What you can do in preparation for the capital epicentral earthquake? 

I heard prediction that will come in the capital epicentral earthquake is a high probability is standing.
 M7-class capital Earthquake, 4 years 70% … ERI: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)
 That might be an earthquake occurs in the Tokyo metropolitan area, I think was said much from the old days.Still a lot of people will continue to live in Tokyo.
 Is curving likely.It may happen, and What was said, work and family, because of various things are tied to the person in the land, it’s usually to think that not move just mere prediction.
 I to you have a lot of friends in Tokyo.
 But, everyone is me shelter, and me evacuated, My God is not very say.But at the very least, for when If the catastrophe was gone happened, I want you to leave the features, there is a feeling that.
 It is terrible that even just thinking about the possibility.It is the humanity of do not want to think about.But still more which has been considered, good.Because the life is at stake.comprising be it, there should be.
 In preparation for capital epicentral earthquake, what such should be equipped with the.
 ● may be better, which had been found a refuge
 When an earthquake occurs, I wonder Where are my? Home? Workplace? Commuting in? In return home? Or friend’s house? 
 For example, when I was in Shibuya, for example, when I was in Shinjuku.
 No matter where you are, where you can stay somewhere overnight, locate keep and I think it is a good.Of course, but building an earthquake is also such a possibility that collapsed, if some Oke decided in advance, you may be able to escape there.Good even friends of the house.Good even resorting shops.
 When 3.11 occurs, Do you remember universities and public facilities had to open the building as a shelter.Public facilities, should often seismic is also firmly.Work and commuting paths, places well go to play, University in nearby elementary school nearby, or know you have?
 ● be had better set aside a contact means
 Case of emergency, where do to contact.At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Twitter was active.In an environment in which Twitter can use is, How do you ensure you doing.
 First, extra batteries of mobile and personal computer, let’s carry the battery.Since the mobile 3G line is likely to be crowded, It is even important to know the nearby Wi-Fi spot.
 At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I have even remember the WiMAX line could use quite comfortable.It is might be important to set aside one high-speed line.
 ● Dressing the might be better that had been standing in the workplace
 Only the clothes on their backs, you might end up fleeing.Given the potential to be so, whether it would not be good to the idea to standing firm clothes of winter in the workplace.
 Then, if winter Hokkairo, if summer fan.During evacuation, so that it is not deprived of their strength in the cold winds and blazing sunshine, also I think that’s important that in advance with the kind of goods.
 ● To try to consider Toka earthquake insurance
 Safely even fled, later life, but it is worried.In fact, in the Great East Japan Earthquake, the affected areas of you to is why people often are economically painful think.
 Once you have to be If you evacuated ●, even keep Mitsukuro~tsu jobs in other areas
 What if I no longer able to live in Tokyo If the earthquake, if you became unable to work, but it you want to quickly find a job in the evacuation destination.
 If you of yourself in other regions have been found to land that might be evacuated, the “may apply” around or will not it’s good to also keep thinking the job.Thought too, and is but might some people laugh, but, it is that you can without so much difficult.
 To keep thinking how to open up the future of the case of emergency, I think as a good thing.
 Emergency goods such as, with how I think each person.
 It does Mase person city council to protect the people.To protect someone, as protect yourself, that you can now, also, there should be many It’s not so much very.
 I think that it is melancholy just think, but to overcome the depression, I want you to keep in thought.

Makoto Naruke Mr. “impossible, such as friendly leader to anyone.”

Employee of “do not want to be in management” was now no longer uncommon.Those serving Organization leader, to interact with each and every of subordinates, enhance motivation, pull out the ability, everyone loved from being trusted, if Rarere lined the incorruptible in also withstand the criticism … such a condition, Anyone flinch want.

To say, or can not afford even to not have in Hilla forever.Makoto Naruke Microsoft original president, against such Mayoeru office workers, than the teaching of Drucker who preached about the management of the organization itself, call that we should read the Machiavelli who left the know-how of universal human nature seizure.

The sucker can not be something steering of troublous times – the first place it was a coincidence that I became the president of Microsoft Japan corporation.

I was not interested in originally to Microsoft’s presidency.When it is approached in the predecessor, “I do not want even pay up, position also because not even need honor,” he refused to immediately and.However, it is persuaded over one month, which has led to the acceptance.

To begin the president industry, how good whether Once you did not tell the idea Marukkiri.Is “monarch theory” that was remembered when such….

