Celebrity mecca residence! Advantages and disadvantages of “entertainer apartment”

The Fukuyama is that you are a resident office dismissal theory also hiatus in Othello, Tomoko Nakajima began whispered as happened in the same apartment revealed Masaharu.In addition the apartment owner also reported that it’s Masahiro Motoki actor, it’s the situation that weekly magazine reporters are in Harikon an apartment every day.As in some site “Tokyo’s leading entertainers apartment”, they’ve been posted to the address where she and appearance photos.

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“Or entertainer each other lived in the same apartment, school to make send their children is not uncommon that the same.You can have excellent in terms of privacy protection, there is also a variety of circumstances, such as let me hear the some flexibility by people, but still most often of the Review.To real estate company will also abundant that specializes entertainer of residential properties, from such as senior and other talent of advice of the office, making it easier to gather inevitably same place “(entertainment professional stakeholders)

Also in recent years has Tower apartment is a large number of construction around the city.Underground parking to put in the apartment without down from the car, such as a large garden, which is the hotel’s on-site, because you have the strong environment in media measures, has become many suffer of accidentally address to become a celebrity favorite properties.

However, it seems there is also downside on the back of various favorable conditions.For example, if it is the case of Fukuyama, there also be devoted to the Fukiishi Kazue has been reported, it would be you have tingling in the eyes of the stakeout of reporters.However, met with Nakajima is rumored to have been brainwashed to psychics nurses are on the same site, it inevitably attracted attention.Incense said case, are more likely to occur in the past.

Second son of Momoko Kikuchi announced the “divorce was the same elementary school classmate and eldest son of Kishitani Goro and Okui incense Mrs..Although it seems now had to change schools, because some weekly magazine by the time divorce information of Kikuchi who was twirling went interviewed at school, you heard that Kishitani was also in trouble.Like you say in elementary school, the eldest son of Noriko Sakai is when he participated in the athletic meet, is also is my Shishido opens witness who had come to cheer the children, there was also that it has discovered that it had been married.If you have further conducted a stakeout in front of his house Sawajiri Erika, also be Nante desired Iwao of Football Hour has been home each and AV actress who had been rumored dating “(weekly magazine reporter)

In A is useless, B come be …….Seems also to perform surveillance in such speculation during.

“To Setagaya term apartment Jun Kaname and Hitomi Nishina, I live is something Megumi Okina” who had to be lucky “and was stakeout even take.Also, if you have stretched the apartment of light snow at a time when marriage and Matsuyama Kenichi had been rumored, even such thing Norika Fujiwara is back.Akanishi topic right now, you should have a room in the same apartment as the storm of Matsumoto Jun and if not move “(wide show officials)

Through these media offensive, but so also had entertainer to be forced to move.Although the famous tax, but a sorry story is a little from being caught on to these things.

· Same apartment to another room available!? Love of catastrophe!? Entertainer that nowhere did not reported at the airport
Kanda Uno “2.6 billion yen apartment” was a bolt from the blue? Dissonance to be modest
· Masuwaka Tsubasa, Separated from ¥ 50 million mansion! Or “man” is behind
· Yuma Nakayama, also Domoto Tsuyoshi of room! Apartment of reality is apparently barricaded
-East was moved to the same apartment after marriage, of photon forest “abnormal love”

○ The years lost of Japan or illusion?

Around Japan’s bubble of vertex, I wonder because you do not know it because it was elementary school.
Even it is said that Japan has been sluggish, sometimes feel the deviation between the actual feeling.

Previously, I introduced the international comparison of Michelin guide evaluation,
If you wanted to eat the delicious things, he of Tokyo than anywhere in the world ♪
In addition, when living in Futakotamagawa,’s a full young housewife woman,
Do heck forever Following?Redevelopment of the town of.(Next seems park and office buildings)

Lost decade, or ’20 ,,, really true?
Column exhibiting such a question, had been published last month in NewYorkTimes.
“The Myth of Japan’s Failure”

Even in the face of the collapse of the bubble life of Japanese has become a rich, Japan’s “Lost Decades” is pointed out that later, there is a possibility that the assessment may change. As data to be attention by the change in 20 years from 1989,

