License of trouble to Buramayo is furious!? Dung large exposure of the inside story of Sekine & Kosakai!

World herbivorous boys full of, this age you do not Katariae in quite real intention ….Hot entertainer Black mayonnaise even where geese also far is, guests and “piping hot Tsu!” A super heat talk variety to unfold the truth talk “Buramayo and pleasant friends piping hot Tsu! “(TV Asahi).

Broadcast of January 21 (Saturday), the new plan “different reasons entertainer worries consultation field” 2nd! Also a little “different reasons” entertainer two sets this time is, visit to confide the trouble to Buramayo!

First appeared in the license! In 2006, also participated in the M-1 finals, such as further Fujiwara of blur to Yoshimoto handsome ranking Hall of Fame, two people that look is unlikely to trouble in both popular-ability.Buramayo to such two geese trouble is furious!?
Then, Nainai and Kyaeen and synchronization of combi “Dung” appeared! The ages in with entertainer world “Iio” and distinctive laugh and worldview two produces “Yasu”.The trouble that such 2 people eager to hear Buramayo!? Also Tsutomu Sekine, also senior untold story of Kazuki Kosakai from the agency “shallow planning” show off! Buramayo also startle in marginal office inside story! Really is and its contents!?

■ “Buramayo and funny and fellow piping hot Tsu! ”
January 21, 2012 (Sat) 25: 55-26: 25 (TV Asahi)

“We forgive the Japanese” the meaning of this word that has been cast in the New Year?

When middle normalization of diplomatic relations 40 anniversary of the beginning of the year day

The Dragon if it is Chanko and Narasaki Chinese course “gibberish”.

I would again thank that was available astounding patronage Nante twenty thousand access at the end of last year.Why?In some story to Nante “I must work hard this year” is I had prepared, but whether appropriate to first edition New Year??I would welcome the idly January than 15 days while thinking.

But heaven is not abandoned us.Words at the beginning of the I “down has been”.By the way “I Why do not what the Japanese must have my forgiveness from Chinese??”Also I think were many people you have people with this question.And, to say whether, it is I also think whether Joshiki of Japan.

Location premises of JR Ueno Station.It was that of Friday, January 13.I had a Chinese friend and waiting there.The name of this person Bee’s.(Later photos will de)

She Shandong Uehai (Weihai) born.While the task of delivering the technical intern trainees, it is so become another 15 years to pass through a reciprocates Tokyo Shandong one year.In China in crunchy hardcore Christian you spend in always church Sunday in Japan.

After “Narasaki who was doing plenty of 2 hours a meeting of this Bee’s and this day is your job, would-tailed?Let the rice.And “, it was the told us the” rapids and New Year experience of old “dining chat time.

“Members fifty of our Tokyo of Chinese Church from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day the 2nd, went to Fukushima Prefecture.To suit mind everyone was praying to God the reconstruction of Tohoku.”” God told us.Fukushima this year to reconstruction.Japan is okay. ”

Bee’s is further to continue.

“I was listening to God in a row.What do I for “So I of Japan reconstruction?”And I got the answer”

That the word of the beginning is that her answer.A little story before Disclose the meaning of this word is derailed.It is a story of when me and Bee-san was in Uehai.That when I Bee’s came to pick to wait at the hotel.She did the talking to wry smile and Pepper as find me.

Bee wrote: “I now.It was a taxi driver and a fight.”

Dragon “example?Why?”

Bee “driver’s heard me.I said, “The woman, why morning go hotel?” I greet Japan visitor.Operation or hand “You help Japanese! ! Stop it.Patriotic Chinese do not do that, “I said.So I was fighting. ”

In fact this “Chinese like patriotic driver” is surprisingly large.Japanese Continuing to derailment incidentally had been anathema afraid to be called “the anti-Japanese era” oriental Devils (Ton’yanguizu).It is in the sense of (demon who came from the east).On the other hand Chinese who cooperated in this “Oriental Devils” seems to have been despised hated more than the Japanese and is called “Kankan” (Hanjan is “dog”).The word “Do not cooperated with Japanese” throw a complex shadow to subconscious of such Chinese.

Now Back to the Story ….

