Notoriety from playing days on the inner bush

Judo 66 kg class gold medalist, Masato Uchishiba suspect (33) in the incident that has been arrested in the Metropolitan Police Department in a quasi-rape suspect, the unbelievable arrogance the first time has become a hot topic in the streets.

Says sports newspaper reporter.
“Our Shiba’m enthusiastic in serious, but belief was a fierce player.And come to here seems story of sexual harassment victims are out several, but the woman who had become among them intimate relationship seems to have convinced to be “not in love”.Even if it is true, he is wife and children only.I do not take it to be in that good no matter what you’re doing. ”

The crazy about the separation will not tell – such personality, seems playing days, was the same also in judo.Judo officials reveal this story.
“Toshi Ishii, who won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics is the junior of Kokushikan, but famous story that two people were cats and dogs.Ishii you have turned to mixed martial arts, character to become friends with anyone bright.However, the inner bush is unusually high pride such Ishii was the hate.By the way, Ishii is to respected Toshihiko Koga.So, because it was something that would say it to anyone, it seems did not like extra ”

Also in the Koga, hostility was bare.Uchishiba suspect was fished the gold medal at the Athens Olympics in the year ’04 is, that when it was momentum to drop the very fly bird.
“Uchishiba in ’05 years of the All Japan Championships are played, but the tournament participants only heavyweight players, lightweight players are not out for fear of injury.Still Koga lightweight competed, at the time its bold appearance is said to be “Sanshiro of Heisei”, I was hailed.However, this is also reckless simply comes from rivalry to Koga played.The result was the first match Lost “(supra sports reporter)

Come to think of it, Toshihiko Koga also affair with only with his wife and children and became a hot topic.No way but It will not be mean was conscious until there.

There was confidence unfounded that exit the Masayoshi Son fellow Bridgestone

Will be released on January 12 “Anpon Masayoshi Son Den” (Shogakukan published).Shinichi Mr. Sano of the author, among the book, and interviewed Masayoshi Son, has been asked about entrepreneurs with the goal.(Text titles omitted)

* * *
── for grandson’s, Shojiro of local hero Ishibashi (Bridgestone founder) Do not it was a businessman that was targeted first and foremost.

“Ishibashi house, for a human who was born in Tosu and Kurume, I was already completely presence of clouds.The goal of a child, it was Hisamitsu of salon path where the headquarters near the house built by father of Tosu.But, I since I was a child to be “Bridgestone salon path also but certainly huge,’ll show unplug sure”, I was saying to my father. ”

── certainly salon path I have to unplug the other.But, such confidence, the overconfidence rather than, or I was born exactly from where.

“Father is, I guess because I complimented me with endless level.What “You are a good head than me.”.I’m is not even once that it was angry father.

Perhaps because you grew up in such environment, if Yare really hard over yourself life, the other party any Bridgestone any Hisamitsu, and it is Matsushita any Toyota, and necessarily passing, only confidence unfounded at all Attan is ”

(“Anpon Masayoshi Son Den”)

Affected areas and “reach not New Year’s card” address unknown 10% – do not even know the destination

In postal services company “Kamaishi branch”, was carried out starting type of New Year’s Day at 7:00 New Year’s card delivery.

“New Year’s card and up to now it is very important New Year’s card with different homeopathic.Think of to the recipient from the sender, is the New Year’s card that ties were full of.Some of the deliveryman, which started to be sent to greetings of will work hard work together in the slogan “this encouragement”‘ll not lose Kamaishi “Delivery of New Year’s card was Toriyabe Ayaka purchase of 20-year-old second time.Toriyabe that he also received the tsunami damage, in the affected areas of the area also tsunami that delivery this day, it was starting in the bike to distribute the 300 hotels worth of greeting cards.

and “your safe’ll we do?, we are worried about” considerable time and effort it took until the New Year’s card delivery in the affected areas.First, after you sort Athena street as usual, further sorting again the New Year’s card that has come out of the transfer notification.That still things that can not be delivered unknown address was reached in 10%.1 hotels of them, the sender is “What your safety, we are worried about” the mention by hand in simple phrase, received women are thought to be “grateful.It ‘s not living do, I feel it that it was alive. ”

In yet another house, women “so cold to” and candy gift to Toriyabe come out all the way.”Eh, lottery! Thank you” spirited bord and.

