The love glance to beauty conductor! Or marriage proposal on the car to success?- China

February 5, 2012, events on the car of long-distance trains across China and Sichuan.27-year-old man, Ra麟 (Luo Lin), who this day, boarded from Itaru-shu Station is hidden a certain determination to train of Chengdu flights.Coverage of China Photo Press.

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Itaru-shu there on the edge of Sichuan Province Luo’s hometown of.He has been working in distant Beijing usually is, why that has been all the way back to the hometown, was for marriage proposal to her love.When are rocked to rattling and train, she to the original Luo’s ….

“This ticket, there is a familiar?”I slowly knelt, your partner Luo’s asked is, Nanibunsei (Ho U~enjin) Mr..It is a 22-year-old to serve the long-distance train conductor.

2 people last year of April, I met on the train going from Chengdu to Beijing.Opportunity is that Luo Mr. wrong look at the number of tickets, you’ve been 爆睡 after entering in the wrong private room.Came to wake it was what Mr..Luo, who happen to love a glance what’s asked her to phone number and the next ride scheduled to come to Beijing.

Until then from August, Luo’s every time, greeted her she has a bouquet of 99 roses every time to arrive in Beijing.The figure of 9 a pronounced character of “Hisashi” is the same in Chinese, that is, there is a number that symbolizes the “permanent”.

It was what Mr. initially puzzled the ardent approach, gradually attracted to his passion, and introduce the opponent in each other’s parents in June.This February to straddling the year, it became a proposal in the train that brings to meet two people.Many of the passengers were Mitodoke the moment two of engagement.Luo’s this summer, he moved to Chengdu to quit the job, two people to start a sweet married life.(Translation and editing / love ball)

Following the rent uproar with Othello Nakajima, the Mocking-kun also in the shadow of Yuya arrest and release Uchida!?

As poor health and Tomoko Othello Nakajima in holiday is as being delinquent rent apartment, that it was entered into litigation ready to actor Motoki Masahiro and his wife is the landlord of the previous report.Nakajima, which is often rumored relationship with the woman psychics who are to have idolized for some time, it is seen as being both even if the action with this woman psychic while continuing to rent arrears.

Is delinquent rent from put himself who in the same entertainment industry, it is no longer must be depressed to litigation Motoki.For trial, you must pay do not need legal costs to pay if originally.But just is not only to say so and luck was bad, on the other hand, beside the entertainment activities, solidity of Motoki had gained even rental income as a landlord has a case that has become unexpectedly relief.

And 8 days Release “Weekly Shincho” (Shinchosha) has reported a further one side of this Motoki.The Yuya Uchida actor last year arrested singer, along with the Kirin trees actress is Uchida wife, than is that Motoki has been supported is the son-in-law.

Uchida May last year as worked stalking to dating women, have been arrested on suspicion of extortion attempted-burglary, and was released in the indictment grace disposal.Zidane are satisfied with this victim.At the time, that it is trees had been declared not pay any court costs, Motoki behind the trees, he had assisted Uchida secretly.

Was me “Motoki’s from settlement payments to attorneys’ fees is out as trees comment on article.I I have a good No “of people to pay that kind of money to.In addition, after the incident, even monthly living expenses of Uchida that away from the limelight, but Motoki is looked after, also revealed that still have leaked the dissatisfaction with the “not enough that kind of do!” From Uchida to have.

“Well even be helped not to watch the care of life because it is father-in-law for Uchida, it …… it is a paid until settlement Gold and attorneys’ fees.Uchida it will no doubt help of Motoki has been greatly affected by the release has been background without being accused.Which is to say it is looking that has been allowed to parent of Shirinugui, but keep mum it.Matter of the Nakajima also, yet victim stance, it does not even try what the talk.It was calamity is the person speaking, I gained some man to defend the silence “(entertainment writer)

Also towards the core business, movie as known to such as Japan Academy Award for Best Actor Award at the “Departures”, steadily has continued repeatedly career, current drama “of fate people” as an actor (TBS system) I have enthusiastically the protagonist of YumiNaru Ryota at.But, the fourth episode viewing rate of February 5 broadcast 11.6 percent.But also of viewing rate slump for drama “Antarctica”, which has been broadcast in the same frame had often become a hot topic, it is at present that have marked the far below than this minimum viewing rate 13.2 percent.Currently troubles only audience rating of drama!?
(Statement = Kondo Chikage)

(※ Image: from the TBS “Man of Destiny” official HP)

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Unhealthy (?) Life and prefectural income

※ This article is not intended for the purpose of such indications of academic content and problems.The Toka I think can also be seen like this, please see top of please acknowledge per its because it is the extent to say that the I’m interesting to see this.

