Apartment owners, restaurant, gym management etc two pairs of straw sandals before hit! Entertainer sideline circumstances

“Amano Kung’m very good asset management.For example, better that you buy an apartment rent 65,000 yen or obtained, more of rent is I was thinking from the time obtained or, young terrible the sort of thing.He and payment of one hotels th end, I’m Omoitatsu more of large condominium purchase in two hotels first.He is one of the few comedians that were affected by the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Greece shock ”

Was broadcast the other day “Ametoku! “In the (TV Asahi), was been Barasa a real estate investment of sideline from Udo Suzuki accidentally partner is, of Kyaeen Hiroyuki Amano.However, entertainers work hard to asset management and sideline is not a story that was only Amano.

Under the influence of the Lehman shock, and the head was coming out on the radio the Ken suffered a heavy loss of about become pure white, the Hikariura of Oashizu Yasuko.While she is shed the majority of savings you have accumulated over the years to encourage the banker, it would be in dollars, at a rapid appreciation of the yen after the Lehman shock, that was heavy loss.”I was saying Tatte 10 million grinded Rieko’s Nishihara cartoonists FX, at all no big deal When compared to me,” the amount is enough to Guchiru and.Thereafter we have erosion assets at increasingly accelerated yen, and Toka he perfectly salted state is now.

Although luxury condominium does not go with as Amano, ocular Courtesan Speaking of surprising entertainer you Kuitsunagu apartment management.It’s one hit wonder entertainer that are no longer apparent only in “That person now” by now “Entertainment of God” (NTV) annual income several tens of million is the time that it was a huge hit in the appearance.But he future was anxiety from those days, one buildings buying an apartment used.That even now that income in the entertainment activity decreased sharply, are obtained earnings of the month 30 several tens of thousand as landlord.

Also as entertainer sideline of, but restaurant management that a classic than real estate.

“In the past the entertainer that do snacks and bar was despised in dirt and shade, now is not that kind of era.That words such as bloom in business lecture also in the dressing room “labor costs” Yara “depreciation” flurry also …… “(medium-sized entertainer A)

Himself Kenji Tamura that the story often on television is not only the familiar roasted meat shop, also start teppanyaki shop.Once foot traffic away with food poisoning turmoil also has been increasing again.Hong Kong engaged in okonomiyaki shop in Ginza a prime location, but the penalty-Hide, entertainers in delicious of the hormone pot often Tokyo Dynamite honey Jiro reputation such as a fan with even eateries four stores around Gotanda with solid management skills.

However, similar to the entertainment world, waves restaurant management large Hayarisutari is not uncommon also be heavy loss.Monjayaki of “Seiji Chihara bars and Takahiro Azuma deficit management.Just has become out unexpected comedians of bytes ahead of bud, and junior you are grateful to Futari there chivalrous spirit is often “(young entertainer B), entertainer of the shop, has become a hot exchange of place making money not only often also.

Real estate investment, foreign currency investment, Speaking of eateries management, maximum of success is, no doubt it is Shinsuke Shimada who retired last year.However, risky minute, the that it was dabbling in building management of large auction property and downtown margins, had to strengthen the ties with underworld certainly.

Also small and medium-young comedians who raise the heat to the business, only fellowship with outlaw such as Shinsuke is one in which I want to avoid.
(Statement = Peeping Tom Sawyer)

(※ Image: “Become bound bitten by a dog entertainer you are selling Kenji Tamura of Tokyo !!” / Written by: Kenji Tamura / bamboo Shobo)

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“Historic” controversy and is now the top priority of the controversy consumption tax increase or deflation

About consumption tax, it seems the epidemic is that recently “go down in history,” the controversy.

As responsibility for future generations, is now the largest point we should discuss, whether to raise taxes and to not escape the deflation, it is that.

It is it in if it is assumed that “leave to history,” First “should learn to history”.