The New Year’s card to this woman, wording caring “earnestly praying has that postcard of this New Year arrives in your hand” and safety is ….The kana woman is willing to “worry, I’m happy.Hey I did not feel that (New Year’s card a) Write, unless written (the answer) ”

Toriyabe can or can rest assured with a single “postcard, bonds leads.That “was re-think again that important Bookshelf.

Hideki Yashiro (international lawyer) of commentators “and some useful as e-mail, but the paper greeting card feel the minute warmth that takes time and effort of people” talk with.Ai Haruna (talent) is changed to the feeling that the person who I could not bring myself to put “, will write a reply is received New Year’s cards.The one postcard that a large feeling is transmitted “.

Terry Ito caster “because it is still temporary housing, it is because nothing changed”.

Government that can not expedite it only to Running about in Confusion is unreliable.That’s why, you ask the safety, there is a weight on a single New Year’s card for encouragement.

Terry Ito talk stationery Akiko (3) Noda chairman is Dad

By the time it was Terry debut, stationery Mr. I think was doing a commercial gas station.

It was stationery Mitsubishi Oil.

Terry though there is always a model’s Photos of the gas station that I stop by the, it is another unreasonable Kawaikutsu.I thought whether there are such a cute child.

Stationery No, no, it was Pampanga when teens.And I hate to look at old photos.And hope to me I wish is fat.From a swimsuit Toka also wore, extra embarrassing.

Even Terry, emphasizes the Cleavage, I’m quite the fan is increased by any.

Since desperate when doing stationery, I is things like that were not considered.

In Terry, I’m married was early.When a number?

Stationery is a 20-year-old.

Terry Kke child I was made of how much you have been married.

I guess stationery 1 year.It is is the second year of gave birth.

Married at the age of 20 Terry, and birth your child at the age of 22.

Stationery is likely.Because it is next year Dragon year, I will be 12-year-old is just around the.

Terry I have a child of 12-year-old girl of that poster.Daughter?

Stationery Yes.I will feel that blink anymore really.

That’s Terry really.Stationery Mr. I think you have to under the much Noda chairman.Once upon a time, Is not there a time when yellow cab has divided the Sands.

Stationery Yes.

Do you what was the reason for went with the better of Terry Noda chairman.

Stationery Which is good, not bad ‘s, I think best to Tteyuu there not only know..And because much was under Noda chairman.and even fewer number of people when I debuted, the room of Gotanda of building Tteyuu company.

I Terry cozy was good.

I’m there are stationery female president, dad in Noda chairman, mom is in I feel it ‘s president, big thing is to consult with dad, do not want to see a fine thing mom, so began from the place of such feeling.

Terry hmmm.To care

Stationery Well.So I’d really was told me “How to” from various people, but did not hesitate at all.

Leo Esaki Mr. “Japan’s science and technology and the believe the world’s highest risk”

It is Japan which is said to be one of the best of science and technology world, but in fact Leona Mr. Ezaki of Nobel Prize in Physics winners to point out that there is a big pitfall in there (86).The science and technology Ezaki Mr. think -.

* * * Japan’s science and technology level is believed to be the world’s highest level, but people who are holding a sense of satisfaction seems surprisingly large, I think this is dangerous thoughts that interfere with the development rather.Research level and the is said to be extremely high in the world, only a few of the field, just that slight researchers.I still large room for reform as a whole.

In fact, even counting the winner number of natural science three areas of Nobel Prize, in the United States accounted for 43%, Japan has remained at 2.7%.In addition, when you the number of times it is cited as an index for determining the quality of the research paper, the quality of Japanese papers inferior to that of Western people in average, it is less than the Italians.In Asia, it is Invision and that gave the top spot recently in Singapore.

