Ronbu Atsushi Tamura, “she and Hawaii New Year’s Eve report” was Friday sealed?

“London Boots No. 1 No. 2” Atsushi Tamura, I revealed himself to have been a Hawaii trip to model Yano MiNoriko and New Year in dating.I was going towards the “south of the island at the time of interview.You can (performing arts reporter) Inoue I found the missing route to Oyakezo san “and is but Tamura had laughed, to only have experience top secret New Year’s Eve trip with Namie Amuro has evolved to discovered a big fuss, this year” Shiteya~tsu I wonder where such “.

Tamura is often to spend New Year’s Eve abroad, has been how to leave to become at the end of the year every year are reported in such wide show.2009 is had said in front of the camera and “will merge with junior (entertainer) in the field”, was actually had been scheduled to be New Year’s Eve of merges with Namie.

After returning also entertainment media will continue to follow the Tamura, before Yoshimoto headquarters (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) in situation where the press is to gather.Yoshimoto side also had over a variety of pressure to try Oikaeso the company, was finally recognized as Tamura was wavering will held a press conference at the instant “dating with Namie Amuro’s is a fact.”.But Namie side is furious that Tamura is admitted without permission companionship, this love seems to have come to an end in the summer last year after all.

This time, Tamura’s was himself the “Hawaii New Year’s Eve” in the mouth, I found that there was also speculation that want to calm down the commotion caused by media coverage.”Actually conference just before, Tamura over live as” good at Twitter, if you leave the Alta Friday san !! Pashapasha! Pashapasha! … So always sudden, I wonder it was ♪ what you are pounding?”And I’m tweeting.This would be checking for would later Hojiru confidential travel “Friday” (Kodansha).Even before Tamura tweet as “is Friday now”, there was also that it has greatly changed the contents of the article “(entertainment writer)

Tamura this time, seems to have been burning obsession to annual Hawaii New Year’s Eve.Broadcast last year “good laugh! Special issue “(if you do not want Bale in the media) (Fuji TV) in from Tamori” If you go from Kansai Airport?”And is proposed there was a” their hands! “And I was talking also.

Although media coverage of New Year Hawaii has become a annual event, unlike the former entertainment industry, the current big name entertainers towards Western countries has become a main.

“But because the entertainment media that stick to Hawaii interviewed have all the good conditions.Since the flight to fly to Hawaii from Japan is number is limited, if interviewed at the airport about a few hours in the field early in the morning, and the other to work completed that day.Guam’s a very have flights too many even in the same vacation destination, can not be very cover there are a number of airports even if in other countries.After all the media will check the entertainer to departure at Narita and two locations of Haneda, the degree to which convey the information to the Hawaii team that Machikamaeru is I limit “(wide show desk)

Actually Hawaii interview full of monkey.Tamura is but do not know what was departure from Kansai International Airport advice Street Tamori, if Nari through the at least other countries, easily encirclement can he be able to slip through.

Tamura you have cleared this year a failure that was perpetrated on a trip with Namie.Person in the conference had been stated that “the aspirations of this year that no farewell (with her)”, and taking advantage of the fact that I learned from a variety of failure with regard love, I wonder can this time what will be fulfilled.

※ The image “Ronbu Jun of two rice Love 77 dish” (Kadokawa Marketing)

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now of the United States seems to about socialist country to see if you look – China

January 9, 2012, economists said HiroshiHana Bun (one-Hoa Binh) in China of engineers was published an article titled as “the United States, seems to socialism enough to see if you look” to the Chinese blog site.The following outline its.

[Other photos of]

Today, while you are talking to American friends, it became the topic of “now in the United States seems to be the socialist country”.I think this is not only my one, and impressive that many people have embraced.So the United States to friends who “initially was opposed to the Communist Party only there is, what is the have come a socialist route Become a now the cause of the?I’ve asked “.Communism they were born in the “18th-century Americans, was going to mend equal society be to distribute the wealth of rich people.But, is the rich at that time ie authority, it was explained that the self of property and life danger there was no supposed to admit such as occur Revolution “.

