Program also reported soon? Isono Chirico, younger bartender he and catastrophe!?

Sudden divorce from a year and a half, this time it’s Chirico Isono, which was announced in a variety program and has been dating a younger bartender Takahashi Higashiware’s in public, but have recently ran Megu~tsu the catastrophe information in the industry.

Isono is November 2009, published in the “legal counseling centers that can matrix” a divorce between Hiroyuki Shoji husband is a responsible manager who Tsureso~tsu six years (NTV).Open the press conference in the agency immediately after the cause of the divorce that is due to the cheating husband, she had told the stark and that cut out a farewell from the other side.

And acquaintance hit it off with Takahashi that becomes the current boyfriend in Tokyo bars.Last year it appeared all together two of the “matrix ~” Takahashi-san and in October, Isono has also announced that to open a bar in Tokyo sponsored.

Even after several months from the “flashy dating declaration, there is no sign of still bar opens.Although some in the “In the dating” was the relationship of two of that was told to and, from the fact that recently became even less opportunity to climb to the topic Takahashi seems catastrophe theory began whispered in the industry.In addition, in the provinces of wide show “divorced famous talent, ordinary people were men and catastrophe of the younger two around” seems to be broadcast both “(weekly magazine reporter)

So, to is new to also have come up with an inquiry try as “such a to (catastrophe related to) talk to agency officials Isono, with respect to dating the current Isono, never say that such was catastrophe.Certainly bar is not open today, since this is is that there are a variety of timing other than two, and time is yet to be determined, such as, “It was completely negative with respect to catastrophe.

Also Takahashi also have face of as an amateur kick boxer, dating discovered at the time but was a member of the gym of Chiba Prefecture, also here, “Because I unsubscribe at last year’s time, do not know the present situation” (relationship person) and things.

Love problem that you do not know only to the parties eventually where was worried about how much the surrounding.Only to Isono which has announced a divorce and new lover through a variety show, it would really be willing to report in the same way if was celebrated the catastrophe.Or reports of opening of Isono Produce bar to become before …….I want to look forward to the report in any event.

※ The image than Isono Chirico official site

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Busan, Korea round trip 3500 yen limited time from Hakata, cheaper than going to Nagasaki!

Even going abroad, it became cheaper surprisingly.Korean passenger high-speed boat that was flying to Daya fast shipping is February 10, 2012 “Dream” (300 people capacity, 303 tons) Using the, and but a limited time, Fukuoka and Hakata – between Korea and Busan reciprocating 3500 ‘s circle.

The home port of Busan Port is starting in the morning, and set the stroke wrap from Hakata Port in the afternoon, and operating one flight daily except Wednesday.I is expected to embarkation of about 100 000 people a year.Busan for people of Fukuoka resident, I sense that you go out in the town becomes a very.

Desire of flying “First, know asked want to be” ever Tsushima (Nagasaki) – for Daya fast shipping, which has been operating the Busan route, Hakata – Busan route flying was a “dream come true”.Of Genkai, connecting in 3 hours and 15 minutes without swaying larger waves of three meters.

Special pricing is to commemorate the flying of the “round trip 3500 yen” cheap, until the end of March.The company Fukuoka branch, it is said, “desire come true by the fact that the flying of, and gratitude, from the thought of like to know first the” Dream “(the price) I was allowed to set”.

In addition, “other companies compared with’re sailing the high-speed boat of jet (gas turbine) engine, Dream is also moving in the diesel engine, also is possible that fuel cost rises cheap” also described.

For now at 1 flight a day, 14:45 departure Hakata If you go from Japan, Busan 18:00 clothes.Return path Busan 9:00 departure, since in Hakata 12:15 wear, it is necessary to 1 nights in Korea, there is also travel company that sells a tour of early also “Dream + with hotel”, in the lowest It is sold from 6900 yen.

According to the company the Fukuoka branch, every day reservations have been flooded, already boarding flights weekend until the end of March is fully booked.We have seen as “the March or not there is a need, such as graduation trip”.

In addition, it requires a separate fuel surcharge.1500 yen in Hakata, terminal use fee is 500 yen (also required in Busan) is applied.

Four companies compete, or broke out in the future price competition?Currently, Fukuoka and Hakata – Busan route you are operating as “Beetle” of JR Kyushu high-speed ship “Coby” of South Korea and the future high-speed, four companies of the passenger ship “New Camelia” Camellia line, about 300 000 people a year I will but use.