Overview of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to Look the other day the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the web site 2010 National Health and Nutrition survey results have been up.For this, it is now some hot topic around the Doraneko, that easy to appear trend undesirable for enough lifestyle, etc. are less household income among them was has attracted attention.

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey overview can be seen here


From the results summary of p32

The relationship of the above income and lifestyle, Funny Why do not you side by side with the prefectural income of somehow per capita by looking at the situation * 1 is generally used for the prefectures are obesity and major lifestyle in Chapter 2 p34-39 I felt that so.

This is why in, I tried to those with a prefectural income rank in prefectures of ranking (top 10 or worst 10) are shown in Table for the content associated with an item of income and lifestyle.I have been ordered value from low prefecture for vegetables intake and the number of steps.Data of prefectural income we have to reference the 2008 Prefectural economic calculation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has made.

The proportion of obese persons

Percentage of Tochigi Prefecture of obese people you are a little surprising feeling, but I seem to tend to be a lot of people of overweight in the north and south.The income and obesity in p32 is not equipped with ★ is, but it is interesting has come out trend differently as try side by side with the prefectural income.

Vegetable intake

We have shown in order from low intake prefecture, but intake top is Nagano Prefecture.There is no ginger is absolutely worried that another than the relationship with the prefectural income.

The vegetable intake of Udon Prefecture is low, I think of it is concerned you have to live on noodles?This Doraneko to be a very big problem let’s point out.Is the urgent development of vegetables plenty of noodles recipe.Let her Good luck for those who of Agri Scientist.

Number of steps

Same number of steps also is less prefecture order and vegetables.Doraneko is what you walked every day to the station when I was living before Tokyo, but since moving to Aomori Prefecture now move in most also commuting and a little shopping car, … stomach also dive Mofumofu.Well, just to live personally at the time of the utmost I wonder if not bring myself to Toka health walk.

Percentage of subjects that are currently habitually smoking

Also, I’m not related story and income, I think I’m smoking rates of pregnant women in the survey with Aomori Prefecture was more than 10%.I or was greater prefecture of it about smokers.

Percentage of drinking habits’s

I think you have to drink after all if there is a delicious drink in local.It prefecture of revenue to make a delicious drink seems to be in either the means and low tendency.However, as devoted many times the same prefecture name from a little while ago ….


Why do not you find out think so, Is not Tottori Aomori, Miyagi has also appeared five times.Also income rank any number of times appeared four times more than the county is I’m a below # 30.

In lineup of prefectures not appeared contrary to it will what.I tried side by side in the income rank order.

It seems there is a tendency percentage of people who have a well that is unlikely lifestyle too much body less in the apparently high-income county.Whether it’s a thing by what factors I think that there is a need to be verified separately from this for fun.If, if the poverty is concerned, poverty measures I will be a valid health measures.Redistribution of income is not rough to mere dole purpose, also I thought to be related to per this such thing.

* 1: The people in the table Health and Nutrition Examination Survey comes with a bar that represents the 95% confidence interval of the mean value, but it is based only on the order of the average value in this table.

Self bankruptcy though it was ¥ 600,000 monthly income! Pretentious personality has led to tragedy of “generous bubble’s”

“Bubble’s” of when viewed from the surrounding “troubled man” and is branded easy bubble generation, of leeway generation “clear-chan”.In our series, intended for such two generations, will continue to research and should build the “Ice Age-kun” (or any other generation) Gado smooth human relationship of employment ice age generation.Dear Mr. bubble, clear-chan, I want you to watch at whether warm eyes.And in the Ice Age-kun is a comrade, please refer to when you deal with the boss and subordinates that does not meet all means of thinking.