Such Western nation also social reform was necessary.However, this reform is due essentially desire of human beings, the way in asset class is off the gradually form from the center stage, as a result, I went closer to equal society.Also it’s equality poor also rich in front of the “right to life”.Responsibility of the government to continue to improve its contents.This is now the western society.

If the rich get rich by unfair means, the government may be Seisure by law.Wealth obtained by legitimate means is sufficient to contribute to society in the tax.The main role of the government of free competition national thing help the poor people.Thus government that is eliminate the disparities in society, he proceed further socialization.Compared to it, but if we east of socialism?And overthrew the part of the old asset class, but was immediately born new asset class.Under the temptation profit, want not anyone poor to relapse.So each has embarked on selfish reform.Is not indicated direction of reform that was unified to a socialist state.And he caught the feeling like there is no way to go to So communism.The other world is not afraid of communism.

I have received the education of Mao Zedong Thought from childhood, but communist leaning person.Revolution is a struggle of desperate, asset class is their wealth by overthrow was taught that we should deprivation.Achieved a western society is this much naturally reform, everyone has never would have thought that when you get the right to get the wealth.West society forgive the presence of religion, I found the reason why did not allow the presence of communism.And, the reason why our society is no longer sing again communism also I found that she is now.notice of it was too late.(Translation and editing / Hongo)

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] yesterday 10, today seven ….Rice cake of rolled eat Rika, or okay!?

Everyone this year’s New Year, or ate what pieces of rice cake? You can easily find common corner rice cake that is commercially available, two at a time in the women if you zoni, even if many would about three.Although Rica talent is is currently in breastfeeding, and are worried about from surroundings ate every day the unimaginable number of rice cake.

Although reporters also have experienced, mothers are breastfeeding’s anyway the stomach is free.Considering the breast milk of amount and nutrition to baby food begins, and pay close attention to the things that I eat.that reporter has been advice on diet from doctor, to take evenly as “nutrient is not biased.”It was something that.

The end of last year in November dystocia, Rika, which gave birth to a boy safely.Every day while fighting in childcare that is not familiar with the blog, and become the Hohoemashiku and happy mood been handed down her figure to continue to grow as a mother.In the New Year of the blog, it is possible for a change of the purchase such as children’s clothes go to the sale of the department store, it seems to be the normal is not the same as mom life.”Even if nothing without going to crowded department store ….You might think that, “but, in we can not go out free childcare can be refreshed with a little of going out and shopping.Rather than anything else my thing, I want to buy things of children.

The day before, according to the blog of Rica date January 8 “Rinka Happy Life”, it seemed to many as ten Once “rice cake eat it paid! Today,” said Paku eat have ate.”I was still eating.and “I hear that, but indeed, seems to have self-control that day.But do still eat the did not have enough, even the next day and even though such should that it was paid to eat and eat rice cakes Rika.Since the home was not left only two, he give me the will to come to buy a commercial rice cake to friends was scheduled to come on this day play.And despite a friend who is looking stunned, so a is was Kan-shoku this day also seven rice cake.

Because above all mom to would still lack of sleep is followed by physical fitness game, it may not matter to eat more and more to be unbalanced diet as long as you do not break the gastrointestinal.But even if no longer drink the baby begins breast milk baby food, and I is the fact that there are sad Kana appetite mom that weight increase remains previous.Mochi might was the favorite food originally, but would be better soon was back a meal everyday menu.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

• The Othello Matsushima Naomi of the original, “new mother” Rika was rushed.
Aida Shoko, the long-awaited mom at 41 years of age.”I have cherished cherished spent.”
– “Othello Matsushima mom, dad, baby” studded! Publish photos TKO woody.
· Weight increased 20 kg each time of pregnancy.Yet four of Whirlpool Kirishima Karen.
· “To a pregnant woman even hit ….”The type of Mikiti rioting as” super fat “, cold people.
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Rica official blog “Rinka Happy Life”

Gon Nakayama & Hasebe, and surprising goals set in 2012?

The 8th night broadcast, in a sports program of the TBS “S1”, a questionnaire called “three things you want to come true in 2012” for the various athletes and implementation.From football, Consadole Sapporo, Masashi Nakayama and Wolfsburg, Makoto Hasebe of both name has appeared in VTR each.