In the entry of Daya fast shipping, price cuts competition of fare there is a view that intensifies.JR Kyushu high-speed boat is usually one way ¥ 13,000 (adult).However, the use of the payment of the Internet reservation, credit card, (until the expiration period three days and two nights) “Super Beetle Special” is round trip 10,000 yen, “Beetle Special” is one way ¥ 10 000, round trip ¥ 15,000 tickets I can get in.

For Daya fast shipping also since April fare, if you are to be “during this month we will decide”, probably going to be about ¥ 13,000 in the normal price.

On the other hand, Turning to the domestic, if you go out by using the JR from Hakata, to Sasebo Kumamoto and Nagasaki, takes 2070 yen only ticket, take 3570 yen you go to Nagasaki.

Also by bus, and 2500 yen from Hakata Bus Terminal to Nagasaki Bus Terminal, you can not very round trip in the “3500 yen”.Kyushu tourist destinations, something being fearful.

Hasegawa Rie, and “quit waiting” for the catastrophe and unprecedented Comments

Masaki actor Kanda had been said to Goal imminent and talent Hasegawa Rie that 13 days was catastrophe, revealed.It’s Hasegawa became famous in the affair dating with actor Junichi Ishida of 19-year-old difference, but then ex-boyfriend of Ishida married professional golfer, Riko Higashio.Although Hasegawa was also shown a positive attitude and what now seems grooves had occurred between the Kanda was cautious in marriage.

Hasegawa 13th, was catastrophe in “January in the event that took place in Nagoya city.I report themselves catastrophe and such as “I wanted to get married.Updated blog in 14 days Valentine’s Day.I’ve decided to take “a new step.I think everyone’s know but I’ve been waiting for you to believe about one year marriage proposal.But, unfortunately wish did not come true “, I have spelled the feelings straight for the catastrophe of the Kanda.Of the same day broadcasting “Hiruobi! “(TBS system) But Hasegawa monologue interview was broadcast.

Futari May 2010, Kanda’s “morning chaired! The raw journey salad “development in dating in opportunity that Hasegawa in (TV Asahi) was a guest appearance.Love of whereabouts of 23-year-old difference couple had attracted a lot of interest.

Last year in January, Kanda When asked about marriage to reporters “Why panic of so much? I will go in slow “L”! “L” is even is also LOVE LIFE.And because I’m a good year, slowly I going to enjoy life “and stated.However, one of the Hasegawa as such “because such things there opponent I’ll try,” “I think if the’m good waiting”, has been fully expand the public approach a couple.

And as Kanda are fed up to the “pressure” of these Hasegawa, the last year in October, “Shukan Bunshun” (Bungeishunju) but reported a catastrophe, Hasegawa “two people of truth in the blog, looks like..(Laughs) “and to me for a harmonious two-shot photos of the Kanda, to dispel the catastrophe theory.In November was the ardent love of Futari scoop “Women Seven” is (Shogakukan), Hasegawa has been “rushed move” near his home in Kanda, and had told that it is a close marriage.

But after all, is provided a forum for discussion in January this year, that the end is struck by the dating of 1 year 8 months.Kanda is that it was not issued a positive answer with respect to marriage, Hasegawa referred to as “(proposal a) another stop was to the wait”.Ishida and companionship but also period was as long as eight years of, resulting in but did not make it into the finish line, it became a form that also missed a chance this time.

“Ex-boyfriend of Ishida” Rie is so is bound as was talking to death spree “the belongings inspection from wallet from your mobile and home was intense for Hasegawa.The “Nde was go with almost all the watch that has been collected, I want you to return it if possible” If you are exposed both, I will differ significantly from the appearance of Hasegawa glimpse from the media “(entertainment writer)

It’s strong Hasegawa impression that had been swayed by Playboy of Ishida, but in relation to dating and at least this time of Kanda will be apparent that had been brandishing Hasegawa side.

When I went to the “Hasegawa of events coverage, enclosed conference had been scheduled could have been canceled in the hastily Hasegawa side of convenience.Kanda and Will had a you do not want to talk about feelings dating, but reporters that it was not enthusiastic I was disappointed.But question himself in the blogs and wide show, told the stark for catastrophe.This Shitataka of it might be learned from Ishida, by is not good is subject of media to devote itself to run away in public “(sports newspaper reporter)

For better or worse, Hasegawa has sprinkled a lot of buzz in the love story so far.In some for catastrophe of the Kanda because he can “new boyfriend is?”And also has been modest, I just hope that this time what it is covered in the auspicious news.