 The average life span of Japan is 87% at elevated circles against the dollar from 78.8 years old to 83 years old, is to height 150m or more of the building that was built in Tokyo has risen 94 percent in pounds 81 buildings (NY 64 buildings) 2010 Japan’s current account surplus of the year, has a three-fold in 1989
In addition to this has also been pointed out, such as the following,

 38 cities speed of replacement purchases cycle of Japan latest equipment of the 50 cities in the world’s fastest internet connection environment (example: mobile phone) Michelin 3-star restaurant in Tokyo 16 hotels, Paris 10 hotels
by noted that Japan’s infrastructure continues to improve, the United States should imitate the Japanese?It is the recommendations column called.

※ in Courrier International in March 2012 issue there is the translation article.

Original history in progress, something that can not be evaluated.
Even be able to talk about “what happened”, “Why did happened,” I do not know.
We might have too much hurry the evaluation of Japanese history of recent decades.

Lady Gaga, the long-awaited and Hong Kong first performance in May! Tickets are unusual super expensive – Hong Kong

February 11, 2012, Lady Gaga of US popular female singer, held a concert in Hong Kong in May.Maximum amount ticket has become unusual highs.Chinese Entrepreneurs network told.

[Other photos of]

In Asia performances of recently announced world tour “THE BORN THIS WAY BALL 2012-2013”, in one of Seoul and Tokyo and alongside Hong Kong also venue.Performance is scheduled to be held on May 2 in the Asia World Expo (Asia International Expo Hall), the highest amount ticket is wearing a high of surprise and 1580 Hong Kong dollars (about ¥ 16,000).

Although tickets are generally available from the 27th of this month, competition and prices of Yoseki is expected.Degree in Hong Kong, is a concert ticket of popular Korean stars, more than 1,000 Hong Kong dollars (about ¥ 10,000) in the maximum amount.For this reason, Lady Gaga tickets has become an unprecedented price.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)

Kuroki Meisa marriage report and apology “reported sorry becomes late.”

Akanishi singer actress announced to marry (27 years) Kuroki Meisa (23 years) February 11, reported the marriage to the fan on the official site and Twitter.

As the contents of the following was published in autograph message “to everyone that has us rooting”.

※※※ ※※※ ※※※

I’m sorry reporting to everyone slows down.
I Kuroki Meisa and Akanishi-san we married on February 2.
Also my best work and I is still immature, but now more than ever, and we want to continue to grow as a person.
This is me, but thank you in the future.

Kuroki Meisa

※※※ ※※※ ※※※

Kuroki and Akanishi, reports Sports Nippon of February 9 with is a “blitz marriage” in the one side.Day In response to this, both the agency announced officially married.In addition, sports Although Japan had told the Kuroki pregnancy 2 months, currently, there is no official announcement from both office and Ryohito on this point.

Akanishi of Johnny’s office belongs to 27-year-old born in 1984.Formed a KAT-TUN in 2001, it has been CD debut in March 2006, was to study in the United States by a pause and then one o’clock entertainment activities.April after returning 2007 it has been active as a member of KAT-TUN again, Leave in July 2010.Currently working as a solo singer, has won first place in the “JIN AKANISHI” US debut single of the name “TEST DRIVE feat. JASON DERULO” dance chart of the US iTunes in November last year.In addition, Hiroyuki Sanada in Hollywood movie “47RONIN” of December publication of Keanu Reeves starring also as an actor, Shibasaki Kou, Tadanobu Asano, and was cast along with Kikuchi Rinko from.

Kuroki 23-year-old in 1988 born.Decorate the actress debut in 2004 in North Ward Kôhei Tsuka troupe performances, then “Beautiful World” (Fuji TV) and “newcomers” (TBS system), the movie “Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess,” “Tsubasa ~ theater version of the giraffe · newcomer ~ “, such as appeared in a number of movies and dramas.I’m also a singer debut in 2009.

“Had decided to get married at the age of 16” [Entertainment vitamin ♪] Toyoda Erie.Fate of encounter and propose to inspiring of the storm of the Yagira Yuya.