It belongs to Sapporo Consadole you played a J1 return the first time in four years, Zhongshan Gon to become 45-year-old in this year’s September, “Don, this is” When you issue the flip and, it was written there is “1 . soccer become well / 2. bout played goal / 3. It was cartilage regeneration “thing.

“I want to be more better.Has come out strongly in here feeling that want to respond to more and more your expectations.If accustomed to this is possible, participating in a match, and goal.The third is the most important condition for enabling achieve this.Cartilage regeneration.The state also is talking with various surface burden is less related to yourself “by cartilage of the knee to play, eating” the pig bone hard even for the injury of knee that shook the last season in bar.Managed to hoarding the collagen in the body you want rampage on the ground, “he cheerfully spoke in inborn brightness.

In addition, Hasebe is also referred to flip the “1.W Cup final qualifying undefeated !! / 2. CL again played !! / 3. Earnest to do pottery !!”, for surprising goal potter, the split second Do I want to be a “potter from program staff?Question “is -.On the other hand, “No, Haha.Hasebe it was denied by the difference will I, “said smile, and speak as the” the kana be established a heart When I was pottery “, prepare the book this” mind.”I was Mise advertise casually.

[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “people of deodorant force Easy”.In front of Miguel kun Akiko Wada “to sound the bell that is your” singing the!

Deodorant force of Miguel Gareiro kun was suddenly break in CM (13) is, Omakase TV “Akko! Mentioned the New Year’s greetings and appeared in “.When he to show off her representative song in front of the eyes of Akiko Wada, he in the studio was listening to the singing voice.

Last year, Miguel-kun that was rising popularity in the CM of deodorant force was sought after at the end of the year of variety shows.It seems he celebrated the New Year in their native living in Portugal, but Leave the “Akko which was broadcast on January 8! I appeared on “.

Once invoked as a special guest to him you heard that showed up while singing the melody was familiar with “♪ Rarararara …”, he cheers were boiled from the audience.

Miguel-kun who sang passage a “deodorant force” a sense of stability and crowded totally sing, than is was greeting with “Opening machine te Congratulations Gozaimasu” in Japanese while broken.

However, I’m came to greet Mine from Ryuta “New Year’s moderator?”He was questioned, he was laughing around you may answer because” Akko is scary … “.In addition, where you want to go “in Japan most is?When “and asked to say” Well “Wadaie” “was surprised Akiko Wada.

Of course, he ahold that was charged from interpreters told as it is, than is the nonchalance eat figure he is calm laughter in the studio.

Miguel kun finished the story showed off the music that then “practiced hard”.It is representative song Akiko Wada “The ringing the bell that is you” because it was, she had heard right beside had surprised most.

Miguel-kun of singing voice in the volume of voice over sound there is a rounded unbelievably and 13-year-old, I sign of in the studio is Kikihore to its splendor, the more was introduced from the screen.

Also Akiko Wada When he finished singing was thrilled with the “amazing!”.In addition, Miguel kun asked whether practiced how much the “morning of today, practiced a few hours,” he Since answered as “only a few hours!” Akko was also impressed.

Which is difficult and its Akko is “deodorant force and this song?When asked “said Miguel kun prefer honestly” deodorant force had been convinced to answer the Rararara’s so easy to just “.

Although the popularity of Miguel-kun also seemed to temporary, its voice is appealing not be a “deodorant force” I met only put out an album already as a singer in Portugal.Although was only rust parts passage “of ringing the bell that is you,” he from that singing, and further I felt the possibility of growing popular.

Last year in November album was recorded music of Japan “happiness Songs ★ Nice to meet you, is Miguel” I have released.One of the songs on “miracle” (GReeeeN) but Miguel-kun has commented that the “very difficult was the song to sing”, the goodness of music it would be words that you put out what Knowing.Or talent will still not than extend future as a singer.

The theme song of the “smallest born panda 51 (Ui) world” of this spring in February published movie, has been determined that it is used is “Lost and Delirious” from his album.Success of Miguel-kun’s likely to continue this year.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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Blame rush crowded Ballmer is naked uncle in France of children’s clothing ad

If you see behind the children wear a big smile York, there is a scene that should not be absolutely reflected! This time, the advertising of sites that sell the French children’s clothing, has become a hot topic and are crowded Ballmer is naked men without mosaic.

