TV beauty 42 people large roar! “Guy can not forgive absolute” (3) Rio Hirai → Katopan “elementary school or less of your stupid” Tanaka Minami → Shingo Fujimori “Chara Persuasion”

 Speaking of Women’s Ana, bargaining with the big game moderator and the famous talent in the program, and popularity acquired rival battle in station, it is placed in the difficult environment of omnidirectional diplomacy.When I tease the complex human pattern -.


Previous Ikuina from same, and was exposed to sexual harassment incidents in the “law center that can matrix” is, Nippon TV of the temple? Nobuko Ana (32).Wow, he that was licked the cheek and Veron in order Inoue (64).In the judgment of the lawyer corps, Obuchi Aiko lawyer

“Miya? Totally without fault in the hole, (act of Inoue) is high malicious soluble”

And commentary.It was view that “misconduct”.

 Year after year, that has been confused by “maintenance is directing” to escalate, but Fuji TV of Ikuno proton Ana (27).Speak broadcasting writer.

And hates the certain dance of “Takaaki Ishibashi (50), it seems to have played NG list containing the program of Tunnels.In last year’s special number, dressed in black body suit with junior Ayako Kato Ana (26), but the first time in hidden Big was exposed, the stone bridge in the program, when Kachin in attitude the show bread avoid their have had ”

To tell the Kato Ana and, have consolidated its position in the steadily station.According to the broadcast writer,

“Even for successor and was told Minako Nakano Ana Aya Takashima (32) (32), already Tame opening.Hostile mood as “probably will never hear that you say senior analyst for the first time in reckless” in the program was even to blur.And was with the discomfort in such Katopan is the Hirai Rio Ana (29).In quiz show “Nepurigu”, for Katopan that did not answer the official name of the thunderhead (cumulonimbus), “I’ll see in elementary school!” And semi-Gille reproach.From Kato Ana figure apologize in subtle facial expressions, rivalry realistic had drifted ”

That conflict of rival each other, even in TV Tokyo has been projected explicit material.Clerk reveals.”Two-top of the inner is Miho Ohashi Ana (33) and Oe Mariko Ana (33), but here about five years waging ace conflict, it is A~tsu shunned each other.original mode daughter Ohashi Ana is responsible for education engagement, to blog immediately after joining the Konno Asami Ana (24), synchronization of Ueda Moeko Ana (23) and sprinkled with Oe Ana of the education coefficient, photos you get along meal at four Although reblogged glue, I since then is nil.And never seen Nante appearance to chat with station (laughs).Last year, it is what it was then surprised when these two people were appeared in specials “Disney Special” ”

Even among young women Ana looking beside the battle of woman of crackled, that have begun expulsion violently spark.Out of clerk continues before.

“Called it Yûka Aiuchi Ana topics in bifurcated dating (25) and Konno Ana rivals fight has just master the fierce.Aiuchi Ana first place, cats and dogs and Ohashi Ana.The reason is because the Ohashi Ana revealed the presence of intra-phase Ana station lover MC · Koji Imada of “overkill Cozy” (45), I have to root even now.Revelation of bifurcated companionship also, it is the mind Anki to doubt that it is the Konno Ana leak that yearns Ohashi Ana.Former popular idol, I then you have a thick pipe also in the media. ”

TBS Tanaka Minami Ana (25), impressively self-directing of the trouble with the surrounding.Out of broadcasting writers speak before.

It would be a master of “self-produced.For example, in the “Sunday Japon” of last year November 13, also “breath of Oriental Radio Shingo Fujimori (28) perfect.I do not just location, in Persuasion talk of good of Chara man clause and eat rice “, to be” (together) are playing with is in I do not want to think! “, And a total rejection.On the other hand, after production to Matsuko Deluxe that was dislike the flirts Chara (39), “Matsuko’s, today me a lot fiddling, Thank you!” I was greeting with.”If you do not even taste even me maintained and interesting there is no” expected of Matsuko also to this and fight the loss, it was about say, “and Tanaka Minami became co-star NG ‘”

Even turn the popular talent to the enemy, meaning that, by mutual agreement or was calculated ‥‥.

There is a middle-aged woman carrying what looks like meat dishes to Nakajima Tomoko apartment

At home apartment rent arrears problem, Othello Nakajima had been sued from the management company Tomoko (40).That this great cause that was developed into a situation lies in A child’s psychic who Nakajima to infatuation.