Whether fiscal consolidation was on track in the consumption tax increase in ’97 Hashimoto administration?Than is failed.The reason lies in the deflation.Because of deflation is to stop the economic growth, not increasing pie, and than is frustrated was not increased tax revenue.

“Historic” and controversy, now top priority policy issue of, there consumption tax increase, or because such to be a deflation of the controversy, the last is a muscle and have them decide their priorities in public opinion.

Liberal Democratic Party should challenge the dispute with Noda regime to the original crisp flag of “consumption tax increase NO, deflation top priority of deflation”.

Toni to Lazio Transfers determination of the Honda one step away to Transfers Middle East

Seems to Japan representative MF Keisuke Honda is applied to the officially Lazio on the weekend.Negotiations with CSKA Moscow have reached the final stage.Expected transfer fee is to become a 12 million euros (about 1.2 billion 20 million yen).Honda seems to Rome filled in the evening tomorrow.

On the other hand, Lazio seems to work also won’s Juventus MF Michele Pazienza.It’s the same players Udinese Transfers have been expected, but it is showing the movement came Lazio is here.However, it seems Genoa also joined the competition.

In addition, the Lazio offense there may be a surprise.The thing of Milan FW Filippo Inzaghi.Post vacant in the release of FW Djibril Cisse is, there is also likely to be filled with Inzaghi.But, Milan will not let go of the Inzaghi appearance.Although the club, including the Bologna and Lazio are interested, Inzaghi will stay under the Massimiliano Allegri coach.

Also, seems Ajax FW Mounir El Hamdaoui is the new striker of Fiorentina.It is not yet been officially announced, but the player has finished the medical check in Florence, it is a thing that connects the new contract.

Juventus FW Luca Toni has become one step away to Dubai Transfers.Walter Zenga’s men move to Al Nasr, may be officially announced to the 29th.Juventus Giuseppe Marotta GM (general manager), before the Udinese game of the 28th, “After I only detail.When the story is settled in tomorrow, I’m talking to, “are optimistic.

It is to be noted that the Juventus Transfers of Lyon DF Aly Cissokho, Ali Bharat who is the representative of the players, in France of “Parisian”, “but Juventus have praised the ant, of this January market In would not an offer.Sissoko remain in Lyon until at least the end of the season.It was said that I I never know what will happen “in the market.

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] can not be free love understanding? Now 43-year-old, Naoko Iijima.The willingness to remarry?

Actress Naoko Iijima of, is divorced and divorced rock band TUBE of Nobuteru Maeda in 2001.Her is a television program, talked about remarriage anxious.

Iijima Naoko, and appeared in “5LDK” broadcast January 26 (Fuji TV), answered questions about love that after the drama of being broadcast in the current agency “second love from last”.

Iijima also drama starring “second love from last” is the theme free love of which are not tied adults to get married.On this theme Iijima first, reveal that the “first well Sure did,” he could not understand about the free love and.

But you are talking about the past of marriage as “young I thought you do not want to be bound by marriage.”.Also to marry TUBE of Nobuteru Maeda in 1997 Speaking of Iijima, and divorce in 2001.Then, of there were adoring coverage of the Kabukicho of the original number one host younger 13-year-old, is also currently in the single.

That such Iijima prefer men has changed in the past and.Iijima that have been asked about the type of men in the same program, the old days bulls men replied that it was a favorite wild.

Iijima himself, to look back on their own it was a woman like keep up with from behind.But exactly called type male different currently, it was revealed that has changed is love view overlaid years.

And then, “And you sure that you want to get married?”And for remarriage anxious, were When asked to Matsuoka Masahiro of TOKIO as” Do not say if there are may partner taking a year “a positive feeling in the mouth.Even now that it has become 43 years of age, Iijima having the inferior unexpected beauty.May close day to the remarriage.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Nanami incense)

Marriage with Yuriko Yoshitaka bandsman direct appeal

Starring movie of currently published in “Robo-G” (Toho) also box office is strong.Have drifted distinguished presence among the young actresses, Yuriko Yoshitaka (23) also abandon of private life is one of the attractive.That said, it is too mischievousness, ‥‥ in just as the surrounding is also brandished.


