Ai Fukuhara and Kei Nishikori also good friends mail exchange continue after the catastrophe coverage

January 21, in the All Japan Championships women’s singles table tennis, love players Fukuhara played a first victory of the long-cherished wish (23).In the other hand, I Australian Open tennis player Kei Nishikori played a quarterfinals as Japanese to 80 years in the men’s singles (22).The Futari active in each of the road was a public fuss, it was that of four years ago.

November 2008 “Friday” has posted a state of the Harajuku Dating Futari.The ardent love the first time in the young “Big couple” of it was a 20-year-old at the time “of the table tennis world idle,” said 18-year-old “Prince of Tennis” became a big topic, when it comes to around March 2009 after four months , and I came to be reported is catastrophe of Futari early.

It’s such Futari, but seems to have been followed by the relationship quietly “good friends”.Say there is table tennis officials.

“When Ai-chan is the brocade-kun is rehabilitation in failure in 2009, seems to have sent an email of encouragement.After that exchange of e-mail so has continued, in a conversation with close people, is so the topic of brocade-kun comes out well. ”

Four years since then – London Olympics will be held in this year’s summer.Fukuhara players already appointed to Olympic team, brocade players are also seen as almost shoo.But was followed by passing of long-distance love, and e-mail of the stickiness of Ai-chan is paid off, I might also talk Nante reuniting to unexpected at Olympics.

※ women Seven February 9, 2012 issue

Also hoax on the right shoulder of “prostrate negotiations” field (3) Iwakuma of Japanese major humiliation …

Well, Xiu Matsui had pointed out the “decline due to age” at the beginning this season, celebrates its 10th year major.Last year 20% 5 minutes 1 rin, 12 home runs, 72 RBI.It was a performance of self worst.Now that it has become FA from Athletics, looking for affiliation is extremely difficulty.

 While significantly down from last season annual salary $ 4,250,000 (about 300 million 20 million yen) are said to be certain, it’s the state that formal offer for Matsui does not reach from any team.Before de US sports media officials, reveal the behind-the-scenes way.

“Athletics has been from the beginning, put out an offer of annual salary $ 2,000,000 (about 100 million 50 million yen).Is the negotiation was not settled during the last year, because I thought the attorney and should have a offer of more favorable conditions.However, where no approach from.Although this as a team If you left me in the forehead is On’noji, speaking to the contrary, the fact that Matsui of market value has plunged far.And now we are touting not even National League of DH.It does not protect every day because there is a knee injury, but will be in the 4, 5 fastest outfielder ”

Japan one of the best of the slugger, it’s indescribably lonely later life.

For fielder team who are receiving these humiliating treatment, and say pitching staff and,

“Although there are unfortunate cases like Daisuke Matsuzaka (31) and Kei Igawa (32), contract with Hiroki Kuroda (36) Yankees and the annual salary of about $ 11 million (about 800 million 30 million yen), Takashi Saito (41 If you to), pitching in the age that a high level.Such market principles work, evaluation 10 times than fielder can say that good “(Tomonari Mr.)

In addition, the Yu Darvish (25), for example, Rangers spend the posting highest ever amount to become $ 51.7 million (about 4 billion 33 million yen), pitcher market is rising momentum.

That said, the status quo that basically have been exposed to the “eyes from the top” of the measure, change is not.To say the Mariners and the annual salary only $ 1.5 million cases (about 100 million 20 million yen) in Hisashi Iwakuma signed a one-year contract (30) and when ‥‥.

Two years ago when you broke down while receiving off the presentation of four years 1.2 billion yen from the Athletics in the posting, the change in Americans a delegate from Don Nomura Mr..Before de major parties to whispers.

“In FA that became this major negotiations, rumors that” the right shoulder of the state of Iwakuma is not good “is ejected from the peripheral Dunn, I spread on each team.In revenge that was cut, whispered were but a, as Sa~tsu and wave-catching, will disappear team that was aimed at Iwakuma, only Mariners remained.Moreover, a one-year contract.For presentation amount also too low, but was waiting for an offer of other teams, where not take the voice from.Mariners also “Masu Catching When was this amount.To say it’s bad, of which it was a bull it more put out not “and”

Because of the hoax, from annual salary 300 million yen of optimism era, it is of significant Kaitataka the.

However, the Iwakuma himself in self-confidence, “If seemed’m Kuroda-san can be 13 wins, I win more” that are leaking and.

Voices “by white here the home” to Japan representative new Aueyuni

The 25th, the Japan Football Association announced a new away from home uniforms of Japan representative.And as it was the theme of “unity”, but crow of three-legged on the front of the jersey has been drawn with brush touch, as a whole has become a simple design that is based on white.