Of course, not early are such as people who have experienced directly, such as mid-war the day before another ’65.He friends of China do not forget even now about but act the Japanese committed to the old days.(Japanese but I’m going, “Tok shed in the water a long time ago”) will defeat “because anti-Japanese patriotic education has been carried out on a daily basis at school” or “TV even Communist Party guerrillas Japanese Army.It’s easy to critic as this I visibly “.

Political to the compensation of war victims of Japan and China, are supposed to be resolved in the middle Peace and Friendship Treaty day of 1972.Also a continuing “decent atonement” such as ODA to the Japanese government in China.

“It Enough said?”Public opinion reaction of the Japanese government and Japan when this hand of problem came out is a Bimyo.

But, I want you to recalled.In China, he was burned a house, or were killed or injured a family (or been told such a experiences grew up) people who are living in the actual “At that time of the Japanese”.(And where Even though it together he not easy Nante life of common people.)

I wonder there is “somehow was able to center in Japan to Beijing assistance” or what exactly meaning such people to?Japanese remember at the bottom of my heart, even the “other thing you’ve long ago forgotten” the Chinese people now.And, “because anyone say, and apologize want to Japanese” or would not you’re hope?He at least Spence feel and.

Bee Ms. story to Spence “a bolt from the blue”.Was a big shock.The reason is two.

Do hugging a grudge in Japan had sent the life and work in the “pro-Japanese” or “Japanese like the one Ms. Bee?”

that the two such she told me to give up the initiative to seek an apology to Japanese.

Excuse me.The way the reader Dear while keep advancing write up here might have closed “in the left behind.”.

Let’s hurry conclusions in hereabouts.I have to ask your students through the Chinese course “gibberish” that “I want to make the best friend of the Chinese people across public and private through the Chinese”.And to their friends as “I want you to forgive the brutality of Japanese worked in your family” and as “I want said in your words,” we ask.(I have to expect because it is “now” there is no person remember hearing such a story)

This the Chinese friends your words were heard is surely “Yeah?”What you’ll wear puzzled look.But that it should be able to catch with the kit until now with different line of sight of your.

It has become to the sermon Poi story’s point of view is from the top somehow “not even in the Gala”.Please forgive me in the early things New Year._ (_ ^ _) _

From the next time is always of the resurrection of Getemono-jokes route (sweat please Regards.(Authors: Narasaki Nobuo offer: China Business Headlines)

[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “it is not at all similar”.China idle, full denied the AKB48 “rip-off allegations” producer of AK98.

Popular idol group in China, It is thing of last year became a hot topic and AK98 are similar to AKB48 of Japan.The television program “Nakayoshi TV”, it was confirmed the matter is interviewed directly AK98 members and their setter opposite to China.What really truth can be clarified.

The that the beautiful girl group “AK48” appeared in China has become a hot topic in Japan, it was last year’s September.According to the information in China’s group was formed in 2010.No doubt that the seasonal The late than AKB48 of Japan about five years.

AK98 means “A = Angel, K = Kiss, 98 is the number of members”.There has been currently about 50 people for members.Do not you think you can see from the Japanese with the majority “would imitate AKB48” is.It than is was pursuing the truth in it is broadcasting “Nakayoshi TV” (Fuji TV) on January 17.

The reason for report is also that it was Zhou came friend of Chinese journalists, the language barrier is not, and did not miss a chance to close to heart.Because after all, such as are allowed to shoot on the condition that “questions about AKB48 not do anything”, he uses the nerve also interview content.

On this day, AK98 members in studio for lessons contained the members of 8 people.Since the members is limited to college students, he almost was during the test this day.”CD is not yet out, but plans to put soon” after the exchange, such as the word “are divided into Team A and Team K” has exited the girls.

Whether Zhou came friend know that there is a group that “in Japan are also divided into Group A and K sets?When ask, “she who is to make the × mark with both hands,” it was only smile and secret ~ “.

Then that moment, and than is was Toitsume about 30 minutes are taken Zhou question is stop from men to another location.Although the interview by being “again not asked about AKB” and reaffirmed was continued, a state when Zhou this said, “in the strange atmosphere, thought to be either taken to somewhere”.

I was able to interview also to Mr. Shaw Unryuu to comprehensively produce the AK98 Fortunately.He said, “Increase the members, you want to advance also to Japan” for the future development of the AK98 he said.

