It attempts to repair relations with Takaoka Sosuke Aoi Miyazaki also failed

Fuji TV on Twitter in July 2011 is criticized’s “Hallyu deflection”, (renamed, 29 years old from AoiHajime than December 19) leaving the Takaoka Sosuke the belonging office is taking its responsibility.Then, the wife in October Miyazaki Aoi (26) and 2 months Separated from is coming to light of – last couple I was reported to have stamped on divorce.

According to the report, in mid-November, is mailed to Miyazaki seal already divorce is Takaoka of the original, to December 10 daily Takaoka Press tearfully determine, now, divorce is that Miyazaki has.

To Takaoka has seal is, that some events that happened a few days ago that are involved.For that matter, he had revealed to the benefactor there.And its people, it’s Chinese restaurant of the shopkeeper and his wife worked in live-in before debut.

Of 16-year-old who was homeless by the runaway Takaoka.In the shopkeeper couple had me hired he was such a good as homeless, Takaoka not forget its on, that are yearning to Futari still.

“Takaoka’s before you get married, is enough to come to greet and take the Aoi-chan.3 years ago, I’ll I was invited to a luxurious reception that Mr. Ogurishun (28) and Becky (27) Mr. al was also attended “(Takaoka of acquaintance)

And that it was revealed in such a benefactor, it was this trouble.

“In early December, is that so there was a big fight between Takaoka-kun and Aoi-chan.Takaoka kun, anyway, but I was trying to repair the groove of husband and wife, Aoi-chan is not drawn an inch, seems to have reported to the landlady’s that it has not helpless “(supra and acquaintances)

Some are also reported, such as there is a shadow of the new men in Miyazaki, but apparently reuniting of this couple’s other unreasonable likely to sign.

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue

In Asian Cup victory of Japan, to Tadanari Lee is suddenly hero

Asian Cup 2011, defeating the Australian representative is Japan representative after a fierce battle that Motsurekomu in overtime.Zico is the first time since 2004 2 tournament the first time that has led, I have achieved the fourth time Asian domination of.

And became the driving force behind the dramatic victory, was FW Tadanari Lee (Sanfrecce Hiroshima).3 minutes late extension was greeted with 0-0, and reaction to cross the ball to Yuto Nagatomo (Intel / Italy) was raised to break through the left side.Although the free state, I knocked the falling exactly half-volley high degree of difficulty to meet the ball.

This super goal, voice of acclaimed even on the net.”Become God volley more legend of Nanami” “That volley have to admit,” lined with comments such as “when Lee was poised, time has stopped.” “It was one frame like a clean shot of the manga” it.

Also on the soccer media “Soccer Journal”, a popular Fumofumo column to overcome the “Asian Cup domination! Past, the Japan Football is rush to the golden age winding.In “, Yasutaro Mr. Matsuki immediately after the goal of Tadanari Lee was decided, it was called the topic introduces the Sergio Echigo’s comments.
Matsuki Kun: “Okay ~O~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~oshi!”
Matsuki Kung: “Yaaaa~tsu~tsu~tsu~tsu~tsu~tsu~tsuttaaa!”
Echigo Kung: “! Yattaaaaa O~oshi to heh ~E~e Horahora!”
Matsuki Kung: “! Gehonn do I have to do I had to do was wwww”
Matsuki Kung: “Ha Hahahahahahaha!”
Echigo Kung: “! Horai~e~e~e~ei I~e~e~e-i do I was §!”
Echigo Kung: “Ho-ra’s Lee!”
Matsuki Kung: The “!!! Goin Ok Hahahaha did you did,” the last two years of the career of Tadanari Lee is, unusual soaring along with Yuto Nagatomo.But was moved to Hiroshima from Kashiwa Reysol in August 2009 to seek the participation opportunities, such as the slump takes eight months until the first goal more.Then also not Seize the trust of Petrovic supervision, until summer 2010 was even danger of release.