Nakajima made friends from around 2009 and A child’s, I start the living with A child’s at home apartment in the same year in April.In addition to the next month, the Nakajima of office condominium is located opposite of home apartment, he A child’s mother and aunt from relatives has been moved.

That home apartment residents of Nakajima have witnessed this scene.

You are to have a tray in the “Nakajima’s apartment, was also apparent many times the middle-aged women.The woman, from the apartment across from the private office of Nakajima is entered, I come out always.On its tray have is multiplied handkerchief, but I do not seen in, was smells like meat ”

A child’s mother et al cook, you might have a pledge.Once there was such a thing.

“Nakajima, Have you ever lived in before you move on now apartments in luxury hotel in Roppongi.At this time, I’m a sukiyaki and has had to eat in favor and “rice of hotel is too delicious”.There is also eating from morning, as was also that you have to eat 20 times out of 1 month.This also was due to advice of Mr. all A child “(Nakajima acquaintance)

And when it comes, its also Nakajima was taken of the apartment to the cuisine Maybe something that made the original A child’s instructions.And except meal time, under the guidance of Mr. A child, Nakajima and has issued a seminal to “training” that.

“The father of Tomoko, but I was met since the beginning of the year,” And it looks like they formed a Zen meditation in the apartment “had said” (Nakajima house of an acquaintance)

Work not to eat meat on a daily basis to the Zen meditation.At one time, but intense fat there was a thing that called the topic, and maybe, you might have plump gone over that time.

※ women Seven 2012 March 1 issue

Misunderstanding is not only a sense of clothes? Football Goto other entertainer our Mote & non-Mote circumstances

Well entertainer amounting to topic such as variety shows, it also comedian who “Mote circumstances”.Known for Twink, generally popular he is, in fact …? What you hear well also talk that.This time I tried to back up to the officials to “Mote circumstances” of such comedians.

For example, of the Football Hour Goto.And he’s a popular high handsome, but it is often clothes sense of is the story in a variety of Variety.Of course the person in order to dispel the fact, but he has demonstrated the first time in good young man, even on or off, especially how not much Mote is off.Because, and Toka because it is too hard work in order to dispel the suspicion, like a dressed with too Takarazuka butch, he would look unnatural.In Speaking of whether Iwao of partner is, Toka here he sense also good in the fashionable, but there is a little complex to women, he ends up the ambitious even appear good person.

In other entertainer, for example Chihara brother of Chihara Junior “but friendly to the cute child, ugly child at all not to the other party,” there is a testimony of officials of the.And he often become drinking party after the program has ended, but Toka’s to a really easy-to-understand reaction in the seat and ….Conversely Kosugi of black mayonnaise regardless of the appearance, who in order to contact gently even in, Toka’s popular among the as a result.Also good for Ukina flows in Kosugi, or the blame, such the?

Entertainer who Mote condition becomes a story on the show.It’s exchange seemingly also scripted, but be that if there is the fact that it has been properly back up?

TV beauty 42 people large roar! “Guy can not forgive absolute” (2) Kuroki Hitomi Kuroki Meisa → costume problem

Angry Horikita Maki is to appear in (23); blockbuster movie in public “64 ALWAYS – Sunset on Third Street & rsquo”.Opponent, Miya? Blue to Peel Ki out the hostility (26).Although two men were co-starred in the NHK drama “Atsuhime”, cause exactly was there.Talk NHK officials.

“Horikita is when the appearance request came,” For example, I that I yelled to Is not it either! “And office officials protagonist.It would be pride as an actress.The more temporarily came out to talk with Horikita to step down.Future, two of the co-stars will unlikely ”

 Speaking of NHK, heroine Machiko Ono of Asadora “Carnation” in broadcasting (30), but your anger to Natsuki Mari of large senior (59).January 22, heroine change that charge is Natsuki the later years of the hero that Ono plays have been published.Broadcasting charge of reporter,

And the alternative “from the middle hurriedly is rare.It is NHK’s clumsiness outlook was sweet.Usually intended to play much, it is not interesting if you want to do it on Ono.It had to “until the end want to do yourself,” said mouth complained.After replacement coverage, Ono absent from the events of the performers scheduled.One theory, because had expired butyrate in this matter, Tomo ‥‥ ”

At a press conference that received the replacement

The facial expressions said, “It is still complicated,” was not a never radiant.

Currently, the momentum to drop the bird to fly Kuroki Meisa (23), are attacked Shingo Katori and formed a tag team with Karina (27) (35).Inception last year July 21, on the radio program “STOP THE SMAP” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting), Katori was that was exploding the father talk about Meisa.