Are you a problem, pages of children’s clothing in the French fashion brand of “La Redoute” site.On the beach a happily laugh four children of photos of background, shocking this photo naked old man is crowded Ballmer without mosaic, has been introduced in detail at the foreign site “”.

One of this shock a photo was discovered, the customer had seen the site.This person Ya find the appearance of old man soon, yes you tweet immediately to Twitter of “La Redoute”.In response to the protest, “La Redoute” has apologized This is recognized immediately.

But whether the find fault in the wake of this uncle of photo problems had begun, such as addition to find misspell a T-shirt of children’s clothing, in stepped on or kicking or situation.Of course matter of T-shirt is also mismanagement of completely the same brand, but will no doubt that it has come to be seen in severe eye from the public than before.

By the way, old man who had crowded Ballmer in this photo, still does not know the whereabouts.Perhaps this old man that would have affected more than anyone else, such as an image currently on the Internet is funny processing, during a sense buzz.On exposed the naked image without permission, it becomes news all over the world, this old man that earnestly played in net user it off it is condemned, must not be a genuinely poor.

(Statement = Tabata implied)

Reference source: (

I see the video of this article

Lie of name is revenge “deported”, rice girl is mistaken for illegal immigrants.

Since ran away from home in 2010, the United States of women who had been looking for a granddaughter that was supposed to not know much whereabouts is, the other day, there was a event that grab the whereabouts on Facebook.But this granddaughter was there, the Columbia rather than in the United States.And lies that girl with the background, it seems there was a mistake of the US entry and Customs Administration (ICE).

According to the US such as broadcasting stations WFAA-TV and FOX, the reason why the grandson had been looking on their own is Lorraine Turner, who lives in Dallas, Texas.Her grandson Jaka drain’s (then 14 years old), was away from home in the fall of 2010.Such as divorce of love was the grandfather of death and parents, in the painful event is an opportunity that occurred in quick succession, it seems to have become a rebellious.And she Although arrived to Houston, where he ended up being arrested by the police and steals.

At that time, what was the decision in Tossa, identification Jaka drain san was told to police false.Then, the name of the supposed was hypothetical would match the name of the woman who had been wanted Colombian woman of 22 years old, yet as illegal immigration, I ahead of the ICE had detained her identity.

Although ICE gave a like Jaka drain’s fingerprinting for identification verification, for some reason without waiting for its procedure is complete, determine the “deportation” to Colombia.Result, she is deported to Colombia in April 2011, after the arrival it seems to have been released have received a work permit from the government.

Then, she had been living while the work, such as housekeeper, the place where it was written the occasional messages to Facebook, Lorraine san, which has been much searching found.With the cooperation of the local police, and has led to locate the whereabouts.

When you apply for a return through the US Embassy in Colombia, that she had been detained for some reason in Columbia Immigration, had been waiting even further difficulty, ultimately January 6, safely That’s right was able to return to the United States.

Ranking things that comes to mind Speaking of Yukie fellow

It is broadcast on NHK BS era drama “The Tempest” Yukie Nakama starring drama acclaim, will be in theaters from January as “Tempest 3D”.Yukie Nakama takes up the challenge to “one two roles” plunge into the world of politics and pretending to be men on the stage of Shuri Castle, said, “fresh that us in contact with the men is (his) as a man” so.And the come to mind to hear that Yukie fellow?