T’s this time of your opponent glacial generation 34-year-old security company working.However, talk of the subject is not his own, but bubble-san was the former boss (O’s, 46-year-old).Personality is also good, and put all the reign If you go for a drink, generous of O’s that had Ogo~tsu to taxi up to the home of junior and subordinate.But such O-san, that had what self-bankruptcy two years ago.Whether the O’s never salary also was not bad, got why led to personal bankruptcy.This time, for the circumstances, I had talked to T’s.

[‘s This bubble]
O’s (44-year-old in 2010 time)
Last Education: Bachelors Degree
Industry: security company
Occupation: Human Resources
Born: Unknown
Yokohama resident (2010 point, is currently unknown)
Marriage: his wife, son, daughter

– This time, transformed from elite salaryman, please let a story of O’s bubble generation that had been driven into bankruptcy.

O’s was once my boss, but sometimes it was also serves as a teaching engagement in human resources, there was a relationship from joining the beginning.O Mr. always cheerful, it was our company’s mood maker.Though bubble generation says Nante have been hated, O Mr. Very gently while its generation, it is anyone was also equally gentle.

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Since last year “琉絆 empty” and influenced by the name of “Yuisoraino” etc. earthquake increase

“△ □ one”, “Tsukiyumeanzu” “love love”, etc., none can not read easily in kana, the so-called “sparkling name” is just continue to increase.Nurse of woman who works in Tokyo pediatric says this.

“In the inner, the But your child’s name was determined to be referred to by full name, recently too many names that can not be read, it was said that” I say just another surname “from teacher (laughs)”

Currently, in kanji that can be used to name combined kanji and kanji names, but some 2997 font, there is no limit to how to read the name.For example, the popular boy’s name “DaiSho” also “Hiroto, and spring, Yamato, Taiga ……” and, reading the infinite variety.Longer name even also is “obfuscation Kanji”.

But Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance announced “born by year Name Survey” latest edition (2011 born), aligned rich sparkling name imagination.

Since 2011 feature is that it has been affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.But boy Glitter name “Rukia”, 2009 born “琉星” but there has been a hit, last year born “琉絆 empty”.Such as girls “Aoikizuna (bond)” is ranked, the character of “bonds” was noticeable.

Other than “prayer → Yuisoraino (Yurato / boy)”, “prayer → Inoai (Noah / girl)”, such as “edge → En-shi (Jiangxi / boy)”, with people of the earthquake is ” ties “,” prayer “has been put in the name of the reconstruction.

By the way, in 1912 of 100 years ago and see the names of the men (1912 – 1912) was born in Best 10 (Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance survey), the first place “Shoichi”.It was a name that what half of the best 10 enters the “positive”.

Name that take the “positive” is to the top ten for 15 years until 1926, in the name of the boy last year born, the ranking out of range.With the times, the name is the transitory, the changing.

※ Shukan Post February 17, 2012 issue

50s woman boss “You virgin?I will ask the “

To OKWave of Q & A site, this consultation had listed.Pisko’s questioner, female company employee of 22-year-old.As a result of participating in the drinking session of about 10 people in the workplace, it is now a private story.

So where it was inadvertently answered, “people who like not many years”, the never was “Kiss from a woman boss of 50s?”” Is there a thing that I hand in hand?”” It’s nowadays no experience was I have been told that the old yo “.

Although the contained the sake Even “poor me there are no favorite person”, but became quite unpleasant, seniors “It Yo is sexual harassment,” there also gave us the Tasukebune and, ambiguous and reply I was a.

It the other day, while you have a chat with the boss is close audience while at work, was again the topic is brought up.Suddenly from the audience “pisko Mr. virgin?It was “as was heard.

When are solidified surprised to, the boss is “Today I’m a virgin?(Laughs) “,” Listen and man me now ‘s virgin will have stuck with such poor “What must not have Hikuwayo” “favorite person.

Speaking Admit, certainly love experience is small, and even that was going out with men, it is actually a virgin.But, you say something like that thing in that also have another staff, what going to a.