In the world of sports, activities of the Japanese reportedly large, are discussed in the number of medals at the Olympics.However, it is the Japanese economy, richness of life, and such as the unemployment rate has nothing to do.Now, knowledge, such as science becomes the driving force of society “century of knowledge”, active research activities economic activity activated by stimulating the creativity of Japanese, I brings a wealth of Japan.

Will be used the term science and technology is well, but this is ambiguous words.Science is a systematic knowledge to elucidate the nature of the rules, it social and corporate profits, it’s the technology to utilize for medical improvement of.

In basic research, I will sometimes encounter in the “surprise” unexpected.So the resulting innovative knowledge revolutionary technology that has been developed “break through” to the group been put to practical use, and when you realize the “innovation”, brings great economic effect.

Speaking of recent representative example, or would not be Steve Jobs has created “smartphone”.He had been “Think different” the (put out a new idea) to slogan.He As the words, anyone creating a high-performance mobile phone iPhone that could not be realized, was a huge success.

● Leo Esaki: 1925, Born in Osaka.Tokyo Imperial University graduates.Tokyotsushinkogyo in (now Sony), in the achievement of the tunnel effect found in the semiconductor, which was made in 1957, the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973.Then he moved between 1960-1992 years, New York IBM Central Research Institute Senior Researcher.University of Tsukuba president until 1992-1998 years.He is currently Yokohama College of Pharmacy President, the Ibaraki Prefectural Science and Technology Promotion Foundation Chairman.

※ Shukan Post 2012, January 13, · the 20th Issue

Shadow of the original daughter-in-law creeping into Big Daddy family of that large family

Early New Year, January 2, released Bukkake a special number of total 9 hours to four days, “thrilling! Big Daddy”.4 hours SP of two days as it was re-edited the October minute broadcast, trailer virtually, the 4th minute broadcast.Therefore, keep pulling the interest of viewers, it is that’ll let you look at the main four days it was underlying motive of TV Asahi.This is another, would be evidence that the agency is dealing with “thrilling! Big Daddy” as one of the respectable “program”.

Well, it was broadcast on the 4th 18:30 to 23:30 “thrilling! Big Daddy 13”.This attention of Shodoshima Kagawa Prefecture was decisive action to emigrate to September Tonosho (Tonosho) new life in the town, the younger 18-year-old was a surprise remarried to Big Daddy thing linker Kiyoshi’s (46) April bride birth problems, Minako (28), and it was a high school student set of trends that left in Kagoshima Prefecture Amami Oshima.

New life is how you are going well there is also cooperation around in Shodoshima.The financial health of the “island of the orthopedic clinic” that Big Daddy was opened in October 3, but programs that did not touch, Big Daddy has sent a daily busy life, as far as to see the streamed video seems patient is reasonably visits, pattern began to take off.And, Minako, who did not come is labor even celebrated the birth date, safely to December 13, gave birth to a girl that becomes the nine woman.In this, it seems family was also relieved.

In the birth of a new life, it’s Big Daddy you power-up, challenge occurs towards the end of the year.It, eldest daughter that was left in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture for the job, but shadow Yoshimi’s Motoyome of that live close to the eldest son.

Actually Motoyome the second daughter (medium 3) and third daughter in (medium 1), discovered that it had been approached to confidential “Do not live together.”.He awkward atmosphere flows between the Big Daddy couple.In addition, the maximum of the neck’s high school students set of treatment of Amami.Second son living in Amami only two people (high 3) and the third son (high 2), every day to surpass in instant noodles have followed, scene Toyoda of the eldest son to send money for them has also been on-air.and how the Big Daddy is a fullest because support the family of Shodoshima, aid to Amami set is turned perfunctory.