“Monarch Rarero fear than be loved”
“Perpetrators are must get done at once.”
I nodded to each one of the “no decision power monarch, often perish by selecting the path of neutrality” such words.monarch image I was thinking is, he just was there.”Prince” is Niccolo Machiavelli was a bureaucracy of Florence to 500 years ago, is a leader theory wrote towards the person who will now be made to the monarch.Even 500 years ago of writing, not all content is old.On the contrary now reading is also a fresh, feel that it is challenging this.

era that Machiavelli was alive, the monarch is clean living correctly, any person who benevolent, and had been preached.Machiavelli crushed and destroyed such supposedly, it than is gone the real intention as “unreasonable Nante live monarch is clean properly”….

Impossible, such as friendly leader to anyone.

Impossible, such as leader in contact with the fair to everyone.

And preach in the “Prince” is, It’s a leader you are what prompted exactly emergency now.Different leaders that are required in peacetime and emergency.In the good-natured you believe in Kireigoto such as “people extend if Homere” and “Hanashiae if understand dress”, would not let steering in this troublous times –

(Makoto Naruke al., “Makoto Naruke of ultra-translation-monarch theory” Media Factory Shinsho, 9 to 12 pages)
(A word of company watch Editorial)
Naruke Mr. while pulling, etc. episode of Microsoft and Apple, promote reading the “Prince” in its own interpretation.”Do not ask anyone to excuse the loser,” “little loved, and feared person worthy of the leader a lot,” “whether friend or foe.”Otherwise,” story “,” no decision force human beings, no choice but to live as slaves “, etc., etc..But also where you are dealing with a thought of Machiavelli critically, to feel that you are loading it only a “monarch theory” as close to their own practice.In this sense, as the interpretation of this great book that is salaryman that strive to day-to-day work read would that much better than “If Dora”.

Back of Google Keidanren membership approval

Keidanren admission of rice Google Japan corporation, it is expected to be approved in this month.

Keidanren heavy industry typified by the steel and electrical machinery accounted for the majority, such as Internet-related startups has remained a minority.Old in order to dispel the image of the “business community head temple” also, admission application of emerging companies that big welcome.However, “not only that”, business community watcher speak.
And around the “primary re-operation, and the Keidanren Chairman Hiromasa Yonekura, Softbank president Masayoshi Son, who is the director, was slammed by the Board of November 15.Conventional Keidanren was a Shanshan even if the proceedings, this time grandson Mr. “there is a problem that should be priority than the primary re-operation” I was bit fiercely in the Yonekura’s such as.There is intense retaliate between Yonekura who tries to Susumeyo ignoring it, last Mr. Yonekura was Oshiki~tsu by the number of logical.The Council of Keidanren has become hot up here With unheard of thing, Yonekura chairman for the advent of Google just as “powerful reinforcements coming”, would be hard to smother a chuckle ”

Keidanren, not necessarily monolithic such as Miki TaniKoji president of optimism that was opposed to nuclear propulsion to unsubscribe.But from the business community mainstream, grandson, a voice to point out the differences between Mikitani Mr. stance be heard.
Although’s behavior in the case of the valley Mr. Miki furious to Keidanren old constitution to defend the power industry, the position to serve the flag waving role of mega solar plan that is trump card of renewable energy in the case of Sun.In other words, to put into orbit by nationwide business, such as re-operation of the primary Mottenohoka.Had even orientation to derided as “stand-play of grandson’s first-class” for the.

Google’s admission approval for Keidanren, might be a contain the grandson president “thug tactics”.

Pros attention of financial information blog “darkness stock newspaper” Syuhitu former Nomura employee

Not only the financial industry participants, to the general of individual investors, when read in elaborate eye as “what is written today”, there is a blog topic of economic and financial information.

Its name “daily darkness stock newspaper”.

Same blog subtitle choice but calm of “truth of the market that uncovering from darkness” is attached to, since the start of the year before last October, to increase the visibility, in some blog ranking site, have runaway # 1 of the “equities”.The outgoing a number of back information in Olympus loss Hidden incident.It became clear that the altogether was the fact at a later date.Really the identity of the “editor in chief” -.

Says Fujii Hidetoshi representative of financial information provider “bottom wisdom” is.

“That person, of that A’s investment consultant in the original Nomura employee is dogma in the industry.”

A Mr. joined Nomura in 1974.The synchronization, there are Yoshitaka Kitao · CEO and Nomura of Nobuyuki Koga, chairman of SBI Holdings.After leaving in 1987, it held a senior positions in foreign securities, launch their own corporate revitalization fund in 1998.

But, A Mr. tangled in fictitious capital increase incident in June 2009, and was arrested in the former Securities and Exchange Law (fraudulent means trading) suspect is convicted, the current has become only during probation.

Talks about the economic journalist to know Mr. A.

