[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “annual income is much backer foreigner”.Comedian, Hiroshi I reveal revenue of big break was the golden age.

Hiroshi comedy talent, the revenue of the time you have big break was revealed at a local Fukuoka TV program.He last year, had a monthly income at the time the mouth even in the event, but in fact I was not a amount of far from it.

Hiroshi is a Self-deprecation that begins with the phrase “This is Hiroshi”, caught fire in popularity appeared to comedy show in around 2003 “Entertainment of God”.It is he known as the Kumamoto-born entertainer, but he made his debut from “Fukuoka Yoshimoto” in comedy world was born in Fukuoka Prefecture Omuta.

It’s Hiroshi popular was nosedive after it was a big break, but was often again to see the figure from last year.Such he is appeared to broadcast local Fukuoka TV “Night Shuffle” (FBS) to January 15, and so on, and it worked with senior Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi.

To the other party the Hanamaru-Daikichi became care in Fukuoka era, Hiroshi told the hardships story.He popular in Fukuoka has been sluggish, he formed a duo and that it and “Babies” Tokyo away Yoshimoto at the time of the 26-year-old.It would be disbanded in about two years but not out at all bud.

Was 28-year-old began the work of the host to which the prototype of eventually “Hiroshi”.He said, “There was also the time of the monthly salary ¥ 30,000, bottom era” Looking back and referred to as “had Kakitame the story is not forgotten the comedy”.The story is “Self-deprecation”, and I for big break at once as Hiroshi in the 31-year-old.

Not only variety show from there, drama, movie, CM, etc., his success is was something that also can be said that the sample of break.But its popularity also follow the fall line in about two years, work went depleted by the time of the 33-year-old.

Hiroshi currently a 39-year-old, is being gradually return also work.Is book “Hiroshi last June.Hana also publishes the storm also beyond glue “(Toho Publishing), the launch event it is even revealed as a” at the time that you break boasted three million yen monthly income “.

How much such past in the he said Hiroshi, income Hanamaru-Daikichi is “heyday?I was re-confirmed as “.Hiroshi is also answer calmly “It is about 3 million yen monthly income”, is the pursuit of the Hanamaru-Daikichi “I Tsu underestimate ours” has begun.

He they were Toitsume to Hiroshi and “should you have got enough helper foreign players in the annual income” to boast and examined attached.Specific amount of from there has not been published containing the “beep”, Hiroshi From flow of talk is had to admit it.

If the “helper foreign players” in professional baseball it is assumed would be to contract with a major leaguer players, annual income is billion unit.Hiroshi in the preceding events “monthly income of last month 5 was ten thousand yen” is talk also, the difference is he such than you think.

Hiroshi I Do not “is another big break.I was told to do it “to steady.To experience a break and subsequent drop would he is feelings that arrived.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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official sales channel sales stop indefinitely, prices in the market – China

January 13, 2012, the US Apple smartphone iPhone4S was released in China.Sale of three lag than such as the United States and Japan.The awaited Chinese users et al., made a long line to five stores a certain Apple store each store in the country.However, because the suppliers of resale in it had been mixed multitude, Apple sold in the Apple store I announced to stop the time being.Beijing 晨報 told in 16 date.

[Other photos of]

Domestic official store, iPhone4S which became a full stop at the official online shop.While release resumption time has become undecided, the route has become available in China has become a via or via distributors, mobile carriers leading China Unicom (China Unicom).In the former case, 500-1500 yuan from list price (about 6000-18000 yen) are soaring much price (4988 yuan in the price = lowest of 16G).In addition, in the case of the latter, from has become a cross-selling of the user agreement, the price 5880 yuan (about ¥ 71,000).

China Unicom to start selling at the 13th 7 am, I accepted the 13 000 review contract o’clock yesterday afternoon 9.I was sold 9000 units in electronics retail giant Suning (SUNING Appliance) in sale the day of the 13th.Conflict of GOME Electrical Appliances I sold 9000 units by (GOME Electrinics) In the 15th.That here’s a state you have all inventory.(Translation and editing / love ball)

Not feel attracted to “semi-grade population” IT in ignorant gang of Kanto Union representative

Was beginning to “coalition Kanto,” which raised the name in such Ichikawa Ebizo incident “semi-grade population” But, they should not be subject to the gang exclusion regulations, which came into force in the nation in October.Whether the relationship of them and gangsters are what made.Atsushi Mizoguchi’s non-fiction writer is the author of the best-selling “gang” (Shincho Shinsho) is commentary.