Although questioner’s is called “Please tell me if there is way to parry the sexual harassment”, you should think about “How discourage” than this harassment parry.

Speaking of sexual harassment, but has decided uncle and market, and surely aunt and ….From the respondents of the ladies, has raised voice to condemn the woman boss.

The “Osoru Beshi !!! 50s woman sexual harassment boss!”
“A bad man boss woman After reading in thought that’s boss, twice surprised”
“Vulgar! Such questions, is useless After the other party.Even a virgin in the “22-year-old also from you until you Become a vulgar” man you answered, I and encouragement by! “Is not drawn (?Has been submitted voice).

“Snapping turtle never ate, the same” R48’s respondents “hired a lawyer and retired unless useless personnel, let’s take the alimony” “I get to have fired the boss” You are angry with.

However, from the atmosphere of the consultation, it does not seem to be on a scale of company you have HR exclusive.Complaining to quit the company, there is anxiety may take how much of your money.

Mr. hinagiku2 about how dodged the boss, you have advice with examples of specific words.But, but I feel it is not a boss flinch to answer “Iyan! SHI ~ or etch Questions’m not good – shame”.sunsowl Mr., says the best to reverse question to boss.

Would not want to talk “boss their own experience.So, either the “woodpeckernkd’s not kindly that’ll stuck, as not directed to the dangerous” boss route “in the drinking session, proposed a method to keep finding the Moriagareru topic from daily with other seniors you.This would be practical.On top of that, you do not mind the words of the boss we are also important and advice.

“Unpleasant feelings you can see really, but there is no need to or damaged.Just simply because it is the story of just did not come is such opportunity.Have you eaten “soft-shelled turtle?”The” no yo ~ “.It ‘is this level (laughs) “

“Journey 11.4 billion yen of lunar 7 days to go in the Soyuz” for two persons Reservations

The “I came, the era of space travel” and Hatori Shinichi caster and.To say that space travel, this time of introduction, to stay a few minutes in zero gravity space, it’s not something cheesy that I say come back.It is the authentic all round coming orbiting the moon that.

American companies are planning anything, American companies engaged in space travel, in a pack travel plan space Adventures has announced, that it will be conducted in five years.Although it was unknown, such as fine schedule in the program, it’s seems journey of seven days to go in the Soyuz.

11.4 billion yen of the price anxious surprise.But “it is considerably high by” and Hatori is sharpen the mouth, the world in wide thing, that already participate seekers two people are.

Whether they signed up is what people on earth.I place to be worried about, but I do not tell “.And I tried to up the phone, but was that of a hard guard is a hard company “(Komatsu Yasushi Ana).

Here is different between Japan and China (3) – the world of “humanity”

There are countless words of exactly the same notation in Japan and China as the country with each other in the same East Asian cultural sphere.Some of the same meaning at the same notation, some of which represent a completely different things at the same notation.For the latter, for example, “daughter” (Japanese daughter, Chinese ha ha), kind of “letter” (Japanese letters, Chinese toilet paper) corresponds to the entry-level.However, when it comes to senior level, come out quite difficult words.So what does “humanity” you wrote in this title, meaning the same or, or different.If different, how different.

For “Kojien (Fourth Edition)” is “humanity”, “(1) human affection provided in nature.Mercy.Mercy.(2) nature of the movement of human nature.I explained that “.

In other words, in Japan “humanity” is used and of the human bare emotion, as the word that means caring for others.By way of example, “thick people with humanity”, “humanity House”, “humanity of subtlety”, there is such as “humaneness”.

On the other hand, in China “humanity” or refer to what.”Crown Sino-Japanese Dictionary” (Matsuoka Sakaekokorozashi other ed., Sanseido 2001) is to interpret the “humanity” of Chinese as follows:.

“(1) humanity.(2) personal feelings, favoritism.(3) Yoshimi, favor.(4) ceremonial functions and relationship of gift.(5) public relationship.”

If we compare the two, but does not mean there is no common parts, and intends Yokaro been understood as fundamentally a different use.For that all “humanity” of Japanese have the meaning of plus, “humanity” of the Chinese meaning of plus less in reverse, is a neutral or negative.(4) and (5) neutral, (2) is used in the negative, (3) most negative meaning of.For example, “做個 humanity” (indicating Yoshimi), “provisional humanity”, “empty head humanity” (courtesy of veneer).