However, upon obtaining a participation opportunity again by injury of FW Hisato Sato, league 5 consecutive games goal from Kobe game of Section 23.Is Arakasegi with 12 games in 11 score of up to 34 Section, was at once Noboritsume until it is first elected to represent Japan in the Asian Cup 2011.

2011 is completely deprives the seat of ace in the team, 32 to mark the team within the top scorer of 15 goals in the match.One o’clock in representative, etc. are appointed starting lineup, I played in 10 games.Japan There is also origin of Koreans IV degree of attention from the media also skyrocketing, do not know where to stay its momentum, etc. eventually also appeared on the TBS “passion continent”.

Although currently are resigned to again sub There is also the rise of Mike Havenaar, the man with the indomitable soul, should not end in this state.It’s one of the players also leap next year is expected.

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Pylori Breaking 2 channel

Court ritual of the New Year is also voice to worry about your physical condition of the physically demanding Majesty

December 23, the Emperor, which is celebrated the birthday of 78-year-old.But in 2011, it becomes ceased the annual birthday conference, it became the only impressions presentations document.

According to the “Imperial Household Agency, His Majesty but have been in your public service is restored, because still is not a thorough physical condition, it was that in order to lighten your burden.The only valuable opportunity to able to hear the voice of His Majesty directly, it is said that it can not be helped, I’m sorry “(imperial reporter)

The Majesty is canceled the birthday conference on the grounds of ill-health, it becomes a thing of the second time since 2008 the first time in three years.

Because of the mild bronchitis due to mycoplasma bacteria from November 6, and but Majesty had been hospitalized about three weeks to University of Tokyo Hospital, after hospital discharge, it has been returned to public service in just five days.If you look at your schedule of His Majesty, which is posted on the Imperial Household Agency website, and discharge have been November 24 or later, it has been desired to 30 of your official duties, and spent 1 more than a day and the day-to-day hectic are.The number 23 is above the crown prince of (the same period) (December 15 currently).

And, new year, if Mukaere the New Year, awaiting a court ritual that His Majesty has been important.It is the people square of God, including the Ise Shrine, which is performed from the dawn of January 1st worship “Shihohai” and “Saitan Festival”.

“I Majesty is started praying from 5:30 in the morning of New Year’s Day, but 3 must sometimes occur in preparation for.Also under the sky of winter of extreme cold, for a long time in light clothes of silk costumes, you must pray in seiza, to come gradually cools from the feet, is so increasingly there is no sense of per knee.Let’s say that a fairly harsh ritual even as it’s healthy your body “(imperial officials)

At the present time (December 20), without any announcement from the Imperial Household Agency, as usual, that plans to His Majesty is facing themselves to this ritual.

“Because this is such that the strong desire of His Majesty, unless become exceptionally physical condition is poor, you should not change.But severe cold is, or will not bear of the body of your elderly Majesty.Let alone because it is your body after your illness, is very worried “(before de imperial officials)

When the cause is a court ritual to birthday conference not good enough to not even physical condition Majesty’s outrageous, Shuichi Mr. imperial journalist Kanda says.

I think “and of course there is your feeling of majesty.However, the sad is destroying the physical condition is an unreasonable it’s the people.So, what should not be advised to “please refrain” is neatly entourage.And, should I away – the Daihai to the crown prince and Prince Akishino is an imperial heir.In addition to the crown prince and Prince Akishino and must be imperative to the prepared ”

In fact, took place in January 2009 “Showa Emperor two decades Shikinen Festival of Yi-Korei builders ceremony”, it has been attended to was done in Musashino Mausoleum in Tokyo Hachioji “Sanryo Yi” was.Crown Prince and his wife are worship as your Nadai of Their Majesties.

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue

Too much the “consideration” to China and South Korea and Japan is pointed out the risk of isolated

America and Japan diplomacy continues to be tossed between China.China is relentlessly When comes to trying to cause the isolation of Japan in the international community Yoshiko Mr. Sakurai of journalists warn.