Amami group takes advantage of winter break, but landed in Shodoshima, third son had a serious determination.High 3 of the second son has decided employment in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, the third son from this spring becomes the one person.Third son felt the anxiety to living alone in Amami contacts the mother (Motoyome), go to the place of Motoyome, had hardened their intention to transfer to Toyota of high school.To do it, he that it is necessary to transfer custody from Big Daddy to the original bride.The third son that was wavering pose a consultation, but Big Daddy is adamantly opposed.If you go to Toyota, was counsel as do I commute from the place of eldest daughter and eldest son.After all, whether the third son did care, and abandoned it to move to Motoyome of the original, decided to remain alone in Amami.In this, Shodoshima, Amami, triple life of Toyoda I was supposed to be followed by another year.

Third son of problem has subsided, that even the original bride future come over the motion in children is fully expected.Now that was a divorce → remarriage, this also Avoid it might be a way to not pass the.While Big Daddy family felt the shadow of creeping original daughter-in-law, likely to be going live in.

Mark the way, four days minute broadcast of viewing rate (Kanto district) is 11.2% 18:30 to 19:00, the 19:00 to 23:30 the once again very best of figure of 15.7%.I wonder premonition of turbulent that occurs in the family was not intrigued viewers.One of the talent is also not used, because he can take this number in prime time, it’s Uhauha as office side.So far, regular version was broadcast about twice a year, might be better better yet increase the broadcast number also take more rate.
(Taro Sakamoto)

Matter tuition university is too wasted high

December 2011 dated 26 of Yomiuri Shimbun in “2010 average of student enrollment fee and tuition fees, such as the first year payment that was enrolled in private universities in fiscal ¥ 1,315,666″ and was written and.I is the announcement of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports.”Since the 1975 fiscal year the start of the survey, a record high,” this number is, the ministry is called “seeking suppression of payment by management effort in each private university”.Now college students, … Do they pay even money ¥ 1.3 million to the university.Is but probably a little cheaper in the second year, also is a translation continue payment still year one million yen about four years.I think really that “the money of such amount, I wish put out well.”.In many cases, but I wonder parents are out, Sonaruto to wonder such things referred to as “parents should not in college to be put out the money.”.Japanese economy, the economic downturn has been advocated.Restructuring is rampant, workers have increased dramatically as a non-regular employment.Society as a whole in the last year of 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and shook, nuclear accident is also a far from situation to convergence.In such Gojisei, tuition university record.Do not black jokes like.By the way, my own to enter the night university from getting to society, then learned to graduate doctoral (both Kanagawa University), and all the tuition paid in their own earnings.The reason for advancement from becoming member of society to the University, is it to yourself do not know what you want to, the necessity to immediately go to college After leaving high school, because I did not feel too much.However, there is a big reason than.It is that because I was in the orphanage until high school, it was impossible to college.Now hear that there is also special, but living in the nursing home 30 years ago, is the child, such as not stomach relatives, road college had been closed.If you think about it now, but he such a matter of course from a guarantor also he no money, the high school students wanted to go on it is that it was felt that “I wish it unreasonable world.”.In turn, even if have parents now, it will not go to the University of private unless pay four years also of money one million yen per year.I wish I of that parent is Ninawasa a very role …….At the very least, even though Kodomo-ra is if earn in bytes good if the tuition to the extent that pay their own.If pay by yourself, do not may increase some children become to study desperately to try to take the original.There in the first place, in the employment of more college students are referred to as super-employment ice age is difficult, while the premise itself that it can be a job If you go to university becomes a pipe dream.Parents against children, presents such a premise in high school, and Toka put the job in hand and working in High School, and Toka think the go while working, or not idea of ​​the even of discuss things like that.And to not even want to study, because of no need to study and go to college in terms of paid bother high tuition.On the other hand, stop the policy to pay the side also wasted high tuition of university students and their parents, or the children who want to learn should not create an environment, such as learn and inexpensive tuition.I think it’s good “education” Even to prepare the kind of environment.After, word from the standpoint of doing part-time lecturer at two universities.If you’re taking so much expensive tuition, I Ja do good to me a little more up the allowance of part-time lecturer?(Shigeru Tanigawa)

[Spy Shots] appearance while the movie! “M: i-4” appeared in the BMW “i8” start the test! !