* * * Roppongi, Tokyo, such as typified by Kanto Union OB of “semi-grade population” is emerging, I have seen and would erode the area of ​​gangsters future.They are seniors from the days of the motorcycle gang – while maintaining a junior relationship, billing fraud and poverty business, Yami gold, management, etc. dating site, or engaged in them, are profitable not a few.

Because there is never much you put enrolled in gangs as past once half gray population, not their criminal history data to police.In about Which section is responsible for half gray population in the Metropolitan Police Department was finally decided in ’11 spring, it is at a stage that attracts your basic data now.

Of course, they are because it is “not a gang”, but it will not be the subject of gangsters Countermeasures Law and gang exclusion regulations, they do not apply to half gray population.

And if you ask half gray population, rather than the benefits of no longer enter the gang, nor willing to follow the instructions of the boss and big brother as an absolute.Even committing the same crime, the police then you in the eyes of the enemy the gangsters, the punishment of gangsters are weighted in court.Even tempted quit gangsters, rather than quickly and quit giving to us organization, you must pay a month membership fee to roughly set office.

Gang’s a disadvantage just older organization for half gray population.Gang members there are many elders, therefore IT and net, it does not have the ability to create new surpass you use a mobile phone or smartphone.Members of the semi-grade populations grew up surrounded from the very time you were born in electronics and electronic games.That’s why the induction of tourists to dating sites and online casinos using the net, such as the launch of the penny auction, I can founding and operating a new surpass.

Part of the gang imitate the semi-grade population, it is not put in a pair of young people from the beginning that came in, began to also take measures such as in the personnel of the employees and series right-wing organization of relations companies to preserve the basis “Front organization” Mai but, long-term decline trend change.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 18 issue

Poland Transfers or … Buddha paper Hojiru in this winter is Dijon Matsui

In Japan representative MF Daisuke Matsui belonging to Dijon, the possibility of Poland Transfers has emerged.

France paper “Requip” is reported that Legia Warsaw of Poland First Division has expressed an interest in acquiring Matsui.This season there is also injured, Matsui that has remained played three games in the league is, it is reported that there is a possibility of leaving the Dijon in this winter of the transfer market.

It should be noted, Legia Warsaw in the powerhouse boasts 8 degrees of winning experience in the domestic league, even this season and is in second place after finishing the 17 games.

[Photo] = Adachi Masashi

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 Rirusu Kawashima you have graced the league resumed in victory “Transfers after most good match.”

The Stop it Nante entrance examination center test! The largest this year making and management mistakes past

Every year, and but center trials heavy snow and questions mistakes is a hot topic, weekend in this year of tests carried out on (January 14 and 15, 2012), the basic mistake of management side of such distribution mistake of issue paper is past that was frequently in the largest.

In or wasted expenditure studio in training for the prevention directed severe eye to the center test or governing body, of Kenzaburo Ikeda economy critic gave spotted the abolition of center test on the show commentator.”Ministry of Education has gone to make the organization What NCUEE, although not done uniformly across the country at the center of the center, there is unreasonable in the system.Test something, is not it nice fake from each university ”

That it is the center side is about to like to strengthen the training for mistakes prevented, and if you ask Ikeda, it’s uneconomical takes extra money in it.

Large nodded, and “the street moderator of Monta Mino also of Ikeda comment.Waste Stop it, waste Stop it “and” need not things had bated need not, “said the eyebrow.

Son of Aki Higashihara Saeko is “became Luffy from Kitaro”

Aki Higashihara of talent (29), it has been reported in a blog that has been carried out in the New Year’s greetings to the talent of Saeko (25) home.

Higashihara includes “!! Saeco’s son-kun had become Luffy from Kitaro makeover”, have been surprised to speed of children’s growth.