Ellie Toyota models in the actress told her husband, the encounter with Yagira Yuya in TV program.Was also surprised surrounding marriage and child can not believe that talked about making deployment at the age of 16.More propose husband she revealed, is the in studio has been wrapped in inspiring voice.

Currently For Ellie Toyota, because Lion of detergent “aroma followed by top” Hen pension fragrance hill “” Gyu~tsu to Brother Tom of Buyaku in! And hugging CM is being broadcast, you recall who would also be many.She engaged in 2009 and Yagira Yuya actor, is married to the birth date of the 21-year-old next year in January, in May became the topic to announce the pregnancy.

This year, but he Ellie Toyota who appeared in “goodbye Lion” of February 9 broadcasting began telling Naresome with her husband as “I’d never talked too much”, to deployment, such as the pure love story is the perimeter had listened.

When the Toyota Erie and Yagira Yuya began dating is a high school student, she is 16 years old, that he was a 15-year-old.”I speak from that time that” I no matter in together forever “, children” absolutely I’m a girl, “the name was also thinking,” because she and is revealed, also Kosakai Ichi-ki and co-star of the moderator, “16-year-old in it to think that children?I was surprised with the “.

However, than is had parted with willow easier from that at the time of the Toyoda Erie is 20 years old.She say, “At that time I felt lonely and was hard even for broke up with him, but as” no longer meet that girl. ‘”.The farewell to have contact from him in about six months to become a be again a relationship, is the advanced into marriage.

pregnant to Ellie Toyota stomach has become larger, around say “You’re a boy From a ledge way of stomach,” but she’s a girl to “absolute! “And I was convinced.Then, by the is was a girl is was born.That “at last meet was the child that continued think from the age of 16,” she was was impressed.

At the edge of since I was a high school student is tied with Yagira Yuya, when alone story of Ellie Toyota that Meguria~tsu to children who talked with two people, but what you hear was impressed, which returned more is by Kosakai is “once farewell He has been doing with the phone?I heard it digs and “.

Ellie Toyota is joyfully “after a long time, trying to get married! If you answer “that there has been contact, than is the voice of inspiring has erupted as the” Wow! “From visitors.It is a close to scream voice, temporarily studio seemed wrapped in excitement of storm.

By the way, two people broke up once is because say to be due to the fact that it felt “too enters into the world of two people and improve by binding to each other”, or a place called was once cool the heat because love is too strong.

Also “today grandma has me looking at the child,” Toyoda Erie and is Yagira Yuya’s but that is a work in the entertainment industry to couple both currently is talking with, seems well also raising children in cooperation with family.It is a two episode of likely to movies and dramas.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

Capital epicentral earthquake in 2000 before construction of residential care to the strength of the ground

Its occurrence is said to be while approaching, magnitude 7-class capital epicentral earthquake.In the case of direct-type earthquake, but it should be considered first it comes to preparing for shaking, depending on the type of one of the ground in the earthquake, magnitude of tremors that differ.

Affect the magnitude of the shaking ground is generally topsoil from the upper layer in Japan, alluvium, are made gravel, by diluvium.Inoue Keiko of detailed class architect in earthquake disaster is commentary.

Relatively new stratum made between “the alluvium from modern 20,000 years.It is a soft layer is made of mulch and mud carried in the rivers.On the other hand, old strata diluvium is made ago 20000-2000000 years.It is a good and hard layer to say that rock ”

In the Building Standards Law, and are distinguished the ground in three by this alluvium and diluvium.Soon the first kind ground that are composed of hard ground, such as rock or hard gravel layer below.Third class ground, the place where such mulch and mud exists just below, there is a distance of more than 30m to hard ground.The two ground points of the first kind and the third kind intermediate.

From topsoil to a depth of more than 30m, the first three ground that there is soft alluvium and gravel is, but the most soft, that most of the buildings in the metropolitan area have been built on top of this third kind ground.

“Most of the metropolitan area close to the sea I’m a third-class ground.In addition, in the Kanto Plain, but I have spread Kanto Loam Fuji volcanic ash was Deki been Furitsumo~tsu, this is I’m extremely soft ground “(Inoue)

Port is developed, also transportation network such as a train routes and roads to many positions on the first three ground close to the sea metropolitan area.According to it, a lot of housing at the top of this soft ground.Say plain Masayuki’s detailed real estate consultant to earthquake problems.