In addition, “humanity” is personal feelings in Japan, favoritism, gift, there is no use such relationship.That said, “humanity” is also for the Japanese, but not even put out great book of Ruth Benedict, “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword” (the Chapter 9, “humanity of the world”) to inquiries, and in a very important part of the spirit world is there.

“Humanity” of Chinese is very often especially refers to the gift of ceremonial and socializing.Here, we want to advance the brush to focus on how to use this.

As mentioned a little in the last column (2), in recent years in China, has been popular the word “humanity guy”.Its meaning is “relationship of slavery”, “that you are afflicted with entertainment expenses”.

Relatives, friends, is not to mention money-consuming relationship with colleagues.Chinese be very care about the amount of entertainment expenses.Because, entertainment expenses is because a very high percentage of revenue.Especially in recent years, has been entertainment expenses are soaring as the word “humanity guy” is born.

It’s a matter of course, but the situation that suffer from entertainment expenses is not in any way that is now born for the first time.You are clearly remember that it was also the time to young the author.At that time, the common people of the relationship of rural areas mainly “high year” (New Year of mutual visits), “birthday”, “marriage”, “funeral”, “full moon” (age 1 month), “one year old” (age 1 year old), it was like “new construction”.Relatives, relatives, if friends, give a certain cash or real in consideration of the economic strength and degree of each other relationship (sweets, sugar, meat, chicken, eggs, etc.).In addition, The recipient to return to the side to give.

At that time, less cash income, because the relationship of kith and kin also a much more dense era than now, and to prepare a cash and real for give it was that really a very.Both the author of parents large family (father four siblings, mother nine siblings) for, was a state, such as subsequent year alone relatives relationship.Although habit of local community, these relatives relationship to make ends meet most women (housewife) is.Father of salary is not enough at all, my mother was always and the like gift with the help money from relatives and friends.

Speaking of memories of boyhood, two storage is deepest for author.One is always that stomach is free, the other one is the appearance that the mother is plagued by debt.

Always feeling that stomach is free as it was born from those days of extreme poverty, can not be forgotten easily even now.The that must be a relationship until debt to, Chinese culture, is attributed to the Chinese customs, which unfortunately, still followed by.Are salaried workers in urban areas also suffered entertainment expenses, as introduced in the previous column (2).Seems less rural areas of cash income has fallen even more daunting situation.

“People’s Daily” of June 2010 dated 8 posted posts of signing “Sobun”.Its title, “has raged” humanity of wind, “he plunged the mountainous areas of people in poverty” is that.Here we try to introduce its contents.

Not net per capita annual income of farmers less than 3000 yuan in Hubei favor 施土 family Miao Autonomous Region.On the other hand, in recent years, “humanity of wind” here has raged more and more strongly, it has become unbearable burden on residents.

In Xuan’en County Sha groove Town net per capita annual income of 2009 was 2350 yuan.When you were 4-person households, annual net revenue will be more than 9000 yuan.However, entertainment expenses for one year no less than 5000 yuan per household.In other words, more than half of the earnings of one year is that disappeared in the “humanity”.If there are children if attending high school and college in the house, spending will exceed the revenue, required investment in agricultural production for the next year (seed, fertilizer, purchase, such as pesticides) I can not be.

The post quoted the article “on 施晩 report” of 4 Date April 2009.According to it, residents Lee of Enshi City Xu Iemura in 30s, was homecoming from migrant.That the maximum of trouble after homecoming’s squeeze of entertainment expenses.Marriage, other funeral, I open the child’s birth month, full 10-year-old, 33-year-old adult, 36-year-old, 50-year-old, 55-year-old, all birthday party in 60 years.In addition, moving, such as completion and start of new construction also must do a celebration party.Increase in these celebrations “humanity” (your Shuku-kin) is fewer if 50 yuan, and many as several hundred yuan thousand yuan, up to several thousand yuan.Lee Contact Shuku-kin that was listed in the month you have reached to 3800 yuan.