* * *
Chinese President Hu 濤政 right, and the US-led TPP (Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement), such as Australia stationing of Marines, has been holding a big concern that themselves are being forced to “isolated”.In 2012 to migrate to Xi Jinping system, but there is no that Sinocentrism changes that their “China is the center of the world”.They will continue to strengthen the hegemony, and to a variety of machine tools to Japan, Japan might come gimmick as isolated in the international community.

In doing so, we should we learn is, history lessons, that is, is the situation just before the war.

In Manchukuo, Japan will set a “Five Races Under One Union” of Japanese and Han Chinese, Korean, Manchu, Mongolian, worked on nation-building, such as infrastructure development.Nevertheless, the international community has been labeled a “Manchu of autonomy only to not only format,” “expansion de facto Japanese colonial”.and to do I explained that it is “not in aggression color” to the world, it is not was poor.How important is it to explain the country’s position and initiatives in the international community, is that.

Of China, which tries to isolate Japan “trump card” is, at any time history problem.

“Comfort women issue” and “Nanjing Massacre” is not a fact, has been passed in a very distorted form.International public opinion, without any historical verification or stuffed with facts, will have a bad impression to Japan in the preceding image.It is very important to refute the calm to come up with facts that are backed in front by Japan was firmly investigation.If you do not do it in China and “Consideration” to Korea, this earlier, Japan is impossible to totally eliminate the possibility of going is to isolate in the world.

The current of Japan, but there is no mechanism or leadership to determine the national strategy, must be revised national system of such sounds hollow is.

※ SAPIO2011 year December 28 issue

[Enta vitamin ♪] and “valuable people I do not do anything.”.Takuya Kimura is healed, and friends “Nakaji~i” of 15 years?

SMAP Kimura Takuya is, I revealed the presence of precious friend who is also a chance to fell in love with the sea on the radio program.But, that the encounter was something intense enough to hide the figure which I fear is Takuya Kimura.

National idol group SMAP still, but time was not as popular as now.Takuya Kimura was already surfing the hobby is, is I met a person as a sea.

Then this year that about 15 years have elapsed, Kimura appeared on broadcast radio program on December 21 “Nichii Everyday Thanks” (TOKYO FM) Takuya is, talked about their friends “Nakaji~i”.

Takuya Kimura looked back at that time and that’s “still time of freshly started surfing”.he one man has been multiplied by the voice as “U~oi! Let’s entering together!” when he was fired up as “I’m gonna do my best today,” the surfing.Kimura his first impression is to become the color if you “How do you” is Tati is evil seems a hair Shioyake?I speak and was feeling “Tteyuu”.

When the man returned to pick up a surfboard, Kimura was revealed to be “went to a different place to flee and” this timing there is only “”.Is so the guy had a scary atmosphere.

However, Kimura after 1 week came and also the man has a surfing “During this time, probably was Bakkure!” He spoke to me and.Kimura he was Shirabakure as “such a thing is not”.

Then surprising words came back from man.”Because I know all.Than is he said the “not Yawa attention to me.Do idle Kimura Takuya has come to what the thinking sea, but he who knew the inside of the heart.Kimura it since 15 years called “Nakaji~i” of him, are dating in the whole family.

“Nakaji~i” for Takuya Kimura, expressed as the “I do not anything, a terribly valuable existence”.He called his people like that are a lot in the sea.”Even if there is a thing to be worried about on TV and in concert, everything disappears the moment you enter the sea” is Takuya Kimura to speak with, the sea is what and was grateful to the fellow’s place relaxing.