※ The image is “Running Beauty” (Poplar)

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[Entertainment vitamin ♪] and “bake have time? “Really either lie or!? The AKB48 of handmade cookies Shinoda Mariko is demonstrated.

Valentine’s Day is also the end, the topic was out even television program that idol group AKB48 has appeared “Music Station”.But, busy girls really whether there is time to make chocolate and cookies? As if that question to answer, you are publishing a figure which Mariko Shinoda make cookies in blog.

Before and after February 14 AKB48 members also on blogs and TV shows, was often touching the topic of Valentine’s Day.In “Music Station” of February 17, and he was not surprised the Tamori of moderator Mariko Shinoda is revealed to be “burned 500 cookies”.

Tamori is there time to bake “so much?When asked “said Shinoda answered it” took until around 4:00 pm or Yonabe to morning 3 “.The cookies that she gave to the south Takahashi in such, portrait of about takami a person is wry smile to be “full of malice” has been drawn.

In the program of ending, but that was a gift large heart-shaped cookies that are caricatures from Mariko Shinoda to Tamori drawn.Shinoda and “Tamori-san is a picture that has issued a tongue in” Tehepero “” but has been described, is the it of Tamori compared with heights variety of portrait described above was higher degree of perfection.

Mariko Shinoda, which is also the work of fashion magazines of shooting and events as a model among AKB48 is, should do a considerable overcrowding schedule.She and bake 500 cookies, carefully wonder there is a time to or draw a portrait in a cookie.

The its Shinoda Mariko was posted on February 18 in the blog “Diary” is it was a photo of a process that bake the cookies you pass to Tamori.Where Apart “to Takeuchi Ana also” is assumed to be passed to Tamori, either not portrait of Yoshie Takeuchi Ana to serve the progress of the M stearate are making also drawn cookies.

“Recipe because the mom of Juri, quite taste is also delicious” come and also has revealed that it has learned how to make from the mother of Jurina Matsui, transmitted increasingly handmade feeling of cookies.

Although the M stearate was talking that made the cookies in large quantities also Haruna Kojima, it was showing a place like her as “some ornamental”.On the other hand Kashiwagi Yuki is revealed as “because most mom made”, it seems to have not passed only two can be closed cares Minami Minegishi and Aki Takajo.

In addition, that Yuko Oshima things “takoyaki-style pancake chocolate” ordinary things and mustard-filled in last year’s Valentine’s Day, was passed in surprise to Yasushi Akimoto.When Akimoto Yasushi caught as “spicy!” Choose a mustard-filled, he reacted with “bad!” Further extend the hand towards the ordinary.

She “” Oshima from Akimoto teacher, such of the “painful” If any guy is “delicious” The has been preaching and if we do not do it’ll “no” so, and “did not bring myself to make this year.” had been told.

Shinoda Mariko but undoubtedly “500 cookies” and that baked the “portrait cookie Tamori”, a member of AKB48 it seems there is a “handmade to school” and “weak faction”.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

~Tsu Capital directly under seismic intensity 6, “Tokyo Bay large earthquake” is looming! (1)