Even in blog Saeko, other always “Mamatomo” as Sumiya appearing well to blog Anna Higashihara (28) has also been reported that was with, of course, respectively, Higashihara is very in reunion to “children after a long time fun Desu! “and comments.Children also suggests that good terms.

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In simple and elegant vestiges disappear cheap city for Denenchofu inheritance tax measures

Although not take tax to be carried out in the sauna bath or public bath, you go to the hot springs “bathing tax” is applied.Although not take tax even if the baseball and tennis and soccer, and the golf “golf course use tax” is applied.It’s “jealousy motive” that these Japanese of the underlying tax is “taken from money retention”.That is, tax authorities, there is a concept I’ll take the tax from hot springs and golf’s luxury.Points out Kenichi Ohmae Mr. and nothing else the prime example is inheritance tax.

* * *
Is in inheritance tax “incarnation of jealousy motive”.He is barely are riding around the luxury foreign cars in the parent of heritage to not even work, he jealousy of Louis tax background that.

Inheritance tax, has created a large Unfortunately wealthy family.For example, Tokyo Denenchofu was upscale residential area that represents Japan, are now cheap condo or apartment is situated around, no longer vestiges of former elegant cityscape.Land prices bubble period that was inflated, and put on snow job of many “tax advisor” of residents of Denenchofu, and built an apartment or apartment to home site with a large amount of debt as inheritance measures.

However, because the land when the dead father had plunged, many second generation becomes that inherit the minus assets (debt), and than is became a dire situation that it whether in siblings quarrel who bear begins.

On the other hand, farmers are exempt from inheritance tax.Even in children salaryman, and we start the agriculture from inherited within ’30, inheritance tax is supposed to be that may or may not pay.Farmers and will have sold the field if you impose inheritance tax, agriculture is likely theory that can not be collapsed to food self-sufficiency, in fact, more than 70% part-time farmers of now farmers, 90 percent of its revenue it is a situation where it is said that other than agriculture.This means that virtually, he Japanese agriculture has already collapsed.The reason for farmers does not decrease is because the benefits of tax is large you’re doing and agriculture alone supposedly.

Also reality’s Nitariyottari fishery.Farmers and fishermen also subject to the asset tax (* 1) and value-added tax (* 2), I eliminate the unfair tax comes out in career choice.However, life is to be the subject of welfare so long to say that does not hold, it is my basic idea is that.Actually will come out many people let go of farmland because if inheritance tax also becomes unnecessary also gift tax attrition asset taxation.This what I’ll buy companies, to enter the young people, the effect also I can be expected that.

Any children if the wife, or even a mistress, because who the inheritance must be pay taxes in proportion to the market value each year tax system that asset taxation is “neutral to generational change (neutral)”.By the way, in the developed countries of the world, Italy, Canada, Australia, etc. 17 countries have abolished the inheritance tax.Taiwan also I was recently abolished at the same time inheritance tax and reduce the corporate tax to 17%.I feel Hong Kong, Singapore, the company was conscious of China scramble, rich overseas Chinese scramble, the Susamajisa.”YOKOSO Japan” and it is in overseas say touting, the majority of people living in at least there (silent majority) has been welcomed by the Japanese government, not on the tax system that.

In only two of the value-added tax and asset tax taxes, and to abolish all the current tax, he injustice, inequality of tax can be at once resolved.If that happens discrimination on the career choice also, the gap between rich and poor is also no longer on the system.And is it just that people who have assets should I sell if it in the ear, comes opportunity with the assets to young people if it becomes cheaper.

* 1: shall be levied on fixed assets such as financial assets and real estate assets of taxable individuals and corporations.About 1000 trillion yen in net financial assets of the personal sector of Japan is obtained by subtracting the debt from about 1400 trillion yen, because real estate assets are said to be about 1500 trillion yen, if you set a tax rate of 1% of market value, tax revenue It is about 25 trillion yen per year.

* 2: Unlike the consumption tax to be levied against VAT final consumption, for the added value that occurs along with the economic activity (amount minus the purchase cost from selling price), and uniform in all the production process evenly that widely thin taxation to.Taxpayer is not only consumers, are also included corporate and business who have created a value.If tax rate the same as 5% of the current consumption tax, because GDP is the total amount of added value, which is produced in Japan is it about 500 trillion yen, tax revenue will be about 25 trillion yen per year.