You’re “Kimura and Mr. (movie)” Yamato “.I’m kissing.Naa had both my.After, Tsuyopon (grass? Tsuyoshi).(Drama) I’m kissing in the “Beautiful World”.Hehhehhe, I amazing.What three members and kiss human, is not it not too much. ”

Says women’s magazine reporter.

“Really lewd talks.In trees and toward even the type of Meisa that do not care about the behavior of others, was feeling evil likely ”

Karina is Tatamikakeru there.In was broadcast on last year’s Christmas specials “saury & SMAP! Beauty and the Beast Christmas” (NTV), and he is was Katori was raised as a guy who can not forgive.According to the movie stakeholders,

“The two men co-star in the movie” This Katsushika Kameari park before police box “.Katori is through the Hayami Mokomichi (27) of co-star, was invited to the meal Karina.But, when Karina to decline without stick is convenient, as if she was high-handed, it seems to have Ifurashi around ”

Speaking ahead of Meisa, another person, natural enemies is ‥‥.

’09, Meisa that appeared in “Cotton USA Award” (Japan Cotton Industry Promotion Association award presented to celebrity worthy of the cotton of image) appeared in black lace outfit.On the other hand, the pupil Kuroki was chosen another one (51), white dresses only in cotton.Say fashion magazines officials.

“Kuroki (pupil) I did not want to wear white to look to expand, it was reluctantly accepted by the fact that cotton.However, Meisa black costume.”It what was that, that child ~Tsu! Not a Yawa more careful!?” And seems to have expired butyrate in the dressing room. Thereafter, the co-star is ‥‥ to NG ”

It is was the last look “W Kuroki”.

Sensational and men and women … exciting too ad to puzzle some citizen – Fujian Fuzhou City

February 13, 2012, as an advertisement that appeared in the streets of China, Fujian Fuzhou City is too sensational, you are stumped the part of the citizens.Coverage of China Photo Press.

[Other photos of]

Of fragrance that fills the main street ad.Closeup photo of the men and women of foreigners are intertwined in the nude is used on the front.It’s a GUCCI’s perfume of “GUILTY” advertising, “guilty, guilty” as indicated by the product name meaning, I have come up with images, such as if you had implied a thrilling relationship of men and women.

Although “important sites” is not exposed, even citizens who blush in this hot concept of advertising.That “the advertising that was full of such sexual implied in Public Place is”, you have to reveal the puzzle.(Translation and editing / love ball)

Shaping the deduction subject, entrance examination of movie colleges – China

February 12, 2012, prominent entrance examination in the prestigious university that the movie star has produced a large number “Beijing Film Academy” (primary) is carried out, was attended by more than 6,000 people.And distributes the students that are shaping and tattoo in the same university, and have expressed that to deduction subject.New Kyoto report told a date 13.

[Other photos of]

According to the university table Starring (acting) School of king 勁松 (Wang Jin) deputy director, of the students are points to be emphasized in the test “natural beauty”.To tertiary study to examine the presence or absence of shaping and tattoo of students, and to deduction subject.In addition, even for students of heavy makeup, and that will ask you whether you wish to face the test from dropping the makeup.

Of the 6185 people students and to pass through the primary test, 1000-1500 people.Which the final exam who has become a strait gate that 85 people.(Translation and editing / NN)

I want to introduce the girls Ana “NHK to [Entertainment vitamin ♪] Pacific saury.”And was not asked in Gachi, Kyaeen Amano.

Comedian of Hiroyuki Amano (Kyaeen) will not be heard rumor of a remarkable woman from reportedly was catastrophe and the popular girls Ana ago 8 years.That he of “Women’s Ana Favorite” is appeared to Netaka, but the fact that we are asked to want to introduce a whopping favorite girls Ana to large senior comedian, was exposed from junior entertainer.

According to the junior artistes from information that was revealed in the February 13 broadcast “Strike TV” (TV Asahi), Amano was a favorite of women Ana to NHK, the “Introduction to Akashiya Sanma that’s acquaintance of the woman I want you to.I asked the “.Then or pike, not immediately, “comedian from a blind date?”The place was approached girls Ana of the NHK, it’s so I got a reply of” OK “.But soon as I put the name of the Amano, suddenly that attitude changes were softly stated otherwise.