In addition, these funny thing is greatly 挫-I incentives for agricultural production of farmers, that not a few who the migrant labor to distant order to escape from the shackles of “humanity”.

And finally contributor government the use of consumption awareness and money for rural residents call so that the leadership actively.In other words, to raise awareness of rural residents, but decide that you want to suppress the spread of “humanity of wind”.

And by the author thought reading this article, “humanity of wind” is why so raging of, not only the city, it becomes more and more terrible situation rural without exception.Whether the factors are not still intended to honor the “face” that is built into the Chinese gene.This has been through the bottom where indeed various, it does not matter that never can be resolved by the government and Toka Toka guidance instruction of administrative.Economic strength and far beyond building a national power (authority), station building, it’s clear even look at such as airports.

Of course, not going to interpret all on the grounds that honor the “face”.There is also pragmatic factors in addition.Chinese society is above all to cherish the connection.It is enough to be said to be particularly not do anything if there is no connection currently.Many of the relationship is actually to make connections, to maintain the connection, it is in order to deepen the connection.But it is also part of hurts to get your Shuku-kin, very often you are going to approach the very hard to make the relationship between the people in the reverse.At that time, is the largest of the weapon, socializing told incense none other than the most effective way.

And bureaucrats who hold the real power through socializing in everyday life, he steadily fertilize their Shifuku.Border of bribery and the “humanity” is originally ambiguous, there are many corruption bureaucracy also to self-defense is not only to exchange of “humanity”.
(Authors: Wenliang Wang Kinjo Gakuin University Professor editors: Searchina Media Division)

S · Ramos, of shock that was witnessed in the Real joined 7 year truth “have created a monster.”

Spain representative DF Sergio Ramos of R · Madrid, for the severity of GK Casillas of training of team mate, revealed while sprinkled with jokes at their own Twitter.

“Today, in the seventh year by joining the R · Madrid, was the first time I saw! It anymore incredible training contents where Casillas are in the gym.It may be that was the obligation middle, and that practice has been understanding and I’m created a monster. ”

On the other hand, Casillas having received this, was also answers witty in its Tsu~itta.

“I was sent in forcibly special gym this morning.Some there is no machine that was observed at all until now, even if there were really scared.’S limit is three times even a lifetime to practice over there! ”

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[Entertainment vitamin ♪] wept blog readers, Seto Asaka of “lonely feeling when break up with her mother.”

When a woman begins to child-rearing birth, the mother is to realize what was me grow yourself how great I think, it will be filled with heartfelt gratitude.The Seto Asaka blog comments section of the actress that such a thought has been spelled, has arrived a lot of messages from sympathy were women.

Even while puzzled to marriage is not accustomed housework that begins with only two people, there is room also mentally because still Motel is their time.But women to upheaval is life from the date of birth.The very of the imagination more than child care, he or a his mother face of Suddenly comes to mind.

Readers of such situation is empathy, or would had tears.In “Seto Asaka official blog” of February 5th date will back her mother who had moved to Tokyo from Aichi, are written how the get lonely.Especially mean incident happened, nor Seto is too spoiled to mother.According to the blog for mothers who come well to help from birth a child, it seems went to shopping to be’ll let enjoy slowly.

But you can also apply a vacuum cleaner this time, casually mother that brings a help of daughter.The storage of Seto no memory who looked at “weak form” of the mother, also seems to have acted energetically in front of daughter now.Even while thanks to the mother who will always support their own, I want you to stomach also healthy “forever.I think the stronger year-to-year and “.Though go flying “when something had to Tara near Nii, you will worry because it does not go so too.Not seem to Seto of words with “, not a few readers of blog was” Uru~tsu “.

“I even now, are struggling to childcare and away home”, has been asked is impressions, such as “aging parent is really worried.”.Both I just what you are overflowing with gratitude and love to the mother.

Seto at the end of the blog, which concludes in “‘m gonna do my best in the power that I got to my mother.”.She may send a happy day in good spirits – this is the wish of the mother, it might be best for a filial piety.And we also, something you want to tell the word of thanks to the parent from my daily life.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)