Whether Zhou know that is fittingly and “AK98 against it have been said to be similar to the AKB48 of Japan?If you confirm “said Mr. Shaw is the answer that” it knows that it is said so “.

But he is “the place of AK98 activities the net rather than the theater is based”, that “members’s college students limited to”, “uniforms original’s” “Do not think you have anything like” will be given a reason was fully say.

Zhou that can not be completely convinced retorted clearly as “How I are similar even look”.Or “had heard the story now to the end you thoughtfully Mr. Shaw is often silence flows?And he glared in the circumferential and say “.Longer, Zhou also was not air put out the word.

From this interview, the get to the answer of Japan and China from the difference in the recognition that “similar” in the (officials) “rip-off allegations” were found to be difficult.But, than is was confirmed also that AK98 members are bright activities together.Zhou came friend who finished the interview also “girls are working hard to brave,” said the impressions and.

This year is scheduled to “TPE48” also born and based in Taiwan Taipei City from AKB-related group, the relationship between the AK98 might come become increasingly complex.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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Or close to AKB ·!? Shinsei mileage, new song “Choto Mate Please!” Birth secret story.
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“Cement hit” to ride prevention on the system introduced train = Indonesia

[Xinhua / AFP communication] Indonesian government recently, in order to prevent a ride to the train top such as those found in during rush hour, was introduced a system that dangle a number of cement of the ball from the top of the line.When the train passes through this bottom, it’s tricky move that to people who got to the top would hit the cement of the sphere.

[Other photos of]

(Translation Lee Tsugihigashi / edit the translation Onda Yuki)

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Central America trade imbalances, “the United States of policy coordination is important” 習副 chief in visit to the United States
Xi Jinping Vice President speech at “The US profits respect of China” welcome party of visit to the United States
In milk transport tank cars Kaburago highway fall accident, Anhui Province, China
China Premier Wen “respect the freedom of religion of Tibetan, are protected”

“Had been deleted thanks to Hong Kong people” global fashion brand apology – Hong Kong

January 18, 2012, Italian fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana (D & G) Guangdong Hong Kong Michi-ten, for the over-the-counter shooting prohibited problem, apologized that it had been deleted thanks to Hong Kong people.China newspaper network told.

[Other photos of]

Earlier this year, D & G Canton certain prohibitions road shop announced became a hot topic in Hong Kong net community.Those that prohibit the act of shooting the same store from the road.That’s what it was in response to the request of China mainland wealthy that want to visit incognito.

Hong Kong Internet users that rebounded to this.Everyone spread call for trying to take a picture, the 8th, on Sunday 15th, thousands of people took part in the photo shoot in two consecutive weeks.Gathered from Internet users raise the voice of the request for an apology was, in fact, are showing signs of demonstration rather than a photo shoot.Store temporary, has been a situation enough to temporarily closed.(Translation and editing / KT)

Voice why a little serious talk to ¥ 84 of “high” Bikkuriman chocolate against reprinted in 84 yen

Super Zeus, Sherman Khan, he popular, such as head Rococo character seal is reprinted Bikkuriman chocolate Uri.To reprint the unique biceps only character is February 21 at 84 yen as “Bikkuriman legend” intact.But what you have been sold in 30 yen at the time, everyone is now the price of more than ¥ 84 and doubled in intact reprint cites the voice of discontent as “high”.The wonder was to 84 yen by the sharp rise in the trend of the times and prices? He actually here there was a reason no choice but to more than 80 yen.I want to write seriously only a little bit about such this time why.

Bikkuriman chocolate is reprinted in the metropolitan area limited to 2005, also 84 yen price of that time.But is revised premium display method in the same year, those that contents such as Bikkuriman you do not know what kind of seal out invisible becomes “Sweepstakes product” treats.In addition, determines is with the case of the prize goods not go if you do not for less than 2% of the price was also provided.Or reduce the cost of natural and seal If that happens, he can only raise the price of Bikkuriman chocolate itself come no choice.Contents he had also hand that escape from selling Bikkuriman chocolate full view “Sweepstakes product” treatment, but will not impressed obtained at that time.