“Location close to the sea in the metropolitan area are many landfill artificial, under such location unstable alluvium.It becomes loose ground.If earthquake Okire, shaking will have been greatly amplified ”

When you building a house or apartment on top of these soft ground, it is to extend the foundation pile up hard diluvium in the deep underground, common in now.However, when we need to be careful about the house, which was built in 2000 or earlier, Inoue to point out.

“Been revised Building Standards Law in 2000, the foundation according to the strength of the ground was required.But, earlier building’m also building permit was down there is no ground survey.In particular, in the case of the House there is a possibility that has not been the appropriate foundation work for the soft ground for economic reasons.The opportunity that the crisis of capital epicentral earthquake has been advocated, home of the foundation from the strength of the ground, it would be good to review until the seismic intensity ”

※ women Seven February 23, 2012 issue

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] by fishing sleeping Draw picture ….After all, I like one person? Tricky Ohno Satoshi.

In Sho Sakurai of popular idol group Arashi program talk, not it she said that you can fishing “together to Ohno Satoshi leader?Shook the little love talk of opportunities hard to touch the talent, “said Johnny.Reaction of leader to this is, “at all nice to come” and pretty open ones.However, there are things Ohno also be active as an artist.I would Kangu~tsu and than there is a commitment to private and love.In fact, part of the Ohno private has been exposed by other members.Famous leaders visible from there was still tricky thing.

Of the actor’s guest appeared in that was broadcast on February 4 “Shiyagare to storm” Eguchi Yosuke.”Do you a certain preference hobby to do together with his wife (Chisato Moritaka)?I was not even doing “snowboard in question”, it was revealed that it was the outdoor date with fishing something to me or dating also “.It is, will the even now, two-person couple amicably of secret, known as Oshidorifufu.

Well, not afford to you do not shake the topic to this person If you get the word “fishing”.Because it was addicted themselves in fishing, it’s Satoshi Ohno of leader who is also that it has been attention to the office and too tan.Split second Sakurai “Ohno, not a do such she is good?I “I tried waving her talk” of abstinence and “.

The “Contact relationship child is, What if made me” so I was not interested in fishing I also go together. “?And he answered without hesitation when hear “and” it anymore all “.I’m good to come “?”Said Sakurai hear and to answer as indifferently” at all good, “he surprised members.

Because there is such as “artist” of one side open a solo painting Speaking of Ohno, to get the impression that immersed in their own world.I want to go for the first time go people is not limited to “women despite the reaction of members of the” ~ which was I think the opposite. “.from the fishing and hope, “said little her topic but had it, fishing dating has been found that large welcome.

However, storm-chan of which was broadcast last November 3 “secret! In “, also members of the Ninomiya Kazunari” teacher (Ohno) I Nde especially like the one person.You are awake sleeping and painting back home in fishing “and I are firmly exposed the private.

And he still Ohno Satoshi has a “unique world”.Although it Ohno who had also said, “one person Jan normal”, are many people even in the world feel that one person is lonely.Would that He has a world to immerse yourself enough not feel it to be lonely.Women Tsukiaeru with such Ohno Satoshi.Simply have their own world, which was itself firmly not only say “I like fishing”, such women or would not than conquer the heart of the leader Ohno of storm.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Kisaragi Aki)

Is there a Sony resurrection?

Konosuke Matsushita as an example of historical management representative of Japan, Soichiro Honda, Toyoda Sakichi / Kiichiro, Nakauchi Gong, and I think it is less you do not know Akio Morita / Ibuka if me and large Mr..However, even these typical Japanese companies now, might be about Toyota’s is still retained as a representative of Japan as performance Ae tension in the world.

White Matsushita shops, white shopping Honda, Morita / Ibuka travel to shops, DNA does not have any evolutionary mutation.In Nakauchi shops I have already gone.Morita / Ibuka the DNA case of shops can not mutation is especially that the initial impact was too strong.Japan, or the commodity like to surprise the world came out one after another did until such time as the DNA had penetrated strongly widely to house a double name is alive and well.At the end the Walkman as long as you my memory Sony and has become a different company.