And on the path of elite among the “ace class of Nomura are aligned” in 1974 of flowers joined set “, it is the person who wielded always shrewdness is devised a new trading method in the bond department.Financial, of course, a deep knowledge in many fields such as art ”

It is reasonable even to familiar with the internal information of Nomura and if so.And Mr. A that Olympus with deep relationship.

“Mr. A Place enrolled in the charge carriers were foreign securities to loss Hidden Olympus, there are age was mentor and became guys and colleagues of Olympus scandal.A himself is also familiar with the loss processing technique of companies.Moreover, close to the poor performance company, is said to have been used as a “gray approach” that launch a money game.It has been arrested in question.Snake of the road’s snake.So, you think he familiar with Arehodo gray information “(same before)

That said, Mr. A that have been living in the financial world is, whether the purpose is what’s that doing not to money “darkness stock newspaper”.

When asked to talk to Mr. A through officials, A Mr Section Description and acknowledged that itself is written.In addition, A Mr. says, it’s the first time admitted publicly that he has written that.

and “It’s cheeky as, but because I did not meet much in recent media coverage, in capitalize field their own experience, I wanted to keep writing it” that I think. ‘”

– Why do not reveal the identity is?

“Deep meaning not.It does not give the prejudice to the reader, I wanted to only evaluated only in the contents ”

– Is it trying to write any article.

“For example, when the news of a certain economy incident began to rise, are always not been informed on the back” meaning “and” intention “is hidden.Which was earlier analysis, and has been so put about the same time as media reports.It is “Olympus scandal” and “METI insider incidents of executives (※)” I ”

– Especially analysis of Olympus scandal was on the core.Reason was subjected to.

“Since this blog is not a magazine exposure, but not to write any incident also preceded by, Olympus incident, was able to explain to the moment that some news came out.Because it I a capable information had, and it can not be said only ”

– Do not death rate forecast?

I think it’s “needed, it is not easy.However, taking into account all the circumstances you have to write the prediction that you think “anti become a significant probability” ”

However, major securities executives and some points had better mind In reading points out.

“I sold off Mr. A approached the gray of capital increase, companies both too much for you to exploit.is good if only read interesting the back information that such person write.But if the market prediction of individual stocks appeared, the better Mr. A was suspected that there is a possibility of writing for personal gain. ”

But some day traders such.

“In particular, information on finance, has been flooding the things that are not even in medicine to poison.In this respect, “darkness strain” might poison, clogged useful information.The investors want to know is, I’m deep information is not a superficial ”

A’s background and experience, is “the power to sniff out gray zone” as exude from knowledge, is the charm of “darkness stock newspaper”, it seems to be the reason why the industry is jump.

METI executives of insider incidents ※: this year as the original Deputy of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry, to purchase the stock on the basis of the non-public information of industry companies that own department jurisdiction, made a profit of about 2.3 million yen incidents that have been arrested in Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on January 12.Pointed out that “darkness stock newspaper” is, “the investigation is Anto and political background between the bureaucracy” in the last year in July when the allegations surfaced.Former Deputy is, that it has objected I was referred to as being in the background of the investigation to the solar energy promotion plan of Prime Minister Kan (at that time).

※ Shukan Post February 3, 2012 issue

War accuracy rate of 100% of the man to “Kaerema 10”! Strong support the Higashikokubaru!?

And bought “If the simulation variety trial of January 23 broadcast! “(TV Asahi) for 2 hours Special! And “Kaerema 10” in the popular burger shop, we send a luxury double feature of the first planning “vegetables best 10 all go back or 10 alone hawk until shed”.

World 79 countries in at the hamburger chain that boasts the popular “Kaerema 10”, held greeted before Miyazaki Governor Dongguk original Hideo and the Masayuki Watanabe of the guest! Higashikokubaru of the first race is self-proclaimed, hamburger lovers of the entertainment world’s most.It is the strong that the governor era sometimes you have produced a hamburger.On the other hand, the previous results of Watanabe that becomes the second time competing whopping accuracy rate of 100%.Because of Higashikokubaru, which is also the allies of old, also challenge the game over the pride this time!

Furthermore, hate vegetables at the start “or 10 prequel go back alone hawk to shed many vegetables best 10 all the vitamin C” weight also perfect planning to hawk that ever-increasing.Content that is expected to vegetables best 10 Vitamin C is often out of the prepared vegetables 30 kinds, eat food made with the vegetables in the hawk is one person.It’s harsh planning that does not end until shed all the best 10, but 1 million yen prize if achieving the Perfect hawk can hog! Really hawk in hand splendid prize, Is it hate vegetables also can be overcome!?

