KEIKO, appeared Tetsuya Komuro is well recovery appeal barefoot & mini skirt

Currently in rehab, KEIKO’s music unit “globe (Globe)” the state of the (39), Tetsuya Komuro’s musician husband has been published in Twitter on February 21, 2012.Wearing a pink mini-skirt, it is showing a healthy appearance.

KEIKO san, October 24, 2011, had been hospitalized and suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage.Surgery was discharged successful in December, you are sent a rehabilitation living at home.

“I do not look at all ww in older than me,” Komuro-san, along with the murmur of “snap of when I went to the hospital after the Valentine’s Day!”, Was up the whole body photo of KEIKO’s standing in front of the door.Black sweater in pink mini skirt, black knit cap, in dressed as boots, leg extending from the skirt seem to bare feet.Although half is hidden in the face with a mask, florid face well, and seems to be recovering steadily.

From the fan,

“It was good your healthy likely a !!! (crying)”
“This, Is raw leg?”
Such as the “ww which is not visible to the older than me at all”, it is followed by a retweet rejoice recovery.

In addition, this year’s Valentine’s Day, hand-knitted scarf also the case was a gift, also KEIKO’s Photos nestling in Komuro, who was wearing a scarf you are publishing.Smile and pose also determined by, it can be seen well energetic state from here.

“Let’s take a more dirty picture!” NHK Taiga “Taira no Kiyomori” viewing rate also Ken pine lowering super optimistic!?

Viewing rate of NHK TV saga of Matsuyama Kenichi starring “Taira no Kiyomori” has plummeted.13.3% to be a decrease of 2.7 percentage points than the previous in the sixth episode of the 12th broadcast (Examine Video Research, Kanto district / or less the same) decreased to.It was, probably because there was a “four continents Figure Skating Championship 2012” at the back of Fuji, 14.4% and in the seventh episode broadcast the 19th, it was not possible to recover.

“Fourth until the episode is around 17%, station also was a” soon I want to raise the number “atmosphere that, six episodes, for the first time in a sharp fall of 7 episodes too’m so are the staff also appalled” (NHK officials)

But when say pine Ken protagonist, it seems to differ little appearance.

“It does not seem to be depressed too.Previously, Hyogo Prefecture well Toshizo governor had the unusual and “screen (image) is dirty,” “dissed” and do not have to to “care about anything at the scene immediately after the.It was encouraging staff to be because I’m taking something good. “.In bonus, and we’ll take a “more dirty picture! And it had been raised with the “” (program staff)

And, enough to nice to say at all viewing rate and ambient opinion, it does not seem to care.

“In the field, you can put the performance of Fukada Kyoko and improvisation of the same office, to be playing with a child, you have to pretty fun.Every day, and it takes a lot of staff and co-star and The photo is so is sending to Koyuki’s.Initially, but such a figure I was also Hohoemashika~tsu, and audience rating falls far …….Although’d also have little sense of crisis, still it is not such a state “(before the same)

By the way, even the drama of last year was not good reputation “Sengoku – Jiang – Hime us”, was off to a viewing rate of 15% only once.Pine Ken version of “Taira no Kiyomori”, but finally seems to catch fire in the ass.

※ The image NHK Taiga Drama “Taira no Kiyomori” from the official site

– “There may be a record low audience rating!?” Extreme Nureba or put into a low-altitude flight is followed by NHK Taiga “Taira no Kiyomori”
· “Screen is dirty!” Economics of the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture is unusual candid advice NHK Taiga Drama “five local business”
– “Turn Declaration runaway of commercial par ……” NHK Taiga “Taira no Kiyomori” first 17.3% of shock

Explain the plight of Bayern Usami “in the same position is the best of the players in Europe.”

Bayern Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, President, for the factors that have not been obtained the participation opportunity as I think the Japanese MF Takashi Usami, told the German magazine “kicker”.

Rummenigge president, “(Jupp) Hainkesu coach has praised the thing of Usami.However, in the same position as him There are (Thomas) Muller and (Arui~en) Robben, they’m the best player in Europe.Therefore, it is tough was I “and comment on Usami.Even in Usami referred to as Japan’s leading talent, it seems it has been difficult to obtain a participation opportunity in the top club in Europe.

It should be noted that in Germany paper “Bild”, the contract extension negotiations Usami and Bayern that rental Transfers from G Osaka became broken off news.Usami Although league appearance of the season has remained one game of played the way, the acquisition after this season I was told that such Hoffenheim and Nuremberg have shown interest.

[Photo] = Chiba rated

 Nuremberg, “I hope the acquisition” acknowledge the interest in the continuation Usami to Kiyotake
 Usami, the decisive Transfers after this season end & hellip; Hoffenheim such as interest
 Hainkesu director of draw to the lowest opponent “We had conceit”
 Raoul of official game total 400 goals achieved “best thing victory of team.”
 Certainly a step that first goal, challenge for Ryo Miya-shi becomes “player to be world-class.”