※ “peace of mind tax readings for the salaryman” than (Shogakukan)

“Unilateral leak of marriage Aya Ueto side of the HIRO!?” Wake EXILE officials sperm negative

Whether or Gase of the marriage is a fact.

Marriage of Aya Ueto and EXILE · HIRO some sports newspaper reported on New Year’s Day.Article says that it plans to submit a marriage the April to Medford, but both of the agency completely negative.Stance is at odds with the media and the office.Heck, probably either have said the truth.

The year before last fall’s dating of big game a couple of this 16-year-old difference was told.It has been reported in a number of sports newspaper.Photos weekly last January, it tells how the Ueto home apartment HIRO is frequently out, there was further also follow-up of moving.

However, it is assumed Ueto of the agency against this marriage news “do not listen at all such a story”, the office of HIRO is “surprised a complete skip (Gase),” “spring like to also schedule specific tour sperm negative and time “to concentrate on work.It’s veteran entertainment reporter is given to refute this.

I since have leaked also Ueto of relatives “of that marriage is close to.Originally in both office and close the sports newspaper scoop of, also not be a coincidence time of New Year’s Day.Is no doubt in the article that it has been accepted from the office side.Since the both is advertising contract and various hurdles, such as CM and we have ostensibly negative, but to increase the interest in the world to one of now, it would be strategy, such as from human profit in marriage Fever ”

Ueto affiliation of Oscar promotion, recently has become eager to sale of awfully “post Ueto”, Saki Takei, Shiori Kutsuna, Ayame Goriki et al. To increase the activity as the candidate.It is also as if it is assumed after Ueto of marriage.

“The Softbank CM that Ueto starring, to Ueto of marriage version There is also a rumor that has been planned, I because you heard that idea also that this” post Ueto “is taken over by appearing in the CM” (same reporter)

Is a strong view that still media side marriage news is not a Gase.

However, when it comes to relationship’s side, which is also the attitude be consistent.Entourage is confide to friends in EXILE members and private life.

To have heard that “” because marriage is not “at last year’s year-end party from HIRO’s identity, dating’re not married any fact.Roughly one was leaked around when you get married is one-sided of the funnel’s, it is not visible only to the topic making you do not get the acknowledgment of Mr. HIRO ”

In fact, the positive remark came to the table to get married than from Ueto, in the last year in September of events “Attached smoothly or” “Yes!” To the question and the answer is with a smile.HIRO is through a no comment, this temperature difference is a strange feeling against.

“But if you get married in article street, I would be there was a situation of HIRO’s that had to be hidden even in the fellow, too there is a schedule a forced.and deny When “It would I want to buy time because there are women who do not have to organize affairs in HIRO’s” Nante I had some people say (laughs),’m Black propaganda sports paper anyway, of April marriage “is (the same)

Media is positive, officials deny marriage news.Which is whether it is a big lie with, the answer is coming out is just a matter of time.
(Statement = Masahisa Suzuki)

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Tesla shares plunge by leaving executives two employees

Manufacturer of Friday before closed EV (electric vehicle), Tesla (ticker: TSLA) strains played a sharp drop of -19.33%.

The reason is because the announced departure a is Nick Sampson is successively responsible for the company’s Chief Engineer Peter Rawlinson and the vehicle body and chassis design.

Tesla new car, mass production of “Model S” will start from this year of July.

Mean that investors were upset Meet with quit the chief engineer at the important timing.

“Model S” has already received a pre-order of 6,500 units.

The Tesla recently, crossover vehicles, we have started to develop a “model X”.

This year the company’s sales of about $ 650 million, EPS has been expected to $ 1.75 of deficit.

Sasaki Nozomi, Aragaki Yui, Horikita Maki …… of attention that will decorate the 2012 “year of the dragon beauty” three generations

Zodiac of 2012 this year, a mysterious force has legendary, which is said to rise to heaven Animals & Dragon.24-year-old in the entertainment industry, 36 years old, I wonder have all what lineup to “Toshion’na” of 48-year-old.