However, when sold the thing that had been sold in 30 yen at that time at 84 yen, people who do not know about this giveaway display method would think only of price increases.Well since there is no description Once you from consumer, it will no way even think to just a price increase that does not go convincing.It is not not know even the mood of “30 yen in not even sold in those 84 yen original had been taken”.
Damage Bikkuriman is “Premiums and Representations Act” (?) And was there to not only this matter, and he had received pointed out in separate case.It’s pointed out that sparkling seal (so-called head) is less likely to leave for goods that do not know the contents.”Lower the quality of head seal, other seal and white Dell probability to the same” and instructions down Bikkuriman late to gudaguda state.might be some people that I think it me Jan do not have to put together and is impossible to candy, but comes out even harmful effects that do not get if you do not’m with sweets in super.He eventually hike was a last resort.

Why is regulated only realistic Bikkuriman chocolate, Gacha of social game or not is regulated.And probably should regulate over there the first and foremost.※ This article, “Sol” of Gaje communication Gold Rush wrote.

Genha Foreign Minister, abandoned the letter nuclear development to the Iranian government I ask

Kōichirō Genba Foreign Minister in the conference on January 18, 2012, revealed that it has sent a letter asking the abandoned nuclear development to the Iranian government.The answer to the question about the letter from the press, for the letter content, on which requested that “should abandon its nuclear development”, concern even listening to the explanation that the Iranian government is done can not be dispelled, it was explained that was reportedly.

According to the Genha Foreign Minister, from the Iranian government that just has been returned “always answer the street”.

On the nuclear development of Iran, the United States you have, such as strengthening the economic sanctions.Japan, which imports crude oil from Iran, while putting pressure on Iran by international cooperation, seeking a way to avoid the economic effects.

!? Nadeshiko Japan, miss the gold medal at the London Olympics Asada Mao revival won the World Championship of March – Mr. Koichi Sports Writer Aizawa

2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the yen, and the euro crisis, large flood of Thailand, it was a disaster Oki year in both inside and outside for Japan.’12 Uncertainty to it more, likely instability increases year, after all the world to rush to the season of politics.Beginning in Taiwan presidential election in January, Russia, France, the US, presidential election in South Korea, even regime change in China is done.Also a concern North Korea situation.Under such circumstances, in order to predict the ’12, what is the point.Management, the people of intellectuals, ask a questionnaire, I had cited 5 horns of point.The 12th is Koichi Mr. Aizawa sports writer.

Aizawa, Koichi / 1956 Born in Saitama.Baseball, soccer, as well as sports opportunities to be featured in the media is less steadily coverage.Olympic year will be busy for the.There is such as “winner” depicting the team building of American football in the book.

(1) Nadeshiko Japan, not gold medal at the London Olympics

Last year’s W Cup victory, factors and that team was riding on the momentum, is that it was unmarked from opponent.The ability basis, still the United States on a single, Lost at the time of the competition is thick.With the result that betray a lot of fans’ expectations.

(2) Mao Asada, won the World Championship of March

Asada was miss the Grand Prix Final in mother aspect sudden change Mao.Without emergency return of Kai, but lost a mother, it is undergoing a revival in stout-hearted.World Championship total finish of the season of such sadness is carried out in Paris in March.And won by the support of many fans to the force, it is praise in the world.When looking at the history of so far, Asada will have no choice but to believe in such a flow.

(3) Yu Darvish who joined the Rangers, I show the activities that contribute to the winning team

Rangers you have advanced to the World Series for the second consecutive year is a momentum even MLB team.Was it that are bidding on such team’s strength of luck of Darvish.Appears to merit basis to also fully-class, to be expected to stack the win thanks to a strong back.Of course, the success is a hot topic in Japan.

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TV program all genres of viewing rate ranking No.1 is Japan national football team against.Is what you’ll see from this fact …

also possible that Greek sovereign debt 1 million yen is ¥ 2.3 million in one year

Personal financial assets of Japanese about 1500 trillion yen.Although home often can afford to savings at present, why, rather than keep lying to bank deposits of ultra-low interest rates of “0.02%”, and 10 doubles the part of the assets within the now, can be expected the 100 double ” also there is room for consideration by turning to fortune investment “.

And if normal asset management, stock investment also appealing, but must have the courage to invest in things that everyone does not want to put out a hand if the aim fortune.I is the so-called “contrarian” investment.