When you deal with Uchida tree Mr. women “most are you Innovation Bo”

Introduction and entertainers past the mid-60s that was the Katocha is, but example to marry a young woman who was quite a year away is seen a lot since last year, this tells us that it is not merely to begin the sixtieth birthday.

Currently, Kobejogakuindai professor emeritus-tree Mr. Uchida during the “curse of the age” and the like is best-selling, from gentlemanly narrative intelligent, female fans are numerous.And divorced in 1989, Uchida who has been brought up a daughter in one Otokode was married to the original student of the younger 20-year-old three years ago.Popular thinker of contemporary one preach the Mote road of “over 60”.

* * * Knotweed eat insects called love love, or because you have a variety of women in the world, any man also reasonably be supposed popular among.However, since the feature such as “Choi Walther father is popular among” on television and magazines, is no longer the insect commenting eat knotweed, it would fits in “routine” that “must be this way.”.

There is a need to get a look at the part of the popular among the net with 60 only.And because only time and the young can or put brackets.I? Of course, “I I Chapter!” I thought I.

My wife is a student of the year that I was appointed to the university.At the time, I was living on my doorstep.Had been doing is introduced when I asked the babysitter is was her.”That, Are you my’re not a child you are taking my class?”That” I live in the neighborhood of the teacher’s house. “.

And became friends from there.She Because Noh, it became a time when it is in master of apprentice.365 days, because you will be implanted in the road, it’s not far from mingle with man.

After all, we waited for 10 years of apprentice age.Training is the end, it came to me along with the teacher it means that finally can be independent.”I was much waiting, For getting or not me.” At that time teacher is with, I was out forgive.Even though the year is away, I human basically Aunt type.Speaks with women I do not bother.I hear me “Heh, that so” any topic.

It should be careful when women and your relationship is I guess that you do not misunderstand that the “you of it has been well understood.”.I “I wonder do not know what thinking is to”, and that has been the most Bo.Psychologist named Robin Dunbar wrote that there is better to have accepted the “no difference to not understand even with my brain.”.

Brain to shrink and take Decide “It woman Nante such a thing.”.Kind of is close to the monkey, man I regret by simianized.You can trouble me “do not know I wonder”, function better you are anxious of the brain as worrying endlessly is so I activated.”And I bewildering” I’m good is that (laughter).

※ Shukan Post March 2, 2012 issue

“Look me, the best thing has arrived from Japan!” Foreigners thrilled to auction of goods

The world’s largest auction site E-bay, the buying and selling of across the country have been actively carried out.

Where there foreigners were successful bid $ 2.25 (about 180 yen), large joy as great you do not over even think has arrived.

What luggage was from Japan.

& Nbsp;
The label of the EMS (Express Mail Service) in the arrived box.I was tried to open it but …….

What’s This …?I’m ordered Revoltech figure rather than a snack.

Oh, it’s kind letter containing.And with origami.It’s a good guy.


[I see the image]
Cheese snack

[I see the image]
The waffle-cut snack.

[I see the image]
Yet another waffle cut snack.

[I see the image]
It’s the paid is “Yotsuba figure”.

[I see the image]
The entire photo.

In fact it seems to put a postage was a little suffering, but this how to send kind goods are impressed, the overseas bulletin board comments had been flooded.

The excerpt to will introduce.

Is it Tteyuu with snack bag, cushioning material.That’s genius.

Change: what used to cushioning material-in this is, I want to start from here.

Air packing Amazon is a favorite (bubble wrap) and expanded polystyrene and do not it little more than price?

· Moreover, most of the snacks it’s a air 60%.

Since Styrofoam small fleck of is-is made from corn starch, it is in the time being cushioning material close to the meal.

– But I but bad.

Japan of chips are well suited.I’ll small.I do not say Wu America size of, but want a more normal European size.

· Japanese’m kind.

– Just Do not say only that of war.

– Also after whales and dolphins.

· I It’s to be properly written reply.

– I served with thanks of goods.

• The men of this party, I’ll send something of their own country.

– In this nice Asian gentleman, I think it good to put the following:.
> Doritos
> Beef jerky
> San Chips
> Cheat –
> Pringles
> Red Bull
> Mountain Dew
> 4Loco
Letter> hearty thanks

– And give me a snack, to jealousy with There are great foreign penpals.

You should become a pen pal.

Revoltech of-rather “Yotsuba” I was found in how $ 2.25.

Kit Shipping’s $ 24.

– I’m the place where now, was back from Tokyo, but the Japanese people were very friendly and helpful.I to me to contact even if if he wants another alone penpals.I want to practice the Japanese.

• This heartwarming him for his writing a letter, it seems to sucks it is not the answer.Do was a kindness, aside or did not have a handy buffer material, when you are from foreign trading partners so far, but it of course is to be the happy.

Enhance the first time the Japanese sweets, because often it is envied abroad, to use a candy package as a cushioning material is I think a good idea.

※ By the way, I think useful to try using personally is, of the type that a small snack bag led about five.

The best $ 2.25 I have spent on eBay

I see all the [“saw me, the best thing has arrived! From Japan” foreigners thrilled to auction of goods]