1st: Gokusen series
Second place: TRICK series
3rd place: beautiful neighbor
4 place: a number of CM
5: Moderator of Red and White Singing Contest
Anxious sixth place later here
And had won a number of runaway vote “Gokusen series”.A popular school drama was broadcast from 2002, Yukie Nakama is a high school teacher passionate “Yankumi” Son and Kumiko Yamaguchi rough enthusiastically.Ginbuchi glasses and jersey figure is a trade mark, I’m gap to demonstrate the strength of the yet to be a demure appearance modest seems daughter and heir of chivalrous spirit group carpus was the irresistibly pleasure.The second place “TRICK series” rank-in.Yukie Nakama I played a “self-proclaimed” genius Magician Naoko Yamada.In mystery drama going revealed one after another trick hidden in the paranormal and bizarre incident along with the physics professor Ueda Jiro who plays Hiroshi Abe, good conversation of two people of the tempo also became a hot topic.Heat up every “that you guys did is, everything’s your outlook!” Decided lines of Naoko Yamada that you overlap the number of times.So “that you’ve done of you is, everything all’s slit and Marutto Gori~tsu and your outlook!” Was also that it was longer until the.
The Yukie fellow who plays a single woman of gravel eighth year with no boyfriend in the “love neat – Getting started – of love that has forgotten” from this year in January.It does not tied increasingly eyes the future.

Survey method: NTT DoCoMo conducted a vote in the “everyone’s voice”
Votes: 24150 votes
Voting period: 2011/11 / 26-12 / 3
※ This result is not based on scientific statistics

20 billion yen BSE blanket testing finally review in ’10 to “waste measures”

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and solidified the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) policy to review the blanket testing of infected cattle, in a hurry to work.Blanket testing begins with the 2001 fall infected cattle of BSE were found in Japan, has been going on in ’10 so far.

Europe and the United States beginning in global and has not been implemented as “useless measures”.Is it is a question strong blanket testing to effect in Japan have been why continue.

own budget BSE also prefectures after the country has aborted, the accumulated abnormal prion in bovine brain, sick the brain becomes like a sponge.The ministry immediately after the domestic infected cattle has been confirmed, check all of the cattle before shipment, cattle infection is confirmed trimmed the inspection readiness so that it does not put on the market.

However, since in the following age 20 months was not found infected cattle, in August 2005, the inspection subject to “more than 21 months of age” to change.However, since the then also issued a subsidy, blanket testing is continued, even after the end of July 2008 has been aborted the auxiliary, nationwide prefectures out its own budget, are continuing endlessly until now.

The effect of blanket testing is not if the problem is greater, negative view on effect is stronger.BSE infection is the feed “meat-and-bone meal” crushed bones and internal organs, such as cattle and sheep are the main cause that eat cow.For infected cattle of Japan this was the cause, it is the “infected cattle found initially, there was a sense also blanket testing”.

However, then, as a result of the meat-and-bone meal has been thorough that it is not given as feed, if built 10 years, cattle that are bred in a new meat-and-bone meal has gone almost.In addition, measures to remove the risk sites such as bovine brain and spinal cord that abnormal prion accumulation has also been promoted.

Blanket testing is not performed from “scientific evidence” in the West, the veterinarian et al remove the part of the bovine brain, find out whether the addition of reagents is abnormal prion is the cause of BSE.However abnormal prion is not necessarily located only in the brain, it moves to be absorbed into the body, spinal cord and eyes, are confirmed to be in such a part of the intestine.

In addition, it is good to be actually tend to gather in the more brain if familiar cattle older, “If you examine the young bovine brain, and just not to find a part of the infected cattle” of that many experts but of perspective.The blanket testing in Europe and the United States that infected cattle has been a large amount confirmation has not been practiced, you are by these scientific rationale.

Such the blanket testing has been going on for ’10 in Japan, rather than a scientific rationale, it can be said that the political judgment and emotion theory was in large background.Sakaguchi ChikaraAtsu labor minister at the time that it was decided to blanket testing is “there is a reputational damage, (unless the blanket testing) people of peace of mind can not be obtained,” has been described as.

Tax of about 20 billion yen was used in the blanket testing.All it can not be said that it was a waste, but more rationale is thin, review course position of the ministry is that.In an accident of Fukushima first nuclear power plant, there has been a growing interest in the food of radioactive contamination.

What is to keep the national food safety is really necessary, or blanket testing problem of BSE is clue to disentangle the tangled thread of “safety” and “peace of mind”, it is noted.

Japanese epitome book reviews that are crushed in pension “pension bankruptcy”

Pension bankruptcy – threaten the company “another pension problems”
2007, Sannomiya automobile traffic is Kobe taxi company went bankrupt with debts of 300 million yen. Bankruptcy reason, nor irresponsible management of president in failure, such as the Olympus investment, was too heavy pension contributions.