Before Christmas, Tom Cruise starring spy movie “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” has been published.What we became worried, but appeared in drama BMW concept car “Vision Efishiento Dynamics”.In fact this car, and is scheduled to be sold under the name of “i8” in 2013, now you have finished filming of the movie, a full-fledged test run began towards a new mission to commercialization.
As long as you see the spy shots, plug-in hybrid supercar, i8 is, but how it is likely to be commercialized even immediately if Hegase a sheet of camouflage.Acceleration of this BMW4-seater coupe, is said to 0-100km / h about 4.97 seconds, this time seems to have been made to change the door part for lighter.

Concept car, which was presented at the 2009 Motor Show, was characterized by access to the front and back of the seat with a glass of long butterfly door.Door of prototype becomes apparently conventional size of, it seems made to the specifications provided with the practicality and safety.Also, there is a circular projection on the left and right rear bumper, they whether camouflage, it seems to be a reflector or the tail lights otherwise.

I8 concept car at the time, has been announced as a hybrid car that uses both electric motor and diesel engine, commercial type i8 is released as EV, and four-cylinder turbo engine for the range extender is mounted we I have seen.In any case, when the i8 has been commercialized, it becomes a car equipped with state-of-the-art technology, price also will be the price of surprise.

The confession as “tension in women or more” in Korean actor man between the bed scene

Slowly Korean drama at home … the explosion Some people say, in 2011 the annual number of rental in Japan exceeded 100 million (TSUTAYA survey).Was supported it, actor our over 30, which increased the astringency in each succeeding age and works.They told us about his bed scene.

[Nam Gung Min (33) “My heart is heard?”]
In the scene that reveals the emotion, Min and “every time, was hard to use a lot of energy.”.Appeared several times in the scene is popular for good brother of relationship each other playful.That “in the bed scene with men, was nervous more than to play with women.”.

Poor also live bright Uri (fan Jon’umu, 26 years old) is a round (Min) to live as sons of the rich, I encounter the deaf of Dong-ju (Kim Jae Won, 30 years old) with his brother.

[Joo Sang-wook (33) “Giant”]
Was started from the viewing rate of 10 percent, but were the work of more than 40% overlapping times.He smeared with power, enthusiastically son Min Woo of ruin the person.To become compliant father, was to challenge the first villain to conflict with the hero and Gummo.”Shooting but was Oyobi to 8 months, favorite bed scene.I think that feelings of Min Woo is most evident, “said Sang-wook.

Killed a father, family and Ikiwakare was Gummo in order to revenge to the person who was involved in the father’s death, launch a construction company.

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue

Hunan TV is stolen in New Year’s Eve program, responsible person “would be honored?”And it Hirakinaori – China

January 3, 2012, that the illustrations used in the background of the stage at New Year’s Eve program of China and Hunan Satellite TV is stolen, was discovered in the appeal of the author.Beijing 晨報 told.

[Other photos of]

Stolen of Beijing’s illustrator, Mr. Okumohi (Wang Yunfei).while the young woman singer is singing, and expressed their illustrations projected on the background is the theft of his work in China version Twitter, to determine the explanation to the TV station side.

However, the answer returned by Mr. is responsible 彭宥 綸 (Pont Yourun) is this.The “Dear Faye’s, at that time, I thought it was very nice to see your work.So, I was allowed to use the material.I’m really sorry and if the had infringed your rights.I will pay the money.But do not worry.Since the stage of the protagonist is a singer, because your work was also not sound the audience rating without “.

In addition, it was defiant as “If you even as he had been used without permission works where it is exposed to a lot of eyes in the same way, but I think that it is an honor to the opposite”.On the other hand, criticism is ejected from the large number of Internet users.Then, 彭氏 was revealed with the apology, and both Mr. Wang began to discuss payment of remuneration by phone “all night had somehow with more”.

Mr. Wang also reported that there was a contact from again 彭氏 mini blog.It is said, “Although the concrete solution has not yet out, does not it, such as appeal unless there is a compelling thing”.(Translation and editing / NN)