Although the key to the mechanism of the earthquake is said to be the behavior of the crust plate, and have been found in recent years is the location where a plurality of plates each other Semegi hit just below Tokyo Bay.And very, very near future, large earthquake of M7 class that there epicenter is he that attack in the Tokyo metropolitan area.* “There is a plate boundary collide in Tokyo Bay area” ─ Hirata direct professor of the University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute of so told in the briefing with Governor Shintaro Ishihara.Recently, it’s researchers probability that the Tokyo metropolitan area epicentral large earthquake occurs within four years have become a hot topic to announce that it 70%. Hirata professor is also the Principal Investigator of the sub-project of “metropolitan area Earthquake Disaster Mitigation special project” of the Ministry of Education, detailed for the plate structure just below the capital. Metropolitan area directly under the two continental plates (the Eurasian Plate, North American Plate) under the Pacific Ocean plate from the east is, is subducting Philippine Sea plate from the south. And established a seismograph of 400 locations in the metropolitan area in the project.The plate structure I revealed.He As a result, it was found that area plate boundary each other Semegi directly under Tokyo Bay. In addition, the report of Professor Hirata “close to the figure of the earthquake that hit the Tokyo metropolitan area”, there is a description of a similar earthquake directly under Tokyo Bay that happened on the history.According to it in the Tokyo metropolitan area, has repeatedly occurred large earthquake of M7 class between the M8 class massive earthquake with a period of 200 to 400 years.One, in the ancient documents that was a big earthquake that occurred in 1812 “Sekiguchi diary”, Yokohama, houses collapsed in Kawasaki, a large number of dead is depicted how out.Region, which is estimated from the ancient documents of description it was a seismic intensity 6 Yokohama, Shinagawa from Kawasaki, spread in Setagaya, seismic intensity 5 north Soka, Saitama Prefecture, west Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujisawa, south 及 up in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama he has Nde. Tokyo Bay direct type of earthquake that occurred is imminent is, it is unclear whether similar manner.However, when an earthquake takes into account the tendency to occur with a periodicity, it It will not be definitely be quite helpful to predict the size and damage. Professor Hirata et al earthquake six months ago, the earthquake occurrences of M3~6 class that have occurred in the metropolitan area within six months after the earthquake investigation.Made a “probability evaluation method aftershock” by combining a statistical method.And he probability of large earthquakes of M7 class occurs in the metropolitan area was flipping a shocking figure of 70 percent over the next four years. Says Akihiro specific researcher Takeuchi of Tokai Earthquake Prediction Research Center.The reason for earthquake occurs frequently in “Kanto There are several.One is that there is a place where it remained divided by the Great East Japan Earthquake.And for earthquake shock was too large, and the force applied to the rock varies, it is unstable.Future, a major earthquake that hit the Kanto region there are three.Metropolitan area just below, Boso, is Tokai earthquake.Should be under the Kanto Plain there are active fault of undiscovered.There is also a possibility that the epicenter, as soon as possible investigation is needed “We he had built a huge metropolis on top of the nest of earthquake.

Mexico military, gun 6000 Ding and ammunition disposal

[Xinhua / Reuters] Mexico Army the 16th, in the northern city of Juarez, got rid of the gun 6000 Choto large amounts of ammunition were seized in drug crackdown activities.Witnessed even Calderon President to disposal.

[Other photos of]

(Translated Naotsubomi / edit the translation Abe Yoko)

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South Korea, I invite the nuclear power plant technicians pull … dinner invitation change jobs of TEPCO

Multiple media of South Korea is the 16th, when the government is scout the primary engineer of TEPCO, was reportedly cited the coverage of Japan.After the Fukushima nuclear accident, while in Japan there is a movement of “de-nuclear power plant”, named from the fact that is progressing Southeast Asia in the construction of the nuclear power plant, including South Korea, there is a growing demand for Japan’s nuclear power plant engineer.

According to the Korea media, movement to try to pull out the Japanese nuclear power plant engineers, strong especially in South Korea.2011 officials of the South Korean government in summer, is invited to dinner the staff who work in the electronic force department of TEPCO, was soliciting a career change to the Korean nuclear industry.That other TEPCO staff also, was approached to change jobs from South Korea.

South Korea President Lee Myung-bak the 5th, and agreed to resume the nuclear power plant construction negotiation of Turkey that has been interrupted.In December 2011 for example, to announce the construction of a new nuclear power plant 2 groups in Uljin (Uljin), and shows the attitude of the primary propulsion.

Korean Knowledge Economy Ministry the 16th, reports that the Korean government tried to pull out the TEPCO engineers denied as “not true”, “the South Korean government is that there is no fact that solicitation to change jobs to TEPCO engineers was talk that it “knows the.(Editors: Yu Shinkawa)

Baseball reporter (back) roundtable to “write not interview memo” all Barras! (4) concern of “ass” is eliminated!

A way, ORIX I of Spring Training maximum “concern” was resolved.Warm water cleaning toilet seat is attached to the stadium backstop behind the toilet.Akinobu Okada Director (54) is discouraged as “lie! Washlet with was do or” and gladly he also fleeting, “flame and, yan Tsukaen of” to know that there is no essential outlet.Then, it means that the power supply work is made, the director became smiling.

B new foreign people of fourth candidate, Rii de ho DaiHiroshi (29) body weight at the time of joining conference in big there was 130 kg.Then, because it was increased to 140 kg, Okada has issued a 10 kg weight loss instruction.Result, I appeared in camp squeeze also 15 km.Naa I was coach “10 km say.Sky, skinny too by “the bitter smile.