The pension, basic pension (national pension) of all the people join, in addition to the employee pension of salaried workers join, there is a welfare pension fund is a company-specific three-story part.Although large companies are usually suffers from a fund in the group, many funds that are maintained as gathered small and medium-sized enterprises in each region and job. The company also was one of 50 companies to join the fund that Hyogo Prefecture passenger cars Pension Fund.

However, due to the effects of aging, benefits there is a reality that young employees not be increased middle people while it increases year by year.If you operate a reserve fund, profits that had been assumed was a time when it is not very put out. System in which the growth in premise, but not anymore became unsustainable.

“Than say increasing the premiums or reduce benefits companies by themselves are?Will also have people think “. It is a street that, if adjusted to reconcile fit, no problem for companies adding minutes. But, there is a pitfall here. The employees ‘pension fund, companies not only own the addition amount, and keep my part of the employees’ pension of two-story from the country, the collection of premiums, investment, the agency business that funds fill up benefits exist.

In the past, the potential growth rate is high era of Japan, it is, there was a large scale to operate and keep my country of assets.I because much was expected a lot of profit. But since the 1990s, it is only risk is increased, it meant that only the “Appendix that must be filled” increases.

Because it is a country of-determined pay-as-you-go system, welfare pension part of the premiums and benefits cut is not allowed. Because But as the organization of funded system is supposedly, do not and shortfall company does not contribute. In itself that can not laugh and that it up bonus cuts and restructuring for pension burden, welfare pension fund in Japan has been forced.

No more Hyogo Prefecture passenger cars welfare pension fund in order to avoid the loss was disbanded in 2005, if you want to disband, do not and do not return the substitutional portion of reserves that had been entrusted from country.And if interrupts the necessary amount, there is a need to fill-in-the-blank by contributions at the subscriber companies. The burden worth what, it was a ringleader that was bankrupt the Sannomiya automobile traffic.

Bankruptcy drama is not over yet.Liability of the remaining pension collapse is Sannomiya traffic, it is necessary to bear in other subscription companies.In the place where you are enduring the last minute, but not take pushing debt of fallen companies. Bankruptcy is called a bankruptcy, further 13 companies were chained to bankruptcy.

As in Japan, confectionary welfare pension fund that McDonald’s was also a member, fund that could be disbanded within which there is a margin in the reserve are rare (join expansion policy to employees’ pension of non-regular employment seems has boosted the Dissolution).

Currently, 80% of agency cracking of the approximately 600 a fund, the more there is to state “and has continued since not stop” and the author points out.Author of measures for this situation is simple, tentatively admitted the dissolution of the fund, causing paid only to the country assets that now that.

“Is it may shortfall was Fumitaosa!?”And perhaps some people make blue vein, but do not worry. Past the amount necessary to benefit 830 trillion yen of governmental welfare pension, and reserves 140 trillion yen, that is funded percentage of the country is only only 17%.

On the other hand, the proportion of reserve fund of Aoikitoiki in behalf cracking around 40%.In other words, is a translation has been working hard now “it was cheers for good work so far, well I was working hard” immediately even admitted dissolution much good to me was Praise and (at the expense of active employees).

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been left a chain bankruptcy drama without taking this much obvious remedy is to agree completely on the claim of the author that “because you do not want to admit of their inaction.”. Organization is rotten from the core of the ministry.

By the way, if good people of intuition, should remained one question. “In short, the employees’ pension fund underfunded is not allowed, but I mean that struggling, is willing to worse welfare pension body of the financial situation who bear?”

The answer is in the “near future, now less than 50 years of age is that the burden”. 149 trillion yen had pension reserve fund in 2006, was drastically reduced to 109 trillion yen in just five years. When’s this minute, after a dozen years, it could become the last line it up was borne by the decades and high insurance premiums in that it Nante “It will benefit 50% cut because reserve has had depleted”. It will be almost certainly do so or rather.

Appearance of employees’ pension fund to be crushed to pension benefits, may indicate the later decades of Japan.The postponement was minute, but looks to be even more awesome.

In content-rich very suggestion, it’s a good book you want is highly recommended to anyone interested in social security.