Even in the planning of the variety show not only the song, Takuya Kimura is known for unyielding personality to be toward success in full force.I Soredakeni should the pressure and stress greater than you think he feels.It is kind of it for us him help was the presence of fellow sea.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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Makoto Hasebe, and donated the royalties to full disaster area

Japan representative MF Makoto Hasebe belonging to Wolfsburg is, for kindergarten construction of Miyagi Prefecture Minami Sanriku-cho, which was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, prepare the book “Mind.To donate royalties 45 million yen was obtained in 56 habit of “to gather hauling a victory in the Japan Committee for UNICEF.The 21st, presentation ceremony was held in the same town.

Already Hasebe has donated 50 million yen in June, it is that it has donated the full amount of the royalties totaling 95 million yen were combined.The book sold more than 1.03 million copies in September, now also has continues to sell, it has become unusual sales number of books as well as soccer this.

This news was reported in more than one television station, Hasebe you gave the rabbit apron in the video, the topic is appearance to hear and read picture books to pupils who.On the Internet have raised reaction such as “This also had thought the plainclothes or of Hasebe,” “something cute w” “Do not trimmed dress” is.
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Unexpectedly high disability assisted living center of your salary? 

The other day, people with disabilities assisted living center’s with dealings on the work, had been the recruitment of staff’s.
 In, is not the starting salary has been posted but over.
 Starting salary: 180,900 yen (more professional and junior college)
 ※ qualification is unquestioned.However, there is recommended qualification.
  If you look at the bar feed table of civil servants, Is primary 23 Goho.
 Starting salary of municipalities where there is this social welfare corporation, with 178,800 yen in college, primary 29 Goho.
 4 because Goho of change is it standard in one year, and that’s professional and college administrative (one), primary 21 Goho-161,600 yen or …
 Salary table of civil servants, it is the better was higher welfare workers than administrative post (one).
 It had completely forgotten.
 Or rather, as compared to the civil service equivalent of general administrative post, for that Goho also salary also high, honest, was a surprising.
 If you look at the financial results of this corporation, in independence support revenue is the main in persons with disabilities about 70%.
  After, also Somehow of subsidies from the government pretty (laughs).
 Personnel expenses as a percentage, is the late 60% range, but basic, this industry is, would such a thing.
 However, something, the more of the corporation that has been operating with the aid of a country of institutions and local governments, for that is a well-paid than government is supporting source, I felt strange.
 No, the business contents and require qualified, general administrative staff from the results advanced and is determined to be difficult, the pay table welfare positions are set higher than that of the administrative staff is of course.
 However, in the qualification unquestioned, and for that to employment as welfare workers, in the sense that there is a feeling that does not go with anything subtly convince.
 Surely, the barrel and, Toka improved guidance from the sponsor side of the municipality, Do not wonder out (laughs).
 After that, prima facie, you should write, the salary table of welfare workers, because the bad second half of the growth rate, and ultimately, to the administrative post (one), it will be overtaken.
  In addition, all of the disability support center, and this does not mean that it is equivalent to.
 Just to be sure.

A former Miss Korea of ​​negotiations videos and outflow “was cut off entertainment life” parties

Sex scandal, also referred to as past the largest occurred in Korea showbiz.

December 4, announcer known in the original Miss Korea, passport photos and hospital medical records of Han Sonju’s (37) have been up to suddenly anonymous blog that has been established on the net.This alone is invasion of privacy, but the problem is, women of nude photos that appear to Han, it was that a further 2 minutes and 52 seconds of video that “sex” was reflected with men has been attached.Leaked video, it diffuses onto the net in the blink of an eye, has become the uproar in South Korea.

These Listings were persons, itself to be a “friend” of Han’s former lover claims.Such as “video I received from his former lover.And relationship of her and ex-girlfriend is worse, it is explained that was to be used to publish videos “from the fact that her family side has beaten imprisoned a former lover hired someone.

Han’s side, on the other hand, “is up their with video of the name, has been prejudice the honor” sue this person as.I’m showing signs of Dorojiai.

Korean entertainment official, says “such as her perform volunteer activities, because it was the image of the beautiful and intelligent, facts on, I been cut off the entertainment life.”.