When the new uniforms for the home has been announced, there were many voices that indicates the feeling of rejection.The Soccer Journal (soccer journal) participation bloggers, such as aero plain Mr. Hyosuru the “lowest Uni design so far I first saw”, it was evaluated generally close to the harsh criticism.

But the design for this simple away from home, favorable and voice on behalf and hit.”All game Let’s go with this.” “That?Are lined up reaction to rave reviews such as the cool Na funny “” I white here the home “,” I need your help by now all games away treats “.
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Tonzura does not return to test drive the car, the dealer owner “anyone not believe …”.

The other day in the United States of used car dealership, while riding in the car test drive service, duo man has occurred an incident that disappear.In the service you have provided and rightly, Results and ’35 dealer owner of career that became to be betrayed by two people who thought it was customer as “another anyone not believe ……”, seems to have received a big shock.

According to the rice paper Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this incident January 16 afternoon, took place in the used car dealership of Georgia Lawrenceville.When Kent Swanson’s shopkeeper is compatible with two of the 30-year-old before and after a man who came by car, two people $ 6,000 of General Motors that has been sold (about ¥ 460,000) Pontiac Grand Prix (made in 2004 ) to that showed interest.

So Swanson, who was to be asked to test drive two people.Here he met also policy of “trust the other party”, you’ve passed the car keys while not firmly confirm the two identification.And, that one is leaving the shop aboard the Pontiac Grand Prix, went chasing a used car in the car you’ve been riding the other one.In this case, he is but so was a bad feeling for the first time in my mind, when it was already too late.

After it from 15 minutes, a man who has been a call to Mr. Swanson Check “or GPS is attached to the car.”.Swanson, who hung up the phone talking to the effect that it does not have, when you remember the uneasiness back over to the remaining number in the incoming call history, not that man comes into the phone, I noticed here finally to be “stolen”.Immediately reported to the police, refrain to convey such as car number two people had came riding, began searching around police also In response to this.

Actually this duo, it was a 34-year-old and 26-year-old fugitive prisoners who escaped from prison in South Carolina which is adjacent to Georgia.Although the two people who had been imprisoned together in a sentence of five years was engaged in work at the nearby canning factory, the two people who came to work in the “late shift” in 21 day and night, fleeing from the scene in the early morning.Prison side Become 22 morning also noticed that there are no two people, it’s so had begun to search.Does not know it was such a two, Swanson, who was carried off the car is dropped disappointed To shoulder as “no longer anyone believe it”.

For two people who still do not get caught, in addition to Georgia and South Carolina, also police during the search the whereabouts even now, including Florida there are 26-year-old man of family.And was stolen damage, Swanson’s that’s the second time in ’35 carrier, the lessons learned from this incident, future “human identity is not clear, put not absolutely cars” I hear decided to mind with.

“Darvish” disappointment in Japanese professional baseball!? Can not be maintained motivation

Well, I wonder was this player Offer.Major League Rangers Transfers is fixed Nippon Ham pitcher Yu Darvish (25), want to tell first and foremost the reason for the transfer to fans, was met at Sapporo Dome.Fan of more than 10 000 people were for the first time heard the reason.

Even in conference in the United States, Transfers reason had said that “I want to talk to from back to Japan.”.Many of the other players was not in the “longing to major” such as to mouth.

When goals are also heard a joke that the or something from before “the world number one pitcher,” “game (the opponent)”‘m “or” unreasonable not throw, “” Strike not “, not a fair fight has wanted to ‘s not had caught whether “” game do.Gradually and become difficult to keep up keep motivation, and began to think kana do not not alter the place ”
“Japanese baseball has hated that is seen under.I want overturned it.Everyone Nan Bhawan pitcher will want to “It’s indescribably clarity to be said that Darvish around the world.93 wins 38 losses in Nichihamu enrolled seven years, ERA 1.99, it has been in the hands a number of titles such as Sawamura Award, Transfers and further aims to top.It is a magnificent declaration When aiming the top in the major.

Also rejoiced “also happy When you are come back to Sapporo Dome” fan.”Seems Darvish that Tteyuu first to fan.Thanks, I want to say thank you, “” feeling that makes Tabidata her own child. ”

Its fan, looking back seven years to say “not now my if there are no guys”.Joined early, when subjected to confinement disposal in smoking, “After returning, I was happy to me warm welcome.Was also talk that the happy “When you are come back here.