In this magazine issue January 19, was introduced sightings of Yoshitaka that was drinking last November early in the tavern of Tokyo Nakameguro.

Was drunk bright Yoshitaka is, “Hey, when was sex?”Or” I like the I! “I was doing three days before, and he had a Bodacious lower body remark.

Although not clear whether its tail opponent, it is a popular band · flumpool bassist Genki Amakawa of (27) She’s currently dating.

This band, a popular band that played in NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen consecutive 09,10 and 2 years.

Entertainment reporter to commentary.

“Acquaintance 2 people with co-star in the music program in July 09, dating has started in Takeshi approach from Yoshitaka.But also had that was reported the staying date in the following year, the office that two people are both belong denied a devoted relationship.In particular, Amakawa that in the form you have dabbled in sign actress will have heard that was laid the coals from the office. ”

Such Yoshitaka was published the hand connection site of the actor Toma Ikuta (27) last summer, photo magazine.Dating and Amakawa already completed or originally wonder there was no relationship.

To know the circumstances, the agency officials talk.

“The article was one that was taken a state in which playing until the morning of six men and women.In addition to the two people, Takaoka Sosuke, Yuika Motokariya, it had been reported that the Kanna Mori had, only one of the men appeared to the general public, it has been posted in the eyes filled.However, the man what I was Amakawa (laughs).Executive office who read article if you “finally parting was whether” the peace of mind, seems to have surprised because it was Amakawa buy ”

Or far from you broke up, two of passion Do not say I just flare up.

“Yoshitaka that marriage also be taken into the field of view, it is referred to as being in drastic pace of work in order to increase the time to meet with Amakawa.Repeatedly from the office of the executive, and to have been persuaded “Wakarero for future”, it has no ears to hear at all, it seems to have started saying that it is “quit work if you can not get married.”.When office also Hayamara is to troubled, gone choice but to wait and see “(before de office officials)

Only to At-kerakan To Yoshitaka you show off Furunudo, you might pull off a “blitz marriage” very easily.
This continuation nationwide convenience store, please enjoy “Weekly Asahi entertainment” on sale in bookstores.

Is hard work?Hard job lot that I want to see when such

Not painful work.

There are quite that you should not have to put up with for the day in and day out, life.Also will come out one or two of the complaints of work.

However, in the world, there are a lot Even more hard work seems.

Once their work is becoming tight, we will introduce the hard work that I want you to look in reference.

& Nbsp; 1.

And What sperm up of horse.When these people changing jobs, I Will what Te write that of former to resume……. Of horse.I feel painful is even been staring much to horse.


Cleaning of elephants.No fast, this can not be in …… words.From the length of the leg and I also think quite tall people, but I is not a there to mention.


Armpit smell Checker.It is that of the need for people to check the effect of sweating product.Is it good or bad is better is a good sense of smell in get to this work ….


I do not know what people carrying, but surely popular from children is enormous.


This teeming water ….It’s also when sorry just a toilet cleaning.

[I see the image]
Electrician.And is surely one that difficult these most reach to fix.

[I see the image]
And What business of toilet cleaner.Why do toilets bring.How can I think be Arigatagara By using the previous toilet you have made.

[I see the image]
Someone should not have to, work in high-rise buildings.

[I see the image]
Call center.Toka Toka jam-packed canned, I it was a word that is used for this kind of time.

[I see the image]
Fucking pick up of elephant.Nice catch! It is Maybe not a problem to say Toka, but this I think is quite heavy?

[I see the image]
Basis holder.By something that hits the target this, discomforts of work (Abuna is) will increase or decrease.

[I see the image]
Bad workplace environmental.Regardless of the job, the environment might when the poor.

[I see the image]
I do not know if they dived for what, but it is desperate.
World Hiroshi, will there be still hard work in the world.If Omoere Nante their work with it the more comfortable, also you luck from tomorrow.

