“I’m sorry” can be said to, anguish of boss that mental fatigue reflection will not be to “defiantly employees”

Do you, when you are attention to someone, and then obediently reflection, will be revised the action from the following?

People anyone has the pride.So, it is something very difficult to change than to apologize, the act in reflection.Furthermore, who has attention, and by what was noted, the degree of difficulty goes up with a jerk.It just, it is not easy to promote reflection on opponent.

However, if many of the boss would not have to subordinate the only attention that does not lead to exactly the reflection.So this time, not break the human relationship, let’s think about how to care that promotes the well reflect.

Young employees of nowadays do not apologize even care.However, in order not to disturb the workplace air apologized as “I’m sorry”, and that’s important is that fit the situation, I was allowed written in previous series.

Recently, when I was a new variety coverage,

“” Do not should I understand that younger employees are those that do not apologize. “?”

And, boss we thought, seemed to have an increasing number of cases that concessions to young.You get also a kind of resignation, but it might be okay So as long as it fits round.

However, the boss also would not have thought in the real intention to be “so good”.Originally, the boss or committed subordinates mistake, you find a likely situation facing in the wrong direction,

(1) Note to
(2) I lead in the right direction

It is work.Even if there is no word of if “I’m sorry”, attitude you have remorse is what you want to find the subordinates.It does not make sense to the attention if it is not.

By the way, The reflection,

“That it reflect your deeds”
“Critically evaluate that for the past deeds of their own”

I will refer to the.You will say that what the reflection there is a growth of seeds.

However, for the attention of the boss in a recent workplace, a growing number of men that do not prima facie to apologize even reflect how.In here, let’s introduce the case of a boss who suffer and suffer from subordinates that do not reflect.

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“Metropolitan area within four years to M7 epicentral earthquake 70%” is not a new announcement

Capital epicentral earthquake, which is picked up every day in a variety of media.They all have originated in the “announcement of shock” of “four years within M (magnitude) 7 grade is 70%”.

At first, it was January 23 date one side article of Yomiuri Shimbun.

“Increase capital direct type 4 years 70% earthquake actively urgency level”

Under the heading, on the basis of the interviews with Hirata direct, Professor of the University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute, it was reported that the ERI research team of M7 class earthquake is estimated the probability of occurrence.Then, he panic coverage has continued every day.

The reason for this crisis coverage has attracted public attention is, 70% of the probability of occurrence of capital epicentral earthquake, some from the government has been announced “30 within years,” to the point that premature rapidly as “within four years.”.And, I was conducive to panic by any of the media was also reported as if it were announced as ERI has been newly calculated the number.

However, this is the first place is not a new announcement.I have a way to ERI site.

Of Mainichi Shimbun last date September 17 under the heading of “metropolitan area just below, surge” M7-class, 98% in ’30, “”, has been reported this estimate content.”Within 30 years 98%” and “70% within four years” is a numeric value using the same estimation method.But until that day, in response to the first surface of the article Yomiuri, the “M7-class” 4 years 70% “” (January 23 date evening), has been reported to or else as new information.

Yamada Takao and Editorial Board of the Mainichi Shimbun noticed after probably, in the January 30 date column, has been defended as follows:.

According to the

Although good hear Speaking of “sharp reconstruction”, the article short rehash were cut only shocking number, it is confessed to be “fooled”.

However, as long as this number is reliable, there will also sense Hojiru again to sound the alarm.But, such is the institute of large tree Seiko assistant professor that summarizes the contents written on the site.

“Yomiuri Writing and biggest problem of Hirata professor in accordance with the interview, is that you do not mention the error.Seismology in the science of unexplained, estimates are only one of the very diverse opinions, given the calculation method is the large uncertainty.So you think that there is no meaning in itself be issued a number. ”

If, it is questioned the “sharp reconstruction” itself.

※ Shukan Post February 17, 2012 issue

In sales zero of luxury car “Hongqi” the government official vehicles?The chance of revival in domestic car – China

February 2, 2012, southern network, revival of chance was reportedly visited the mercy of checkered fate (mercy) are becoming China’s luxury car “Hongqi”.

[Other photos of]

According to informed sources, China FAW Group (hereinafter, China FAW) is luxury car “Hongqi” which is to manufacture, to become the official car for China’s provincial executive.When the company’s spokeswoman you have interviewed, is not recognized this fact, just “Hongqi” stayed to say to have reached the standards of official vehicles procurement.

From last year, became the center of gravity of the procurement conditions of official vehicles are placed in more domestic cars.General public vehicle procurement conditions that have been changed “exhaust amount 2.0 l, 250,000 yuan (about 300 million) or less” from the “exhaust amount 1.8 liters, within 180,000 yuan (about 2.16 million yen)” I.In domestic car manufacturers in accordance with the conditions you are seen to be a condition that is considered so that you can custom.According to officials of the China Automotive Industry Association, recently, through the China Industry and Information Technology section, domestic car manufacturers, including from the government to the association, the proposal of the so ride in domestic cars Communist Party cadres and national luxury executives take the initiative instructions to have been communicated.Suggests that degree of attention of country.

The Nitsuke see the trend, if it is raised as a “Hongqi” luxury official car, it is going to be able to cast a stone in China domestic car to continue to slump.As originator of China domestic cars, “Hongqi” as luxury executive private car from its birth, has been used to dignitaries of the government and military in celebration events and parade.But, If you look at the statistics, sales from August 2011 until now has become a zero.From a joint venture brand vehicles such as Audi Wow Kuwawa the government of inventory, instead this is immediately government private car of each class of enormous number, now nearly 90% is in a joint venture brand vehicles.Taking the Audi as an example, it is not only accounts for 10% before and after the sales of official vehicles market, it has been promoting the sale in the open market is a government private car.

2009, the State Council announced “automobile industry adjustment promotion plan” is, it is from 2009 each government agency, if you Kaikaeru the official car in the public sector, the proportion of the domestic car is stated and should be more than 50%.The “About problems with car procurement of central state authority” has been published in the government procurement site, is even higher the percentage.In China FAW, and plans to announce a official car of H platform “Hongqi C131” to the end of 2012.1.7 billion 85 million yuan (about 21.4 billion ¥ 20 million) has been invested in this project.(Translation and editing / Eiko Watanabe)

The reason for economics is useless

By combining two news, let us continue because work is interesting to speculate that one aspect of real.

(1) “for example, inflation target declaration of FRB reduce the US long-term interest rates on the same day, have already begun a significant impact on the markets and the real economy.”(By Yasuyuki Mr. Iida, Mainichi 2/2)

(2) “The majority of the macroeconomics of the past thirty years’m useless.”(By Krugman Princeton University)

(1) In Although reduction in long-term rates → business activities activated → economic recovery, the story that is based on the assumption that the established automatic, according to (2), to become a reality it is not, that.

Although some economists “it does not” do not know exactly from when around is the began to say, because after the Lehman shock FRB is “We Kudaseru quickly accurate judgment, not a way of Japan.The previously would not than When I was boasted as “.

People who believe leads to future rosy, and Few by now economic policy.

However, if you think about it, this is of course the story Nanoha, because subject to validity always two constraints of policy and thought,
1. many-body problem
2. paradigm conversion problem

The human activities and environmental conditions surrounding it are at stake various factors, because it is impossible to identify it, can not be mathematically solved that.To see the human world is accompanied by unpredictability (Taleb of Black Swan, Night of uncertainty).
→ 1.

Environmental conditions by the time the transition is changed, it is not possible to predict the change (Results).This is because, since human beings are always multiplied by the constrained by conditions of the era.→ 2.

As medieval villagers, for humans living in a limited space of information that is not out of the life village, 1. And 2. problems hardly.Do amount of information would from 19 per century began beyond the human processing capacity.(Things like that I left to the discretion of the scholar’s.)

Watakushi it was thought ridiculous economics is, at the time that they had seen the faction war with the faction that had solved the Great Depression of 1929 was a Keynesian economics is resolved is controversy,

Heck “Resolved” does that mean such of the, what is it such whether the “correct”, and.
(Although Friedman was also time that has been said to be “right”, is now a long time ago.)

Time is conceive a variety of factors, while changing the paradigm, we followed without delimiter.

Phenomenon just simply have become so, there is no such right reason.

If there is a thing that can be human, it will much be thin as possible and likely place for each that each time.

Icing on the cake
By adopting the time theory called C series of McTaggart, it is one. Also 2. also exceeded.This does not allow the objective time.Space just simply exist, human beings have created a subjective time among the “single picture”, and those of modern physics or not supported by.
I can also support the Buddhist.
This is because, subjective time is now, it does not exist only in the current moment (t1 from t2 is not continuous in the C series.) It is because to have supposed to be.

Buy in bulk the BMW daughter licensing day of Nozawa Naoko

Comedian of Naoko Nozawa (48), are surprised to action force and economic strength of daughter.Nozawa is reported that daughter became 18-year-old took the license of the car.Rather than driving school in the United States, after you have passed the written test, as’s a system that can be operated on the street if hovered next to license owner description.In recent months, I had been practicing together that.

Against daughter won safely license in implementation test, “I thanks to mom !!! Omedeto oh oh.I’m Thanks Mom! ! ! ! Good for you! ! ! ! I thanks to mom! ! ! ! ! I’m pleased with the “.

Daughter tension is raised immediately after taking license “Today, car buy !!!! today !!!!” out called the “car bought by Kunne” and that disappeared alone.Nozawa seems to have thought that there is no supposed to buy so easily, but the daughter is coming home with the BMW used.Nozawa himself seems still’re paying a car loan that you own, but the daughter’s so I bought in bulk.The “lost ,,, !!!! to you is, I lost!” you are surprised.

• The losing ,,,,! (Nozawa Naoko on the road to novelization)
And prepare a 60 cups cake-Nozawa Naoko son’s birthday
· Nozawa Naoko baguette 1 duty “recommended no recipe” public
Shimizu Michiko pronunciation overcome how introduction of “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu”

If you feel you have become a major deep rumors … next is that the moderator disappear?

Declared in outspoken remarks, as popular as it is said to that there is no person who is not known in the Kansai, palm came was Ie-jin is, the other day of January 31, the long-term absence from work because of his illness.Continued on Shinsuke Shimada-san, to step down tycoon moderator, referred to in the industry is struggling to support how fill His missing the hole.

To begin with, palm came was Ie-jin is you have professed not appeared in Tokyo TV show, but because you can look at the program that also his appearance in the Kanto, substantially His influence national constituency.His order program, which is also popular Dell, seems to want to have at least until spring of program reform period, but he must not have quite qualified that.

That in some reports, to the palm can have Ie-jin is personally, to some famous free announcer X, but says committed the heir of his crown program, the upper part of each station is cautious appointment of X.Large womanizing even, X is say.Although fuss the entertainment industry at large scandal also the other day, while the relationship who knows the inner workings “I think finally whether Bale was”, it’s so I thought it as “well hidden until now passed,”.In fact X is faster pretty hand, within the industry, the story of a mistress there are multiple has been whispered plausibly.

However, male announcer just not in public, but the majority who are having a love affair, such as trouble is that.As regards to the prevention of NHK-born intellectual image, there is a suspicion that surrounds to Nantes also six mistress.That in about the same for him there is a mistress suspicion and multiple illegitimate child alleged.

That executives of the quasi-key station of Kansai, reason reluctant to put the X to be the heir of Ie-jin that came palm is just here.X also may be made in the Kansai was popular, it was a quite Tokyo advance is not a person, it seems it is the truth that the advance was Mamanaranaka~tsu to those of “notoriety” that womanizing had arrived earlier in the Kanto.

Anyway, missing Shinsuke Shimada-san et al., Moderator riding ride is not only X.Really, what he is able to significantly increase the exposure this while!? I want to focus on the future.

Photo Contest in an abnormal situation, winning 52 titles in 27 work to award qualifications revocation – China

February 1, 2012, photo art contest “imaging China” Organizing Committee of China, out of the tournament of selected works 52 points now, was to cancel the award qualification of more than half of the 27 points.Coverage of 3 date of China Youth Daily.

[Other photos of]

This time, it became a winning revocation as violation of the applicants conditions, 27 works were accepted for the society documentary department.KyoAtsushi (Jiang Yi) secretary of the contest organization committee, was the reason for the cancellation and “order” to move pixels (= refers to the synthesis) “as part of the work has been carried out.”.According to the expert professionals, 70-80% of the cancellation works Such synthesis has been carried out.

Tournament will start the recruitment of work in last year the end of April.I announced the winning work in late December.Among these, the Grand Prix winners of “social documentary single photo department” and “same set photo department,” said photographer Shirokusari Ryo of Shanxi ShoSusumu Urban living (by-Suorian) has pointed out that “there is a fraud.”.

“Enyume” of single photo department Award (Tung 彦斌) was copy the two old man two people and young people in Tiananmen work.However, looking to the particulars such as the ratio of the size of the beam and the subject, that’s “obvious synthetic”.Set photo department “Takeshi KoshiFutoshiKo” (RyukoTsutomu) 8 points, which followed the repair work of the highway that runs the Shanxi.That’s what you choose from several thousand points continued to shoot from ’97.However, there is you can erase the wire that was crowded Ballmer, mountain that should not exist in the reverse has or have been added suspicion.

Carried out in response to the pointed out, the organization committee to recover the original data and negatives of selected works, the appraisal work by experts from October 31.Result, traces of obvious synthesis was observed in “Takeshi KoshiFutoshiKo”.One “Enyume”, which had been added a slight cropping and image quality correction, which was recognized with the processing operations within the prescribed range.However, it is a work that had already won another contest turned out, eventually both were lost winning qualification.(Translation and editing / love ball)

[France] blog Japanese lifestyle “just like you are in another planet.”

When visiting Japan from Europe and the United States, there is that the differences between Japanese customs and lifestyle is felt greatly.In French blog “Le Dernier Exile”, which introduces be different from the France that I felt in Japan.

I seen many description of the first Japanese lifestyle.The author even returned to France, in addition to spell it and would take off your shoes at the front door, to bathe in the hot water temperature of about steam stand, cites such that you go to bed and laid a futon on the floor.

Japan seems to France differs is greater in relation to food.Rice to eat as it is without seasoning, because such as red meat cattle price is high, while in that will not eat too much, food that can be purchased at the delicatessen shops are reportedly very tasty.

Also in addition, for transportation network that can be conveniently available in urban areas are developed, it is no longer driving the car that.Further pointed out that there is no kind in addition to the cleanliness of the subway, and sleep in the subway, awake just before arriving at the station of purpose, are also introduced sight of Japanese that to get off.

For further author, it seems Japanese life was to look at the center work.Because you are almost work, casual wear becomes a suit, also vacation is not to spend with his family, when it comes to spend with the company’s stakeholders, while somewhat mixes the exaggerated, than typical French put the emphasis on work I have to express the appearance of Japanese.

Finally, Japan I have said it like another planet, and.Customs of the Western cultural sphere, including Japan and France than it is generally believed difference suggests there are many state.(Editors: Yamashita Sen-mei-bi Koji Yamaguchi)

And to clarify the financial ~ all of Japan, the response by a new perspective-cut

Total of 2012 fiscal budget countries budget 228 trillion 765.9 billion yen
Trade balance in 2011 trade balance 2 trillion 492.7 billion yen deficit
National wealth countries overall net assets 3036 trillion 200 billion yen

————————————————– ———–
▼ shalt be to naked by budget of the special account
————————————————– ———–

Ministry of Finance 24, the general and special accounts the combined countries of 12 fiscal budget
Total budget became 228 trillion 765.9 billion yen, an increase of 8 trillion 490.4 billion yen in fiscal 11 initial budget ratio
I was in the clear and.

Even though there is only about 75 trillion yen revenue of the state, I budgeting up here each well
It will think that it is something.And frightening is that special account
It is that Diet deliberations are often subject to pointed out that not enough.

If you look at the changes in the general accounting and settlement net meter of special accounting, the Liberal Democratic Party government of late
Become a Democratic administration that had been reduced to, I will tend to increase again.

Democratic Party has claimed to have cut a special account, but as a result the
Since they’ve formed a budget that greatly exceeds the revenue,
I think most meaning there is no.

You have been published about 25% if you look the national burden rate of Japan in the tax burden ratio,
Unemployment insurance, health insurance, if you look, including the special account, such as pension,
Substantially I have reached to about 40%.

If you do not as usual “budgeting” by this part to naked
Will not come see the real cause of the huge deficit.

If they are no longer Tata outlook continued to even deficit to the special account, eventually supplemented with tax
not other means to be, it does not change any and general accounting in this regard.

If you do not break the system of hidden resources of that special account, or a tax day
Will have come when significantly up forced.
It is it is scary.

————————————————– ———–
How to watch ▼ of Japan trade deficit fall?
————————————————– ———–

The Ministry of Finance is due to 2011 trade statistics breaking announced on the 25th, the trade balance
It was a deficit of 2 trillion 492.7 billion yen.
To that end, US Wall Street Journal magazine,
I have published an article called “Japan’s export superpower era end”.

And if you want to do it on me, what are you surprised afresh?It is a place called.
For this risk I have pointed out for a long time.

article that I have contributed “deficit fall! trading nation and Japan emergency” is
You are currently posted on the PRESIDENT Online,
Here seems to be as it is re-published an article that was written in 2009.

“Kenichi Ohmae of Japan Karakuri”: President online
→ http://president.jp/articles/-/418

A result of a sudden situation Become a now was the upheaval that Japan’s trade deficit
Rather, when something that became possible to as “structural problems”
I think it should be recognized.

Some people point out the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, but certainly fall in trade deficit
It may to be led to that accelerate the speed to be.
However, it is not possible to fall into the red if you do not have the earthquake,
And what was expected to much can be maintained even if the “trade surplus” future?When say
It I think different.

If you look at the trends of Japan’s trade balance and income balance, extends the return on investment
While you are, you could see that the trade balance in the last decade has been slipped into the red.
In, deficit fall of trade balance and with how much influence for Japan
Should I consider?

The first of said first, may develop into a “substantial worry situation”
Is that.Thanks trade balance was a surplus, former as the United States of
It is also without having to fall into a situation such as facing the triplets of deficit, is somehow national wealth
The was able to prevent it from flowing out to the foreign.

Future, to the yen There is also the possibility of reversal, this remains trade balance deficit
Is it if you follow the situation, we draw how the growth strategy of Japan’s?
How do we go to budget?I think that it becomes very tough situation.

On the other hand, this policy may view that “without so much worry okay”.

In the background of this trade deficit, Japanese companies do the production abroad, such as China
Because it is directly exported to the United States, as a result
Because there is a possibility that “just does not pass through the country of Japan.”.

In fact, this is the same as the cause of the United States had become the trade deficit.
US companies moved production bases overseas, where production was what
US is an “import”, also without passing through the United States to foreign countries such as Japan
I had swollen the deficit so was directly “export”.

Once I have pointed out this point, does not exist, such as trade imbalance between Japan and the United States,
Japan and “the United States have purchased a large amount of things that (company) has produced”
As I explained, anyone except Mr. Reischauer as long as it is in memory
Did not I get a understanding.

In response to this situation as Japan, be cherish money that owns now
You should think about the.

That the US dollar of about 100 trillion yen that’s hoarding in the trade surplus to erosion at once
You think I want be careful not.
————————————————– ———–
▼ Now, we need asset taxation
————————————————– ———–

According to the national accounts of the Cabinet Office announced the 25th 2010,
10 year-end of the whole country of net assets obtained by subtracting the liabilities from assets, such as land (national wealth) is
It was a 3036 trillion 200 billion yen, down 1.2% year-on-year.

The figure of this 3000 trillion yen, and I think that it all means want you to store.
The country of assets, “financial assets” “tangible assets of non-production such as land”
And There are three of “production assets, such as inventory and factory”, you will net 3000 trillion yen.

I have been claiming much “asset taxation” is, in this 3000 trillion yen part
This is the idea of ​​taxation.

To be precise, because such stock factory is used for the production to the outside of an object,
3000 trillion yen less than will be taxable.
Even looking at the only household assets have financial assets of more than 1000 trillion yen,
In addition there is also a land.

In these parts, if the taxable 3000 trillion yen just to only 1% of taxation,
It is estimated to become revenue of 30 trillion yen.That said assets a little was eroded,
Hand that does not use this because I have a ample assets of still 3000 trillion yen
There is no.

I in various books and articles, has been described asset taxation.
Come and I think I want to achieve this.

In severe situation of the Japanese economy, “once, the Japanese economy is allowed to crash”
Or those who closed is not quick to the?Be in the ear the opinion that
There will.

However, I am opposed to this opinion.I mean,
Japan is because not stand up After once crash.

In the case of Japan, “crash = collapse of Japanese government bonds (sovereign crisis)”
I mean.

Most of this Japanese government bonds, the Japanese people have held.
Therefore, people are deposited in financial institutions when the Japanese economy has crashed
1400 trillion yen of money I Futtobu.

Greece economy is bankrupt now, the European bank of which had been held by the Greek government bonds
It has been hit by tough situation, but is “Japanese people” is falling into the same situation.

Is “such had better become a situation” feelings of people who
To me you can not understand.
Will able really Japanese people survived when the?
Once when the wartime government bonds has default happening is hyper inflation
Prices jumped to about 100 times, people’s lives was very.

Who would have how you are able to assume to prepare the kind of situation?
Perhaps it would not be of not even one in 100 people.
Since quick “once, Japan and once you crash the” for that, etc.,
Never wake and I think things should not.

business terms OL-catching “win-win”, “main base”, etc.

Here two years well talk of hear “popular with 40s men women in their 20s.”.In fact, some in the survey, 20 to 30-something woman who answered to be even older than 10 years “consisting love interest” seems to have nearly 60%.Well even I, a Ikigomu you! They also do not mean that the “older if anyone”.OL us 5 people talked.

* * *
Miki (IT · 26 years of age): salmon drink and preaching system, past saga system, I’m ya staple also of running to body touch system.Made up coming to morose the chest at the elbow.

Hilo (retail and 24 years of age): at a party, “recently not been at all Bog Gehaha ~” or Oe even come to speak juvenile Toka normally sexual harassment “Dehehe – that it is not doing wife and years.”.

Nana (trading company, 30 years of age): I, on the other hand, those of father coming pandering to young people in the Toka words of fashion ya! You can not afford to eat “Now Suites?”Or Is the ~.

Miki: European writing is seriously Gross.”How about it to Compliance basis?”Or” This is when the one in the win-win “or” geek listen to the’m saying is Nante I “because it is partners teamed Alliance, and withered Geki me Usan odor ~.

Etsu (manufacturing and 29 years old): that’s katakana system, I word me “hundred-based” uncle favorite is quite like.You know, “honest-based, if by Kore?”Or, and or” ask seriously-based “, Now or” at the main base is this. “.

Chika (medical and 29 years of age): The Toko that mean the main base is mapped twice funny.

Miki: At the same Speaking of typical uncle not cool, and probably father gag you too bad.

Yue: Yes? And the is cute no twist Hitohineri? When I asked the steamed clams go Uchi of section chief and tavern During this time, “came Kai (shellfish) I was” or you had to say is I was funny I.

Nana: During this time of gag inner director was also middle people.In drinking, “I, when a junior high school student, Courage is small” and Is the have been told me chicken guy “” by coming out me.In the meantime, when I asked fast food at a convenience store, Even “Customer-of boneless chicken!” And called me “~ I’m was something amazing sad”.Had Dokkan a receiving.

Hilo: masochistic gag be said uncle I’m looking cool.

※ Shukan Post February 10, 2012 issue