It is a Sony clone employees made who joined to know Walkman, was Tsuke planted there a “typical Japanese sense of relief that accustomed to employee of the company” and “lump of pride.”.I think as Unusual it was Nobuyuki Idei Mr..Mr. I have transferred to a management indicator DNA of Sony Pioneer.Was it alters become a style of so-called large-enterprise management.

I also now of Sony’s but we have books were some read about Sony think intuitively is another company named Sony, you is that the.

However I Mr. Howard Stringer tried to buy only a little Sony shares to hear that got off the role of CEO.The reason is the carrier that Kazuo Hirai, who became the president and CEO has been walking the only software field, it is better conceal the possibility that can in system for creation a hard from its strengths based on the software, and hopes is from.

Of course Mr. Howard Stringer There is also a similar career, but he was not able to achieve it.It Stringer Mr. is because you failed to fusion in-house assets that have sensitive Ali creativity with the aim of similar management and Idei.

Can you Hirai Mr.? This is not the only expect.Mr. Once the Sony, it will depend on whether lean on take to work to have a momentum of about internal demolition.Is there a state other companies that can not be missing is no longer addicted to maze that Sony does not show that model in the revival of yesteryear Japan large companies.So newborn rather imperative shows the first step to Sony I do not.

Renowned Japanese company has built a base who launched to bring the entrepreneurial mind if traced the source.Then, passed several decades, companies took over the founder Brad, you have a section that was mistaken DNA that run on rails that management.I can say even that stuck into the trap that it is not possible to overcome the founder In other words.

After 20 years from now, Softbank nor I will fall into the same trap Nissan UNIQLO as long as the idea of ​​Japanese-style management does not change.It Matsuriage the founder and Achievers, looks in such a dilemma that does not make God on God by being sanctified.

I would like her have to Reborn Sony to Mr. Hirai (re-born).I think that there is you need a new feeling of about newly instill a Hirai DNA.

Today, let’s this about.

[From Asia! Breaking News “stomach is too free”.The arrested thief was sleeping and eating dumplings at crime scene.(Taiwan)

Man who had been invaded by theft purpose in Taoyuan County of nursery has been arrested.That man was going to work the next morning the place where sleeping lying face down on the kitchen desk nursery nursery officials discovered, was Problem.

The 22-year-old man was arrested, “because it was vacant is really stomach, ate boiled put out the water dumplings from the refrigerator” to examine the police were talking to.And, because the stomach is full, it seems to have gone carelessly asleep.

As we also man is subject to examine, that was an attempt to trick the police to use the identification of the brother to attend graduate school.Appearance was very similar, it was found that the police is a brother check with schools.

The police investigated, man because it was found that did not steal the money and goods and asleep after eating the dumplings, man has been indicted on charges of theft and forgery of 25 water dumpling.
(TechinsightJapan editing part love Katakura)

Toga Saki theater manager comments of AKB48 to AV actress Yamaguchi Riko mystery of Yale

AV actress Yamaguchi Riko have sent a mystery of ale in his blog “Attaka-i drink”.

The same blog that is updated as “Attaka-i drink ☆” is 8 days, there are important people who want to tell so “” Do not lose to now. “.Because there is no way to tell but I believe that it is willing to look at this blog, I think the past of people for you.But for me you are important people not the same as when that.In only the standing location is different I love to have thought cherish even now.I think that it does not change much.You do not hear even voice, do not meet.So it is very worried.Do not lose because ask now … to be able to overcome to be able to work hard and because a lot has been saved to your smile we laugh now.It is spelled as Once “said to be seen face me Arigato.

Yamaguchi Riko is, or towards whom the message of the of, in the same blog, but not exactly the name De, for this blog, idol group, Toga Saki Tomonobu’s theater manager of AKB48 in his Twitter, ” I Am Happy.I have commented that cause I fellow “.

Image: Yamaguchi Riko official blog http://blog.livedoor.jp/yamaguchirico/

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