Youtube.com/SoufTuts – Imgur

[Is hard work?View all hard job variety] you want to see when such

Shakes on the reverse is a “seismic isolation structure” typhoon reduced to shaking fifth of earthquake

The research team of the University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute summarizes the estimates of the “M7-class capital epicentral earthquake occurs in 70% of probability within four years”.Some that are not standing than a year from the Great East Japan Earthquake, I mean that the threat of a new earthquake is being approached in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Although the Great East Japan Earthquake was enormous damage caused by the tsunami, in the case of a direct-type earthquake, building damage and fire is a concern.The strength of the building where the important thing is.Most of the houses that were destroyed in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, it was something that was built the strength to withstand about seismic intensity 6 to seismic standards and it was in June 1981 before.However, Mr. Kazuaki Ito of disaster prevention information mechanism chairman referred to as “building which was built in June 1981 before Japan still remains even 30%”.

Some “earthquake resistance becomes insufficient, this building may lead to collapse and greater than intensity 6 upper.You can us to conduct seismic diagnosis for free by local governments, also where it is provided with a system that will assist in the cost for reinforcement.Anxious would be good to try to talk to once municipality “(Mr. Ito)

However, does not mean none same strength if that was built on the basis of the new seismic standards.Big difference comes out by the structure of the building called “seismic” “seismic” “seismic isolation” If you choose an apartment.Detailed Keiko Inoue in earthquake disaster in the first-class architect explained.

“Seismic structure is most popular earthquakes is thicker or pillars, which increase the strength of the building itself is increased or the rebar.But you can prevent the damage of the building, but it does not prevent shaking itself.

Next is a damping structure are used in many apartment tower, which technique of attaching a damper to act as a spring to suppress the shaking buildings.To sway with the wind and I effective but, shaking of the earthquake is not only slightly reduce.

The most effective of the seismic isolation structure to shaking of an earthquake.The intended to put rubber on the base portion of the building, is reduced to about one to five minutes shaking the top of the building 3 minutes during an earthquake, ”

If Rarere suppressed shaking, of course you finish it even less damage to the building, it is possible to reduce the loss of household goods.is reduced possibility of injury by furniture fall.However, not only such seismic isolation structure also benefits.Representative, Kunisaki Nobue’s crisis management education institute speak this.

“It depends on the size of the building, but to be installed on average, about 50 million yen, and is said to take about ¥ 30,000 per year in maintenance.Also will come to affect the rent and administrative expenses a rent.In addition, seismic isolation’m also weaknesses that would sway large at the time of strong winds, such as typhoon ”

※ women Seven February 9, 2012 issue

The Korean products in such a place if you notice is?Latest situation of threatening Japanese companies “Hallyu total advance”

Recently, such as electronics stores, that have increased opportunity to eye the Korean products than before, some people have noticed would be many.There once in the function and reliability, for Korean products that did not reach far made in Japan, “the heart of the fence” of consumers now becoming low.”Made in Korea” is, are you rise in areas such as consumer electronics and entertainment, that is already widely known.However, in the feet, even in areas that did not notice until now, he major brands are increasingly biting the top in the world market.Power diagram of the global market, is changing every moment.in the domestic and overseas market for Japan aim, whether presence of Korean products is increasing how.If we once again research, was just emerged is leap also say “Hallyu total advance”.(Interview-statement / Satoshi Tomokiyo, cooperation / Techblissonline Powered by WordPress Lab)

Including consumer electronics department, a number of over-the-counter from season 2011 of the end of the year, which flourished, the fast one month.In mixed in domestic new products that are sent out at the timing of each here, Korean products also catching a tidbit eyes, was now no longer a less rare sight.

Some manufacturers, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, I seem to was not so high name recognition in Japan until a little before.Recently, however, Korean products have been penetrated to the general user.

Although long so breakthrough of Korean products is transmitted around the world of the market, once again and try to check the over-the-counter, TV, refrigerator, such as washing machine, reasonable to be seen than certainly made in Japan.The especially prominent, it’s a flat-screen TV.