On Amano you have recognized this fact, “But, are you in trouble in Pacific saury Mr..It is in “and dissatisfaction face.Is it from’re worried seriously that Amano thing, when pike meet girls Ana single “Amano, if?It’s so looking around as freely heard “.And Pacific saury and though she does not hear is, “Amano, ○○ san I was no good ~.It seems it is annoying coming reported “.Besides, I’m keeping an eye to the girls Ana of “local station.”And is exposed from junior, was the Amano of bitter smile.

In this program, was also revealed aggressive face overseas bonds and real estate investment of Amano.What surprised me was the is that the loan is paid off in luxury apartment to buy a few years later in Tokyo.2 to property owned by the rent in Tokyo, and that new is also planned purchase of Atami apartment.

In program there before, because it is unstable work of “income, savings are to some extent.Amano, which has been recognized as “.He is cooking is like a child in the professional, many respected also thick man friends.Yet Amano can not get married, I wonder that cause excessive “Menkui” as saying the ambient.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

The reconstruction of the affected areas, the UK paper startle! UK departure

February 13, 2012: Although it is the United Kingdom of news photography in the Tohoku Earthquake even strange story to see how the reconstruction of, in comparison with state of catastrophic disaster area by the tsunami, the photo after the 11 months, the UK paper is marvel at the speed of the amazing reconstruction.
UK paper photograph of page

Like the one above, immediately after the tsunami, the current comparison photos are oodles posted, always while, the UK paper to publish valuable image to generously Internet, is towards the press thanks.Article of “incredible!” To comment “amazing performance!” Of “praise to deserve!” Comment is lined ,,.
Reality, however reality, radioactivity problems, in the state where it is hard to say that progress to smoothly continue the recovery measures, even if not rubble, it can not return to the same location as.And, this earthquake is, it is reality also had left a lot of lessons in many countries.

February 11, 2012: “彭沢 primary”.In inland China are construction preparation is underway in Jiangxi Jiujiang on the shores of the Yangtze River as the first nuclear power plant.It’s officially running to plan in 2015 after three years.

But, there was a prefecture that was multiplied by Matta in this plan.It’s Anhui province ShoNozomiKo adjacent to each other across the planned construction site Jiujiang Pengze County and Yangtze River.As the prefecture government had false content in construction approval application of 彭沢 primary, seeking construction stop in central government.,, 彭沢 nuclear power plant is built in 2010 as the first nuclear power plant in inland China has been approved.In response to the accident of last year’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, construction but has been temporarily frozen, at hand the construction of this year, under the influence of residents Japan, are nervous in the determination of government for primary.Anywhere in the country officials also, it’s the same as not only act in selfish.
See article details

Around the world, horror of nuclear accident seems to have firmly conveyed.

[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “I did not know and control”.”Housekeeper of Mita’s” in the popular actress, Yoshiko Mita sense to Tamori also surprised of.

Actress Yoshiko Mita (70) TV “good laugh! And appeared in “, talked about control of popular in the current” SMAP × SMAP “.First place in her actress soul to speak to the “control and did not think” is, it was about dont also attached Tamori.

Popular program control planning in the “SMAP × SMAP” “housekeeper of Mita’s” Although’s a parody of that smash hit drama “housekeeper Mita”, popularity has skyrocketed in the acting of Yoshiko Mita.Of February 13 “good laugh! Yoshiko Mita that appeared in telephone Shocking “was also talk a mail called” “interesting” began to come a lot. “.

However, Mita Keiko he called “that’s controller was received but think”.”What Matsushima (Nanako) Mr. has been active, why I Gotoki is unless … done” when there was an offer has been hesitant and, by being persuaded “” Mita’s “So!” From the staff, after all, “I It’s so was the idea because actress “is also.

Do you what, if that is not a surprise, “Comte to Tamori also the prehistory?I was asked “.Then she “But, I am control” because answered with a smile and, it had to be wry smile to does not hold conversation.

“Housekeeper of Mita’s” is the end in “” Mita’s housekeeper “SMAP × SMAP last times SP of shock” of February 13.Mita is “there is a scene that Takuya Kimura is off, and gone was eyes open” me a little talk with the contents.Such as caused it to become Mita’s housekeeper also revealed, it’s likely to be the last time that there is impressive.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

NHK Kanda Aika Ana is to leave the company

NHK of Kanda Aika announcer (31) I have found that leaving the agency.NHK, which has been Holdback also respect the intention of the person, plans to accept to accept that.

Kanda Aika Ana Gakushuin University Faculty of Science graduate.The NHK in 2003 Joined.The 2005 “Saturday Sports” in the understudy of Yuko Aoyama, I served as a caster of “Sunday Sports”.