■ “If the Simulation variety trial bought! 2 hours SP ”
January 23, 2012 (Mon) 19:00 to 20:54 (TV Asahi)

■ Articles
CJK-day celebrities clash with your country proud! Shigeru Ishiba from Japan, Matsuko Deluxe et al war

Operation in retirement “whole should be kept to about 30% of the funds” with experts

Retirement which is said to be about 18 million yen in all Corporate Average.When this only the collective money has entered the hand, how I should use.Thickness Mr. Fujikawa “Review Consultation Center of household” is, explains the uses of smart retirement.

* * *
The retirement for many people, the opportunity to get together the money never seen until now.When the big money is credited to the account, rather than carelessly mind relax and how to say with, cases are found here and there that would no longer know even the spending pace.

Retirement in the hand, and it is a secure retirement funds of must be considered first.

Certainly Tedate that turn the retirement in lump-sum repayment of mortgage is valid, cash flow after retirement is going to be easier.However, I need to be careful.As long as interest rates have formed a mortgage, such as more than 2%, interest burden is reduced is those who happen to quickly repay.

However, old age funds depleted in order to’ve collectively repayment by unreasonable to low interest rates mortgage, it is gone in newly formed a loan at a higher interest rate than trying to buy something expensive goods made a disastrous appearance.If it does not, such as lump-sum repayment, it increases those who had to leave the funds on hand.

Alternatively, it is “how from bank branches or, to consider the operation on this occasion?Comes sales such as “.Subsequently “Now, dividend is receive you as of the monthly distribution type investment trusts if pension epidemic” If it is whispered as such, while not understanding its contents well also, not a few people that would invest the funds.

Certainly dividend’s attractive, but whether the funds have come from anywhere.Madashimo If you’re out of the investment income, can not octopus legs are possibly even negative, which became a dividend of only eat up their own funds.The’m While going funds to loss This would also he can not be expected compounding effect obtained by re-invest investment income.

At the moment than the worldwide operational environment is what is getting worse, that retirement is not as much as possible reduced can be said to be a good idea.

Still, given the inflation risk of future, just only have as cash, let alone does not increase, there is a possibility that its value is eroded future.So some I want to directed to asset management, but the ratio is at most would be reduced to about 30% of the entire.

And because to get a long-awaited collective money, it’s what you want to select a clever some use than ever.

※ “peace of mind tax readings for the salaryman” than (Shogakukan)

Home living seventy-three draws in most Mote bran man polo shirt in on the matchmaking

Why now, whether men and can not get married woman.Author of “was amazing After matchmaking” was Lupo the back of the “matchmaking” (Shincho Shinsho), heard the men and women of reality that can not be married to Mr. Kensuke Ishigami.(Interviewer = nonfiction writer Noriyuki Kanda)

* * * Kensuke Ishigami Mr. Born in 1962 divorced, is a freelance writer.When I read the book, such ordinary uncle is a delicious why I think in matchmaking.The reason, Ishigami says the “because ordinary men are less”.

– And I think what it is with “ordinary men less” in matchmaking market.

Ishigami: When matchmaking party go to (by about 20 men and women is party to find Soshisoai of opponents in free talk of the first half and the second half of the self-PR), women everyone is in a fashionable clothes in its own way, I hair also come trimmed.But some beautiful people such as surprised as “Oh is this person in such a place” during the.

Ginza hostess, who also wrote the book also became acquainted with matchmaking party.However, men can not extend the nose hair, there are many people not a smart way,.When asked to women who had participated in the party, had been saying “who grew up in rugby section in which I had was amazing.” (Laughs).

The Burai of myself not fashionable put on airs like in, and Toka or wearing polo shirt to show off the muscle even in winter.You are but, of course floating.But people like to come to the party is or was still better.

– I still have the “down” or (laughs).

Ishigami: really Mote no people tend high pride, and I do not come to matchmaking party like a “Mote no person of the collection” like a place.And because it is scary to reaffirm no Mote yourself.

Be sure to come if Sasoe But the blind date.Moreover, where it just because your company and boss of the story, women receive is not good.Specs If you are working for some listed companies out high deviation university but I supposed it is also popular in matchmaking market, and too indifferent to the conversation Toka clothes, does not work.

– Do you have distinctive place.

Ishigami: polo shirts and T-shirts Toka slacks-in.In Toka hairstyle of children like a seventy-three draw of seven hundred fifty-three (laughs).Special for no reason, and Toka are living in my parents.

When I asked to have asked to wash pants to eat still mother of home cooking past the 40, female side will be a lot of imagination Toka Oedipus complex, it seems absolutely positive evaluation is difficult to beat.To live with the parent at home, I but I think that there is a personal circumstances each.