※ Shukan Post December 23, 2011 issue

Major challenge “Seven Samurai” the ability assessment (2) second baseman Aoki was recommended diverting

River? If not as much as, Aoki is the extremely low rating.Competed in WBC, blow of title (batting, most hits, on-base percentage) is also taking.So would be useless if you do not prepare about 10 billion yen in posting, and he seems to have been a.Reveal major parties.

“But representatives If you are interested in” Aoki, me to bid anyway.He is a “come from, it is strange that desperate ‥‥ to reduction of the bid amount.Until at invested even one billion yen since they do not form Catching Tai players ”

For obvious reasons.Continue major parties.

“I’m defensive of evaluation is extremely bad.In WBC scouts who looked at Aoki “No he can not second base?The more he said “.Size of the body is not the outfielder direction, it is determined to be “that defense can not be used”.Even under the knock “Henkyu is too short.Short it had ripped the do’s “and Jakukata have done it to take up where”

It’s Aoki issued the center disqualification declaration, lights to be required to be a strong arm, left is a position that fits the slugger of firmly types, such as Hideki Matsui in the major.Before de desk says.

“Wings, even if poor defensive if Uchimakure get to turning a blind eye.Aoki is left.Do not have to a Slugger, ‥‥ If we are fished in team named ”

That said, the strategy also seems suspicious,

“In the United States,” This year’s performance is down considerably from last year.Moreover, was reported and power-less’ “(Tomonari Mr.)

Nakajima prestigious Yankees won the bid at $ 2.5 million (about 100 million 87.5 million yen) is, there are regular in the Cashman GM is “infield.Such as talk and they are expecting a role to support “, is revealed to be treated refrain from Hana.Certainly the Yankees, third base, Rodriguez, guerrilla Jeter, is one of the best baseball slugger named Kano to second base to reign.

“Nishioka was a Japanese baseball NO1 is, second base turned in guerrilla disqualification.A grab of judgment is not good enough, even Nakajima that it can not be said that the shoulder is also strong, had better do a second base ”

Speaking a major reporters and, he to assess the Nakajima of Tomonari Mr. also as a short stop in the following manner.

When you catch a grounder of “second base closer, I body is flowing to the first base side.Then, take a long time to throw from the catch.It will have been said to neck.Also deep at the grounder of San’yukan, it is there is no memory that saw the throw and Byun by straddle ”

Here is no choice but to grab a regular in the blow also referred to as genius.

Astronomical high cost of the Great Hanshin-Johjima hit a single 16 million yen

Movie “Moneyball” is it topic.Moneyball theory that Billy Beane of the US Major League Athletics GM has practice, used to be indexing the cost-effective players from the data, such as has not been important on-base percentage, those that win.And fitting it to professional baseball in Japan, when I flipping the annual salary per one hit, stand out “waste” of Giant Hanshin.

Once it often was Yoshinobu Takahashi will be sidelined with lower back pain, but the 95 and the game played this year, it was to some extent function as a force.Cost is not fit but to work.Hit single price of really ¥ 5,550,000.Still there are war criminals to the giant.Shinnosuke Abe single 3.5 million yen of panted from the impact of unified sphere or slump catcher.A single ¥ 6,320,000 is reached to Michihiro Ogasawara.

It is also the most average higher annual salary Hanshin (¥ 55.46 million) in the 12 team.Tomoaki Kanemoto has one 4.6 million yen, is Kenji Johjima was sidelined in the middle of the season with injuries, became the astronomical figure of one 16 million yen hit.Say Pacific League officials.

Some teams that have adopted the “assessment methodology of Nippon Ham such as measure expressions, but the annual salary system of the Japanese team are still seniority system is deeply rooted remains.In high salary players limit is 30% down, that there is a sense of “equal neck” to notice it.Once rose salary is quite it is difficult to reduce.Hanshin would also be very future ”

※ Shukan Post December 23, 2011 issue