C Lee in the springboard Japan, are aimed at the major-filled.The South Korean media has been answered, “I want to hit the ball of Darvish”.

A Darvish was missing Nippon Ham, Hideki Kuriyama Director (50) inauguration.Second year of Yuki Saito (23) January 25, published a Jishutore.The team public relations media outlets, but I’ve been notified and start 時 11 ‥‥.

D But Saito I’m did you start arbitrarily at 10 o’clock.It is that only if to be impressed by the fact that exercise motivation strong, but had finished a whopping 11 sometimes.This has also been unable to interview all the company, a large boo flew.

B Saito same as Akira Sino-Japanese Yamamoto, Tottori sports gym “World Wing” any time we did the Jishutore, this was another terrible.Though Akira has received normally interview, when you take a picture of Akira, Saito would crowded Ballmer behind.It mean that bad, the person is Rashiki affiliation office staff of Saito, I come every time with a claim.Akira Do not use implicitly also comments that talked about Saito, and.Of course, is not even Saito of comments on it.

On C interview, Saito has become that it was not there.Though can look at the training landscape, do not hear the story, dont even reflected in the photograph.What would the intention of Somerset, and.

D, however, is Saito high evaluation of the camp.Fastball in the bullpen, the impression that has returned to the “heyday” of when 3 years Hayami.I’ve been able to even weight shift of the challenges was the left foot.

Would because unleashed from the spell of A Darvish.

Even B last year received often the advice from Dar, just do not run just hear, Dar has had Mihanashi.Will no longer have its Dar was surly relationship, it looks like you’re carefree.

C Well, it was not running, but there is also because there was no physical strength to do a dull menu of non-standard.

D Darvish and to have missing holes, there is also a voice and that became motivated.

In A and “there is dream of opening pitcher” only was to mouth, I thing seen this season.

Animation of the causes of suicide in Japan?From Russia

Children of continuous suicide of teenager continued in Russia, I’m fuss the world.During the day, and he also of junior high school students six in just 10 minutes have passed their own life.Grades at school in all of them home of children who blessed was also good.And interestingly, that this many was intense nerd of Japanese anime.Or anime would there can lead to suicidal thoughts? Stewing those that urge the generation iPod and Tsu~itta overflows to the terrible fate? Children of psychology that has not been established for impact of Japanese anime, Olga Mahofusukaya Mr. senior expert of child psychology is stated:.”Of course, animation itself can not become the cause of suicide of teenager.But this visual art that many of the children go crazy thing you want to sharpen every emotion.And be hero of the death specific to Japanese anime, and not to the other country’s culture, it is a measure that sometimes measure true friendship, the fidelity.

While tied his hands, it is common between especially girls and is of that jump off from a high and the girls each other to a heroic adventure, the contents absolutely forever’m friends, and each other oath is something found in everyone anime.,, Not actually less scene heroes kill easily in the anime.When devote opponent in what keen to Yuku attracted also did not who intend to completely die came death.The hero who take a detached attitude to life and death is also not a few, life is I’m fully believe not only in the game.,,.

i more Russian excerpt full text from the Internet article Japanese Voice of Russia

In fiscal 2011 of record, in the suicide rate in the population 100,000 units, Russia is the world third place, Japan 8th.World statistics reference article Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department statistics: Japan age group statistics such as age US-Japan comparison such as & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; past blog: Japanese suicide and unemployment unfortunate 22 year forecast

The spate of criticism in Greece who burn even historic buildings

Every day, in Greece that one after another demo riots against the state, the 16th, photos mob of the Greeks are burning the buildings of the city randomly is reproduced in net bulletin board, is called a ripple.

Some of the burnt buildings, widely known as “Syntagma Square” as a historical building in the center of the Greek capital Athens are also included, the net bulletin board “valuable tourism resources …” such as the shock I have a spread.”In the end it because I’m or destroy or eliminate the place of life in their hands, the financial crisis previous problems” such as “Why not use for the energy of the country”, the Greek riots which increases the radical of critical were received.

On the other hand, “I think this way and how, I think that’s obvious angry is that such that their disadvantage.Japanese more angry should “, etc., same economic situation is also seen many opinions question the” indifference “of the Japanese that do not show anger against the government while bad.

· riot damage building 110 houses 79 people arrested (livedoor News)

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