First it’s a 24-year-old of 1988 born, but beauty to flutter now studded here.Exactly what Sasa KiNozomi with heyday of beauty & body of February published in the movie “Afro Tanaka” such as play the movie original heroine, is now riding on Nori.Like Nana Eikura The former model and Kuroki Meisa also movies, drama, remarkable success and to CM.Popular Horikita Maki in outstanding clarity, Yuriko Yoshitaka is becoming individualistic actress, the three representative – Aragaki Yui of innocent school, willing to exert its appeal to fully this year in film and drama wonder.From AKB48, which became a national idol Oshima Yuko and Sayaka Akimoto became Toshion’na.As core members, it must to me further boost the AKB popularity of overheating.

“Eikura drama” best end how ~ Ending Planner ~ of life “(TBS system) Historical drama” tassel castle in appearance to “also will be released this fall.With Aragaki that appeared in the movie “~ Tsubasa ~ Movie-newcomer of the giraffe”, I am expanding the width of steadily acting.Its “Tsubasa ~ theater version of the Kirin newcomer ~” Kuroki that cameo appearance in the singer activities also strong.Horikita, also known as a close friend in the same office and Kuroki, the movie that became the catalyst for break “ALWAYS Sunset on Third Street” third in a series of “Sunset on Third Street ’64 ALWAYS” will be published this month.From April have decided starring in Asadora “plum-chan sensei” of NHK, acting ability and its neat and clean good looks among contemporaries is missing one head.Maybe then, I might be Horikita Year this year.Yoshitaka also movie “Robo-G” such as two public schedule of “We Were There”, by this generation is going to certainly pull the Japanese actress community layer “(entertainment writer).

When it comes to 36-year-old in 1976 born, better sister lined drifting sex appeal.Koyuki that gave birth to first child in the new year, Igawa took further refine the healing pheromone far, such as Yoshino beauty of Kimura does not change at all after birth, but where the very protagonists of lineup.In addition, drama, film, also 2 large single beauty of stage and Miki Nakatani who are active in each and Arisa Mizuki same age.Sachiko Kokubu married to Sanpei Hayashiya forget would not be.

“In other, Kyoko Uchida, Yamamoto Mona (now Nakanishi Mona), Maya Masai, is characterized by some in the women’s Ana banner year such as Ohashi Maki.Marriage, become more Ppoku luster through the birth, Haruka Igawa played a second break will be in the future yearning Arafo woman.Nakatani Miki play a role Murasaki Shikibu in the movie of the currently published in the “Tale of Genji thousand years of mystery” is similar, support from single women are more strongly will likely “(same)

From 48-year-old MILF who was born in 1964, seems its charm comes standing smell and stuffy.Is a healthy and clean 40s largest Maya Miki, to forever Tomoko Yamaguchi boasts a high likeability also, early ’31 has elapsed from the “pleasure ……” of 1981 published movie “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun” Yakushimaru Hiroko’s still alive and well in the movie and drama.From two of Reiko and Sugita Kaoru Takashima, to example unexpected is also said MILF Eros is oozing, there is a feeling that has reached the area of ​​Ishihara truth and YOU anymore “scary without those”.

“Besides, member of the House of Councilors and became Junko Mihara and Oginome Keiko etc., equipped with dark members.While that unabated looks even monkeys, the best part of this generation of charm that has experienced a number of love and Courage, which has survived the era of Showa has been mixed.After all, I because there is age difference between the two times with 24-year-old group (laughs) “The (same).

By the way …… became Toshion’na at 60-year-old Miyuki Nakajima, Natsuki Mari, Fubuki Jun, Rumiko Koyanagi, such as Keiko Matsuzaka, but folks there is a sense of volume of about here also too dark.Everyone’s a way of life that only seems to be able movies this one, but that they “very not think sixtieth birthday” are common.Anyway, she who was addicted to once of Meguriawase in ’12 that show any shine, even for an instant from Dragon year Beauties Keep an eye!
(Statement = Tomoyuki Kojima)

(※ Image: from left, “Sasaki Nozomi photo book” nozomi “”, “Horikita Maki” 2012 Calendar “”, than “Shincho Mook monthly Aragaki Yui Special”)

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