When I compared the price of certain major retailers, while the Toshiba 42-inch LCD TV terrestrial · BS · 110 degree CS tuner built-in type is sold 11 million units, South Korea · LG-made electronics almost the same spec 42-inch is divided by ¥ 100,000.

Compared such as fine of a liquid crystal resolution accuracy, would not product also less likely tactics rises in domestic products.Still, the folding of the recession that many users would have put the price at the top of the considerations, this difference is large.

Already TV market in the world, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are Gyuji~tsu the first place and second place share.In the past, it is but the two companies that withdrew from the Japanese market of excessive competition, LG Electronics plays a re-entry into the 2010, was reported to be looking to Samsung Electronics also re-entry recently.Koreans are expected to go the future in the Japanese market, stretched steadily share.

Due to reaction of terrestrial digital broadcasting full transition rush demand that occurred during, shipments of Japanese television, since last fall, continues below the previous month.Korean products have continued to rise in bit by bit and market to poke the gap, the anxiety factor for Japanese manufacturers 1 Tsuda.

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Nidec Nagamori president earnings downward revision announced

I meet in.

The 3Q financial results of Nidec has been announced.Each period, I am looking forward to the description of the results briefing of Nagamori president (= speech).In particular question-and-answer session with analysts is a rarity.

Over 2011 full-year forecast

The previous year in operating profit 90 billion yen is, the likelihood of the current fiscal year expected 70 billion yen.Asked to January-March period performance of analysts, said even if the story of “1 over ended March 31,.Problem Ya next fiscal year.How do you Ya important it is whether we do the next fiscal year. “.The current fiscal year has performance downward factor of total 60 billion yen, the earthquake 6 billion yen, increased costs 6 billion yen due to rare earth soaring, the yen 18 billion yen, 30 billion yen by main factory affected by the flooding in Thailand.is a place you go down from 900 billion yen of the original if the previous fiscal year to the “Operating profit 30 billion yen at 600 billion yen downward, Nikki remaining 70 billion.Rather than say Gujiguji this term, I wonder if watching the next fiscal year, and do Ya have to talk of 2015,16 years.I want to hear complaints of such 1 over March?The Ya heard to come tomorrow if you wanted to hear.The Ya contact the office how.”

※ Nidec briefings

The factory situation by Tai flood

To some factory in some places you are back to the original, there is also a factory which produces while still a renovation, it’s completely back to the original March.Motor Thailand factory for HDD or up productivity came in a new machine by flood reconstruction of this time, by the transfer of production to the Philippines factory, a factory so far of the plant is no longer needed one three.Reborn in consumer electronics for motor factory there is demand.

※ Nidec briefings

For over customers of restructuring

“When the reorganization customer is reduced happening, How Well do not do that suppliers also bullied, and.Such logic be in against weak supplier, to be talking about completely different become strong supplier.My go left is different De “strong company.Go supplier also remains strong company.One company of production and distribution costs are reduced rather increased, rather margin increases.

Next-generation motors not spent the Reaasu (SR motor)

The only problem vibration problems is the SR motor was also put into practical use is cleared.Number of specific orders have been visible from the customer, I enter into a full-fledged mass production.”It ‘s not you Onnaji story because you doing down 6 billion yen this year rare earth.It is not this say.We will change a company that does not care about the price of rare earth.Rare earths has been lowered price fell economy, but I’ll also go up sometime future, because you do cod absolute amount Nenkara.But, (and SR motor that does not use rare earth comes out), of which the Ne hoes and so not to be stiff was know the price of rare earth.”

