the North Korea-cored?Request received of Mr. Kim Jong-un, last year already “secret agreement” also?- Honkon-shi

December 22, 2011, Honkon-shi Apple Daily, as a story that I heard in the vicinity of the morning middle border, at the request of Mr. North Korean successor leader, Kim Jong-un (Kim Jung Eun), China People’s Liberation Army is already in Pyongyang It was reported that the dispatch has been.

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Received the announcement of Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il) general secretary death, newspaper reporter on the 20th, the town of medium-morning border, arrived in Yanji and Tumen in Jilin Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.So, China has already dispatched the elite troops of the People’s Liberation Army in North Korea, Mr. positive obligation to help, was to get the information of that is committed to maintaining security of Pyongyang.

However, you are going to not take the confirmation about whether this is the case.Is also information of the armed police of dispatch has been.It is not clear about the scale.However, this information sources that it has moved from the direction of the Tumen hard luck in the eyes of foreign journalists in North Korea has been that it certainly.

In addition, according to information obtained by the ministry Changchun City, last year, when Kim Jong Il visited China, although Hu Jintao talks with (co-Near East) Jintao has been carried out in the city, in fact, at this time, already Kim I had entrusted Mr. positive favor of “his own after the death” to Hu.Therefore, this time, help is positive owe Mr. Hu who seek help in China is that thing of natural.

China as the most intimate comrades of North Korea, and death of Kim Jong Il will be announced, in addition to sent a condolence telegram to first and foremost, everyone Hu et al Politburo Standing Committee nine, condolences to the North Korean Embassy in Beijing I have visited.For these reasons, the morning relationship in Mao – I suggests that leaving the still strongly reminiscent of Kim Il Sung era.

China is fed a lot of volunteers in North Korea in the Korean War broke out in 1950, is made to killed 18 million people.If true the rumors of this time of troops, it is the second time “volunteer army” dispatch.(Translation and editing / NN)