AzumaChizuru (Actor) “became more and more fans.Ambition, inquisitive, do not you became the stimulation of young people. ”

Shinichi Hatori presenter “, even though it said up to that level, further ambition”

Until Tamao Akae caster is unusual, you are thrilled with the “I mean a real pure ambition to want to fight the strong opponent …”.

Cool place to want to the Rome Kanda (talent) “game.America is not the only sport, Hollywood also audition, where it tough to or cut immediately neck in the business.I want to raise the name in Gachinko game ”

Although transfer fee was also unprecedented, among other Japanese players continue to exhaustion in gradually, still 25 years old.It’s what I want to open a new era.

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Takeshima issue is tough stance, “NO, I say NO”

Kōichirō Genba Foreign Minister 24th, attended to both houses this conference, delivered a speech about Japanese in 2012 of foreign policy.Genha Minister Takeshima Japan and South Korea both have claimed the territory rights (Korean name: Dokdo) issue touched on, said it is “unacceptable thing to tell that it is not accepted.”.Global Times has reported a 24 date.

Japan and Korea Genha Minister of Foreign Affairs for diplomatic relations, South Korea pointed out that it is the most important neighboring countries that share the fundamental values, Japan and South Korea under the idea of ​​the two countries is future-oriented, needs to be cooperation from global point of view it was said that there.

On the other hand, for the Takeshima issue and said it is “about what unacceptable tell firmly When unacceptable”.

Article, the “Genha remark of Foreign Minister, it is not intended effective control of Takeshima by Korea accepted, shows that you take some sort of action against effective control, what you say No when you should say No” were analyzed.From won regime Democrats in ’09, this is the first time to refer to Takeshima issue in foreign policy speech of the National Assembly.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)

Postcards 20 sheets of “The Future of the female image” made in France 100 years ago Cosplay … 1902

During the past century, social advancement of women mainly in developed countries was significantly advance.

Origin of feminism (feminist theory) in France, protest to the things that did not contain a woman in France Declaration of Human Rights which has been voted at the time of the French Revolution have done so for the beginning.

Was made in 1902 by the French, I will introduce you because there was a postcard that was entitled “The Future of Women”.

& Nbsp;


Police officers.









[I see the image]

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[I see the image]
Drum beating.

[I see the image]
Noncommissioned officer.

[I see the image]
Second lieutenant.

[I see the image]

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[I see the image]

[I see the image]

[I see the image]
The 1902 referred to in Japan and 1902.In comparison with other events, manned powered flight of the Wright Brothers (1903), the Russo-Japanese War (1904 ~1905 years), following you and the First World War (1914 ~1918 years).

That said future image, had made more than 100 years ago to postcards of anti went appearance of women, It is truly the original feminism country.

Women of the Future, According To 1902

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Indecent photo processing of female entertainers, caught the 7 who were spread = South Korea

Seoul Central District Court on January 24, by processing the obscene photos of female entertainers on suspicion that was circulated in the Internet (the Act on information communication network use promotion and information protection, etc.), constraining the five people, including Moon suspects (38) · I was sent papers.Two junior high school students of the same suspect also has been caught, as is referred to juvenile part in less than 14 years of age.Multiple of Korea media reported.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and me for a obscene photo 5200 or more sheets that were processed at idle and talent such as female entertainer 157 people face from last year in June to five Moon suspects on the net, two junior high school students also disseminate about 700 sheets to have.These photos “is not a simple nude photos were included to sexual photos of” that.

Moon suspect who is to upload a composite photograph in such post sharing site on the net, a point accumulated in the download of other users were found to have benefited in the form of exchange in cash.

Officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office as “expression of desire distorted for celebrities” about this incident, has revealed that to strengthen the crackdown also related crime future.(Editors: Takeshi Nagai)

“70% capital epicentral earthquake within years 4” ERI is forecast

Was an earthquake of intensity 5 lower in Fukushima, Hamadori to last night the 23rd (January 2012).Was shaking in Tokyo, but this day, ERI had issued a forecast of capital epicentral earthquake.He referred to as “M (magnitude) 7 class epicentral earthquake is likely to occur in 70% of probability within four years.”.So far was “within 30 years.”.What’s changed.

That which was calculated from the occurrence of M3 over the earthquake that occurred in the metropolitan area from the Great East Japan Earthquake to December last year.Before the earthquake was 500 times in five years, but after the earthquake I was increased to 1 · 48 times and 5.5 times per day.

And frequency magnitude 7 class magnitude 1 becomes large there is a rule of thumb to become the tenth.Was calculated probability of occurrence of the original class to M7 this 70% within 4 years, it became 98% when it within ’30.To tell whether M7 and how much is, Edo earthquake (1855, 7000 deaths) Ansei has just so much.Thereafter, in 1894 (Tokyo epicenter, M7) 1895 年 (Ibaraki, M7 · 2), 1921 (Ibaraki, M7), 1922 (Miura Peninsula, M6.8), and the Great Kanto Earthquake is happening in 1923.