Speaking of investment investors around the world are escaped, it’s government bonds of EU member states that heavy debt is a problem.Starting with Greece, Italy, Spain, the government bonds of Portugal, is Urimakura from the fact that the increased risk of bankruptcy is, it is as high as real yields incredible.

About 35% yield of the Greek government bonds 10-year of this year the beginning of the year, about 130% in the 2-year, rose to about 360 percent is reached in 1 year.By the way, Japanese government bonds 10-year yield is about 1%, US bonds about 2%.

All waste paper and Once you have certainly national bankruptcy.But, if if after Manukarere the collapse for a while, investment in them’s easy money.

And invested one million yen to Greek sovereign debt 1 year that was ahead redeemed after six months (yield about 360%), if Rarere subject to interest and redemption, income about 1.8 million yen.When’s 2-year yield 130%, resulting in 2.3 million yen and more than doubled to suit principal in the possession of one year of ¥ 1 million investment was standing.

If not as much as Greece, about 7% yield of Italian government bonds (10-year), Spain government bonds and about 6%, compared to Japan and the United States debt, much higher yielding.

What about purchase method.

“Since the foreign debt is basic relative trading between financial institutions, it is difficult to individual investors to purchase directly.However, purchase if requested by major domestic and European-based securities company is possible.If you have stock of government bonds that underwriting in-house, I can be purchased immediately.

Since the euro crisis, securities company that does not have a stock lot, immediately buy case is probably rare, you should buy it if out an order to “buy want When sale is out” In that case, even “(Akio Makabe, Shinshu economy Professor, Department of)

The end of last year, the Greek government and the Italian government, was announced a policy to sell government bonds directly to individual investors early this year.If realized would individual Japanese investors also likely to buy their foreign debt.

Investors sharp of Mehashi have already hit the hand.Renowned investor George Soros led fund, the end of last year, I was reported to have purchased a European government bonds, mainly Italian government bonds of about $ 2 billion (about 155 billion yen) scale.While staring the prolonged euro crisis, it seems to have judged to be sufficient revenue is obtained.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue

Masao gold is witnessed in Beijing, the death of his father Kim Jong Il “law of nature” – Korean paper

January 14, 2012, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il of the eldest son, Mr. Masao (nam) has been witnessed in the Beijing Capital International Airport in China.Singapore Hana shaped paper, Lianhe Zaobao told as news of the 16 date Korea paper, Chosun Ilbo.

[Other photos of]

1 month from the death of Kim Jong Il, is Masao that trend has been attention appeared to Beijing.Witnessed the 14 afternoon, the boarding gate business lounge of Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3.It seems that was about to return to Macau flights Air China (CA).Jeans down jacket of dark blue, and wearing a hat, no different from ordinary tourists dressed.Travel companions did not.

Encounter Chosun Ilbo former Beijing correspondent at the boarding gate by chance.The “Kim Jong-nam’s Is in Masao you sit in a chair by one person?When asking a “, it was acknowledged that in the state in which panic is a rising identity.Then “do you be returning to Macau?Do you act alone often?When I asked the “, and answered” Yes “, it would have been surprised to sudden death of” your father (Kim Jong Il)?The question of the “I returned as” (those that person’s death) would be natural law “.

For attendance to place the funeral in Pyongyang, I stayed in ambiguous reply.But, when ask and the “I must take care of younger brothers so eldest son”, answered clearly “It should do so.”.In addition, in Masao you have a net search in the lounge of the PC Korean businessman, “that it was to go to South Korea?When asked “said,” I can go not without “and answers, but held out a note and I want you to write a” peaceful unification “, written in English,” Peace “and (peace) only.

Masao Mr. and Beijing filled in the previous week, it seems that those who had met first wife and son of Beijing residents.And that before the death of Kim Jong Il had been Beijing filled at a rate of once every 2 to 3 months.

In addition, article as saying Beijing diplomatic sources, only this wife and children that had been Pampered alive on the funeral of Kim was reported to have attended.According to the 12 date Japan media, for Masao the company’s e-mail interview, “and if the owner of the normal thinking, it is not supposed to admit to three generations hereditary” answer, skeptical to power transfer to Mr. Seion (Eun) I showed the view.(Translation and editing / NN)