In addition, the Toka or select a discount pub chain stores in Dating, Toka or even 300 yen of coffee bill to split the bill.I also own meal is sufficient king of Yoshinoya and dumplings, but when you invite a woman, you thought Toka opponent of preference, the shop atmosphere to speak not notice is not putting on airs.

Such concern, I think still need.When are the good that you do not use care to women, chances are you drastically reduced.Because such people there is evaluation and Noto gap from the surrounding self-assessment is high, it seems not even try to change their.people that I can not change I think wonder if severe in matchmaking.

– Is there a type facing matchmaking in reverse

Ishigami: people more and more are talking from their.Matchmaking party is think “good Na”, it is a place that can be spoken is not worrying about the periphery of the eye even at the level high likely woman.even in the company Toka’s a hard hard talking Takamine flowers, position in that “has come to matchmaking party” is together.

Also in such lofty dream, there is a chance is where the good of matchmaking.Can have the same kind of beautiful female company, I because you do not have a chance to put a pretty voice.And, what is more important than to speak, it is neat to hear the ability to talk of opponent.

Even talk of women even boring, anyway heard patiently, if people who say their opinion in the pivotal points, what does not work Ikunja.After all, or are exceptionally rich in appearance, as long as you do not want to or have the money, because men are position where I am Elect woman.Because it is a position where I am allowed to etch.

But hey, at Hakata City to perform easy to say, Hey I’m a thing that does not go quite well (laughs).(Continued)

What to do major if to study in Japan?= Typical university?- Chinese media

January 19, 2012, according to a report of Xinhua net, Japan new overseas Chinese report has recently, if you have studied in Japan, should be majoring in any field?To people who suffer with, I introduced the most outlook bright majoring in Japan.

[Other photos of]

Law and economics

This department is to learn the concept of law and politics, to foster practical thinking ability.Through knowledge of economics, to analyze the nature of the current economic problems, to understand the correspondence with the change in policy.Some law, economy comprehensive policy, the department, such as accounting.In traditionally popular majors, it is also advantageous to employment.

Commerce and Business

Finance in this major, trade, I learn distribution, companies provide economy of management such as modern society, the knowledge of management.Many people, I choose this major to learn the business management model of management that projects such as Matsushita Konosuke and Soichiro Honda.Although there are many employment in large companies, English proficiency is required.

Typical university: Hitotsubashi University (which is referred to as the Asian Harvard), Keio University, the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Kyoto University, etc.

Literature and Education

China is in this major, I learn Japan, the United Kingdom, such as such as literature and sociology of countries the United States, human behavior and thoughts.In traditional Department of Japan, also I take teacher qualifications.These departments are often in university and education college.Employment educational institutions has become a center.

Typical university: University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Hokkaido University

Tourism and Media

There is a department of the international media, broadcasting, tourism in this major.The Japanese media powerhouse, newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, etc. each media is highly developed.If you have a keen eye for the information, you will feel the joy in this major.I said that it is a good choice to learn the media in Japan.

Typical university: Hokkaido University, Waseda University, University of Tsukuba, Doshisha University

Home Economics and Life

Food and nutrition science to this major, human environmental studies, nutritional management science, Pedology, artistic expression studies, music and video design science, art information design science, clothing material science, are included, such as color science.Japan is the most life long country in the world, welfare, nutrition, insurance, if learn medical, would be also to help the knowledge in China.Home Economics is a popular department for women.And take the professional qualifications, life is work, for both capitalize.

Typical university: Ochanomizu University, Japan Women’s University, Waseda University, etc.

Art and design

It is mainly in the learn majoring in design of anime and clothes.Japanese animation accounted for 60% of the world, there are many famous works.Animation industry of Japan accounted for 20% of GDP.Some anime-related graduate school in Japan.In college, students in addition to learn painting, media theory, industry theory, learn also related knowledge such as representation theory.

Typical university: Kyoto Seika University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Takarazukazokeigeijutsudaigaku etc.

Japan is in the presence to lead the epidemic of Asia in the clothing design field.International also evaluation high.Life Miyake, Kenzo Takada, folding famous designers in the world such as Rei Kawakubo, the Chinese fashion industry I have had a strong impact.Bunka Fashion College is a professional school, the world 3 has become one of the large Fashion School.It is possible to learn from the basic knowledge to the production of ready-to-wear, can you fulfill the dream of becoming a designer.

Typical university: Bunka Women’s University, Musashino Art University, Tokyo University of Art and Design (Edit / Uchiyama)