※ Nidec briefings


Thai flood that pretty damaged.However Nagamori president does not fell in just even a fall.Improved productivity in the state-of-the-art factory equipment by flood.It would be a temporary increase in cost factors, management with an eye to the future.I will be studying.Also, if the disaster insurance Orire, will be expected to some extent loss compensation.Nagamori president but is a bullish personality, the numbers look because I have the result it than do than currently expected come to upside stiff, and we look.
In addition, motor that does not use rare earths through the practical stage, the rush to mass production sales phase.After 2-3 years will keep you firmly contribute to the performance.Disaster, one hand of the attack, which took a negative factor advantage of the fact that the rare earth cost increase.It is a wonderful management to represent Japan.

Nidec HP results briefing voice
Comments article to 2012 the 2Q Briefing

NTV vs Fuji viewing rate war of key personnel is that Choi erotic girls Ana!?

Shocking in condom photo of outflow from then left the Nippon TV 1 year, Miku Natsume comes back to former club as a free announcer.According to released the 26th “Weekly true story” (Nipponjanarushuppan), Natsume “laugh from April! Are appointed to moderator of Amekan “, it seems the face of program along with the rain squad of comedy duo.

Speaking of free after-turned activity of Natsume “Shirushirumishiru” Although (TV Asahi) and “Hanamaru Market” (TBS system) to have guest appearances, regular program “anger new party of Matsuko & Ariyoshi” (TV Asahi) only.However, the program records the viewing of 6% level in spite of the late-night.Last year was promoted to the 23 o’clock in October, average audience rating is also when beating out two digits in around 8% of.Now TV world, Natsume is regular program what little, it seems to have been referred to as the “Queen of the uncrowned” as one of the few free analyst to have a number.

Of course, each station with its presence would place to be worried about.Last year, the movement of the Fuji TV has been deprived of the throne was that lasted Nippon TV and 7 years won the annual viewing rate triple crown is of particular interest.Recapture and to prepare a Fuji TV “information live Miyane-ya” program (NTV) daytime band was appointed Aya Takashima in the form of strike in the imperative, both he has scattered sparks crackled.When it Natsume to become a key person in the 2 little dispute, entertainment officials point out.

“As is the upper part of must welcome again the employees said that also drove once in scandal it would be humiliating, but the attitude that it will not be not NTV also bothered Narifuri will glimpses.Women’s Ana Tele day that ace of Yukari Nishio gecko Maki has left in addition to Natsume layer is thin, the presence conspicuous I because much is Hayama Helene.And because even if its Hayama will not have bomb in men relationship ”

Natsume is a translation that was the best trump card for NTV, but I continue do this about the situation of rival Fuji TV.

“The presence of Natsume should chance also for Fuji TV.”Katopan” Son and Ayako and Yoko Shono Kato, if Kuwaware is Natsume Nevertheless free to Fuji Women’s Ana kingdom such as Rio Hirai, just to demon and Kanabo.I because the strongest lineup is completed.If accustomed hope of the person and the Fuji’s first appearance is available, such as large role shows and more, such as matching, Be a revealing the nose of NTV, it would be Uhauha After the coming numbers also attached ”

But might be intense summer first competition under the surface of the water has been waged, in the article “Weekly true story” is, casting of Natsume is touching also tricky reason.

for Natsume does not belong to the entertainment professional, it is extremely difficult even just take an appointment.In addition, Internet companies that father was founded “e-Guardian” is listed on the 2010, stock prices soared.Natsume owns 24,000 shares, assets are said to be at least 100 million yen or more.Therefore, there is no need to put the greedy and work and impatient, and he that does not receive only favorite work.

Natsume is become ironic result of having the first Golden program after free-turned on Japan TV of a full, at the time of the boss who dried her are already relegated, not grudge at all against her own also NTV and synchronization and there is a.Is it a familiar one day Tele go to work to own pace on the base, or to expand the field to Fuji TV “have” or to exert its presence as women Ana.In the TV world and girls Ana boundaries of the number of powerful that incandescent in the viewing rate war, Natsume’s suddenly going to be the eye of the typhoon.
(Statement = Tomoyuki Kojima)

* Image: “! Special edition special books Sinsengumi DX women Ana SHOOTING 2011 年 07 May issue” bamboo Shobo

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