M7 · 9 in the Great Kanto Earthquake off the coast of the Miura Peninsula, maximum seismic intensity 6, dead unknown about 14 million people.Damage caused by the fire was large.Hanshin Awaji (’95) is M7 · 3, maximum seismic intensity 7, dead unknown about 5500 people, Niigata Chuetsu (’04) is M6 · 8, maximum seismic intensity 7, was dead unknown 68 people.

Shinichi Hatori moderator “When this class is coming.I think when I ’30 still with the first, and scary when is said to be four years. ”

Komatsu Yasushi Ana “The number of earthquakes is increasing tremendously.”

Building destroyed about 850,000 buildings, dead 11 000 people building destroyed about 850,000 buildings and the capital direct type, also predicted that 11 000 people dead.However, there seems to be objection to figure of 70%.”1/10 rule of thumb” is he that is often part you do not know how true how much a particular earthquake.Hideki Shimamura Professor of Musashino Gakuin University is that “even if 1%, do not know what it is when happen”.Komatsu professor referred to as “whether there is a meaning much to predict the numbers”.

Hatori “arm never hurts to keep”

Tateno Haruhiko (monthly “Goethe” editor-in-chief), “It is a shock.Say four years and it would be a blink.Involved also in people that will buy a house.And might not do Failure think also be relocated country of function ”

Komatsu “Although direct-type tsunami is not, It is collapsed and the fire of the building”

Hatori “In Hanshin, damage of collapse and fire was large.”

To say, or to what specifically.In the meantime, you can either keep transferring the heavy dishes of Chadansu to lower ….

The February 29 “amicably divorce of the Day”

Everyone, whether you know an attempt to become “divorce formula” is? No longer be an exaggeration to say that major, familiar of the ceremony.Reverse version of content, just “wedding”.You can sink a photo of up to farewell a slideshow from Futari of encounter, such as Futari is divided hit the wedding ring together with a hammer, please consider us to be something that will be held in order to think positive as a re-starting the farewell.And, once again the new developments related to divorce! Apparently, he seems a new anniversary was enacted.Its name is “amicable divorce Day”.Moreover, once every four years, it is February 29.And did you apply for this anniversary Japan anniversary Association, Hiroki Mr. Terai of “divorce formula planner”.”What amicable divorce, but I a rare case among the many divorce.Because it is, and …… wonder if just right about one every four years, it was thought (laughs) “(Terai’s) to other, there is reason.Otherwise in the former United Kingdom, propose only this day from women to men is traditionally certified, men had been not able to turn it down.If get used to such again to consider opportunity to “What is the essence of marriage and divorce,” “couple of ties” and on the day …….Of precisely because such deep thought has been put, it is February 29.Also, that to filed such anniversary there was a direct opportunity.Husband and wife come to cited “divorce formula, I’m still more amicable divorce cases.The aim Sonaruto, I become many people stick to date to the divorce “(Terai’s) because of there are a couple to get married in the” good couple of days (November 22) “, to” amicably divorce Day ” not quite funny a couple that is determined in divorce.In fact, although we had planned to divorce expression to February 12, “amicable divorce Day” husband and wife obtained by shifting the expression of date to the 29th to know the existence of even had pattern.In addition, long-awaited “amicably divorce Day”.I would like you to meaningful use of.For example, blood is up to the head “anymore, I’ll divorce!” And, rather than rip just feelings, consider the carefully calm until February 29.And do not may discourage, might urge to divorce changes in confidence.The other, there will be also such cases.In clearly is cold, it is not a positive even at each other with.Though I, your couple has continued to marriage by inertia.At that time, it embarked their way in the wake of the “amicable divorce of the day”, it’s idea is that I want to say to sail.Both, I think can be expressed in terms of “review the bonds of husband and wife.”.And yes to the person also Terai’s “amicable divorce Day” is scheduled to events.”Every time, in February 29 I would like to hold a” Hanarekatsu party “” (Terai’s) This is provided as an AC of place of “who divorced” or “people who are thinking about divorce” party.”A person looking to divorce” has no place to be easily consulted, that often is a worrying endlessly.That’s why, do not may party to function as a place of counseling to people who are divorced, you might eventually it leads to a “matchmaking”.Please do not forget.”Amicable divorce of the day” is February 29.Mnemonic is “there Fu (29) in two, amicable divorce” is.(Teranishi Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka)