The topic Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa of temporary housing is to be “beyond the area of ​​temporary”

For the victims had been washed away their homes in the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11 last year, state of temporary housing development that has been carried out in the affected areas are reported in msn Sankei News, large net bulletin board I call the topic.In the article, in the temporary housing that Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa was established, introduces the “utilizes a sturdy shipping container, faced by traditional one-story temporary housing” condensation “and” neighbor’s sound “has been greatly reduced.” to have.In addition, turn the image of the temporary housing that has been reported in such TV, photograph of like an ordinary apartment has also been published.When this article is introduced to the net bulletin board, the voice of surprise and “invisible to temporary housing” after another.Besides, such as also “Do’s comfort likely to live than poor apartment” “Do not be another permanent” and “comfortable too much is difficult now likely out”, there were numerous comments admire.In addition, “donations and fund-raising is to be used for incense said applications.Johnny’s office’ll not the case you are called panda from China “, etc., collected is not used for direct assistance to victims donations, to Johnny’s office that you are trying to attract panda over the several billion yen There was also one-act that criticism is Mushikaesa.[Related information] 2,3-story temporary is very popular condensation and linker of sound, Ken Miyagi not bother (msn Sankei News), Miyagi of temporary housing is not visible in temporary housing (livedoor Blog)

Nagatomo colleagues Obi, the exciting snow dive “fun”

One day (Japan time 2 days), draw in Serie A Intel was play against Palermo in Section 21 4-4.Japan representative DF Yuto Nagatomo is starting full participation, I was active, such as to take the PK.But in this game, it was invited favor of fans on the Internet, Intel MF Joel Obi It was dive scene in snow.

Since the snow from before the game has been made in the subsequent, condition that piled up snow everywhere to pitch inside and outside.Middle and played the Obi is 77 minutes, and chase the ball in the left touchline near, jump to the other side of the sign is left over momentum as it is.But there are piled up fresh snow, Obi is vigorously thrusting in the snow, was raised dance flashy the Yukikemuri.

Fortunately, injury to person without.But Obi figure that came out remains of snow covered, Intel fans delight.From the comments referred to as “Obi me laugh from morning wwww” “MVP Obi,” “fun Bookshelf www”, “Do you wonder black players Intel is also determined should not and does not take a laugh w”, “This guy is really motor nerve The well head Likes.Various comments had been submitted to praise it absolutely is how to sink it does not hurt to “.

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For voluntary evacuees 20km within evacuees “Come Back Omee us early fixture”

Been forced to evacuate in the Northeast each prefecture, victims hurts the year, such as temporary housing and relatives home about 30 million people.In addition, in response to the nuclear accident, not a few people who voluntary evacuation brought children into regions such as Kansai and Okinawa from Kanto.Suffering of these mothers, has continued even now.Noriyuki Mr. Shimizu freelance writer has followed the now “primary refugees mom” who.

* * * High-rise tower apartment of 36-storey overlooking Tokyo Bay “Shinonome (Shinonome) house”.It is property that drew barrage from the media is too luxurious as civil servants quarters.Here now, victims of 1024 people from such forced evacuation zone and planned evacuation zone of Fukushima Prefecture in the nuclear accident (2011 end of November) has emigrated.

“The one and local residents of Koto staff really I am well, I think we are blessed.Though he, when looking at the sunset on the balcony, I would have flooded even without tears endlessly ”

Sato Jitsutsu’s (33 years), was from his home in Namie away about 9km from the primary, has been evacuated and brought parents and her husband and small son of 2-year-old and 4-year-old,.House is just newly built, I started to live with their parents were chased a new house in two and a half months.

landscaping company that my husband was working the bankruptcy under the influence of the accident.While living in lump sum of damages is now, it is through to vocational training.Sato says.

“What compensation will happen to, whether become habitable by decontamination, it just that you do not clear even after 9 months from the accident.Even is said to be because it is high-dose region is “good to go back because we decontamination”, and had a small child, honest, I do not feel like Back.Even back only their own, convenience store also to not be living in the state nor school …… ”

Although I think the one must be recreated the foundation of a new life somewhere, so still ahead is not visible, but just raise the anxiety that.

Are you refuge, is not the only people who lived in forced evacuation zone that went this.Iwaki City in Michiko Kawazoe who lived (a pseudonym, 41 years), to know that there in primary unsafe conditions immediately after the earthquake, early morning March 12, husband and father, as well as the son of four-year-old and 9-year-old I was out of the house by car.The end you have a place to place an apartment in Saitama Prefecture, and was able to move into the former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka shelter in May.However, where I was this kind of experience.

“” Omee us from people who have been evacuated from the 20km attractions go home early fixture “and it is said many times, and was shocked.”

Iwaki has not been specified in the evacuation zone.If from not go back even want to leave the victims, “voluntary evacuation set” might be looked Utomashiku.

On the other hand, in the red pre-shelter, I met a member of the NPO “Children Project” which had been subjected to learning support activities to the affected were children, we were able to set up residence in Tokyo in its support.Child of above now have attended elementary school in Tokyo.Kawazoe’s talk.

I chose the only refuge I think that if there something in the “future children.It is was the most painful that was not giving you a feel for the “too nervous” from local acquainted were friends ”

What is lost by voluntary evacuation is greater.That her husband who works in Fukushima, plans to re-employment in Tokyo by retirement in April this year, revenue to become a non-regular employment will be one of roughly 3 minutes.

Public compensation and support for voluntary evacuation set less.All moving expenses nor re-employment self-pay, I am at your own risk.

※ SAPIO2012 year February 1 – 8 issue

“Folk music and the same genre ……?Karakuri of “K-POP Girls” Billboard chart second place! “

The 30th, Korea influential paper “JoongAng Ilbo” was reported that K-POP girl group Girls you have US debut last year was ranked at the 2-position of the Billboard chart.In response to this, the Japanese media have also reported a big way this “feat”.This site was reportedly “National advance the crushing defeat of the Girls” (see ※ article) just it, but whether it is a false alarm of Yomoya?

“Girls, in second place in the US Billboard chart.” According to the article it was reported under the heading, album that was released in the United States in the 17th “The Boys” is, in the World album chart of February 4 date of Billboard and that came in second place.Moreover, because say that it has achieved a chart in without even promotional activities such as concerts at the local, if if this news is true, but it exactly what there is only that feat …….

“” It is a world album chart “What a say and somehow terrible likely, but I can chart of Billboard there is comprehensive is the album chart in addition to a number of departmental chart of” Billboard 200 “.”World album chart” is also one of such departmental chart.Not was Ranked # 2 of comprehensive chart “(music magazine editor)

Sure, he girl era of second place in the latest World album chart, # 1 soundtrack of the movie, third place Celtic music band, fourth place in and so on chorus group of South Africa, folk music and say either Nori of.So-called “world music” has many rank-ins, and suggests that it is a fairly minor chart.This even torn mouth, it would not be said to be such as “National in popular”.

“Well, what do not you say you think the ranking of music other than Anglo-American.JoongAng Ilbo it, though is why Girls are reported as if it had entered into a comprehensive chart of Billboard.Of course, I do not have to all be of the description World album chart is What.The first place, not only Girls if world album chart, because the K-POP bias such as 2NE1 are also ranked in the past, not anything in achievement “(same editor)

By the way, while the album of Girls’ in the same article was recorded second place in the world chart, I have to have ranked in 22 of heat Seekers album chart.Do What a to and this “heat Seekers album chart”?

The thing that was ranked the “comprehensive never went within 100 of the album chart artist.Therefore new artists are many, of course, I will be that greater expectations if it is ranked higher, but 22 of Girls can not say never the high rank.Japan’s DIR EN GREY (Dill-en-gray) because I am taking the first place “(same editor)

“Billboard chart # 2” also if Akase seeds, this street.As always, it is a K-POP popular push the envelope.Even if the unavoidable Korea of ​​coverage attitude of JoongAng Ilbo Given the national character, should be criticized is the Japanese media to tell as it is side-by-side the newspaper coverage.World album chart at What is there such that there is no anything even feat be ranked, it should immediately apparent by examining a little.Whether the Japanese media is a compelling negligence.
(Statement = Maki Takafumi)

※ The image is “The Boys” (SM Entertainment)

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Revival of tavern mom in the affected areas “for regulars’s also in Ofunato”

After the earthquake, such as convenience stores and supermarkets also in the affected areas have been reopened at a relatively early stage, individual shops also have made gradually revived in such temporary store.

In the case of Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture of karaoke snack “Aya”, a shop and a home that had been followed from the die mother in ’20, was shed without a trace by tsunami.”Aya” which was named by taking one character from Ryori of place names, it was a large store that can accommodate even number of people 30 to 40 people maximum.

“I was thinking also be moving to other towns, to have also regulars’s, I thought I still want to also do with this Ofunato” (Kikuchi Miki mom)

end you troubled, and just got off to a re-start in the corner of “Ofunato Food Village” which opened last December 20.Seats 8 persons, and cut and fill in the mother and daughter, are brighten the night still Ofunato.

Was reflected in the photograph, the site that spread to the back of the sole’s poster girl is, that’s the space that was occupied by the old store.

Photography ■ Ota Shinzo

※ Shukan Post February 10, 2012 issue

30 employees have been deprived of their work! There is no things to do, but salary leave

To OKWave of Q & A site, this consultation had listed.In the company of questioner of Vitoria’s friends, a big uproar has happened.Part of the work that employees have played far, I had been suddenly transferred to the order with outside companies.

Was taken up the work, about 30 people from 20 people.Because it is people who have been involved in the company’s core business, it does not hide the shock.Since the salary there is no work of those that do not change, it is that “it is painful to go to every day company, likely to depression”.

Subcontractor to want to “dismissal” of involuntary recently appointed management team had been enrolled earlier, of large companies affiliates.Cost down seems to be nominal, but the “adhesion of the former club” also I will suspect.

Questioner Mr., the way of such company is referred to as a “waste of money”, “company (employees) to pay the gracefully something month of salary, should be to dismissal” has upset the.The “It’s mentally cornered to go harassment employees” also I have pointed out.

Although it is hot sued just like that of his own, from the respondents had pointed out that “simply not a harassment only there is no work.”.

Without giving the “work, on the other hand you can blame the incompetence to himself in, if there is a behavior, such as forcing the retirement, depending on the way you come out the possibility of power harassment.Now the situation is because I get a salary even without you think “work to the paternalistic specific treatment to reverse (abbreviation), it is profitable to some think will.However, looking at the working group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on January 30, 2012 “six types of power harassment”, in addition to such as mental, physical attack, item “too small request” contains.

The rationality of the business rather than, “What you tell the extent of the low work” was far from the ability and experience and “that it does not give the work” also, that it that can be a power harassment.This case also, there is no problem because the salary is paid, and you may not be.

Eirnewb’s “work is what you make it yourself” of whether But respondents, the employees side who are in the passive also says that there is a problem.”Not given to the work, and is what makes.And also work to think about the things that become something beneficial for the company.If could awaited time, but what if you also considered things like that?”Work what makes your own, and is common advice in Q & A site.There is also the opinion that “natural earns three times his salary”.

Certainly on the calculations will be so, but I think that is obtained in all occupations.If you directly sentenced to subordinates, you might would be protest Maybe it is assumed equivalent to the “excessive demand” of the “power harassment 6 types”.

That said, it is gone quit in self convenience and angry, it is pot you think the company.There was also opinion that should I use the extra time to “self-study”.

“The human resources that are needed, such as-class in other companies, might better is that trying to become actively” (Mr. 14,289,972) to this advice, Mr. questioner Thank “Thank you.The simplistic and, to the study of national qualification test, “he ended up inadvertently answer.Apparently, not the friend of trouble, it sounds like was that of his own.

Different how to use the money in men and women?!

I different shops you want spending and go to which you wish to apply for men and women.Cosmetics and clothes than to love women, men or liked drinking.This time I would like to reading shows the difference of its spending from household accounts of such men and women.

You feel you As can save well in savings specialty each Nikkei When looking at the men and women of the household account book that was investigated in Woman of each specialty.For example, men Internet, women are food and water, utility costs.

Internet bill ◇ men ¥ 6,100 × woman ¥ 6,895
Provider fee mechanism is more complex.We can save more of relatively strong men to digital equipment and nets.I provider fee and thoroughly compare prices is the month about 3500 yen.

“Price .com” is in many cases become campaign minutes faster, easier, and cheaper than apply from the provider of the home page when the application via.The thing that only a monthly fixed costs you want to review a good timing of separated.

Food ◇ men ¥ 35,800 × woman ¥ 22,683
Food is still less more women.thing, but there is also a difference in the amount, men are often opportunities to dispense with eating out or lunch to eat.The difference is ¥ 13,117.Food will vary greatly in again whether or not to self-catering.

2500 yen ingredients for one week in the magazine I will often feature be kept to a (one person).If rice and seasonings such as also to all self-catering, including all you have 10,000 about 6,000 yen a month.

It is also possible, such as luxury goods and Tama lunch is also included and fit at about ¥ 20,000.Such as drinking on the job, let’s to think as entertainment expenses.

Water-utility costs ◇ men ¥ 12,400 × woman ¥ 8,740
There are many that are said to be troublesome when the teaching of water-utility costs to men.However, I think we women love fine save.Dust also become a mountain if Tsumore, the difference in the 3660 yen! It is the difference of ¥ 43,920 in one year.

By the way, I’m a make ends meet in about 7000 yen a month.Reducing the consumer electronics, especially we have to watch out the amount of hot water heating and cooling and Bathing.

Investment is often overwhelmingly male?! Others, men was the characteristic is that it is often amount to turn to the “investment”.

Investment ◇ men ¥ 41,000 × woman ¥ 18,868
The more men like investment about 80% of subscribers of Money magazine is said to men.Also participated in the investment of events who is often overwhelmingly male.Compared to women who prefer the safety of principal and has a passion for increasing the assets.

Self-investment in connection and your abilities with people also will be able to consider an investment in a broad sense.This is also the amount of money that more men put is higher.

Newspapers and books cost ◇ men ¥ 8,900 × woman ¥ 3,260
Skills cost ◇ men ¥ 12,100 × woman ¥ 5,863
Entertainment expenses ◇ men ¥ 26,200 × woman ¥ 13,567
You can read business books in recent years, has been more and more women and participate in seminars.I want to continue to increase even money to turn to investment because may be little by little.

Female-specific spending men There are also female-specific spending that is not applied too.Beauty expense, lesson fee, it is such as self-care bill.

Beauty cost ◇ 7339 円
Lesson fee ◇ 9377 円
Self-care bill ◇ 9028 円
(Female data only)
You healed you go to beauty and beauty salon.In particular, I’m blissful time when work was busy.

Once upon a time was I also have a reward spending over than the average.Such I also gradually reduce the money to be applied to these, I have to turn the floating minute to investment and self-investment.

Stiff neck will not spend a terrible because money is to nail the massage about a month ¥ 4000 of about 8000 yen a month.Lesson does not.Since savings also lead we want to learn to cook when you are time.

Cosmetics also I use long things Cospa is good.I There are also things that can be put in cheaper prices than price in such Rakuten Ichiba.Clothes also is do not buy more than six months.

It is my experiences, but reduce the reward to myself, now goes very well work in that it is now to be able to invest in people and their abilities around.

I recommend that you go turn from reward bills little by little to increase the self-investment.This is because hard to Omoikiru of to you for Kirikuzushi the savings because old age also anxiety.In addition, when women are good men, I am male may be Ru Minarae the good of women.

* Men of data: 25 to 34-year-old data.Conducted on the web in November 11.I got the answer from the man 304 people (31.2 average age).Women of data: Conducted on the web in May 11.I got the answer from 419 people (34.2 average age).

Author of Mook is released!

Rather than diligently saving time-consuming, one book that the way wreath protons to propose a simple and effective size of the way, summarized in the cut of “household accounts on the net & smartphone”.

Baseball joint Jishutore, Abe faction surface also giant largest faction factions making

Tomorrow, professional baseball Spring Training starts.Voluntary training to do before camp, but in recent years the trend to carry out a “joint Jishutore” in some of the fellow.

and “We need a partner to catch the ball, money does it take you borrow the ground alone.Players hire a personal trainer and practice partner but is an exception, most of the young players is this pattern “(sports newspaper reporter)

Generally fielder each other of the same team, but gather in the pitcher each other, the most popular of the that’s way veteran players invites promising young.For example, Tatsunori Hara Giant coach playing days, Kaoru Okazaki in Izu-Shuzenji, Masahiro Kawai, Yoshimura TadashiAkira, the Jishutore by collecting Shinichi Murata implementation.In the case of these combinations, often veteran will bear the cost of all worth.

The Taishi Ota of young promising Shinnosuke captain of Abe in this year of giants, Tetsuya Utsumi Ace was invited Shun and Sawamura Tsubuseichi Higashino.Because in this style there is a face of “creating factions within the team.”.Reveal a giant number reporter.

Largest faction Abe of “giant.Since food and living expenses’s all Abe retention, and is like the God for low annual salary young.Guts (Michihiro Ogasawara) school that also has to, but here will join the relationship of good Sanematsu Kazunari from from age Nichihamu is, did on practice very hard from 9 am until 6:00 at night, and drink it as night bathed.Competitors has become from beginning to exhausted (laughter) ”

If you look from the young players, is not otherwise be left and right in the future Who me invite.

Mind should not a care in the “when it comes to off” someone is invited from the beginning to Abe “.Monetary benefit is, of course, but if accustomed to little brother of the captain that is trusted from the original director, and Will believes that something is good circumstances, even since the beginning of the season.

Previously it has been doing Jishutore led the faction like the same Yoshinobu Takahashi, nearly crippling state or because of the recent slump.For young, it is anyone’s precious Shosei surgery or to participate in the Jishutore “(same before)

※ Shukan Post February 10, 2012 issue

It is not a Korean 19-year-old following sexual experience rate of 3.2% exam is very far from it

Last year, parody AV Korean female idol group is against it, which is produced in Japan, raised the voice of large criticism from Korean Internet users.This criticism, at the same time as the anger of “Do not insult the Japanese idol”, I wonder, “South Korea women if should not be observed chastity” not the cry that has been reflected.Chastity idea based on strict Confucian thought, what now are alive in South Korea.and about to enter the foot to “secret Neyabo” of the close and distant country.

* * *
In recent years, the image that Japanese entertaining Koreans, there are many places that you owe to Hallyu Star.Man, “macho of Twink” to Bae Yong Joon burr, but aggregated likely to “preeminent style sexy” of KARA and SNSD’s woman.

If familiar with such men and women of lust, above Calvi, such as entangle the garlic and red pepper plenty of secret sauce (!?), Resulting in a greasy associative.However, in their real sex life, surprising secret ingredient had been studded.

First of all from youth sex circumstances.Korean ministries “Women and Family” is 2010, the men and women 18 544 people under 19 years of age showed that survey from junior high school students – of experience rate is found to reality that 3.2% (men 4.5%, women 1.6%) was.The average age of first experience experience was 15.6 years old.

In the same South Korean female human rights Agency have done a year “youth of cultural awareness survey”, sex experience rate increases only slightly with 7.3%.But, I showed the same trend as the 15.4-year-old average first experience age.

Korean youth culture in detailed freelance writer says.

“Is bound to still deep-rooted Confucian thought, there are many women who believe that we should protect the chastity until marriage.On the other hand, the men I am in the midst of harsh and intense examination front of enough to be referred to as “life is determined by the University”.Not is far from’m very sex.Boys is exclusively masturbation erotic site ”

By the way, the case of Japan, high school students for both men and women sex experience is 30% closer (than 2005 survey of Japan of Education Association).

※ Shukan Post February 10, 2012 issue

Or viewing rate rises? Or your living room is freezing? NHK taiga Sex in film turned towards the viewing rate recovery [topic]

NHK Taiga Drama that first viewing rate did not go as expected of 17.3% and the initial “Taira no Kiyomori”.There is a story that NHK is performing “Sex in film-on” for viewing rate recovery.Already or put your hands on the chest of women Shiro Ito play Shirakawa Pope is Kinju even in the first episode, but such Fukiishi Kazue of nursing scene of Maiko officers had appeared, he further to the become extremists.

Actresses appearing in this river, Saki Takei, Matsuyuki Yasuko, other Sex in film of Rei Dan, I hear that Matsuyama Kenichi is a scene such as R over 18 levels to abandon the virgin scene of Taira no Kiyomori auditors several appear.

Although many fans of the comment that “you do not need, such as Sex in film in taiga”, I wonder if this measure is to do affect the viewing rate.

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